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Monday Night RAW: Weakest championship reign ending soon?
January 26, 2010, 12:08 pm
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Monday Night RAW – January 25, 2010

After the debacle that was last week’s show, I am really hoping for something good this week. Also with the Royal Rumble this Sunday, I hope they can do a good job building to it. Last week, we saw the Undertaker decline the challenge of Shawn Michaels, and tell him if he wants Undertaker, he will have to win the Rumble. HHH said he is in the Rumble, along with Cena, and Big Show, among others. Hopefully we get a couple surprise entrants in the Rumble this year, but for now let’s get to RAW!

1. D-X v. Legacy. We open the show, no not with a match featuring the future stars of WWF, but with D-X. Am I the only person who has enough of these two, seriously? Two guys in their forties trying to act like they’re still twenty. It’s not funny, nor amusing, and I’ll be happy when both of them, along with Undertaker & Batista are retired. I don’t want to start out negative, but I just can’t stand this gimmick anymore, although it looks like HHH’s heel turn is imminent. At least heel Triple H is a little more entertaining to me then the sophomoric D-X HHH. Any ways, D-X starts to do the usual opening spiel, but Triple H stops. Triple H asks where Horny is, and Shawn says he sent him home, as boos of the crowd rain down. Shawn tells Hunter this is serious, Shawn says if he wins the Rumble he gets his shot at Undertaker, and asks HHH to look at it from his position. Shawn asks if that is too much to ask, and Hunter says it is, the Rumble is too important to him. HHH says he knows Shawn wants Undertaker, but Triple H wants his title back, as Triple H basically derides the entire roster talking about how easy they could eliminate the rest of the guys. Hunter says he will step on Shawn’s dream to get to his, that’s a nice friend you have Shawn! Shawn says he understands and turns away as their opponents come out; Shawn is taking this too well, maybe he’ll be the one to turn face. Rhodes and HHH start out, and lock up, Cody with a series of punches, to which Hunter come back with his own. HHH whipped in, and avoids the dropkick, and goes for Pedigree, but Ted pulls Cody out. Cole says we have breaking news, after the break as we go to commercial. We come back to HHH tagging in Shawn, as Cody getting pummeled. Lawler says the breaking news is one half of the guest hosts is not here tonight, whatever. Shawn slams Cody, and climbs the ropes, but Ted cuts him off, Shawn takes Ted down and Cody rolls out, prompting Shawn to dive on both men on the floor. Michaels rolls Cody in, and stomps Ted, but Ted holds the ankle as Shawn tries to get in allowing Rhodes to hit a neckbreaker and tag in DiBiase. Ted beats the hell out of Shawn in the corner, and tags Cody back in, as they double team HBK. Cody drops a pair of knees in the head of Michaels for a near fall, and Cody doesn’t let up the offense, as he tags Ted in who hits a nice dropkick. These two are impressive, and don’t get the respect they deserve. Cody has improved so much since his teaming with Hardcore Holly, and Ted is a future main eventer. DiBiase nails Shawn with a running kick, while Shawn is sitting for a near fall, and tags Cody in. Cody refuses to let up, as he pounds on Shawn, and nails a nice side Russian leg sweep, as Shawn tries to make the tag, but Cody holds him back. Shawn almost makes it, and Cody cheapshots HHH, but when Cody turns around Shawn backdrops him. Shawn finally makes it to his corner for the tag, but there is no one there, smell the dissention!!! It’s the Rockers breakup all over again, someone call Brutus Beefcake, as we need the Barbershop window for Hunter’s head!!! Just saying is all. DiBiase from behind, with Dream Street, but Shawn counters and finally tags in HHH. Hunter with the high knee and a corner clothesline. DiBiase whips HHH in, but HHH with the facebuster, and then a spinebuster for both Cody and Ted. The Game sets up Cody for the Pedigree, but Shawn tags himself in, and Triple H turns to look at Shawn. Cody pushes HHH into Shawn, and now they are nose to nose. Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music on Ted and covers him for the win, as Triple H looks at Shawn. 3.5/5 not a bad tag match, even though you knew there was no chance D-X would lose. HHH pulls him up, and they high five, but stare at each other suspiciously. Hopefully Sunday they eliminate each other, as Cole mentions D-X have to go to Smackdown and face CM Punk & Luke Gallows, I hope we get a title change. We now get a sneak of some show called Psych, never heard of it, looks like a Mentalist rip off, lame.

2. MVP v. Big Show. Who’d have thought they could turn MVP face? Then again I said the same about JoMo, and I’m impressed how quick the crowd took to him. MVP has the microphone, and says he has something to say to Miz. MVP tells Miz that he’s the number one contender, and continues to hide behind guest hosts, Big Show and his mouth, but he’s going to have to face MVP. MVP says when he does, MVP will become a three time US Champion, as suddenly Miz’s music plays. Miz makes fun of MVP’s catch phrase, and asks if it is a euphemism for some unspeakable act he picked up while in jail. Miz says he finds it shocking that MVP has been in jail, but yet the crowd accepts him and can’t stand him. Miz says he is treated like an outcast, and while MVP was taking mug shots Miz was on reality shows, as he says maybe that’s why everyone dislikes him. MVP responds the reason people don’t like him is because he’s a jackass, and says Miz keeps bringing up the time he spent behind bars, a place where Miz would have lots of friends. MVP asks what kind of friendship Miz and Show have, and Miz starts yelling at MVP that he wants the US title match now, to which MVP says why not. Miz says because he has a friend that wants to make a statement, and wants MVP to enjoy his match with Big Show. This brings out Big Show, for their match, as the bell rings. MVP uses his speed to avoid Big Show, but not for long as Big Show hits a big headbutt, and hammers MVP in the corner. Big Show chokes MVP and then a big chop in the corner, then whips MVP in the opposite corner, but misses the charge. MVP with a knee lift, sending Show in the corner, and MVP with a running boot and goes for a second one. Show catches him, and chokeslams MVP for the win. 1/5 basically just a squash match, as MVP got in one or two shots, before Big Show killed him. Cole announces tonight Mr. McMahon announces his decision about Bret tonight, as we go backstage to Legacy. Cody apologizes to Ted for last week, and thanks him for saving him from SCM, as Orton comes in. Orton says for the last few months they’ve all had tension, and says they blew they’re match with D-X and did not save him last week from Sheamus. Orton tells Legacy they need to get it in their head, only one man can win the Rumble, and he will regain his title from Sheamus with, or without Legacy, and walks out. Now over to John Cena with guest host, some guy from Psych, as they hype up the season premier of the show, as Cena asks where the other guy is. He says the other guy had an appendectomy and could not make the show, as they go back to hyping up Psych. Cena says for him to push some buttons and make some noise tonight. Cena leaves and in comes the Miz! Miz says the show wasted time having Cena on, when they could’ve had Miz. Miz said he had to Google his name to find out who he is, me too Miz! Guest host says he is making a match for Miz against an opponent of his choice and leaves.

3. Maryse v. Eve Torres. Can Maryse get any hotter, she’s the best thing about RAW! This is one of two semi-final matches for the Diva’s title, as Maryse grabs the mic. She laughs and says for the other divas, with their little championship dreams; they are wasting their time as she suddenly talks in French. Suddenly we get a big explosion, maybe Kane’s coming to take her out now, been a while since he tombstoned a female! Instead we see guest host guy playing with the pyro board, and Maryse screams at him. She asks who is he, as she was talking and he is disrespectful, he apologizes and she calls him a loser and goes back to French, as he opponent comes out. The bell rings, and Maryse goes for a punch, and Eve counters and gets her in the corner. Maryse slaps her, and Eve with a dropkick for a near fall. Maryse fires back, and whips Eve in. Eve comes back with a hair pull and the somersault senton drop, as Maryse now in the corner, and Eve with a corner clothesline. Eve slams Maryse and climbs the ropes, but misses the moonsault, and both are down. Maryse gets up, grabs Eve and goes for the DDT, but Eve reverses into a nice Suplex for another near fall. Maryse uses the ropes to pull herself up, and tries to whip Maryse in, but she has the ropes. Maryse kicks Eve, and hits the French Kiss for the win. 2.75/5 not a bad match, but not good either. Didn’t seem to be any missed moves though, so watchable. I had a feeling Eve was going to win for a minute there, but looks like Maryse will face the winner of Gail v. Alicia, which will be Gail of course. We see Vince getting ready to head to the ring.

4. Vince McMahon comes out to address the Bret Hart situation. No one struts quite the way Vince does, as we get the recap of last week’s rant from Vince. Vince has the microphone and says if Undertaker was here tonight, he would call him out and dare him to call him a coward. Nice, considering Undertaker and Horseface are not there this week. Vince says there is no reason to bring back Bret Hart, as he says he sold Vince out to WCW and was never heard of again, and people forgot all about Bret. Vince asks if there is a reason to bring Bret back, and the Bret chants begin, Vince says careful what you ask for. Vince says Bret will never again appear in the WWE, as the crowd boos him, and he says he is a businessman and does what’s right for business. Vince responds to the boos, and says must be a crowd of billionaire tonight, as he heads to the crowd and asks them for one reason to bring back Bret. One guy says because Vince is afraid of Bret, as Vince heads into the crowd and asks if he is afraid of Bret, to which the crowd says yes. Vince makes fun of someone wearing a DAMN shirt, and has trouble getting over the barricade as someone asks if he needs help. Vince back in the ring says he built an empire, and says no reason to bring in Bret as he is the past, and the crowd chants louder “We want Bret”. Vince calls Bret a footnote, and starts to leave, and Cena’s music begin, oh goody. Cena, the walking pylon, gets in the ring and Vince says he likes the ovation he got and tells Cena not to try and change his mind. Cena says he won’t he knows where Vince stands, and says he has no problem with him until he called Bret a piece of gum. Cena brings up Vince’s treatment of Roddy Piper, and congratulates Vince on building an empire and buying ugly suit, to which makes fun of Cena’s orange crap. Cena says people like Bret and Piper built this empire, and says Vince thinks the wrestlers are commodities and when they expire need to be gone. Cena asks about Shawn, Undertaker, Batista and himself, Vince says he has no idea what he is talking about. Cena says no one respects Vince as a man, because all he cares about is lining his pockets and his ego. John says Vince brought Bret on Raw to serve his ego, as the last thing people saw was Vince kicking Bret. Cena says Vince is right, he’s not a coward, he’s pathetic and starts to leave. Vince asks what did he say, Cena says he heard him and will invite Bret back and Bret deserves a chance to get face to face with Vince, otherwise he proves that the fans and superstars are just a commodity. Cena says if that’s the case, then August 24, 2035, Vince’s 90th birthday, Cena will be a chewed up piece of bubble gum and will find Vince, and for everyone from Andre to Outback Jack he will lift up Vince and knock his teeth out. Cena says Vince needs to do the right thing, and leaves the ring. Vince tells Cena wait a minute, and tells Cena to listen to him, and says he invites Bret back right here, next week. Vince says he will step in the ring with Bret and won’t flinch, as Cena is smiling. Vince says if Cena wants his presence felt, he will be in action against Sheamus right here tonight. That was probably Cena’s best promo since he was a heel all those years ago.

5. The Miz v. Mystery Opponent. This was set up by the guest host, after Miz insulted him, watch it be Primo or Evan Bourne. We haven’t see Bourne job yet this week. Surprisingly it’s Kofi Kingston, well that was unexpected. Kofi comes out to a huge ovation, this is the guy who should win the Rumble, but probably won’t win as Hunter probably will. The bell rings, and Kofi with a quick go behind, Miz reverses, and Kofi with an armdrag, Miz into a head scissors. Kofi fights out, and an arm drag from Kofi, but Miz reverses and whips Kofi in. Kofi whipped in, slides under, and hits a cross body for one. Kofi off the ropes again, and Miz gets a foot up, knocking Kofi down hard. Miz with a rear chinlock, and nails Kingston with a series of forearms, as he slows down Kofi. Kingston fights his way up, but Miz pulls him down by the hair, and hits a running kick for a near fall. Miz kicks Kofi in the ribs, and follows with a legdrop, and back to the reverse chin lock, as Kofi fights his way out. Kofi whips Miz in the corner, but reversed, Miz comes in the corner, and Kofi kicks him then a crossbody from the top for a near fall. That sure looked botched badly. If so, that would be the second week Kofi botches a move, not a good thing. Kingston misses a flying forearm, and Miz catches him in a reverse backbreaker into a neckbreaker for a near fall. Miz readies for the finish, but MVP’s music hits, and Miz distracted hit with Trouble in Paradise for the win. 3/5 not a bad match, but that one move looked botched. Miz down on the mat, as MVP looks on from the top of the ramp. We go backstage as Carlito takes the guest host to the production truck, so Carlito has been demoted to tour guide now? I’ll say it again; whose cornflakes did Carlito piss in? Guest host gets Carlito’s graphic put up, and says he will put up a random graphic and that is Carlito’s opponent. Let me guess, Mark Henry? No, it’s Kelly Kelly? WTF? Seriously? Carlito loves it, and calls him best guest host ever. I bet Carlito loses this match too.

6. Carlito v. Kelly Kelly. This is going to be lame, as I expect Carlito to lose as usual. Carlito should be teamed with Evan Bourne as the Bourne Losers!!! Kelly comes out, and suddenly we get Santino’s music, as Santino tells her not to take another step, as he has the Best of RAW DVD, which must be the shortest DVD ever. Santino says he is in the DVD and looks like an idiot, but will make 2010 be his year, and will take Kelly’s spot and beat Carlito, then win the Rumble. Suddenly Jack Swagger nails Santino from behind and rolls him in the ring, as Carlito leaves. Swagger tosses Santino over the top rope to the floor, and does a victory lap around the ring. Jack follows and then rams Santino’s head into the ringpost, and channels his inner Scott Steiner by doing pushups over Santino. Well, that was lame, but I think the match would’ve been worse. We get a pretty cool little promo for the Rumble showing all the different records set.

7. Gail Kim v. Alicia Fox. This is the other semifinal match, winner faces Maryse. Nice, Gail doesn’t even get music or anything; she’s already in the ring as we come back from commercial, and Alicia introduced. They start out quick, and Alicia with a side headlock, pushed into the ropes, comes back with a shoulderblock. Gail catches Alicia with a monkey flip, and then goes for a headscissor, which they botch, as Gail couldn’t get enough height. That looked brutal. Alicia almost falls out of the ring, and Gail pulls her back in and opens up on her. Alicia reverses and rams Gail into the corner, then a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Alicia whips Gail in the corner, and Gail crumbles to the mat. Alicia charges in, and Gail moves and nails a nice powerslam for a near fall. Gail picks her up and a small package for a near fall. Gail shoved into the ropes, and Alicia lifts her up, but Gail with the big boot/shoulderbreaker for the win. 1.5/5 was not a bad match, but the botch was brutal to see. So we have Maryse v. Gail Kim, exactly as I expected it to be, so no surprise. Although for a brief moment I thought they’d swerve and do Eve v. Alicia. I wish Jillian was facing Kim in the finals instead; she deserves better treatment than she gets. After the match Fox goes after the guest host, who says he’s sorry he predicted the outcome wrong, she responds by slapping him to the ground and storming off. So Gail wins, and we focus on Alicia instead, like Kim has a chance against Maryse in the finals. Next week’s guest host is William Shatner, oh whatever with that, don’t even care about these guest hosts anymore.

8. Sheamus v. John Cena. This was made by Vince McMahon, after Cena pissed him off. They lock up, and Cena powers Sheamus into the corner, but Sheamus reverses and the ref separates them. Cena with a go behind, and pushes Cena in the corner, as the ref separates them, Sheamus rushes in and Cena with a punch. Cena whips him in the corner and hits a bulldog for a near fall. Sheamus whipped in the opposite corner, and Cena rushes in, but Sheamus moves and pounds on Cena. Sheamus laying a beating on Cena in the corner, and whips him in the opposite corner, but reversed, and Cena with a poor man’s Fisherman Suplex. Sheamus whipped in, but comes back with a big lariat. Sheamus with a snap Suplex for a near fall, and Cena kicks out, Sheamus stands over Cena and stomps him. Cena gets to his feet, and Sheamus knocks him back down, Cena up in the corner and Sheamus punches him then whips him in the opposite corner and stands over the fallen Cena. Cena tries to roll out, and Sheamus chokes him on the apron, Cena tries to come back in now, and Sheamus hits a kneelift sending Cena to the floor. Cena slowly pulls himself back in the ring, and Sheamus goes for another kneelift, but Cena moves and Sheamus stumbles into the corner. Cena goes for the FU, but Sheamus fights out and hits the DDT for a near fall. Sheamus slams Cena down hard, and another near fall, as Sheamus then locks on an armbar/crossface. Cena powers out, and hits a drop toe hold, then goes for the STF, but Sheamus kicks him off, sending Cena to the floor. Sheamus follows him out, and whips Cena into the stairs, and taunts Cena before heading back in the ring. The ref counts Cena, as he is down and out, but Cena back in at nine. Sheamus misses the elbow drop, as Cena pulls himself up on the ropes. Sheamus goes for a slam, but Cena slides down, and nails a pair of shoulderblocks. Cena does the belly to back Suplex, as only he can, badly, and then drops the fist on the Champ. Cena goes for the FU, but Sheamus battles out with a backbreaker for a near fall. Sheamus readies for the pump kick on Cena, but Cena counters and locks in the STF, Sheamus makes the ropes and slides out. Cena follows, and Sheamus hits the pump kick on the floor, Sheamus slides in and tells the ref to count. We get a close-up of Sheamus as the ref counts, which can only mean one thing, Orton coming to the ring. Suddenly Sheamus gets spun around and an RKO from Orton for the DQ, just as I figured. 3.25/5 about as good as expected, would’ve been better with a clean win, but I expected Orton’s involvement. After the match Orton taunts Sheamus, and then sees Cena climbing in the ring and goes for the DDT on Cena, but Cena counters and hits the FU. Way to not sell anything from the Champion Cena, you overrated piece of garbage. If Cena wins the Rumble, we riot? We get the replay of Orton’s RKO on Sheamus and Cena’s FU on Orton. The show ends with Cena standing over the champion and number one contender.

Match Recap

1. D-X beat Legacy 3.5/5
2. Big Show crushed MVP 1/5
3. Maryse pinned Eve 2.75/5
4. Kofi Kingston pinned The Miz 3/5
5. Gail Kim pinned Alicia Fox 1.5/5
6. Sheamus beat John Cena by DQ 3.25/5

Surprisingly this was not a bad episode of RAW. There are a few things that didn’t make sense, and a couple botches but compared to recent episodes, this was much better. I don’t understand MVP being squashed by Big Show, when he’s number one contender to the US title. The same thing with Miz losing to Kofi made no sense, although at least it was competitive. Hopefully Gail can get a better match with Maryse, as the match with Fox was bad. Still think Jillian should’ve made the finals instead of Maryse, but at least it’s not horseface. The worst part of the show was the burial of Sheamus, as Cena was the strongest of the three, as he nailed Orton who nailed Sheamus. They’ve done a horrible job with Sheamus as champion, and I believe his title reign is a failure. Orton’s going to destroy Sheamus and Cena will win the Rumble. Wrestlemania is looking like, Cena/Orton, HHH/HBK, Rey/Batista and not a clue what they’ll do with Undertaker. Unless they involve Undertaker in the Bret thing, maybe have him represent Bret in a match with Vince, or Vince’s representative. They could use Big Show as Vince’s representative, and give us Show/Taker at Mania. All in all, a very good episode and a nice build to the Rumble.

Here’s the promo they showed for the Rumble


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