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The Week in Review – January 18 – 22, 2010

The Week in Review – January 18 – 22, 2010

Finally reach the end of one of the worst weeks of wrestling TV ever, as RAW, Smackdown, and Impact were absolutely garbage this week. It’s sad when the two hour long shows are the better shows, what is going wrong with the business?

Best Matches of the Week

1. Drew McIntyre & Chris Jericho v. R-Truth & John Morrison from Smackdown 4.75/5
2. Christian v. William Regal from ECW 3.75/5

Worst Matches of the Week

1. Sheamus v. Evan Bourne from RAW DUD
2. D-X & Hornswoggle v. Miz, Big Show & Jon Heder from RAW DUD
3. AJ Styles v. Kurt Angle from Impact DUD
4. Finlay v. Batista from Smackdown DUD

What a crappy week as there was only one match over a four, but four matches were DUDs, and three matches were a 1/5. Show of the week goes to Superstars which had three matches and all were enjoyable.

Monday Night RAW averaged a .75/5 for five matches in two hours. Two matches were DUDs, two were a 1/5 and one was 2.25/5, which were the divas. This was a horrible show, and a complete waste of two hours. Doesn’t look like RAW is getting any better, this week we have two more no names hosting. Future hosts include another NASCAR person, Jerry Springer and Cheech & Chong, whatever.

ECW on SyFy averaged 3.25/5 for two matches in an hour. Both matches were very good, with Christian/Regal one of the best matches of the week. ECW continues to be the best of the three brands, and the only watchable one.

WWE Superstars averaged 3.25/5 for three matches in an hour. Another great episode of Superstars, par for the course, as all three matches delivered this week. The best talent seems to wind up on the D-Show which is sad, but makes for good TV at least.

TNA Impact averaged a 2/5 for five matches in two hours. This was a terrible show from TNA as they continue to slide downhill quickly. When the worst match is not the one with the Nasty Boys, but your two best wrestlers, that’s a really scary sign. TNA with Hulk Hogan is not the success they were hoping for, and instead has one foot in the grave.

Friday Night Smackdown averaged a 1.75/5 for four matches in two hours. This show was a throwaway show, as the only good thing was the tag match, and Mickie’s promo. Mickie cut the best promo in years, and I include both men and women in that, as she truly delivered this week. Maria has improved greatly as well, as did Layla, but it’s easier to be popular when you’re feuding with “The Fire Buzzard”, as Mickie calls her! If I can find Mickie’s promo, I’ll add it at the end with the tag match.

Overall an absolutely terrible week from the three big shows, and I hope with the Rumble in a week the WWE can pull of a series of good shows. TNA needs something big, and Hogan wasn’t it, and I don’t know what they can do at this point.

Here’s the great tag team match from Smackdown:

And here’s Mickie James amazing promo from Smackdown

With that shown, there’s no reason to watch the rest of this week’s Smackdown


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