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WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #8 – November 29, 1986

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #8 – November 29, 1986

Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event. Tonight’s episode takes place about six weeks after the last episode, and comes from Los Angeles, California. Tonight’s main event features World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan defending against Bobby Heenan’s newest protégé Hercules. With Hulk Hogan still World Champion, let’s review the other champions quickly, British Bulldogs are still Tag Champions, Randy Savage still has a tight grip on the IC title, and Moolah still has the Women’s title. Nothing major has happened between the previous show and tonight’s episode, so let’s get this show started.
We open with Jesse Ventura welcoming us to LA, as Jesse has a really bad rug on tonight, and he sends it to Jake, who promises to squeeze the Macho Man. Jake says Macho Man to try him if he feels lucky. Randy Savage says he’s the Intercontinental Champion, and if he loses its Elizabeth’s fault. Newcomer Koko B. Ware promises to drop some bombs on the Russian Nikolai Volkoff. Roddy Piper says if you want to see him fight put Grandma to bed, because it won’t be a pretty sight. Jimmy Hart introduces the Hart Foundation, as they go over the top three ways to kill a bee, swat them, spray them or give them a Hart Attack! Hulk says tonight he faces a superhuman, and he accepts the challenge as he asks Hercules what he’s gonna do when the 24 inch pythons challenge him, as we go to our opening video.

Vince McMahon welcomes us to SNME, and introduces the new hairy Jesse Ventura. Jesse disrespects McMahon as usual, and Vince warns Jesse he may flip his wig tonight. Vince sends us to Gene with Jake Roberts who will face Randy Savage. Jake scares Gene with Damian, and warns Gene no to turn his back on him. Jake says he shook the world when he challenged the Macho Man, and says no one knows where he’s headed, because they don’t know where he’s from. Jake promises to take what he wants, and tells Macho Man tomorrow to remember he’s the one his mama warned him about. Jesse calls Vince a wimp, and asks if Gene was holding a microphone or a vibrator. Holy crap, I can’t freaking believe that got past the censors in 1986, that wouldn’t pass the censors in 2010! Leave it to Ventura to sneak in a vibrator joke on a family show, legend…….wait for it…..dary! Vince obviously shaken from Ventura’s comment quickly sends us to Gene, who’s with Randy Savage and the lovely Elizabeth. Gene asks Elizabeth if she’s afraid of snakes and as she goes to answer Savage cuts her off. Randy says he can’t be intimidated, and will make a snakeskin belt, and make a buckle out of Gene.

1. Jake Roberts v. Randy Savage. This is an odd match for the time, as both guys were the two most hated in the WWF. I love Vince drooling over the cleavage of Ms. Elizabeth, not that I blame him. Even odder part of the match, both guys would turn good within a matter of months of each other, Jake in January and Savage in May, and then both would wind up teaming at Survivor Series a year later with mutual rival Ricky Steamboat! Strange business, this wrestling stuff! As Randy enters the ring, he makes the mistake of turning his back on Jake, and Jake goes toward Elizabeth with the snake. Savage gets in Jake’s face, and he pushes the snake at Macho, who quickly hides behind Elizabeth. Only five years later these guys would have one of the best feuds of 1991 after Jake attacks Elizabeth & Randy Savage at their wedding reception. Savage sends Elizabeth out of the ring, and both men come off the ropes and threaten to throw punches. Savage with an armbar, Jake reverses, and Savage with a hair pull. Jake comes back with an armdrag, and Savage accidently in the wrong corner, with Damien, freaks out. Jake now with a side headlock, Jake flips him down, and both men yank hair. Vince tells Jesse, good thing he’s not in their or someone would have a souvenir. Jake goes for DDT, and Savage slides out the ring, Jake follows, and Savage off the ropes. Jake nails a boot to the midsection, and goes for DDT, Savage pushes him the corner. Jake runs in the corner, and Savage gets a boot up for a near fall. Savage tries Jake face first into the mat, and stomps the head, then a snapmare follow up with a knee drop. Jake starts to fight back, and Savage comes back with an elbow to the skull knocking Jake back down. Savage chokes Jake on the top rope, as both guys are doing some classic cheating, which Jesse approves of. Randy slingshots Jake back down, and covers, but Jake gets his feet on the ropes. Savage cannot keep Jake down, as Jake keeps fighting back. Jake comes back with the left hands, but Savage gets an elbow to the head of Jake and locks him in the ropes. Savage goes after the Snake Sack, Damien’s bag not Jake’s testicles, and tosses it under the ring. As Savage is looking at crowd, Jake hits a knee to the head of Macho Man, and puts Damien back in the corner. Jake comes back in, and Savage goes for an armbar, but Jake punches his way out and hits a short arm clothesline for a near fall, but Savage gets his feet on the ropes. Jake with a nice front layout Suplex, which neither Jesse nor Vince knows what to call, but would later be the 747 finisher of the One Man Gang, also known as Akeem. Jake with a cover right in the face of Elizabeth, but Savage gets a foot on the ropes. The crowd surprisingly behind Jake, as he opens up on the Macho Man, as Jake blows his nose at the ref! Macho Man catches Jake with a boot to the chest, but eats another right hand. Jake goes for the DDT, but Savage hooks the ropes and slides out. Jake follows and Savage hides behind Elizabeth again, Jake says he’s had enough and goes for Damien. Randy catches Jake with a knee to the back sending him into the ringpost, and follows with a double ax handle from the top to the floor. Savage rolls Jake in, and nails him with the double ax handle, and goes for a third one, but Jake catches him with the right hand. Savage knees Jake out of the ring, and Jake pulls him outside, and Jake punches Savage and sends him back in, but gets caught coming in. Both men slug it out, and Savage tosses the ref, the ref gets back up, and Jake shoves him down, the ref calls for the bell. Savage has a chair, and the ref tries to get it from him, but Jake has Damien and throws it on Savage who quickly bails. 4/5 what a crazy match, quite the brawl. That was one of the funnest brawls I’ve seen in a long time, as you had two of the vilest, at the time, men going at it. We see the video of Bobby Heenan purchasing Hercules from Slick; of course a couple years later Heenan sold him to DiBiase as a slave, which turned Hercules heel. We go to Heenan with Hercules, as Gene says Heenan’s credit is obviously no good as Slick wanted cash. Hercules says Heenan is the smartest manager in the WWF, and he will be the World Champion, as we see the classic WWF gym bag behind them, classic WWE product placement! Of course, we now have to hear from Hulk Hogan, as he says the same stuff he always says. Hogan says Hercules has the body of a god, and could’ve been an immortal, as Hogan says he’s been in the Garden of Eden with Eve. What the hell was Hogan smoking back in the 80’s with some of these interviews, seriously? Hogan calls Heenan a weasel, and says Hercules is on a hit list and will feel the wrath of Hulkamania.

2. Hulk Hogan v. Hercules. No one could ever work a crowd like Hogan could, as we go to commercial. We come back, and it’s a classic test of strength, with Hercules having the early advantage. Hogan looks to the crowd, and makes his way to his feet, and now Hercules starts to go down, so Herc with a nice kick and picks up Hogan and drives him to the corner. Herc starts to work Hogan in the corner, and whips to the corner, but Hulk reverses and follows with the corner clothesline. Hulk whips Herc in, and misses the clothesline, but hits a high knee, then goes after Heenan. Herc tries to catch Hulk coming in, but eats a big boot, then a slam, but misses the elbow drop. Herc poses, then drives a knee to the back of Hulk, as Jesse says Hulk’s eating canvas, which begs the question, who’s canvas, was that a nickname of Missy Hyatt? Herc works over the back of Hogan, and then locks in a bearhug on the champion and starts to squeeze the life out of Hulk. Herc then transition into a backbreaker, and bends the Hulkster in half and just drops Hulk down. The challenger has Hulk down and hurt, and gets him up in the backbreaker! Jesse claims he heard the Hulkster submit, as Herc drops Hulk and raises his arms in victory. The ref claims he didn’t hear it, and Jesse snaps, as Herc covers Hulk who kicks out and starts the Hulking Up routine. Hulk with three right hands, and a running right, then the running elbow knocking Herc down. Herc whipped into the corners and Hulk rams him repeatedly into the turnbuckle. Hogan whips him in, hits the big boot and drops the leg for the win. 3.5/5 a classic Hulk Hogan match, as we get the almost win, hulk up, boot/legdrop for the win. No matter what, Hogan matches were always fun to watch in the 80’s even if they were the same formula, they were always entertaining. The Hulkster celebrates his victory, as Jesse still claims Hogan submitted and calls Vince ridiculous and biased. After the commercial, we get a pretaped interview with Jesse, Orton and Jimmy Hart. Ventura says Piper is determined and hurt Adonis last month, and asks Orton what would stop him from doing it again. Orton says Piper used him, and he did all the dirty work while Piper hid behind him and Piper has no friends to hide behind. Now we get a video of Orton and Piper former friendship, they were so close to being gay lovers back then; Piper even kisses Orton and says he loves him. The even end the video showing Orton bending over for Piper, and a heart shaped frame, creepy. Gene standing by with Hot Rod, who says he pulled Orton out of the gutter and saved him, Piper calls Adonis Fat Albert! Piper says he doesn’t care that Adonis, Muraco and Orton attacked him, he was Rowdy before Rowdy was cool!!!

3. Bob Orton v. Roddy Piper. Orton comes out with Don Muraco and Jimmy Hart, as the odds are stacked against Roddy Piper. As Piper and Orton about to lock up, Muraco distracts Piper. Orton gets Piper in the corner, and Muraco tries to grab him, but Piper moves. Muraco now jumps on the apron, and Piper takes a swing at him, prompting the ref to send Muraco backstage, and Jesse is irate again. Piper waves bye to Muraco and opens up on Orton and nails a vicious bulldog, as Orton tries to back off. Piper refuses to give him space, and bites Orton’s head, then whips him in the corner hard. Hot Rod nails Orton with a series of uppercuts, and Orton is down, so Piper picks him up and hits a kneelift for a near fall. Piper whips him in, but drops down to soon, and Orton pops Piper in the head, and then drops the knee. Orton with a nice gut buster then drops a fist for a near fall, as Jesse says there is friendship in wrestling. Hart grabs Piper, and Orton goes to hit him, but Piper moves and Orton almost hits Hart. While Orton is distracted, Piper quickly rolls him up for the win. 3/5 another fun brawl, as no one could brawl like Roddy Piper. After the commercial, Gene is with Piper, as he asks Piper if he’s pleased with the win. Piper says the work just begun, and this is a small victory. Gene tells Piper he is popular now, and Piper says in high school he was most likely to marry the cheerleading squad! Gene asks about Muraco’s kilt, and Piper says that’s a skirt.

4. Killer Bees v. Hart Foundation. Before the match Gene is with the Hart Foundation and Jimmy Hart, as Gene tells them if they win they’ll get a title shot. Jimmy says the Foundation will win the titles, and says they will clip the Bees wigs, Bret says they’ll snap the stingers. Bret and Brunzell start out, and Bret with a pair of knees then a whip in, but misses the clothesline. Brunzell comes back with a high knee on Bret, and locks in an arm bar than tag Brian Blair. Blair comes in from the second rope, and goes back to the arm bar, as we get a picture in picture interview with the Bees. The picture moves with the match, that is just odd, as Blair whips Bret in the corner, but Bret comes back with a rollup, reversed by Blair for a near fall. Bret tags in Neidhart, as Blair tags in Brunzell and they hit a double elbow on the Anvil. Neidhart whips Brunzell in and Bret hit a knee to the back, and now the Foundation double teams Brunzell in their corner, and Bret tagged in. The hit a move that looks like Demolition’s future finisher, for a near fall. Bret tags Anvil back in, and Neidhart with a nice dropkick, wow! Neidhart with a rear chinlock, but Brunzell tries to fight out and Bret comes in, as Vince mentions this is the debut of their new outfits, so this is where the pink and black debuted! Bret gets Brunzell in the corner and distracts the ref, while Anvil chokes Brunzell in the corner. Bret tags Anvil in, and hits a hotshot on Brunzell, and tags Bret back in. Bret hits the side backbreaker, but misses the elbow drop. Bret tosses Brunzell out of the ring, right into the barricade as we go to commercial. We come back as Brunzell slowly comes back in the ring, and catches Bret in a sunset flip for a near fall. Bret up first, stomps Brunzell in the midsection, and tags in Anvil, who hammers Brunzell down. This is the first match Hebner’s not the ref, just noticed that, as Bret is tagged in. Bret goes for an uppercut, but Brunzell counters to a backslide, but Bret up quickly and comes off the ropes. Brunzell catches Bret with a nice dropkick, but Anvil gets tagged in. Anvil with a side headlock, as Brunzell makes his way to the corner. Brunzell finally makes a tag, but Bret had the ref distracted and he didn’t see it. Neidhart quickly throws Brunzell out and nails Blair to the floor as both Bees are down. They both go under the ring and come back out, with the masks on!! One Bee gets back in the ring and takes out both Harts with a series of moves. Bret gets atomic dropped into the other Bee. The one in the ring with a sleeper on the Anvil, as Jimmy tries to get Bret back in the ring. The other Bee has the ref distracted, as Bret nails the one with sleeper. While the ref gets Bret in the corner, they switch positions. Neidhart makes the tag, and Bret gets rolled up for the win! 4/5 a pretty fast paced match, very impressive debut for both teams on SNME. The Bees gimmick was redone briefly by the Bella Twins on Smackdown, as one would wrestle get knocked out of the ring, climb under the ring, and the other would take her spot. They also did that with Kurt Angle and his brother against Undertaker on a PPV. After the match Jesse demands a replay, as they show the Bees switching places, and Jesse demands the match be turned over. Gene is standing by with the SNME debut of Koko B. Ware, who comes out with Frankie. Koko makes fun of Russia and dances with the bird, as he heads to the ring for his match.

5. Nikolai Volkoff v. Koko B. Ware. Nikolai and Slick come out, but no Iron Sheik! Nikolai asks for the fans to rise as he sings the Russian Anthem, Jesse calls Vince rude. Volkoff gets cut off by the crowd, as we get a pretaped interview with Slick and Volkoff. Slick says you have to look good to feel good, as Volkoff has a new coat tonight. Slick says he doesn’t know Koko from a coconut, and the only bird Nikolai likes is fried. Nikolai says Slick number one and Volkoff number one. Koko comes down the aisle to a different song, as Piledriver has yet to debut, and we go to commercial. When we come back, both men are readying for the match. As Slick distracts Koko, Nikolai attacks and pounds Koko in the corner. Nikolai whips him in the opposite corner, but Koko up and over and opens up on the big Russian. Koko jumps on top of Volkoff and rolls him over him, then hits a pair of dropkicks. Koko goes for a cover, but Volkoff powers out and comes back with a spin kick then drops Koko on the ropes. Volkoff slams Koko, however he misses the knee drop, and Koko climbs to the top rope. Koko with a nice missile dropkick, but Nikolai kicks out quickly. Nikolai with a kick and then press slams the Birdman; he covers Koko but pulls him up at one. Volkoff slams Koko down hard, and then goes to Slick for a discussion. Koko from behind rolls up the Russian for the win! 2.5/5 a quick match, but very fast paced. Volkoff was impressive back then, as he was quick moving. A nice debut for Koko, as we go to Gene and Hogan. Gene says Jesse claims to have seen a flaw in the champ, and Hulk says Jesse misses a lot of things. Hulk says when the going gets tough he reaches out to the fans and they turn him into a superman. Gene sends it back to Vince and Jesse, as Jesse wants to know why Gene always sends it Vince and claims Gene is in Hogan’s pocket too. Back to Gene with Fuji and Don Muraco, Muraco says he took this match for two reasons, so he can protect his friends from Piper and because they like the rebel song. This spurs Mr. Fuji to start singing country music, which is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

6. Don Muraco v. Dick Slater. Dick Slater was not long for WWF; I think he was only around for a few months. He beat Mike Sharpe at the Big Event in Toronto back in August, but otherwise was just a jobber. Slater went to bigger fame in the NWA teaming with Great Muta, Barbarian and Dick Murdoch, and was also a big name in the Mid-Atlantic territory before the WWF run. We come back from commercial, as Muraco is pounding Slater down. Muraco rams Slater in the turnbuckle, and whips him in the opposite corner. Muraco goes for an airplane spin, countered into a roll up, but Muraco quick to kick out. Slater with a series of right hands, and whips Muraco in and follows with the back elbow. Dick Slater climbs the ropes, and nails Muraco with an elbow to the head and covers him, but Fuji gets Muraco’s foot on the ropes. Slater whips Muraco in, and comes off the ropes, but Fuji trips Slater. Slater slow to get up, and Muraco hits a clothesline for the easy win. 1.5/5 basically a squash match, as SNME always seems to end with one of those. Vince and Jesse wrap up the show, as they recap the matches we’ve seen tonight. Jesse says Hulk is tiring out and getting weaker, as Vince cuts him off. Vince and Jesse get cut off, as NBC hypes up their shows, ALF and Amazing Stories!!! We come back to hear “Take me Home” by Phil Collins as we see Hogan’s celebration again. Same way the last episode ended!

Match Recap

1. Randy Savage and Jake Roberts went to a double DQ in 9:30 4/5
2. Hulk Hogan pinned Hercules Hernandez in 6:30 3.5/5
3. Roddy Piper beat Cowboy Bob Orton in 3:48 3/5
4. The Killer Bees upset the Hart Foundation in 9:00 4/5
5. Koko B. Ware upset Nikolai Volkoff in 2:30 2.5/5
6. Don Muraco squashed Dick Slater in 2:05 1.5/5

Two great matches, two good matches, one ok match and a squash, made for a good show. The opening match was great, and really showed the chemistry between Savage and Roberts. It’s too bad by the time we got a real feud from them both Jake was facing his demons and the match were not as good. The Title match was great, and Jesse screaming that he heard Hulk submit was classic. Orton/Piper was another fun brawl, and probably one of the better Orton matches. The Tag match was excellent, with a surprising finish, as the Hart Foundation were on route to a big push soon. Koko had a pretty impressive debut, with a nice missile dropkick, and would soon debut his finisher. The Muraco match was a quick squash to build up the Piper/Muraco match, which I don’t remember happening on TV. Another fun filled SNME comes to an end and the next episode brings us to the start of a new year, and an amazing cage match between the World Champion and the turncoat.


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