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WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #7 – October 4, 1986

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #7 – October 4, 1986

It’s time for another classic episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event; tonight’s episode takes place five months after the last episode. On tonight’s show we have Ricky Steamboat finally getting his hands on Jake Roberts after the vicious attack on the last SNME, and Hulk Hogan faces the man who turned on him during a tag match. This heel turn was regarded as a huge deal at the time, not like now where turn on people constantly. Before we begin, let’s recap our title situations, Hulk Hogan Is still your World Champion, British Bulldogs are still Tag Champions, Randy Savage is still IC champion, as the only that changed was the Women’s title. Fabulous Moolah was champion on our last show, and is once again champion, as Velvet McIntyre had a brief (six day) title reign in July. This happened during an Australian tour, and I don’t believe it was ever mentioned in the US. So with the recap of the titles out of the way, let’s get down to business.

Tonight’s episode opens in, of all places, the showers with Jake Roberts! Jake says there are two kinds of people, winners and losers and Ricky Steamboat will find out he’s a loser, as the DDT never fails. Now over to Johnny V with the former tag team champions, Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake, as Johnny promises his team will regain their tag team titles, and people can take that to the bank, and the Dog’s go to the pound. From there we go to the Wizard along with the newest WWF star, and one of my very favorites, Kamala the Ugandan Giant. Wizard calls Kamala jungle born and bred and this is all WWF superstars destiny. Now to Bobby Heenan and the turncoat, Paul Orndorff, as Heenan calls him the future World Champion. Hulk Hogan says Orndorff sold out over jealousy, and asks Orndorff “Whatcha gonna do when Hulk-a-Mania runs wild on you”, as we go to our opening theme.

Vince McMahon welcomes us to Richfield, OH and introduces Jesse Ventura, who says Vince is nothing without him. Vince announces Piper is injured and will not be able to compete tonight, and Ventura puts over Piper’s toughness as they send it to Mene Gene with the Rowdy One. Piper has crutches, as Gene mention Piper was supposed to face Iron Sheik tonight, as we see the attack on Piper from Adrian Adonis, Bob Orton and Don Muraco on the Flower Shop. Gene says the doctor won’t clear Piper, and Piper insults Adonis and says the doctor can go and deliver a baby as he is not a baby and won’t do as he’s told. Piper vows he will wrestle tonight and no one can stop him, as Gene sends it back to Vince and Jesse. We now get a recap of Paul Orndorff turning on Hulk Hogan during a match against King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd, as they send it over to the Hulkster. Hulk says he and Paul were so close, and he can’t believe sold him out and Paul’s fans are confused as to why Paul did what he did. Hulk says Paul’s time has come, and tonight he’s going to run right over Paul Orndorff, and calls Paul and old dog that cannot beat him. It’s now time for Mene Gene with Paul Orndorff and Bobby Heenan, as Heenan calls Hulk an albino ape liar, and Paul promises to rip his tongue from Hulk’s mouth and put it on his title. Heenan says the crowd is going to behind Paul tonight, and they have the music to prove it.

1. Hulk Hogan v. Paul Orndorff. Paul & Heenan come out to “Real American”, Hulk’s theme song, as Vince says they could steal the title, just like they stole the music. Hulk comes out and the building erupts, as it did every time Hogan came out back in the 80’s. Paul starts out quick unloading on Hulk, but Hulk fires back and takes down Paul. Heenan distracts Hogan, and Paul clotheslines him over the top to the floor, Paul follows and hammers Hulk on the floor, but Hulk blocks the ram into the ring apron. Both men back in the ring, and Hulk with a big right hand, then Paul rammed into the turnbuckle, Hulk with a big headbutt, and then whips him in the corner and Hulk follows with the clothesline. Heenan distracts Hulk again, and Paul with a chop to the throat, and now Orndorff drops a big knee on the Hulkster. Paul stomps the champion, and send Hulk into the timekeeper, then chokes Hulk with a cable. Orndorff back in, comes off the ropes and nails Hulk with a big knee sending him back to the cement as we get a look at this huge crowd. This is the same arena where the first Survivor Series takes place, about a year later, with Paul on Hulk’s team! Hulk finally back in, and Paul is relentless in pounding on the champion, as Paul gets a near fall. Hulk gets to his feet, and Paul Suplexes Hogan back down hard and gets another near fall as Orndorff argues with the referee about the count. Paul whips Hulk in, but reversed and Hulk with a high knee as Hulk starts to comeback, and slams Paul, but then goes for the legdrop and Heenan grabs the leg. While Heenan holds the leg, Paul runs in for a clothesline and Hulk backdrops the challenger to the floor. Bobby Heenan is now picked up and carried from ringside by the police, as the crowd goes nuts and Orndorff is furious. Heenan is such a great character, as he is just screaming to be put down as they throw him outside as we go to commercial. We come back and Heenan is still trying to get back in the ring, while Paul has Hulk chase him around the ring, and catches Hulk coming in. Paul drops a big elbow to the back of Hulk’s head, and then chokes the champion as the ref has to pull Paul off. Orndorff with a big backbreaker then drops an elbow and Hulk just barely kicks out. Paul picks Hulk up, and delivers a clothesline, just like he did when he turned on Hulk, and then goes for a piledriver but Hulk powers out. Orndorff quickly back on the attack, but Hulk starts to Hulk Up, and nails Paul with three big right hands, whips Paul in, hits a big elbow to the head. Hulk with two more big right hands, and Paul is down on the mat, as Jesse claims it’s due to the loss of Bobby Heenan at ringside. Hogan lifts Paul up, and hits the same clothesline on Paul that Hulk got nailed with. Hulk then picks up Paul Orndorff for the piledriver, but suddenly a large woman jumps in the ring and nails the champion, causing the disqualification. 3.75/5 a great match with a great brawl. The cage match between them is better, and is coming up soon!! Hulk nails the woman, and its Adrian Adonis, as Orndorff catches Hulk from behind and they double team the champion. Suddenly Roddy Piper with crutches limps his way to the ring, and Piper nails Adonis with the crutch, sending Adonis to the floor. Piper misses Orndorff, who wisely bails out of the ring, and Hulk and Piper wind up alone in the ring. Piper drops out of the ring, as Hulk picks up the crutch and asks the ref to bring it to Piper, who’s limping his way back to the dressing room. As Hulk Hogan poses with the title in the ring, we go to commercial. When we come back, Jake the Snake is on his way to ring, we get a pretaped interview with Jake. Gene asks why they are in the shower, and Jake says it’s his time and this is where he is. Jake says Steamboat claims not to be afraid of him and Damien, as we get highlights of the attack at the last SNME, and the Big Event match. Gene calls Jake a sick man, and Jake agrees as Jake says if Gene believes Steamboat can win, he should go back to selling encyclopedias!

2. Jake Roberts v. Ricky Steamboat. Ricky comes out with a big black bag, which contains a Komodo dragon, Steamboat promises to teach Jake a lesson tonight. Both men lock up, and Steamboat with a go behind, Jake into a wristlock, and Steamboat reverses and chops Jake, then tosses him by one arm. Ricky with an armdrag, into an armbar and drags Jake over to his bag, Jake whips Steamboat in, but reversed and Steamboat presses Jake up and drops him. Jake out of the ring, and Steamboat follows, both men back in, and Steamboat back to the armbar. Jake with an eye poke and whips Steamboat in the corner, and Jake misses the charge and gets slingshot into the corner. Steamboat climbs the ropes, and goes for the big splash, but Jake gets his knees up and now both men are down on the mat. Both men are slowly crawling toward their respective corners, but Jake catches Steamboat and drives a knee to the stomach for a near fall. Jake stomps Steamboat and whips him in, then a tackle to the ribs of the Dragon. Snake with a nice uppercut, and then the short arm clothesline as Jake covers for a near fall. Jake picks Steamboat up and slams him down hard, then works on the ribs with a series of knees. Roberts with a blatant choke on the Dragon, Jake breaks on four and stands over the Dragon. Steamboat tries to fight back, but Jake slaps Steamboat and follows with a kneelift, then an uppercut to the throat. Ricky gets snapmared down, but Steamboat finally starts to fight back, but Jake with a reverse atomic drop, as Steamboat sells as only he can. Jake whips Ricky in, but Ricky comes back with a crucifix for the win! 3.75/5 a great match between two of the best in the WWF at this time, but needed more time, however the upset ending made the match. After the match Jake nails Steamboat sending him to the floor and then slams him into the ringpost repeatedly. Jake rolls Ricky back in, and go to open the bag for Damian, as Jake turns around he jumps back! Ricky has his back opened up, and has his dragon, as Jake and Damien bail out of the ring! After the commercial we come back to Gene with Hogan, as Hulk comes out of the shower, what’s with all the shower scenes tonight? Gene calls this the most bizarre title defense ever, as Hulk says the Hulkamaniacs judged Orndorff to be guilty, and tells Piper to stay out of his ring. Hulk says he would never trust Roddy, as Gene reminds him he almost lost the match, and Hulk yells at Gene and says this is not the end, as he gives the thumbs down.

3. Iron Sheik v. Pedro Morales. This was supposed to be Roddy Piper, but due to injury, Pedro is taking his place tonight. We cut to earlier today with Iron Sheik, and his new manager making his debut Slick, arriving. Slick took over for Fred Blassie who retired; Slick and Sheik arrive in a nice white limo, as Jesse waits for them. Slick calls Sheik the next world champion and Slick calls Piper a yellow coward and has a game plan for whoever takes Piper’s place tonight. Sheik says he is ready and tells the cameraman to zoom in, as we go back to the ring. As the match is about to begin, Piper again limps his way to the ring. Piper gets in the ring and tells Pedro to get out of his ring, and Pedro says no, so Piper threatens him with the crutch and Pedro leaves. Sheik charges at Piper, and Piper avoids contact and nails him with the crutch across the back. Piper pummels the Sheik, and goes after Slick, who runs. This gives Sheik the chance to attack Piper, as he rips Piper’s shirt off, and works over the injured knee. Sheik goes for a Suplex, Piper counters to a small package for the win. 1.25/5 was fun while it lasted, but basically just a quick squash. As Piper stands tall in the ring with the crutch, which Jesse calls a foreign object; we go back to Johnny V, Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine with Mene Gene. Johnny says there is a conspiracy to keep the titles off his team, as we see highlights from Wrestlemania II. Gene says he saw nothing and asks Valentine, Valentine says people will see tonight, as Johnny says Gene is blind or a liar and he knows Gene’s not blind. We go to commercial, and come back to Gene with Piper, as Gene asks Piper how he could go out there tonight. Piper says he goes out and does what he wants, people say he’s insane and he says thank you. Piper makes fun of Adonis’ weight and asks if Adonis thinks he’s going to take it? Roddy says he’s a man, and no one can stop him, as he fights for a living. Gene quickly sends it back to Jesse & Vince, as Jesse calls Piper insane.

4. The Dream Team v. The British Bulldogs. This is a rematch from Wrestlemania II, as the Bulldogs come out without Captain Lou, who also retired. Sad to see two of the best managers gone now, Blassie and Albano, of course it’s even worse now with no managers, it’s such a lost part of the wrestling business. Valentine starts out with Dynamite who hits a headbutt, sending Greg to Davey who hits a headbutt. This is two out of three falls, as Greg starts to chop Kid and catches him in the corner, working over the knee of Dynamite. Greg takes in Brutus who Suplexes Dynamite and continues to work over the knee, but Dynamite fights Brutus off, and tags in Davey. Davey with an armbar on Brutus, reversed, but Davey reverses back and lifts Brutus twice by the arm. Davey Boy into a hammerlock, reversed by Brutus, who then stomps Davey and tags in The Hammer. Greg drops a pair of elbows, and wrings the arm before tagging in Beefcake. Brutus with a kneelift, and tries for a pin, but Davey kicks out, and Greg back in, but misses the elbow, and Dynamite tagged in. Dynamite hammers Greg down, but gets caught in a reverse atomic drop, followed with a shoulder breaker for a near fall. Valentine tags in Brutus, who works over the back of Dynamite’s neck and tags Valentine back in. Greg with a headbutt to the midsection, then whips Kid in, Kid back with a forearm, and goes for a Suplex, but Greg fights out and puts Kid in the figure four. Brutus catches Davey coming in, and Dynamite submits, as the Dream Team take the first fall. The second fall starts during the commercial, as Valentine is working over the knee of Kid. Kid counters the figure four, but Greg tags in Brutus who continues stomping the knee, as Jesse complains about the two out of three falls. Greg back in, and uses an Indian Death Lock, haven’t seen that since Triple H used it as a finisher in WCW. Brutus comes back in, as they continue to work over the leg. Davey Boy distracts the ref, and the Dream Team double team Dynamite. Brutus presses Dynamite, and drops him across his knee, then tags in The Hammer. Valentine slams Kid, and goes to the second rope, but misses the elbow drop. Kid tags in Smith, who headbutts Valentine, and hits a clothesline, then dropkicks Brutus. Another headbutt on Valentine, then a delayed vertical Suplex which gets a near fall. Davey hits the running powerslam on Valentine, but Brutus comes in, and gets caught on the shoulders of Davey. Davey tags in Dynamite, who comes off the back of Brutus with a diving headbutt for the three count, evening it up at one fall a piece. We comeback for commercial for the third fall, as Greg and Dynamite start out, and Dynamite is limping, as Jesse complains about the European rules still. Valentine goes for the leg, and Dynamite comes back with the headbutt, then a snap Suplex, but misses the falling headbutt. Valentine drops a pair of elbows, as Jesse reports Adonis suffered a shattered elbow from being hit with the crutch. Valentine goes back to working over the leg of Dynamite, and goes for the figure four, but Kid kicks out, and both men make the tag. Brutus catches Davey coming in, and whips him in and backdrops Davey. Brutus whips him in again, and hits a nice clothesline on Smith; Brutus then chokes Davey and drops a knee to the midsection for a near fall. Smith with a sunset flip for a near fall, as Greg breaks the pin attempt up. Brutus gets Dynamite to come in, and Dream Team double teams again, as Brutus tags Greg in, and Greg drops a knee across the chest of Smith. Greg with a nice vertical Suplex for a near fall, and tags Brutus back in, Brutus with the high knee, and all four in the ring. Brutus misses the corner knee and Davey with a fisherman Suplex for the three count! 4.25/5 a great tag team match between two great tag teams, awesome match.

5. Lanny Poffo v. Kamala. Poffo throwing Frisbees to the crowd, as this is just going to be a quick squash match. Gene with the Wizard, Kimchee and Kamala before the match, as Wizard says the paint on Kamala is war signs from thousands of years ago. The bell rings, and Kamala misses a chop, but Poffo tossed across the ring. Kamala gets Poffo in the corner and chops him down, then a back kick. Kamala with a whip in, then chops him and a series of back kicks, followed by a lifting choke. Kamala slaps the belly, than chops Poffo before whipping him in. Poffo comes back with some right hands, but Kamala stops him and whips him in again and nails a double chop to the throat. Kamala with a big slam followed up with the splash for the win. 1.25/5 a squash, but always fun to see Kamala. I always loved this gimmick, so much fun. After the bell, Kamala climbs the robes, and Kimchee gets Kamala down. After the commercial Vince and Jesse recap the show, as Jesse once again complains about the two out of three falls in the tag match. Vince and Jesse close the show, as our next episode is Thanksgiving weekend, from LA! We close with “Take me Home” by Phil Collins as we see Hulk Hogan posing from earlier.

Match recap

1. Hulk Hogan beat Paul Orndorff by dq in 10:00 3.75/5
2. Ricky Steamboat pinned Jake Roberts in 6:19 3.75/5
3. Roddy Piper pinned Iron Sheik in 43 seconds 1.25/5
4. British Bulldogs beat The Dream Team 2 falls to 1 in 13:09 4.25/5
5. Kamala crushed Lanny Poffo in 1:44 1.25/5

The tag team match was phenomenal and the best match of the night, but the World Title match and Steamboat/Jake were almost as good. The other two matches were basically squashes, but the big three matches made up for it. All in all, this was yet another fun episode of SNME, and always glad to see a Kamala match. Our next episode of SNME features World Champion defending the title against Hercules! See you then!

And now the video portion of our program:




Bulldogs/Dream Team



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