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TNA Impact: Yet Another Montreal Screwjob!

TNA Impact – January 21, 2010

This is the first Impact after a very impressive PPV, Genesis, but TNA is really in trouble. The biggest thing was the fact that the producers basically chastised the fans before the taping on Monday. This really made TNA look bad in the eyes of fans, as it almost like when WCW taped in Orlando years ago and told people when to cheer and when to boo. The video of this was up on youtube and other video sites, and has probably been seen by quite a lot of people now, and the fact that TNA considers their fans to be part of the show, and wants to only cheer they who they want is not a good sign. Also reports this week are that both Awesome Kong & Melissa Anderson have left the company, if this is true, that really suck as both are amazing workers. If Kong has indeed left the company, one can assume this had to do with the whole Bubba Sponge incident, which I’m not going to go into, suffice to say you can find the story on anyway. Well, the sinking ship of TNA needs some sort of salvation, as I really want TNA to survive and even thrive, but the question is how can they if Hogan and company stifle the talent? Almost makes one wonder if Hogan is a double agent working for Vince to kill the company and drive it down so Vince can buy it cheap, of course saying that may fire up the conspiracy nuts to believe that!! Anyways, let’s get to tonight’s episode, and hope for maybe something good, after all this has to be better than RAW, right?

The show starts with a recap of the Genesis PPV, showing Tara & Hernandez & Matt Morgan winning titles, debuts of Mr. Anderson & Brian Kendrick, Nash & Waltman losing, and the heel turn of AJ Styles. I still don’t understand the heel turn of Styles, makes no sense, unless they form a horsemen stable with Machine Guns and Kendrick. We go to the Impact Zone as a white limo pulls up, the door opens, and three girls come out with Ric Flair and AJ Styles. From here we get the new opening video for Impact, which still has Kong in it. TNA’s just not the same without the six sided ring, just saying is all.

1. We start the show with Ric Flair coming down the aisle with two of the girls from the limo; they look young enough to be Flair’s granddaughters. Flair starts out by saying some things in life never change, as he kisses the one girl, Flair says he thinks he loves TNA. Flair says he has three reasons he came to TNA, first because he hates Hulk Hogan, second he wants to make AJ Styles the next Ric Flair. Flair takes about coming to Florida and meeting a Southern Belle, who he took to the biggest suite in the hotel and had a candlelight dinner with her. Flair says at midnight all you could hear was her screaming at the top of her lungs, that woman was Dixie Carter, who gave him a blank contract. Ric then introduces the World Champion, AJ Styles, who comes out in a suit with a girl on his arm. Well, Flair got the hotter one of the three girls, must be in his contract! Flair hands the microphone over to the champion, and AJ starts by asking the fans if they have a problem with what they see in the ring, to which AJ says he doesn’t care. AJ says he’s been in TNA for eight long years, and the company has yet to be known as the house AJ built and says he’s done it all and he’s one of the TNA originals. AJ says he’s the only grand slam champion ever, and say’s he gets no respect for putting the company on the map, as he mention Jarrett, Joe, Sting, etc. Styles continues by saying he won’t take a backseat to anyone, as he does one of Flair’s legendary lines. Suddenly Angle’s music starts to play, and Kurt stares a hole through AJ, as Hulk Hogan is behind Angle and Hogan has a mic. Hogan says it looks like one big happy family in the ring, and says that Genesis was Kurt’s last title shot in 2010, but because of Flair’s involvement Hogan’s changing his mind. Well, that kills the whole gimmick to the match from Genesis. Hulk reminds Flair he’s running the show, and Hulk gives Angle another shot at the title, and tells Flair if he gets involved he will disqualify AJ and give the title to Angle. Hogan says that match is tonight, and does Kurt’s line about this being real, damn real. Can we see more of the girl in the grey, is that too much to ask? We come back from commercial to see Mick Foley destroying the backstage area, as he screams Bischoff’s name. From there we go to Mike Tenay and Tazz, who run down tonight’s card, which sadly includes the Nasty Boys in ring debut.

2. British Invasion v. Matt Morgan & Hernandez. Morgan & Hernandez won the titles at Genesis, and this is a rematch. The crowd, having been properly informed of how to react, explodes for the tag champions as they make their way to the ring. Doug Williams and Morgan start out, but Magnus attacks Hernandez and Morgan gets kicked down. Williams gets caught in the corner with the quick back elbows of Matt, who follows that with the avalanche in the corner, into a side slam drop. Matt chokes Williams on the ropes, and jumps over him with ease, this guy amazing. Brutus distracts Morgan, and Williams with a boot to Morgan, Magnus works Matt on the floor and rolls him in. Magnus tagged in, and drops an elbow, then applies a rear chinlock on the Blueprint. Magnus comes off the ropes and Matt catches him with a discus clothesline, both men make a tag. Hernandez works over both men, and hits the pounce on Magnus, then drops Williams down headfirst for a near fall. Hernandez whips him in, and catches him on his shoulder, but a double team from the Brits gets a near fall as Terry makes his way to the ring with the feast or fired case. Terry tosses the case to Magnus, who prepares to hit Hernandez with it, but Hernandez ducks and Magnus cracks Williams. Hernandez takes the opportunity to cover Williams for the win. 3/5 a good TV tag match, nothing special but nothing bad either. After the match Terry and Magnus argue outside the ring, and Terry comes in the ring and helps Doug up. Suddenly Foley out of nowhere with a chair takes out all three members of the British Invasion, and screams for Eric Bischoff as he says he will come see Eric tonight! After the commercial we get audio from Bubba the Love Sponge calling Jeff Jarrett at home last Tuesday, as they harass him. Jeff says TNA was doing just fine without Hogan, and tells Hogan to go his way and hangs up on Bubba. We go backstage to Eric and Hogan, as Hogan wants Foley taken care of tonight. Eric asks about the other thing, and Hogan says he will take care of it. Nash comes in the office and asks what they want, Hogan asks about Hall & X-Pac, and says that crap has to stop. Nash says he’s friends with Eric, but he and Hall and Pac are like brothers and needs more time. Hogan says if they’re clowning, they’re not working, Nash says he’ll do it for Hulk.

3. Orlando Jordan v. D’Angelo Dinero. Orlando making his TNA debut comes out in a Ric Flair style robe. Never saw much in Jordan when he was in WWE, maybe he’ll surprise me tonight? Before the match we go to Christy with The Pope, as she asks him who he feels about the match. He says he’s ready for the match, as he makes Whoopi Goldberg jokes, which are really not funny. He finishes with welcome to Orlando, Jordan. That wasn’t funny either. They lock up, and Jordan takes him down with an armdrag. Odd how both guys look so similar, hard to tell who’s who. Dinero with a side headlock and Jordan grabs the leg and sweeps him down. Pope with a go behind, and both guys in the ropes, and we get a clean break. Jordan slaps Dinero, who snaps and jumps on Orlando and pounds him, then gets him up and chops him down. Pope does the dive over Jordan into the crowd. As Dinero tries to come in, Orlando attacks the leg, and hits a dragon screw, followed by an STO to take Dinero down for a three count? 2.5/5 was a good match, but ended to quick and sudden; I don’t understand the quick ending. From here we go to Christy Hemme with Kurt Angle, who says we shouldn’t see this match, but we’re seeing a new AJ which makes him sick. Kurt says justice is served when Hulk made this match, and he’s going to serve justice on AJ tonight. After the commercial we get more of the Bubba harassing Jarrett crap, which is getting lame quickly. Backstage to Kevin Nash with Eric Young, as Young says he needs answers who Nash is with. Kevin says he chose to be with Eric because he saw something in Eric, but has known the other guys for 15 years. Eric says forget the history, let’s make history, Kevin says let’s take care of business as they shake hands. We now get a recap of Angelina’s departure from TNA and her big return last week, which was the best part of last week. Now we get more of Bubba and Jarrett, and I still don’t care. From here to Lashley with Eric Bischoff, as Lashley says things have gotten out of hand, and has had enough of the craziness and he wants to wrestle. Eric says it takes a hell of a man to admit he made a mistake, and tells him the smartest thing he did was not let Krystal run his business. Eric tells Bobby he’s a world class athlete and says it been tough on him and Hogan, and needs to talk to Hogan and will have an answer next week.

4. Madison Rayne v. Angelina Love. I’m so happy to see Angelina back in TNA, she was greatly missed!! Madison Rayne comes out alone, surprisingly, although I expect Velvet and Lacey to make an appearance sooner or later. Angeline comes out to new music, and looks amazing as she makes her way to the ring; she does her old Beautiful People entrance! Angelina goes right for Madison, and the ref in the way, and Madison cheap shots her. Madison whips Angelina in, and gets tossed down. Angelina stomps Madison, and tosses her into the corner, then stands over Madison. Angeline whips her in and hits the bicycle kick for the win. 3/5 Angelina makes a great return to TNA, and after the match rips Madison top off! Here comes Lacey and Velvet, and Angelina catches Lacey coming in, but Madison tries to attack from behind and gets taken back down. Velvet with a stick, as Angelina turns around Velvet freezes up. Madison from behind grabs the leg, and now the three beat down Angelina. Lacey chokes her with the Ugly Stick, while Madison yells at her and Velvet slaps her face. The Beautiful People stand over the fallen Angelina Love as we go back to Hall, X-Pac and Bubba. Bubba asks them what they were doing at Genesis; Hall makes a Cheech and Chong joke and says tonight they will leave with contracts.

5. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff make their way down the ramp to the ring, as the properly trained crowd show Hogan respect as they are told to do. Hogan has a microphone, while the cast members chant his name, Hogan says they have momentum and things are moving quickly. Hogan says they have business to take care of, right here, right now. Hogan talks about the clowning around with rock, paper and scissors, which is what Hall & X-Pac did at Genesis. This brings out Hall, Nash and X-Pac, who have no contract, but they have music and a video? Hogan stops them at the top of the ramp, and the party’s over and to hit the road. X-Pac starts to come down the ramp, and security gets in between, Hogan tells Nash to get them out of the building now. Suddenly we see Foley make his to the ring, and Eric demands security stop him, Foley tells him they’ll talk in his office as we go to commercial. We come back to Nash with Hall and X-Pac, as security is trying to get them to leave and Nash tells them he will fix things.

6. Nasty Boys v. Kevin Nash & Eric Young. We see a plant in the crowd cheering for the Nasty Boys, has to be a plant, no one would cheer for these two anymore. I forgot Eric had that other title, the Global thing; it’s never used, then again neither is he. What happened to the World Elite anyways?? I assume Nash is going to turn on Young here tonight, not like he could powerbomb either Nasty Boy with the size of them. Young starts out with Sags, and Sags runs at Young who hides in the corner. Young pounds Sags in the corner, but gets tossed in the opposite corner. Sags unload on EY in the corner, and toss him in, and connect with a corner clothesline, before tagging in Knobbs. They hit a double shoulderblock on Young, and Young avoids the elbow and tags Nash. Nash gets Knobbs in the corner, and hits a series of knees, then an elbow and whips Knobbs in. Nash follows with the corner clothesline, but the second one misses and Sags tagged in. Sags with a clothesline and a near fall, Nash whips him in and hits the big boot, then tags in Young, who hits a diving elbow. Meanwhile Knobbs throws Nash into the post, and now the Nasty Boys double team Young in the corner and hit the pitstop. Knobbs with an avalanche, then Sags with a pump handle slam for three. 1/5 was better than expected, but still pretty damn bad. Not a dud, but almost, I’m sure Team 3D v. Nasty Boys will be a dud! We see Mr. Anderson making his way to the ring now as we go to commercial. We come back, and see the Nasty Boys being attacked by Team 3D during the commercial break, from there we see Mr. Kennedy/Anderson’s debut from Genesis.

7. Mr. Anderson comes down to the ring, and says he’s not here in TNA because of twitter, e-mails, text messages, etc. He’s there because Hulk Hogan called him and said he believed in him and was promised opportunity he wasn’t given elsewhere. Anderson says he could come out and talk about being the biggest, baddest, etc and what he’s going to do but action speaks louder than words. Anderson mentions his actions at Genesis, as we see Abyss sneaking into the ring behind Anderson. Abyss stands behind Anderson, while he talks about how stupid Abyss is. Abyss’ demeanor changes as Anderson talks, as Anderson says he won the match fairly at Genesis. Anderson does his yelling the name, and Abyss taps him on the shoulder. Anderson turns around, and Abyss opens up on him. Abyss hits the avalanche and tosses Anderson in and readies for the Black Hole Slam, but Anderson slides out of the ring. After the commercial we go to Abyss in Eric’s office, as Abyss apologizes and Eric says Hogan may like him but Eric does not. Eric says twice Abyss has screwed up the show; Abyss says he has a question for Eric. Abyss asks Eric if he’s going to be ok, Eric depends on Foley as Eric goes in his office where security is holding Foley. Foley says he has a couple things to say to Eric, man to man, for his ears only. Eric dismisses the security guards and Foley says he’s surprised Eric wants to be alone with him. Foley says he hates what Eric is doing to his company, and I agree, Foley continues by saying he will stop Eric by force if needed. Eric asks the cameraman to leave the room, as Foley is still yelling at Eric as the door closes.

8. Kurt Angle v. AJ Styles. Well, this is the third match between these two in two weeks, and I think this one will be the worst of the three. AJ jumps Angle before the bell and AJ gets cocky and clotheslined by Angle. Angle pounds AJ down, AJ answers with a kneelift. AJ whipped in, and Angle with a big backdrop as AJ rolls out of the ring. AJ catches Angle as he follows him back in the ring, AJ off the ropes gets caught in a tilt a whirl backbreaker followed by a snap Suplex for a near fall. AJ rammed into the turnbuckle and Angle continues to stomp AJ in the corner. Angle whipped in to the opposite corner, but comes back with an explosive clothesline for another near fall. Angle goes for a German Suplex, but AJ holds the ropes, as the ref tries to get AJ off the ropes, AJ kicks Angle in the groin as we go to commercial. We come back and both men are slugging it out, AJ clips Angle from behind as heel AJ using all of Flair’s classic holds. AJ continues emulating Flair, as he now uses a figure four leglock. Angle struggles his way to the ropes to break the hold, AJ tries to nail Angle, but Angle blocks and fires back. Angle gets caught running in the corner, but then AJ gets caught running in with a belly to belly. Angle now hits the triple German Suplex on AJ, as the crowd gets louder for each Suplex, and gets a near fall on the champion. Kurt pulls down the straps, as AJ slowly gets up, Angle goes for Angle slam, but AJ slides out and hits Pele. AJ goes for Styles’s Clash, countered into the ankle lock and AJ tries to get to the ropes, but Angle keeps pulling him back. AJ rolls through and locks in the ankle lock as the bell rings, and the crowd starts a loud bullshit chant. DUD great now TNA is doing the Montreal crap, this is pathetic. Hogan comes out now, as Angle screams at him and tells Hulk he doesn’t need this and can go back to WWE. Angle quits and spits in Hogan’s face, yep it’s Montreal completely. This is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen in my life, seriously, as we get a “You screwed Bret” chant now as we go to commercial. I love how the producers complained to the crowd before the taping about swearing, and saying it’s not appropriate with kids in the building, yet Angle has been swearing nonstop for the last couple minutes. During the break, we see Angle destroying the announce tables, just like Bret did in Montreal. Mike asks Tazz if he thinks Hogan was involved, suddenly we see a very bloody Eric Bischoff limp his way to the ring. Eric grabs a microphone and screams Foley’s name and says he’s fired.

Match Recap

1. Matt Morgan & Hernandez beat The British Invasion 3/5
2. Orlando Jordan pinned D’Angelo Dinero 2.5/5
3. Madison Rayne got beat by Angelina Love 3/5
4. Nasty Boys beat Kevin Nash & Eric Young 1/5
5. AJ Styles beat Kurt Angle DUD

What can you say about this? Seriously, now TNA has to do Montreal too? This is crap, pure and simple. The opening match was surprisingly good, and it looks like the Invasion may break up. I wouldn’t miss any of them myself. I don’t understand the finish of the Orlando/Dinero match, maybe Dinero got legit injured, if so that would be the only thing that makes sense. I know I may have rated the knockouts match high, but I like them both, especially Angelina! As for the Nasty’s, go back to wherever you came from, because you suck worse now than back in the 90s!! The Main Event was a complete and utter pile of garbage and was the worst thing TNA has done, ever. That includes having a midget in a trash can and wrestling penises, this was worse. TNA may have lost a huge amount of fans just from how bad that was, seriously Montreal was twelve years ago, let it die damn it. I love TNA but this was just horrible, if it wasn’t for the knockouts and the tag match, this would’ve been an unwatchable show. RAW was bad, but that’s expected, almost anticipated, but this was embarrassingly bad. If Kong and Melissa Anderson are gone, they’re lucky to escape this sinking ship, and I hope the other talents do the same. Unless Dixie Carter comes to her senses and realizes this is just a pile of crap, and Hogan and Bischoff need to go away. Honestly, sixteen minutes of wrestling in a two hour show, that practically the same as an episode of RAW, what a disgusting show, and I’m done talking about it as I’m fed up with TNA right now…


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