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WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #6 – May 3, 1986

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #6 – May 3, 1986

Tonight’s episode comes to us just under a month after Wrestlemania II. That was personally one of the five worst Wrestlemania, along with 4, 9, 13, and 25. The highlights of Wrestlemania including Andre the Giant winning a battle royal that included NFL stars, Hulk Hogan defended his title successfully against King Kong Bundy in the only cage match so far in Wrestlemania history, and the horrible boxing match between Mr. T and Roddy Piper, and the debuts of Hercules and Jake Robert . Our champions going into tonight’s show are Hulk Hogan still World Champion, IC champion remains Randy Savage and the new Tag Team Champions are The British Bulldogs who beat the Dream Team at Wrestlemania in the only good match of that night. Tonight’s episode of SNME is headlined by the tag team match of Terry and Hoss Funk v. JYD and Hulk Hogan, Hoss is of course Terry’s brother Dory, not a clue why they changed his name. But this is the same company that brought in Harley Race, and in his WWF debut Gorilla Monsoon called him a young newcomer! So, with everything brought up to speed, let’s get to the show.

We start with Mene Gene going over tonight’s matches, which include Jake Roberts v. Ricky Steamboat, Uncle Elmer v. King Kong Bundy, British Bulldogs v. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, Adrian Adonis v. Paul Orndorff and The Funks v. Hulk Hogan & JYD, as we go to our opening song. This should be a great show, with four matches that look great. Vince welcomes us to the show, and says we will have highlights of Wrestlemania II, as Bobby Heenan joins us at the announce booth, where is Jesse tonight?

1. Terry & Hoss Funk v. Hulk Hogan and JYD. Before the match we get a pretaped interview with Hart and the Funk, as Gene asks if they’re practicing another illegal move. Terry Funk says they’ll teach Gene’s ears to touch, as we get a recap of the match from Wrestlemania II of the Funks v. JYD & Tito Santana. Gene says Hulk & Dog will have the Haiti Kid in their corner, and Jimmy introduces a surprise for Haiti Kid, as he brings out Jimmy Jack Funk, who was not a real Funk, but Jesse Barr from the Florida territory. Jesse once teamed with Rick Rude and also was one of the first major feuds for Lex Luger! Gene sends us back to the ring, as Vince sends us back to Gene with JYD, Hulk and Haiti Kid; I’m getting dizzy from being sent back and forth. Hulk says Haiti Kid has more heart than Jimmy Hart, as Gene asks Dog why the Funk’s hate him. JYD says he’s the big dog, and Hulk calls him the most popular wrestler in the world. I think Hulk called the Funk’s buttmunchers!!! Hulk, JYD and Kid come down the ring to Real American, as the Funk’s get ready in the ring, Hulk is also wearing chains like the Dog does. Terry Funk jumps JYD and JYD takes both Funk’s down, and Hulk headbutts the Funks. Haiti Kid goes after Jimmy Hart, and then runs under the ring. Funks and Jimmy outside the ring, as the match officially starts. Hoss goes to slam Dog but can’t lift him, but Dog able to slam Hoss with ease and Hoss rolls out of the ring. Hoss comes back in and tags Terry in, Terry locks up with Dog and gets him in the corner. Funk pounds Dog in the corner, and whips him to the opposite corner, but misses the charge and hits the post and out to the cement. Terry back in and gets clotheslined down, as Terry makes the tag and Hoss back in now, so Dog takes in the champion. Hulk and Hoss lock up, and Hulk to a side headlock and Hoss whips him in. The Funks bounce off the ropes, and Hulk boots Terry and clotheslines Hoss. Hulk slams Hoss and drops a big elbow for a near fall. Jimmy calls Hoss out, but JYD corners Hoss and whips him in the corner and catches coming out with a big lariat. Hoss tags Terry back in, as we see Haiti Kid at ringside, as Terry gets JYD in the ropes, and opens up on him. Terry gets Dog in his corner, and they double team Dog, Terry with a series of left hands, but Dog blocks and levels Terry. Terry tags Hoss in, and Dog continues. Hoss misses the corner charge, and Hulk throws Terry into Hoss, and both tumble to the floor. Meanwhile Jimmy Hart has the branding iron, and catches Haiti Kid on the apron, cracking him in the side of the head with the iron. Kid goes down, and Hulk goes after Jimmy, who runs for his life. Heenan says Hart harpooned the little guy, as JYD checks on the unconscious Kid. Terry gets a cheap shot on Haiti Kid, as JYD carries him back as we go to commercial. We come back to Hulk alone with both Funks, and Hulk takes out both as Dog returns. Hulk and Hoss lock up, and Hulk caught in the corner by Hoss who opens up on Hulk. Hoss goes for a Suplex, blocked and reversed by the champ. Hoss tosses Hulk to the floor and Terry with the branding iron to the ribs of the Hulk, Terry and Jimmy stomp Hulk on the floor. Terry tosses the Hulkster into the crowd, as JYD comes out and slams Terry on the floor as we have chaos. Terry whipped to Hulk, who backdrops Terry on the cement floor. Hulk back in the ring, hits the big boot on Hoss and tosses him into JYD’s boot as Haiti Kid returns Hulk tags Dog in. JYD whips Hoss in, but gets a right hand running in. Hoss with a series of uppercuts, and tags in Terry, as we see Haiti Kid with a bandage on his head. Terry stomps the Dog down, as Haiti Kid fires up the crowd, as the Dog fights back up. Both men connect with a clothesline and both men are down, as Heenan says the midget obstructed his view. Terry slams Dog down hard, and climbs the ropes, but misses the big splash, and Hulk tagged in. Hulk with a clothesline and a legdrop for the win, as Heenan screams the shoulder wasn’t down. 4.25/5 a great tag match, very quick paced with lots of stuff going on. Probably JYD’s best match of his WWF career, and lots of fun to watch. The outside the ring stuff was impressive for 1986, and watching Kid get harpooned made me laugh for some sick reason! Hoss nails Hulk from behind after the bell, and now they toss Dog out. They triple team Haiti Kid, as Hoss knocks him down. Jimmy holds the legs, and Terry goes to drop the iron on him, but Hulk pulls Hart out, saving Kid. Hulk holds Hart while Haiti Kid pounds Jimmy Hart and Jimmy Jack runs out for the save, and Hulk has the ring bell. The Funk family and Jimmy bail out, while Hulk and Dog celebrate the victory as “Another One Bites the Dust” plays.

2. King Kong Bundy v. Uncle Elmer. This match may not be very good, as Heenan says he’s staying at the broadcast booth. We go to the weight in from earlier today, as King Kong Bundy weighs in at 468 pounds; Bundy says Uncle Elmer is in big trouble tonight. From there we go to Elmer’s weigh in, as Heenan stays to monitor the weigh in. Elmer weighs in at 430 pounds, which doesn’t seem right to me; I think he’s bigger than Bundy. Both men lock up, and Elmer shoves Bundy off, they lock up again, and Elmer shoves him off again. A third lockup and Elmer again over powers Bundy. Bundy off the ropes, and a shoulderblock doesn’t move Elmer, a second time same results. Bundy rakes the eyes and takes Elmer down. Bundy chokes Elmer, and hammers Elmer, Elmer starts to fire back now, and Bundy staggers. Elmer gets Bundy in the corner, and Elmer uses his ass to squash Bundy. Elmer whips Bundy in, and hits the avalanche. Elmer goes for a second one, but Bundy moves and Bundy with a splash for the win. DUD what more can you expect in a match between two four hundred pounders? At least it was quick, as Bundy leaves the ring victorious. We go back to Mene Gene with Adrian Adonis and Jimmy Hart, as Adrian is singing to a cutout of Paul Orndorff, creepy. This is like the Goldust/Razor feud, as Adonis is obsessed with Orndorff, as he talks about how hot Orndorff is. Adonis says he can be vicious, as Gene cuts his off and sends it back to Vince and Bobby.

3. Paul Orndorff v. Adrian Adonis. Before the match they show Paul and Gene in the sauna together, in towels, no one needed to see this. Gene asks Paul about the distraction of Jimmy Hart, and Paul says he has to be concerned but he’s confident and wonderful. Adrian plays his character to a perfect t, as he prances around the ring in a dress. Adonis runs at Orndorff, but gets caught in an armdrag twice and a pair of big slams as Adrian bails out. The ref holds Paul back, as Adonis tries to get up. Paul pulls Adonis back in, and whips him in the buckle, Adonis tumbles over the buckle to the floor. I’m amazed when he does that, for his size. Adrian slowly to get back in the ring, as he tries to slow Paul down. Adonis with a kneelift, but gets whipped in and Paul with an abdominal stretch. Adrian gets to the ropes, and Paul has to release the hold, as Adrian is hurting. Adrian in the corner, and lures Paul in and gets a cheap shot in. Adrian begins to pound Orndorff down now, and then tosses him across the ring, but Paul counters and tosses Adrian out of the ring. Paul has Jimmy Hart, and pulls him in the ring. Jimmy gets tossed over the top, right into the arms of Adrian on the floor as we go to commercial. We come back and both men in the ring, as Paul has Adonis on his shoulders in the airplane spin, and then dumps him over the top. Adrian grabs Paul’s ankle and pulls him out, but Adrian tossed in the post. Jimmy nails Paul, and Paul chases him in the ring, but Adrian hits Paul with the megaphone as the ref is distracted with Jimmy. Adrian struts around the ring, then goes back to hammer on Orndorff. Adrian whips Paul in and catches him with a big knee to the midsection; Adonis goes to drop the knee but Paul moves and both men down. Adrian slams Paul, and drives an elbow to the throat of Paul and covers for only a one. Adrian with a nice vertical Suplex, as Adrian in full control now, Adonis climbs the ropes and goes for a splash, but Paul gets his knees up. Paul hit s a high knee and Adonis tangled in the ropes and Paul starts to pound him. Paul punches Jimmy in the head, whips Adrian in and a nice dropkick sends Adrian into the ringpost. Orndorff strips Adonis dress off of him, and then chokes him with it as the ref tries to pull Paul back. Paul snaps and hits the ref and gets disqualified, as he continues to choke Adrian in the corner. 2.75/5 not a bad match, but a bad ending cost it some points. Adonis rolls out and Paul has a chair and chases Adonis from ringside. We go to a pretaped interview with Hulk Hogan in the arena before the show. They replay the attack on Hulk from the previous SNME, when Bundy crushed Hulk’s ribs. Vince says Hulk suffered internal injuries, which is the opposite of what the doctor said at that same show. Hulk says his eyes have been opened, and he must fight for Hulk-a-Mania, as Gene says that attack led to Wrestlemania II. We now get highlights from Wrestlemania II’s Hulk Hogan v. King Kong Bundy Cage match, which was a good match, and to date the only cage match at Wrestlemania. Hulk says it wasn’t about revenge, as it was a premeditated attack; it was to back up what he says. Hulk calls himself the best at what he does, and asks what you gonna do when Hulk-A-Mania runs wild on you.

4. Ricky Steamboat v. Jake Roberts. Mene Gene with Steamboat, as they mention Jake is undefeated so far. Steamboat says he won’t tolerate Jake putting the snake on wrestlers, as we see highlight’s of Wrestlemania II with Jake v. George Wells. Steamboat says Jake might be the one laid out and humiliated tonight. We now see Jake and Damien getting ready for the match, as Jake says they’ve taught each other, and asks Damien to squeeze the juice out of the Hawaiian. Jake was one of the best talkers back in the day, and its sad what he’s become now, so much talent squandered. Jake comes out and puts Damien in the corner and sits in the same corner waiting on Steamboat. Ricky comes out, and as he’s on the apron waving to the crowd, Jake comes off the ropes with a vicious clothesline knocking Steamboat to the mat. Jake follows with another clothesline sending Steamboat to the floor, and then DDT’s Ricky on the cement. Jake picks up Steamboat, as Heenan says he smells pineapple juice. Jake rolls Steamboat in the ring, and dumps Damien on top of the Dragon, who’s out cold. Officials finally come in to try and get Jake off Steamboat, as Jake scares them with the snake. No Rating needed as there wasn’t a match. They get Steamboat loaded on the stretcher, as we see Steamboat’s wife at ringside. From here we go back to Gene with Lou Albano and the new Tag Team Champions, The British Bulldogs. Lou says he doesn’t need the praise as the Bulldogs are the best; Gene calls Albano a future hall of famer, as we see highlights from Wrestlemania II. Albano says this is a two out of three fall match, and will show the Bulldogs are ready.

5. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff v. The British Bulldogs. Nikolai requests that the crowd rise for his singing of the Soviet National Anthem, as Vince talks over it and makes a Chernobyl reference. Sheik does his classic line, which always makes me laugh. Volkoff and Smith start out, as we get both power men, Volkoff charges and misses as Davey pounds on Volkoff, and both men hit a headbutt on Volkoff. Davey runs at Volkoff, but gets dropped on the tope rope, and Sheik in, Sheik with a belly to back Suplex, right into the Camel Clutch and Davey submits! Well, that was freaking quick, what was that about! We come back from commercial for the second fall, as Volkoff pounds the back of Davey and tags Sheik back in. Sheik with a big back drop and spits on Smith, then whips him in again and a clothesline takes Davey down. Sheiks with an abdominal stretch on Davey Boy, and Davey slowly fading, but able to hip toss Sheik. Sheik tosses Davey into Nikolai’s boot, and then tags Volkoff in, Volkoff connects with a clothesline and stomps Smith. Volkoff whips Smith in, but Davey jumps over and rolls up Volkoff, but Sheik distracts the ref. Volkoff rams Smith into the curly boot of Sheik, and tags Sheik in, as Sheik nails a gut wrench Suplex for a near fall. Smith whipped in, but catches Sheik’s boot and hits an atomic drop, but Volkoff tagged in, as Davey done the whole match himself. Volkoff whips Davey in, and Davey comes back with a back elbow, but can’t make the tag, and Sheik back in. Blassie holds Davey Boy on the ropes, as Sheik drops down on the back and then tags Volkoff in. Volkoff slams Smith, but Smith has a foot on the rope. Volkoff thinks they win, and Davey rolls him up for the surprise pin! That means we are going to a third fall, but first it’s commercial time. We come back for the final fall, and Volkoff works the back of Smith, as Vince informs the crowd that Kid is injured and that’s why Smith is in there the whole match. Meanwhile Volkoff tags in Sheik, who’s laying a beating on Smith, Sheik with a Boston Crab, and Smith works his way to the ropes to break the hold. Sheik tags the Russian back in, and Volkoff with a backbreaker on Smith, and bends him in half as Heenan says based on points Sheik and Volkoff deserve to win. Volkoff locks in a bear hug, but Davey fights out, and Volkoff tags Sheik. Davey with the powerslam, but Volkoff breaks the pin, and Dynamite tags himself in. Sheik with a bearhug, and Volkoff tagged in and now Kid in the bearhug from Volkoff. Sheik back in, and a nice Suplex, then into the Camel Clutch. Davey tries to break the hold, but Volkoff in, as the ref is distracted by Nikolai, Davey comes in and rolls up Sheik for the illegal pin and win. 4/5 an impressive tag match, which was basically a handicap match. Can’t believe Kid was injured this early in their title reign, as Davey worked the entire match. Still a great match and some impressive Suplexes from Sheik. We go to Vince and Heenan who recap the night, and Heenan brags about Bundy’s win. I love Heenan yelling at Vince to earn his money. The credits roll as we hear “Take Me Home” by Phil Collins while the crowd empties the arena.

Match Recap

1. Hulk Hogan & JYD beat Terry & Hoss Funk in 13:30 4.25/5
2. King Kong Bundy beat Uncle Elmer in 2:35 DUD
3. Adrian Adonis beat Paul Orndorff by DQ in 12:00 2.75/5
4. Ricky Steamboat & Jake Roberts went to a no contest no rating
5. British Bulldogs beat Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff in 16:36 2 falls to 1 4/5

This was yet another enjoyable episode of SNME, although I miss the fun backstage stuff like they did at the Halloween and Florida episodes. The two tag matches were great, and the Adonis/Orndorff match was fun, but had a cheesy ending. Steamboat taking the DDT on the floor was just brutal for the time; did anyone else take a beating like Steamboat used to? The less said about Elmer/Bundy the better, I like Bundy but this was just a horrid match. The only positive was at least it was short. Once again, I enjoyed this episode of SNME as we had some good matches in the fallout of Wrestlemania II. It’s a long stretch till our next episode, four months, but you don’t have to wait that long. I’ll have that episode up this weekend!! Thanks again for reading, and stay tuned for more Saturday Night’s Main Event, as our next episode features Jake v. Steamboat in a real match!!!

And now for some videos
Hulk/JYD vs Funks




Tag Title 2/3 Fall Match

Impressed, I found all five matches!!!


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The 1986 Hulk Hogan match was amazing! Great article!

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