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ECW on SyFy: Now with Pictures!
January 20, 2010, 11:51 am
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ECW on SyFy – January 19, 2010

After sitting through one of the worst episodes of Monday Night RAW, I really hope ECW can pull something good off. Last night’s episode of RAW was just a horrible show with absolutely nothing positive going for it and the worst part is constant burial of Evan Bourne. This poor kid was better off on ECW or going to Smackdown, or even the rapidly sinking ship of TNA. I’ll get to the TNA stuff when Impact rolls around, but not a very happy audience or roster from reports online. I’m going to try something new, and add a few pics of the divas in the show as we go along, see if this works. Anyway, on to tonight, as ECW continues to build to the title match the Royal Rumble, Christian defends against the massive Ezekiel Jackson.

Tonight’s show opens with the recap of last week’s battle royal, for the number one contender status. As we see Kane ‘s destruction of Bourne, Shelton taking out himself and Lance Archer, Ezekiel’s huge series of eliminations, including CM Punk, Matt Hardy and Kane on his way to victory. Christian holds the title outside the ring as Ezekiel makes the title motion, and over to the opening music. Tonight’s main event, Christian v. William Regal, which was a great match last week on Superstars, let’s see if they can top it.

1. Savannah introduces Hall of Famer, Tony Atlas who introduces Abraham Washington’s guest host, Santino Marella; this is going to be awesome. Santino comes out and shakes hands with Tony Atlas; Santino has the headset like Jillian has, as he welcomes everyone to the show. Santino says Abraham has a gastro intestinal thing, and tells Tony that’s Antonio in Italian. Santino teaches Tony some Italian, but when he gets to a phrase Atlas goes back to the first word, Santino laughs and welcomes his guest Vladimir Kozlov. Santino tells Vladimir to relax and get comfortable, so he does. Santino says he wanted a fellow immigrant but Christian, Yoshi Tatsu and Great Khali were busy, as he says he wanted someone people don’t like, as he didn’t want to be shown up. Vladimir says he was in with a wrong crowd, Santino asks is that Regal, Vladimir says no a biker gang he was with for three years. Santino asks why he left, he said someone ran over his face, and Tony laughs as only Tony can. Santino asked about Kozlov’s transition to the US, and Vladimir says he enjoyed it but people are scared of him, as the crowd boos loudly. Vladimir says people ask him if he is Ivan Drago from Rocky IV, as Santino asks him to say some Rocky lines. Vladimir shows some character and does a line, as the crowd hates this, but I’m enjoying it. Santino asks what he likes about America, Vladimir says chili cheese fries, Hannah Montana and 24 hour Wal-Mart. Santino says where else can you buy boots and lettuce at the same time. Santino asks Vladimir if they can be a tag team, as he comes up with the name Santino Kozlov, and Vladimir says no. Santino then asks the crowd, and they say no, Vladimir keeps asking and Vladimir yells no. Santino tells Tony we’re out of time, and Tony says no we have plenty of time. Santino says were done and thanks Tony and Vladimir. As we go backstage to see Tatsu and Goldust coming to the ring.

2. Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust v. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft. Does Savannah know how hot she looks in purple, seriously, that’s hot! I hate they changed Croft & Barreta’s music, the old music was cooler. Goldust and Croft start, and Goldust with a series of slams and an armbar, Croft tags Barreta in. Barreta with a leapfrog, but gets caught by Goldust who slings him into Tatsu, and a nice double team. Tatsu with a series of armdrags, then a dropkick takes Barreta out of the ring. Yoshi gets distracted and Trent pulls Yoshi down to the floor, and works the leg before tossing Yoshi and making a tag. Caylen drops a leg and then a rear chinlock, as Tatsu fights out, but Caylen whips him in, however Caylen gets kicked hard. Caylen prevents a tag, and makes one of his own, as Trent comes in and hits a nice dropkick on Tatsu for a near fall. Trent goes to the rear chinlock now, as the crowd is behind Yoshi, Yoshi able to fight out, but Trent takes him down again. Trent tosses Yoshi in his corner and follows with a big elbow, tagging in Croft who hits another nice dropkick for a near fall. Croft with a headlock on Tatsu and moves Yoshi to his corner and tags in Trent, as they double team Yoshi. Tatsu gets stepped on now, as they control the Japanese star, but Yoshi starts to fire back now and almost makes the tag. Trent comes off the ropes, and Yoshi hits the spinkick and crawls to Goldust. Both men make the tag, and Goldust opens up on Caylen, with the lower uppercut, knee drop and nice powerslam, for a near fall. As all four in the ring, the ref checking on Tatsu as Trent hits a clothesline on Goldust as Caylen rolls him up for a pin. 3/5 this was an average tag match, too many headlock/chinlocks though, but when they opened up it was quick. We see Zack and Rosa, looking good in red, heading to the ring.

3. Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes make their way to ring, however Savannah only introduces Ryder, what no love for Ms. Mendes? Rosa’s skirt gets any shorter and it’s going to be a belt, not complaining at all, just saying. Zack has the mic, and says he ended Tommy Dreamer’s ECW career and named himself the new heart and soul of ECW. Zack mention Hurricane had a problem with that, but got beat by Ryder, and says he wants everyone to call him the heart and soul superhero of ECW. He then calls Savannah in the ring now, as he wants her to introduce him, and she does. Zack says not well enough, he makes her do it again, and Rosa starts screaming at Savannah. Hurricane suddenly comes out, and nails Ryder with a cross body as Rosa bails out. Damn, was hoping for a catfight with Rosa and Savannah! Hurricane checks on Savannah and then kisses her hand, as he poses in the ring.

4. Christian v. William Regal. Wow, only two matches tonight, although we have seventeen minutes left, so this may be a great match. The ref sends Ezekiel out of the ring, as both men ready for the match, Jackson stays at ringside. They lock up, and Regal gets Christian in the corner, and gets a clean break. Another lockup, and Regal with a knee to the gut, followed by an elbow then a snapmare. Regal locks in a wrist lock, and Christian rolls out and applies a wrist lock of his own. Regal with a nice nip up and fights out with a roll through, as Regal powers Christian into a pinning position. Christian with a monkey flip counters the hold and has Regal down, but now Regal with a headbutt, then grabs the ankle of Christian. Christian fights to his feet, but Regal with a modified Abdominal Stretch, then back to the wristlock. Christian gets Regal to the ropes, and Regal pulls him off, and whips him in. Christian slides under Regal, and slaps William, then hits a backdrop as Regal slides to the floor. Christian with a baseball slide on Regal, then follows him to the floor, only to quickly throw Regal back in, at the same time as Ezekiel distracts Christian, as we go to commercial. We come back and Christian with a headlock on Regal. Christian gets Regal in the corner and hits the shoulderblock, then tosses him to the opposite corner. Christian distracted again, and Regal takes advantage, as he locks in a read chinlock on the champion. Regal moves into a full nelson now, as Christian powers out, and goes for a backslide, but Regal with a kick to the calf of Christian. Regal chokes Christian on the ropes, and then sets on the ropes for a series of chops. Regal whips him in, and hits a back elbow for a near fall. Regal to what looks like a cobra clutch, as Christian powers out and opens up on Regal. Regal comes back with an elbow to the face knocking the champ back down, as Jackson watches intently. Regal back to the submission hold, as the crowd is loudly behind Christian, who fights back to his feet. Christian goes for the Killswitch, but Regal counters into a head and shoulder Suplex. Christian set up with his head against the ring post, and Regal boots the head, as Christian rolls across the ring. Regal follows up with an elbow drop for another near fall, so Regal continues the offense with a kneedrop, then back to the rear chin lock. Regal goes for a butterfly Suplex, but Christian rolls him up for a near fall. Christian comes back with a series of shots on Regal, and hits a running elbow, then climbs the hits and nails Regal with the tornado DDT for a near fall. Christian climbs the ropes, and hits a nice missile dropkick, then back up top again as Christian misses the second missile dropkick. Regal readies for the Knee Trembler, but Christian counters into a jackknife pin for a near fall. Christian with a top rope sunset flip, but Regal rolls through with a boot to the face. Regal pounds Christian in the corner and the ref pulls him back, as Regal comes back in Christian gets a boot up and hits a flying uppercut. Christian goes for the Killswitch, but Regal counters and tries to toss Christian, but Christian reverses and Regal to the floor. As Christian readies to dive on Regal, Ezekiel comes in the ring and hammers on Christian for the disqualification. 3.75/5 almost as good as they’re match on Superstars, but the DQ ending kind of killed it. After the bell Jackson slams Christian, and starts to stomp the champion as Regal comes back in. Christian starts to get up, and Regal hits the Knee Trembler on the champion, and now Jackson hits the urunage on Christian. Ezekiel and Regal stand tall over the fallen champion as the show comes to an end we see Jackson hit another urunage on Christian.

Match Recap

1. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft beat Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu 3/5
2. Christian beat William Regal by DQ 3.75/5

After the colossal failure of Monday Night Raw this was a welcome change. Both matches were good, although I would’ve liked a clean ending for the main event. I understand the idea of Jackson, but couldn’t he do that after Christian wins? Why protect Regal, he’s not primed to win a title any time soon, so a loss would’ve done little damage. Even better have Regal score a fluke pin, thanks to Jackson’s distraction and that would’ve built up Regal a little. Christian’s title reign looks to be coming to an end at The Rumble, I expect to see Christian in the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania, but doubt he’d win. The Santino/Kozlov segment was hated by the live audience, but I thought it was great. Neither guy really took themselves seriously, as it just seemed like they were having fun, something sorely lacking in wrestling nowadays. This was another good episode ECW, as they continue having the best show of the three brands. Coming up later, SNME episode 5!! Stay tuned!!


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