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WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #3 – November 2, 1985

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #3 – November 2, 1985

While I wait for a copy of last night’s TNA PPV, Genesis, I decided to do the next episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event. Tonight’s episode comes to us from Hershey, Pennsylvania and has a fun little Halloween theme. Interspersed between the matches we get various Halloween games between the good guys and bad guys, including a Halloween with Rowdy Roddy Piper. None of the titles have changed hands since the last show, as Hulk is still World Champion, Santana has the IC title, The Dream Team holds the Tag Titles and Wendi Richter still has the Women’s title. Richter’s reign would end in about three weeks to the masked Spider Lady, which was Moolah, in the first Screwjob in WWF. Tonight’s main event sees the Eighth Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant teaming up with the World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan to take on Bobby Heenan’s team of King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd. This should be a great show, so let’s send it over to Mene Gene who’s standing by with The Brain, Bobby Heenan.

Mene Gene, dressed as either an orange Hershey’s Kiss or the Great Pumpkin, is with Bobby Heenan, who’s dressed as Davy Crockett and they are standing in front of a trough. The trough is filled with chocolate sauce and little mini pumpkins, as Bobby Heenan demonstrates how they will be bobbing for pumpkins later tonight. Bobby smashes two pumpkins together to demonstrate what will happen to Hulk and Andre, Hogan rebuttals by saying tonight is going to be a fair fight. Jesse Ventura standing by with Super Roddy, as they make fun of Piper interrupting the Hillbilly Wedding from last month. Piper says tonight on The Pit he’s going to make a fool of the family. Back to Gene whose with Terry Funk and Jimmy Hart, Funk faces JYD tonight, Funk says he will win the title, but tonight he will housetrain the Dog. Terry then spits his tobacco at the camera as we go to our opening music. Vince McMahon welcomes us to Hershey, PA as we see people in the crowd in various costumes, as Vince goes over tonight’s matches. People dressed as Hulk Hogan, Mr. Fuji, Piper and the Cone heads! Jesse comes out with a huge fur hat and mask, looks a little fruity, as Jesse says he didn’t interrupt the wedding, Piper did. We now go back to see Terry Funk beating the daylights out of ring attendant Mel Philips, while a female ref tries to pull him back. Now back to Gene once again with Funk and Hart, as Hart says that was camera tricks. Funk says that was nothing compared to what they will do to the Dog, as he promises to brand him. We now see the match from MSG between Dog and Funk, where Funk is ramming the branding iron in the chest of the JYD, which sends us to Gene with JYD. Gene asks what effects that match will have on tonight’s match. JYD says every dog has a day, that day was Funk’s, tonight is his.

1. Junk Yard Dog v. Terry Funk. JYD is still coming out to Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” and a huge ovation from the crowd. This guys was so popular, it’s almost scary. Terry Funk is yelling at the crowd and not paying attention, and the JYD comes up behind him and pulls him in the ring and starts to pound Terry. JYD goes over Hart, and Funk tries to follow, but gets crotched on the top rope, and Dog comes back in as we see Hart come out from under the ring. Funk bails out and Jimmy comes over to check on his man, as Funk wary to get back in the ring. Both men now lock up, and Funk slams the Dog, but misses the elbow, and now the Dog with a slam. JYD follows up, and slams Funk up and over the top rope to the cement floor. Funk accidentally grabs Jimmy Hart, thinking it’s the Dog, and Hart calms him down and gets him back in the ring. JYD whips Funk into the corner, and catches him in another big slam, then a series of headbutts, and Funk back out of the ring. Funk goes out to the crowd, as they chant “JYD”, but thinks better and comes back in the ring. Funk whips JYD to the ropes, and Hart grabs the ankle. JYD goes after Hart, and has him by the lapels; Funk comes to save Hart and gets back dropped on the floor. Both men back in the ring, and Funk with a series of jabs. Funk with an Irish Whip and locks in the sleeperhold on the Dog, right in the middle of the ring. Dog makes the ropes, and Funk pounds him and whips him in again. Funk goes for the sleeper, but Dog counters into one of his own. Jimmy Hart up on the apron and the Dog able to catch him and throws him in the ring. While the ref is distracted, Funk grabs the megaphone and cracks JYD in the head for the win. 2.75/5 that was a fun little match and the crowd was heavily into it. Funk grabs the branding iron, but Dog fights back and knocks Funk out with it. He then cracks Jimmy Hart, and Funk tries to pull him out. We have a tug of war with Jimmy, as JYD pulls Hart’s pants off. JYD kicks Hart down and brands Jimmy right on his ass!

2. We go backstage to round one of the Halloween contest, a pie eating contest between the Roman Capt. Lou and King Kong Bundy, as Abraham Lincoln. We see Randy Savage & Elizabeth as Tarzan and Jane, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff as Batman and Robin, Hulk Hogan as Hercules, Zorro played by Tito Santana and the Hillbillies as the Three Musketeers. Gene says whoever eats the most pie in ninety seconds wins, and the contest starts. The time runs out, and we crown our winner, Capt. Lou Albano, as Bundy throws pie at Lou, Lou asks for more pie!

3. It’s time for Piper’s Pit w/ the Hillbillies, this should be comedy gold. We go back to last month, when Hot Rod interrupted the wedding, and we also see Jesse’s classic line about carp and corn. Vince says Piper’s not the only one with something to answer for, as Piper and Bob Orton enter the ring. Piper offers a hand to the Hillbillies, and they don’t oblige. Piper asks Elmer about what happened on the wedding night; Elmer says none of Piper’s business. Piper says he watches the wedding, and when they lifted the veil, there was Elmer. Hillbilly Jim stands up, and that gets the other two standing up. Jim asks why he said what he said, Piper points the finger at Ventura, and Jim tells Ventura to come out face to face, and Ventura does. Jesse gets right in the face of the Hillbillies, and says he isn’t backing down on anything. Piper asks what they want to do, do they want a fight, and Elmer says they do. Piper tries to calm down the Hillbillies, as Orton gets behind Junior, and Piper pushes him down, and Orton gets slugged down. Piper knocked down, and Jesse Ventura bails out and the destroy Jesse’s hat.

4. Backstage for round two of the Halloween Contest, as we’re doing the Great Pumpkin Dunk, and it’s between Cousin Junior and Bobby Heenan, as we see JYD dressed as a Mummy. Savage and Tito spotting their men and we have sixty seconds on the clock. Wow, Elizabeth just looks freaking hotter than hell in that outfit, so much cleavage is happening from this outfit. Bobby Heenan wins this round, as Gene sends us to the ring.

5. Andre the Giant & Hulk Hogan v. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd. We go to Gene with Heenan, Bundy & Studd, and Heenan says his team will win tonight. They call their team the Dream Team; didn’t they already have a Dream Team? Studd says they will prove they are the number one team in the business; wouldn’t that be the tag team champions? Now we have Gene with Albano, Andre & Hogan, as Hulk says there is no way anyone can beat Andre fairly, and Andre says let’s get this match started. This crowd is just electric tonight, as they erupt for Hogan, Andre and Albano, as the bell rings. We start with the champion and Bundy, as they shove each other, and no one moves, Hulk goes for a slam, but Bundy has the ropes, and hammers Andre down. Bundy whips Hulk in, but misses the clothesline, Hulk with an elbow, and then a corner clothesline, as Andre, called Big Boss Man by Vince, comes in. Andre chokes Bundy in the corner, is that the only move Andre had? Andre continues to choke and then tags Hulk in, who comes in from the second rope, Bundy pushes Hulk in his corner, and they double team Hogan. Studd tagged in and knocks Hulk down with a shoulderblock, and continues to pound on Hogan, as Jesse challenges the Hillbillies to a six man tag next month, while Hogan tags in Andre. Andre now choking Studd in the corner, and accidentally hits the ref, and all hell breaks loose now. Bundy taken out by Hogan, while Andre gets rid of Studd, as the ref is checked on. We go to commercial, while we wait for a new ref. We come back to Andre with a bear hug on Big John, and then back to the choke hold, Studd tosses into Hogan’s boot and then Hulk tagged in. Hulk whips Studd in and hits the lariat, and tags Andre back in. Andre stands over Studd, and pulls him up by the hair. He whips Studd in and hits a big boot as Studd rolls out, as Andre tries to go after him, Bundy nails him. Hulk comes in and Studd trips him. While Studd holds Hogan, Bundy splashes Hulk, and now the double team Andre who’s tied in the ropes as the bell rings. Hulk makes the save and hits a big boot on Bundy, as Studd pounds on Andre, Andre finally holds Studd while Hulk hits a lariat and Studd bails. 3/5 another fun little brawl, went a little short and the disqualification killed it a bit, but the crowd sure made up for it. You never hear a crowd this loud anymore, as they haven’t stopped. Andre and Hulk demand a rematch, as Andre wants the rematch anytime, anyplace. We go backstage to Vince McMahon who introduces the first WWF video, Land of a Thousand Dance. This is classic WWF, as they everyone sing, Fuji, Muraco, Sheik, Valentine, Albano, etc. We see Missing Like, Barry O, Killer Bees, Wahoo McDaniel, and Adrian Adonis in his pre gay character. They even have Meatloaf on drums, which is just funny. Even SD Jones made the video; this is great, Wendi Richter out there, Bret and Neidhart, Bob Orton, Terry Funk, the Hillbillies, Brutus Beefcake, Mike Rotundo as well. Piper breaks up the song, and Windham launches Orndorff at him, as the songs breaks down to a brawl. We now go to Mene Gene with Elizabeth and Randy Savage, who’s facing IC champ Tito Santana tonight. Gene says it’s unusual for someone new to get a title shot this early, and asks if he’s ready. Savage says he’s always ready, as Gene keeps checking out Elizabeth.

6. Randy Savage v. Tito Santana. Savage very early in his WWF career, I think he only debuted in August of this year. They lock up and wind up in the ropes, and we get a clean break. Savage goes for a right hand, and Santana blocks, Savage slides to the ropes. They wind up in the ropes again, and while the ref tries to pull them apart, Savage with a cheap shot, then a snapmare and a big knee drop. Savage tosses Santana in, but blocks the hip toss and Santana with a hip toss. Savage with a back elbow, and hits the big double ax handle for a near fall. Savage with a wristlock then pulls Santana down by the hair, as Jesse says he didn’t pull the hair. Savage moves to a chinlock now, as Santana fights back slowly, Savage slams Santana down and climbs the ropes. Savage goes for a double ax handle, but Santana catches him, and starts to stop Randy down. Tito with a series of punches to the head of Randy, and then slams him down, as Santana comes off the ropes Savage bails out. Tito follows and starts to too punch Randy outside the ring. Savage slides in, and catches Tito coming in. Savage goes for a piledriver on the floor, but Tito counters and Savage with a knee lift as the bell rings. 3.25/5 another good match, very fast paced and fun. Too bad it ended in a countout, but they were not ready to end Tito’s reign or job out Savage, so they kind of had no choice. With more time and a conclusive ending this would’ve broken the four easily. We see Steamboat and Fuji preparing for their match tonight. From here we go to Roddy Piper’s Halloween special, this is great comedy, and if I can find it on Youtube I’ll post it. We now see more of Mr. Fuji training for his match tonight
7. Mr. Fuji v. Ricky Steamboat. Mr. Fuji, the manager of Don Muraco, is a former five time Tag Team Champion, a record that stood for a long time. They show the clip from back in the summer of Muraco & Fuji hanging Steamboat with his black belt. Gene asks Steamboat what will be different tonight; Steamboat says tonight Fuji will see his biggest fear, the Dragon. The ref checks both men over, as the bell rings, and Muraco will be the manager tonight. Both men start with some chops, and Fuji’s kick blocked, and Steamboat opens up on Fuji. Fuji back in, and a quick kick and double chop, followed by the falling headbutt, as Fuji now chops the Dragon, whose holding the ropes. Steamboat comes back with a series of chops and kicks, but Fuji goes low, and takes Steamboat down. Fuji tosses Steamboat by the chin, which looked cool. Fuji with a back elbow, then double thrust, followed by a crescent kick. Fuji goes for a Suplex, but Steamboat reverses the move, and both men slow to get up. Steamboat climbs the ropes, and hits a nice missile dropkick on Fuji for the win. 2.5/5 what can you expect for wrestler v. former wrestler, but they made it look pretty damn good. Muraco comes in after the bell and sprays mist in the eyes of the Dragon, as Ricky does his selling as only he can do. Both men are working over the Dragon now, as they chop and kick Steamboat, and they leave the ring as no one saves Steamboat.

8. It’s time for the finals of the Halloween Contest, the Pumpkin Pass. Gene shows how it’s done with Miss Elizabeth of course. Vince and Jesse backstage go over the scores, as its 1-1, and this is the tie breaker match. Vince says they have sixty seconds to pass the pumpkin down the line, or until it hits the floor. JYD passes to Santana who passes to Junior, as Jesse says we can’t see with the capes. Jesse says they’re cheating. They make five passes, as we go to Gene with team Heenan now. Jesse introduces a new entry, Super Roddy, as we start with Bundy to Volkoff, to Sheik and then Elizabeth as Piper holds the cape up. Piper taking his time, and rubs himself all over Liz and they drop it. Savage goes after Elizabeth and yells at her for screwing up. The good guys win the Halloween Contest, as Jesse challenges the Hillbillies for the next Saturday Night’s Main Event. Vince, Gene and Jesse close the show, as we see highlights while the “Monster Mash” song plays in the background over the credits

Match Recap

1. Terry Funk beat the Junk Yard Dog in 5:16 2.75/5
2. Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant beat Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy by dq in 8:00 3/5
3. Randy Savage beat Tito Santana by countout in 4:08 3.25/5
4. Ricky Steamboat pinned Mr. Fuji in 3:16 2.5/5

Another fun episode of SNME, as the matches may only be sub-par but the crowd was crazy the whole show. The backstage is just mindless fun, which was the big thing in the 80’s and the video was classic WWF. Something sorely lacking nowadays, as I’ve said before no one took it too seriously and that’s what made it fun to watch. The Funk/JYD match was just fun to watch, and was entertainment. The tag match was huge for it’s time as you had four of the biggest men in one match, and seeing Andre was always a rare thing, so that made it good. The Savage/Steamboat match was just a way to showcase the newest arrival, Savage, and you could see he was going to be a huge star. Steamboat/Fuji was just a way to continue the feud without doing another Steamboat/Muraco match. Once again another fun hour of classic WWF, and coming up next is TNA Genesis. Thanks for reading.

Here’s Piper’s Halloween

and Land of a Thousand Dances

Steamboat v. Fuji

and the tag match


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This review cracked me up. I remember the Miss Elizabeth pass the pumpkin contest well. I ran into your piece while researching my blog and a post I did about the video for “Land of a Thousand Dances.” That video always kind of embarrased me when it debuted, an rewatching it, it’s as corny as ever. I enjoyed your line about even SD Jones making the cut. If you care to check out my post, it’s at

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