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TNA Genesis: Much Better than Expected!

TNA Genesis – January 17, 2010

Finally got my copy of Genesis ready to roll and I have to admit, I’m not looking forward to this show. I have a bad feeling that this is going to be the beginning of the end for TNA, and that would really be disappointing. With all the rumors and garbage going on about TNA, I really fear for the future of this company. Rumors of older guys coming in, the removal of the six sided ring, and more power to Hulk and friends, I think this is going to be a mistake now. I was optimistic at first about bring in Hogan, as I thought this would give TNA some credibility, but now I think Hulk may be the death knell for TNA. Genesis is supposed to be about the rebirth and new beginnings, but I fear this may be the start of a massive downward slide for TNA, much like WCW did, and as WCW did there would no way to save the company. I really hope I’m wrong about this, but I’m not feeling too confident in the future of TNA, which I’ve been following since day one. So, let’s see what kind of damage Hulk Hogan and company have done to TNA.
We open the PPV with the usual bizarre opening video, talking about this being the beginning, as we see Angle, Nash, Joe, Hernandez, Hall, Abyss, etc. Each talk about being born with a gift, a yearning to bet the best at what they do and being born to be on this stage and be a champion. They show clips of the Angle/AJ match from the January 4th Impact, and then over to Mike Tenay and Tazz who welcome us to Genesis.

1. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff open the show, as this already looks Nitro like. Not a good way to start the show, as it should be with a match. I wonder how much of the chants are real, and how many are piped in. Hogan and Eric enter the ring, which sadly is a four sided ring, which kills the biggest difference TNA had. We see Brooke Hogan cheering her dad, and the crowd is cheering. Hulk welcome the crowd to Genesis, and the new Impact Zone, as they have a ramp, big screen, etc, basically making it look like Raw now. Hulk says the six sides only got them so far, and the crowd viciously turns on Hogan for that, as he calls the old ring a playpen. Hulk is now getting booed as the crowd starts an “F*** You” chant now. Hulk mentions the WWE, and says Vince is afraid to say wrestling, and he’s proud of the wrestlers. Bischoff has the mic, as the crowd breaks into a chant of “We Want Wrestling”, as Bischoff says more changes are coming. Hulk does the classic What You Gonna Do, as he mentions Vince by name and they leave. This is a pretty ominous opening for tonight. Mike and Tazz kiss Hulk’s ass, as Tazz says he’s glad to have a real ring now, that’s just blasphemy. Ten minutes in, and I’m pissed off already, this usually only happens with WWE shows. We now go our opening match.

2. Amazing Red v. Mystery Opponent. I assume the opponent will be X-Pac, and he’s going to win the belt. Red comes out first, and the challenger is introduced and it’s Brian Kendrick!!!! Awesome, now I’m happy again, this guy is freaking awesome, WWE dropped the ball with him big time. Kendrick’s music is very lame though, lots of violins, strange. The crowd starts a Brian chant as the bell rings, and Kendrick goes for a kick, which Red moves away from. Kendrick with an armbar, and Red reverses, Kendrick rolls through to break the hold. The crowd starts the dueling chants, which always sounds cool. Red with a headlock, and Kendrick slides out, drops a knee and into an armbar, moved into the camel clutch, then back to a side headlock. Nice sequence of moves, as Red rolls through, and does a rollup, Kendrick up and hits an Oklahoma Roll, but Red up with a nice headscissor and Kendrick to the floor. Red goes for dive, but Kendrick moves and Red holds the ropes. Kendrick with a dropkick to the head of Red, knocking him to the floor. Brooke cheering on Amazing Red, as Kendrick follows him out and works over the knee, both men back in and Kendrick with a nice round kick to the hamstring. Kendrick with a leglock on Red, as we get a nice look at the X Title. Tenay mention Lashley refuses to wrestle tonight and Lashley will make sure the match doesn’t happen. Kendrick continues to work the leg of the Amazing Red, as the crowd is split. Kendrick sets Red in the corner, and hits a spinkick, then tosses him across the ring. Kendrick up top, but Red catches and kicks Brian to the floor. Red up top dives on Kendrick, and the crowd erupts, both men down on the floor. Red tosses Kendrick in and climbs up, and connects with a nice missile dropkick for a near fall. Red whips Kendrick, but reversed, Kendrick caught coming in the corner, but sidesteps a dropkick and Brian back to the single leg crab on the champ. Red tries to make the ropes, but Kendrick grabs the head and stops him, but Red rolls to the ropes. Kendrick tries to pull Red off the ropes, but Red with an enziguri, and then dropkick to back of head. Kendrick misses a clothesline, and now both slug it out, Kendrick goes for a sideslam, but countered into a headscissor from Red for another near fall. Red tries to pull Kendrick back in, but he holds the ropes. Red argues with the ref, and Kendrick takes advantage by hitting a big kick for a near fall. Kendrick throws Red out, but Red on the apron, Red springboards back in and hits the Code Red for the win. 4.25/5 great opening match, as both men did a great job and nice debut for Kendrick. Hope he sticks around for a while, as he could be a huge star. We go backstage to Bischoff with Hogan, Hall, Nash & X-Pac, as Bischoff says Hall & Pac are not under contract. Hulk says nothing has changed since the 4th, and they have one shot to make it count, as they’re may not be a second chance for them. Hall says it’s time to earn their money, as X-Pac asks what about him. Nash says they’re advertised, as X-Pac tries to get in the match. Hall & X-Pac play rock, paper, scissors to see whose teaming with Nash tonight, gee is Hall too drunk to wrestle tonight? The crowd starts a boring chant and I agree, as we go back to the ring.

3. Sean Morley v. Daniels. Morley comes out to a cheap version of Val Venis music, with the towel and hand gestures, as we see a recap of the Impact brawl between the two men. Morley puts his towel around Brooke Hogan’s neck and kisses her; wonder how much camera time is she going to get tonight and how long till she wins the women’s title. Sean does his Val Venis monologue as the crowd starts a “We Want Wrestling” chant. Daniels comes out, with his shoulder taped up, and a microphone as we get more talking. Daniels says this is TNA, and this is wrestling, ok so wrestle now. Daniels threatens Brooke Hogan at ringside, as she does her best angry face, which looks more like a cheap blow up doll. Daniels jumps in the ring, and they slug it out, and Daniels bails out. Morley follows and Daniels back in and stomps Morley, Daniels with a nice kick, but Morley with a clothesline and Daniel back out. Morley pulls Daniels back in and a belly to back Suplex countered by Daniels. Morley with the Irish whip/knee combo then a legsweep for a two count. Morley works the ribs of Daniels, and hits a gutbuster then has Daniels on the ropes. Daniels with a hot shot, and nice diving clothesline, now Daniels in charge chokes Morley on the ropes, and then snaps the neck back. Daniels locks in Undertaker’s submission hold, except it looks better and was done quickly. Daniels chops Morley hard twice as Morley tries to leave, and Daniels goes for a third chop, but Sean ducks, and goes for a clothesline but Daniels with a thrust to the throat. Daniels choking Morley again on the rope, and breaks before the five count. Daniels with a springboard leg drop for a near fall, very cool looking, as Daniels back to the choke. Heel Daniels is wrestling like Andre with all these choke holds. Daniels hits a nice thrust kick and a series of right hands, but Morley fires back as they punch it out, and Morley with a couple clotheslines, then whips Daniels in the corner and back to the other corner. Sean with a Suplex right on the ropes, as the crowd chants Daniels, Morley hits the belly to back sit out Suplex, for a near fall. Sean with a nice butterfly Suplex, but runs into a STO, and then Daniels locks in the Koji Clutch submission, as Morley tries to fight out, but instead rolls Daniels over for a near fall. Daniels hits another STO for a near fall, as the crowd starts a “BME” chant, and hits an urunage, and goes for the BME but Morley moves and Daniels lands on his feet. Morley hits a nelson slam, and goes up top, but gets caught by Daniels who chops Morley on the top. Daniels going for a top rope Hurricanrana, but Morley holds the ropes and Daniels is down. Morley hits the Money Shot, top rope splash, for the win, as we see Brooke dancing to the music. 3.75/5 a very good match, but a little too much choking from Daniels. I always thought Morley was a good wrestler and this match proved it, I assume the feud is not over. We now go to a recap of Tara and ODB’s feud. I like ODB calling Tara a diva, that’s funny as she was the least diva like in the WWE. This could be an interesting match, but it needs to be the last one between them for a while. Both women need to move on to new feuds for a while, but 2/3 falls should finish it.

4. Tara v. ODB. Tara has been rejuvenated since coming to TNA, after such a lackluster last couple years in WWE, she’s back to being a superstar. Tenay mentions it’s not Kool-Aid in ODB’s flask, and Tazz mention drinking the Kool-Aid in ECW. Both ladies start up chest to chest, as the ref tries to pull them apart, and ODB rips out Tara’s hair. Tara comes back with a spear and the mount punches, as she flips ODB over and drops a leg. She then walks over ODB and hits the standing moonsault for a near fall. ODB with a chop and Tara fires back, as both women chop each other. ODB checks her boobs, as Tara with a quick series of kicks, ODB grabs the leg, and Tara with an enziguri and hits the slingshot legdrop for a near fall. Tara picks her up, and ODB able to get a knee in, and whips Tara in, follows that with the fall away slam/nip up combo. ODB picks up Tara, and gets rolled up as Tara gets the first fall, that was way too quick. ODB back up and hits a spear, and locks in a bearhug and dives Tara in the corner. ODB pulled back by the ref, and ODB back on Tara with a boot choke, then chokes her on the ropes. Tara whipped in the corner, but ODB gets nailed with an elbow and Tara with a tarantula on ODB. Tara breaks the hold and ODB baseball slides Tara to the floor, right in front of Brooke of course. ODB follows, and drops Tara chin first on the ring apron as Brooke tries to help Tara up, and ODB gets in her face. ODB rolls back in the ring and Tara slow to follow then gets thrown back in the ring. ODB keeps checking her pulse for some reason, as she locks in the body scissors on Tara in the middle of the ring. ODB continues to squeeze Tara, and then does the old rolling scissors, haven’t seen that since the GLOW days, as she keeps the scissors locked in. Tara stretches for the ropes, but ODB rolls her back, and grabs the hair, so the ref makes her break the hold. ODB quickly goes back to the scissors, with a rear choke as well, this is very old school, but very cool at the same time. Very rare you see the women do submission holds, especially ones that stay locked in for quite a long time. ODB breaks the hold, and picks up Tara and nails the Running Power Slam, shades of Davey Boy Smith. Tara still down, and ODB checks her pulse again, as she whips Tara, but gets caught, as Tara hits the Widow’s Peak for the win in two straight falls! 4/5 a very good women’s match, but ODB should’ve won that second fall. ODB had the advantage for most of the second fall, but still a great women’s match. We go backstage to Christy Hemme with D’Angelo Dinero, who says we’re having a party here at Genesis. Christy asks Pope what will happen tonight between him and Desmond Wolfe, Pope reminds everyone of what happened on the 4th, and says Wolfe may be a great wrestler, but no one else is the Pope. How WWE couldn’t figure out what to do with him is beyond me, another lost opportunity for the WWE.

5. British Invasion v. Hernandez & Matt Morgan. I’d rather see Beer Money get the title shot, but hopefully Hernandez & Morgan win, because I really don’t care for the Invasion. They’re just not entertaining at all, and are very boring to watch, they have what they call X-Pac heat. Meaning we don’t hate you because of what you do, but because your annoying. One old lady wearing a UK shirt is cheering the Invasion, while everyone is booing them. We get a nice shot of some babe holding the titles; I want to know who she is. Morgan and Magnus start out, and Morgan overpowers Magnus quickly and Magnus slides out. Morgan misses a pair of clotheslines, but goes for the chokeslam and slides out and tags in Williams. The Brits go for a double team, but Hernandez breaks that up, as the Brits slide out, and Hernandez tags in. Hernandez has Williams in the corner and breaks, and Williams with a series of shots and a knee to the face. Williams goes for the Suplex, and Hernandez reverses, Williams slides down and Hernandez reverses again. Hernandez tosses Williams across the ring, but gets caught coming in and Williams go for the cross body and gets caught. Hernandez goes for a powerbomb, but Magnus clips the knee from behind, and now Williams works over Hernandez. Hernandez pulls himself to the top rope, which for his size looked cool. Williams tries for a superplex, and Magnus comes in and helps out with a double superplex, and now Magnus tagged in and they do a double team neck drop. Magnus with a chinlock on Hernandez, keeping the big man grounded, Hernandez fights back and comes off the ropes and Williams with a knee to the back. Magnus with the abdominal stretch, with help from Williams, and they get caught cheating and Hernandez hiptosses out of it. Hernandez hits a gutwrench Suplex, as we see Nick Hogan at ringside, as both men make the tag. Morgan hits a spin slam on Magnus, then the back elbows on Morgan, as Tazz yells out vintage. Williams tosses headfirst into the buckle and a near fall. Williams with a thumb to the eye, and hits a top rope back elbow, but Hernandez comes in with the slingshot shoulder, but turns into a Magnus boot. Magnus nailed with a big boot from Morgan, and both men are down. Williams tries to work over Morgan, but gets caught and chokeslammed for another near fall. Morgan picks up Magnus, but Williams runs in and catches Hernandez and they do a double team German Suplex on Morgan. Magnus up top and Morgan throws Williams into Magnus and launches Magnus across the ring. Hernandez with the shoulder takes out Williams then drills Magnus. Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint and pins Magnus for the titles! 3.75/5 a very good tag team match, much better than I expected. All four men hit some impressive moves, and a nice finishing sequence. Sadly I expect Morgan and Hernandez to feud with Hall & Nash next. We go backstage, and see Lashley storming the halls, as he comes in Bischoff’s office where Abyss is. Lashley pushes Abyss back, and Abyss cracks Lashley with the computer monitor. Abyss then realizes what he did, and apologizes to Eric; Eric says Lashley is not knocked out and then screws up by saying Abyss ruined the main event. Hogan comes in and asks what is going on, Abyss keeps apologizing, as Eric calls Abyss a maniac. Hogan asks what happened, and Abyss says he’s sorry, Hogan asks Abyss if he ever feels crazy and Abyss starts laughing. Hogan says don’t worry, Abyss will have a match. Hogan asks if Abyss can try not to make Hogan crazy, as he says Abyss has to show what he has in the ring tonight. Abyss says he will bring his A game, and asks who the opponent is, Hogan says don’t worry and go get ready.

6. Desmond Wolfe v. D’Angelo Dinero. Desmond Wolfe comes out with some woman, not sure who she is, but she looks great! The crowd is rocking out to D’Angelo Dinero’s theme song as the money rains from the ceiling. Dinero plants a big kiss on Wolfe’s female friend, as the bell rings and both men circle each other. Wolfe has the head of Dinero, but he fights out and hits a flying shoulderblock, knocking Wolfe to the mat. Dinero tosses the man in the corner, but gets caught with the boot, and Wolfe does the corner handstand, which looks impressive. Dinero sweeps the feet, and goes for the flying elbow, but Wolfe pushes him to the floor. Dinero hooks Wolfe in the Piledriver but in the ropes, that looked warped, Dinero follows up with the fist drop for the first pin attempt of the match. Dinero pops Wolfe, and Wolfe is in the ropes, Wolfe with the sliding move to the floor, but came down hard on his knee. Wolfe rolls Desmond in the ring, and snapmares Dinero, whose leg bounces off the rope, Desmond does it again, as he works the knee. Wolfe locks in a single leg crab, as Dinero tries to make the ropes, and is able to get the ropes. Desmond breaks the hold, and drags Dinero back to the middle and does a really unique looking leg submission. Dinero set back up, and Wolfe does the drop toe hold, into another leg submission, as he continues to work over Dinero’s bad knee. I hope this ends by submission, at this point it’s the only thing that would make sense. Dinero fights out, but Dinero right back into the Regal Stretch now, as this is just impressive with all these different submission holds. Dinero able to make the ropes again, and Desmond chops him in the corner, the ties the leg in the ropes and then dropkicks the leg, Tazz says the match may need to be stopped, as Dinero is getting taken apart now. Wolfe hits the European Uppercut, but Pope comes back with a series of chops, but one forearm from Wolfe knocks Dinero down to the mat again. Wolfe sets Dinero on the top rope, and looks out to the crowd, before going for the Tower of London. Dinero counters out, and then catches Wolfe coming out of the corner with a big boot. Dinero grabs a hold of Wolfe and hits a cradle Perfect-Plex with looked really cool. Dinero gets a two count as Wolfe has the ropes; Wolfe rams Dinero into the buckle, and nails Dinero in the back. Dinero rolls out, and Wolfe follows, and is choking Dinero on the ring post, which looked pretty cool actually. Wolfe back in, threatens the ref, as Dinero slides back in and hits a spinebuster on Wolfe as he turns around. The crowd behind Dinero, as he hits a series of quick shots on Wolfe, and the goes for a Suplex, but countered to the spinning arm breaker. Desmond goes right back to the leg, but Dinero with a small package for a near fall. Dinero goes for a backslide, but flips over Wolfe’s head, and another small package for two. Wolfe has Dinero in the corner, and hits the European Uppercut, but misses the blind charge and Pope with a rope assisted neckbreaker for another near fall. Wolfe gets caught going for the Headstand, but Dinero catches him in flapjack powerbomb for yet another near fall, as the crowd chants “This is Awesome”. Pope sets up for the DDE, but Wolfe catches his coming in with the big lariat for the win. 4.25/5 amazing match, these two are phenomenal, and I’ll say it again, WWE dropped the ball with Burke/Pope. He is amazing in the ring, as is Wolfe, this is going to be very hard to top, but I expect AJ/Angle to be as good, if not better. Jeremy Borash is backstage, and Eric Bischoff walks in and asks JB what he’s doing. JB says his job, and Eric says his head is not in the game, and until further notice he’s done interviewing. Eric then calls in Christy Hemme, as Ric Flair walks in now and Eric leaves. Hemme welcomes Flair to TNA and asks what he’s doing here. Flair says he will tell people why he’s there, when he’s ready to. Now we get the recap of Hall and Nash’s reuniting from January 4th. The way they’ve been showing things you’d think the company just started on January 4th.

7. Beer Money Inc. v. Kevin Nash & 6-Pac. I guess Hall was in no condition to wrestle tonight, if so what else is new, otherwise this is just bait and switch. I am really dreading this match, as BMI is one of the best right now and they’re probably going to get destroyed. Well the first half of the PPV was amazing, much better than expected; let’s hope the second half is good too. Storm and Pac start out, as the crowd is solidly behind BMI. Pac throws his kicks at the air, so Storm pokes him in the eye, then a pair of armdrags, into the arm bar. Pac whips him in and gets atomic dropped, followed by the neckbreaker, as Roode tagged in. BMI with the nice double team on Pac, and a near fall. X-Pac with a cheap shot, and tags in Big Lazy, who does his usual offense, punch and chokes. The match quality drops quickly with Nash in there, Roode tries to fire back, but even a clothesline can’t move Nash, Roode takes him down with the flying shoulderblock, and Storm back in as they make a wish on Big Lazy. They then drop X-Pac head first into Nash’s crotch, as Storm opens up on Nash, who whips Storm in, and Storms clobbers X-Pac, but turns into a clothesline from Nash. Nash tags in Pac, who Suplexes Storm and drops the leg, then locks in a chinlock on Storm, but Storm fights out, only to get hit with the spinkick. Pac tags in Nash, who nails Storm, and then the knees in the corner, followed by the corner choke from Nash. Nash rams Storm into X-Pac’s boot and makes the tag, Pac takes Storm down in the corner, as Pac distracts the ref and Nash takes a shot in. Nash tagged back in, and Pac throws Storm in the corner, and Nash follows with the splash, Pac comes in with the ridiculous Bronco Buster. Nash continues to pummel Storm with the side slam for a near fall, as Roode saves the match. Nash takes Storm down in the corner and tags Pac in. Pac goes for another Bronco Buster, but Strom moves, and goes for the tag, but Nash takes out Roode. Storm able to get the double knee on Nash, but Nash makes the tag. Storm fights off Pac, and tags Roode in, who hits three quick clotheslines and a back drop. Nash in and Roode takes Nash down. Roode with a spinebuster on Pac for a near fall, but Nash makes the save. Nash whips Roode in, but hits the buckle. BMI double Suplex Pac, and lead the crowd in the Beer Money Cheer, as Hall makes his way to the ring. BMI distracted, and Nash from behind with the double clothesline. Roode turns around into the chokeslam from Nash, but Roode kicks out. Hall outside the ring pops a fan and starts to pound him as Pac pulls him off. Storm hits the Last Call on Nash, and Roode scores the upset pin!! 3.25/5 way better than I expected it to be, or deserved to be, and glad to see BMI win. Waltman being in made it better than seeing Hall in the ring, as Hall just looks bad nowadays. After the bell Pac & Hall get in the ring, as Nash is still down. Nash slowly gets up, as Hall tries to help him and Nash pushes him away. We go back to Hogan and Bischoff, as Hulk says this Thursday he will call out both Hall & Nash. Eric congratulates Hulk on the Abyss match, as Hulk praises himself.

8. Abyss v. Mystery Opponent. Anyone would be better than Lashley, I hope, as the crowd is so into Abyss, its fun to see. Surprised we haven’t see Brooke much lately, not that I’m complaining. Abyss’ opponent winds up being…Mr. Kennedy as the crowd erupts. Another great talent misused by Vince and the WWE, so this could be awesome. Kennedy has the mic, and says he crossed the line as says he reads everyone twitter, facebook and e-mail and knows everyone missed him, as he missed himself too. Kennedy does his always entertaining introduction, and the crowd is solidly behind him. Kennedy introduces himself as Mr. Anderson, as the crowd was primed and ready to say Kennedy. Makes me wonder what the odds would’ve been of seeing Umaga in TNA if he had not passed away. Well, now we see Brooke dancing again to Anderson’s music. Abyss looks at Anderson confused, as Ken puts out a hand, but then slaps Abyss, Abyss responds in kind knocking Ken on his ass. Ken with a headlock, Abyss whips his in, but eats a foot, Ken runs in and gets knocked down hard. The crowd is chanting Anderson, as Abyss shoves the ref away and Anderson with a series of punches, but gets nailed by Abyss who whips him in the corner. Abyss caught running into the corner, as Ken climbs the ropes, Abyss catches him, but Anderson grabs the arm and drops down. Ken now clips the knee of Abyss, and hits a big knee to the side of the head of Abyss. Abyss rolls out of the ring, and Anderson follows and continues to work over the arm of the Monster. Ken pulls the arm around the ring post, and grabs a chair but Abyss kicks the chair out of his hand. Abyss throws Anderson back in, but gets caught coming back in and gets tosses into the post. Anderson chokes Abyss on the ring apron, and rolls him back in the ring. Anderson with a hammerlock, then throws Abyss shoulder first in the corner and rolls him up for a near fall. Ken goes back to the armbar on Abyss, as the crowd cheers on both men, Abyss whips Ken in and hits a shoulderblock, which takes Ken down but hurt Abyss. Ken with the flying armbar for a near fall, then into the top wrist lock as he keeps the offense on Abyss. A very different style of match for Abyss, but so far impressive. Abyss able to throw Ken across the ring, but again gets caught running in the corner, but answers back with a big boot of his own. Abyss tosses Ken in the corner, the hits the big avalanche on Anderson followed by the sideslam for a near fall. Abyss gives the sign for the chokeslam, as Anderson slow to get up, Ken fights back from the chokeslam, but Abyss spins him around. Abyss goes for Shock Treatment, but Ken slides out and hits a neckbreaker. Anderson climbs the ropes and gets caught coming off the ropes, into a chokeslam from the Monster for a near fall. Abyss misses a right hand, and Ken has him in the corner and whips him in the far corner, but Abyss counters. Ken attempts to leap over Abyss, but Abyss puts on the brakes and catches Anderson into the Shock Treatment for yet another near fall, as Anderson able to kick out, a second pin attempt and same results. Abyss now slides out of the ring, as Tazz mention no weapons so far, Abyss grabs a chair. As the ref tries to get the chair from Abyss, Ken pulls out the Brass Knuckles and cracks Abyss in the face for the win. 3.5/5 again, surprisingly a much better match then I expected. Anderson scores a surprise win in a very good match, would’ve been better with a clean finish, but whatever. Anderson has the mic, and announces himself as the winner as he sells the pain from the Shock Treatment. Nice to see Kennedy back on TV, I always liked his matches, so hope he’s here to stay.

9. Kurt Angle v. AJ Styles. They’re match on Impact was amazing, so I expect big things from this match, and with just over half an hour left, should be a great match. The crowd is behind Angle, and AJ looks disappointed, as they lock up, and wind up in the corner. I hope they don’t turn AJ heel, which would be a mistake, as he’s too easy to like. Angle with a quick arm bar and AJ counters as Angle grabs the ropes, as the crowd is now split. Angle goes for a single leg, and AJ kicks Angle off. AJ with a wristlock on Angle, as Angle now reverses into a side headlock, and takes Styles to the mat. AJ pushes Angle off, and Angle returns with the shoulderblock, as AJ rolls to the apron. Both men circle again, and they lock up, as AJ with the side headlock now, and AJ pushed into the ropes, and he answers with the shoulderblock now, as Angle slides out. Once again they circle, and Angle with a go behind on Styles, Angle throws AJ over his head, but AJ on his feet, as they do a quick series that I can’t keep up with, but it ends in a stalemate again. Back to their feet, as they circle again, and now a Greco Roman knuckle lock, as AJ down to his knees, but AJ rolls through and now AJ has the advantage. Angle gets to the ropes and a clean break from Styles, as Styles talks trash to Angle. AJ with the side headlock, and gets whipped in, but slides under, then over Angle before hitting the explosive dropkick, into a snapmare then roundhouse kick to the shoulder. AJ with a rear chinlock/knee to the spine as he holds Angle down, Angle tries to fight up, so AJ with the elbow to the back of Angle’s bad neck. AJ opens up on Angle in the corner now, as amateur time comes to an end, as AJ hits the backbreaker on Angle. AJ goes back to the chinlock, but Angle fights out and comes off the ropes, but AJ with a running back elbow knocking Angle to the floor. AJ off the ropes goes for the dive, but Angle moves, and AJ holds the ropes. Angle with a sweep taking AJ to the floor now, and Angle tosses him back in and hits a snap Suplex ala Dynamite Kid. Angle snapmares AJ into the gutwrench also known as the reverse bear hug, as AJ breaks the grip with the elbows. AJ runs in and gets hit with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Angle forces AJ to the corner, and chokes him in the corner as Angle’s mouthpiece goes flying. Angle slams AJ down hard, and twice tries for a pin which AJ barely able to get out. Angle locks in the body scissors on AJ and has him down on the mat, moves into the side headlock, but AJ fights out with a series of punches. AJ with a pair of clotheslines, but runs into a vicious late release German Suplex taking Styles down hard. Angle proceeds to stomp AJ in the corner, and then picks AJ up for a backbreaker for a near fall. Angle now with the rear chinlock on Styles, as Angle tries to slow down Styles. AJ slow to fight out of the chinlock, and whips Angle in, but they both go for a crossbody and collide hard in the middle of the ring. Both men very slow to get up, as we see Ric Flair coming down the ramp. Both men now slug it out in the center of the ring, as Ric Flair in the corner, as Angle elevated over the top and AJ takes Angle to the floor. AJ does that legendary flip dive over the top to the floor, as Angle clutches his knee. Tazz calls that awesome, and I agree, that was amazing, especially with how little room there is out there. AJ throws Angle in and charges the corner, but Angle gets a boot up. AJ catches Angle into a nice backbreaker, AJ with a springboard forearm for a near fall. AJ gives the sign for the Styles Clash, which Angle counters out of, and nails AJ with the triple German Suplexes. Angle stalks AJ, as he goes for the Olympic slam, countered into the armdrag, AJ with a go behind, countered into the release German Suplex for a near fall. Angle once again goes for Olympic Slam, but AJ slides out, Angle misses the clothesline and AJ hits the Pele for a near fall. AJ sets up for the Styles Clash, but Angle powers out, sending AJ to the corner, as Angle with the shoulderblocks. AJ whipped into the far corner, countered but AJ misses the big splash and Angle with a huge lariat for another near fall. Angle goes for the Ankle Lock, but AJ pushes Angle off and hits a lariat of his own, and both men are down. AJ first man up and AJ pick up Angle and put him in the corner. AJ mounts the second rope and starts to punch Angle; Angle out of the corner and AJ go for a flip and Angle moves, but AJ on his feet. Angle with the Belly to Belly Suplex into the buckle for a near fall in front of Ric Flair. Angle puts AJ on the top rope; AJ fights Angle off and hits a nice Hurricanrana from the top rope. AJ goes for the springboard 450, but Angle moves and hit the Olympic Slam for a near fall. That was closest fall ever, amazing match so far. Angle slowly climbs the ropes, and goes for the moonsault, but AJ moves out of the way and Angle crashes and burns. Both men very slow to get up, AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but Angle counters to the Ankle Lock. AJ able to kick Angle off runs at Angle and gets dropped to the apron. AJ with a springboard cross body for a near fall. AJ sets Angle in the corner, and goes up top; AJ goes for a top ropes Styles Clash, but Angle counters out. Angle catches AJ off the top, and Angle with a Styles Clash, and almost wins the title. The crowd is on their feet, as Angle pulls AJ up, and goes for the Olympic Slam, but AJ counters to the DDT. AJ crawls his way to the corner and pulls himself up, Kurt charges in, but AJ moves and Kurt hits the post. AJ nails Angle with the Olympic Slam and AJ almost scores the win this time. AJ sets Angle up, and climbs the ropes, AJ gets caught, as Angle hits the top rope Olympic Slam, and AJ kicks out of the pin attempt again, as the crowd is screaming. Angle pulls the straps down, and locks in the Ankle Lock, dead center of the ring, AJ reaches for the ropes but Angle pulls back. AJ tries to fight out, but Angle relentless, as Angle drops down to the grapevine. AJ about to tap and Flair pulls the ref out, damn. Angle releases the hold, and goes after Flair now. Flair rolls in the ring and AJ catches Angle with a clothesline. Flair tosses the title to AJ Styles, and tells AJ to hit Angle with the belt, AJ turns around and blasts Angle with the title and covers Angle as Flair throws the ref in and the ref counts three. 4.5/5 would’ve been the full score if not for the cheap ending, that ruined that match. Flair and AJ embrace after the bell, as Flair presents the title to AJ Styles, as AJ says it’s all about him. I think AJ should’ve stayed face, and have Angle do the heel turn, as he never really turned face after the Main Event Mafia. I assume this will lead to another rematch between these two next month. AJ Styles & Ric Flair stand tall in the ring, as Kurt Angle is still old cold as we fade to black with AJ & Flair doing the Flair strut.

Match Recap

1. Amazing Red pinned Brian Kendrick 4.25/5
2. Sean Morley over Daniels 3.75/5
3. Tara beat ODB 2 falls to 0 4/5
4. Hernandez & Morgan beat The British Invasion 3.75/5
5. Desmond Wolfe pinned D’Angelo Dinero 4.25/5
6. Beer Money Inc beat Kevin Nash & 6-Pac 3.25/5
7. Mr. Anderson pinned Abyss 3.5/5
8. AJ Styles beat Kurt Angle 4.5/5

Going into this PPV I expected a massive train wreck, but to be honest, this was a great show. All the matches were impressive, including Nash’s. Happy to see Kendrick & Kennedy back on the big stage, and maybe, just maybe TNA can surprise everyone and this might be the start of something good. Overall a very, very good PPV, and highly recommended especially the opening match, Wolfe/Daniels and the main event. Although, once again, I think AJ’s heel turn is a mistake, but time will tell. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back tomorrow with Monday Night Raw.


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