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Week in Review – January 11-15, 2010

Week in Review – January 11-15, 2010

It hasn’t been a very impressive week for the flagship shows for each company, as RAW was absolute garbage and Impact was just too much in one show. RAW is just so mind numbingly boring, while TNA is just the opposite. So much happened in two hours of TNA by the time the show ends, you really don’t remember anything that happened. It just seemed like a major overload of things in one show, while RAW moves so slowly you can skip ten minutes and miss nothing.  Smackdown, ECW and Superstars really delivered with some great stuff this week, saving the week.

Best Matches of the Week

  1. Christian v. William Regal from Superstars 4.25/5
  2. Chris Jericho v. John Morrison from Smackdown 4/5

Worst Matches of the Week

  1. Eve v. Katie Lea from RAW DUD
  2. D-X v. Mike Tyson & Chris Jericho from RAW DUD
  3. Team 3D v. Lethal Consequences from Impact DUD
  4. Chris Masters v. Carlito from Superstars .5/DUD

The show of the week is, surprisingly, Smackdown which had four great matches. Everything but the main event was great, and enjoyable to watch. The main event scene on Smackdown is just boring as hell though, and something needs to change. When even Kane has a good match, that’s a good sign though, but we need some upward movement for some guys, not just lateral.  Impact was a disappointment this week, coming off a phenomenal show last week. As I said it was just too many segments, and everything felt like it was in fast forward. All they needed was Taz and Tenay with chipmunk voices and we’d be all set.

Monday Night RAW averaged a 1.5/5 for five matches in two hours. Other than the Orton/Cena/Kofi match, which I hear had a flubbed finish, the show was a write off. The Diva tournament is a joke, we all know it’s going to be Maryse, so why waste our time with crappy matches like Eve/Katie, Katie could do so much better if given a good opponent, but Eve is eye candy and needs time to learn. Alicia is getting better, but Kelly is not, which sucks because for a while she was really getting better in the ring but now she just does the same spots every week. The less said about the ‘main event’ the better.

ECW on SyFy averaged a 3.5/5 for three matches in an hour. When one of those matches includes a rookie v. Goldust, that’s pretty impressive. Trent’s match was much better than his partner’s last week, and the battle royal was impressive. The right man won, which is a rarity in the WWE anymore. This was a very enjoyable episode of ECW this week.

WWE Superstars averaged a 3/5 for four matches in an hour. If it wasn’t for the horrible Masters/Carlito match the rating would’ve been much higher. That match was just awful, but sadly wasn’t the worst of the week as two matches on RAW and one on Impact were worse. The Christian/Regal match was simply amazing and highly recommended to see.

TNA Impact averaged a 2.5/5 for six matches in two hours. Of course the show also had about a hundred backstage segments interspersed between matches, which killed the flow of the show. The opening match with the new team, Generation Me, against the Machine Guns was a great match, and of course seeing Angelina Love return made the show for me. So very happy to have Angelina back on TV, but I don’t know how well she can do as a good girl, she seems to be most suited towards playing a villain. If anyone can pull it off though, I think it will be Angelina. Not sure about the PPV tonight though, Angle/AJ and Dinero/Wolfe should be good, but the rest just doesn’t seem like it’s going to be good. Hope I’m wrong about that.

Friday Night Smackdown averaged a 3.25/5 for five matches in two hours. I’ve already said the main event needs to be changed with new guys, so I won’t say anymore on that. The Morrison/Jericho match was great, and I really would love to see Morrison break on through to the main event. Dolph and Kane had another great match, but I still think Dolph should’ve won, as he’s another guy who can really be promoted up a level.

If it wasn’t for the B, C & D shows as the WWE always refers to them this week would be a bust. RAW and TNA were just bad, which is normal for RAW though, but the other three shows were great. I recommend finding this week’s ECW, as all three matches were great to see.

Here, courtesy of Youtube is the ECW title match between William Regal & Christian, split into two parts, enjoy.

And here’s John Morrison v. Chris Jericho from Smackdown.

And finally here’s the return of Angelina Love from Impact

Next to be posted will be SNME #3 and TNA Genesis from tonight. SNME should be up tomorrow morning and Genesis either tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday.


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