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TNA Impact: Massive Sensory Overload! But at least Angelina’s back!

TNA Impact – January 14, 2010

It’s been 10 days since the last episode of Impact, the huge three Monday night episode with Hulk Hogan. That was a great night for TNA, and for wrestling fans. The show has gotten a lot of criticism from people for having all the old guys on the show, but yet not nearly as many people complaining about Bret being on RAW. Kind of a double standard in my opinion, having Hulk Hogan on TNA is no worse than having Bret Hart on WWE, in fact if Bret v. McMahon does happen at Wrestlemania I can see that being the main event, and the front of the DVD as well. Hopefully TNA learned from the mistakes of WCW, and doesn’t give Hulk Hogan and friend’s power; let them come in to bring in casual viewers, who upon seeing talent like AJ, Daniels, etc will stay to watch weekly. That is what I’m hoping happens with this, but much like with Bret, let’s just wait and see where it goes.

We start the show with the recap showing Ric Flair, Val Venis, Jeff Hardy, Nasty Boys, Shannon Moore, Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman & Eric Bischoff’s appearances from last week. I don’t think most of those guys will be here long, more than likely just a short term appearance, I hope. We also get a recap of the Hogan/Jarrett promo and Foley getting beatdown from last week.

Now into the Impact Zone, as the crowd is loud and wild as usual. Mike Tenay says tonight we will announce the main event for this Sunday’s PPV. Way to wait till the last minute!

1. Generation Me v. Motor City Machine Guns. Instead of talking about last week, who the hell are the guys in Generation Me, come on Taz and Tenay, focus! So I had to Google the team to find out who they are, they’re names are Nick and Matt Jackson, and I still have no clue who they are, so I’ll call them blonde and dark. Dark and Sabin start, and a nice sequence of counters from both men, as the announcers still haven’t said a peep about the match. Dark hair is being called Max and the other one is Jeremy, ok, thanks Tenay. Jeremy dives into a stereo kick and now Max and Sabin going at it. Shelly in now, and a chin lock on Max, who fights out, as we go backstage mid match for the arrival of Nash, Hall and Waltman, way to focus on this debut. Max with a nice top rope neckbreaker on Sabin, and tags in Jeremy, who hits a triangle dropkick on Shelly and then an amazing flip moonsault to Shelly, and back in. I really can’t keep up; they’re moving like hummingbirds on crack in there, holy crap! Jeremy with a springboard face buster for a near fall, and Max in, Sabin eat a big kick and a double backbreaker, then a neck breaker double team for another near fall. This is insane, like Sabu in his prime, as Sabin makes the tag and Shelly with a top rope thrust kick. Max counters the German and hits a spear, then another kick ass double moonsault, this is great. Shelly takes out Max, as Sabin with the springboard on Jeremy. MCMG with a double team neckbreaker for a near fall as Jeremy saves the match. Jeremy over the top, Sabin misses the dive. Shelly on the shoulders and then a pair of moonsaults for the win. 3.75/5 it was a spotfest, but what a freaking spotfest. Seriously, I probably only caught about half the moves in that match, it was just nonstop and chaotic. I loved it! We go backstage now, and someone’s locker room has been trashed, as we see the Nasty Boys still remodeling the Dudley’s locker room. The Dudley’s try to get in, but the doors locked as the Nasties mock the Dudleys. Hulk Hogan announces the main event for Genesis, AJ Styles v. Kurt Angle, and this is Kurt’s last title shot in 2010. Hulk also says we will see a huge debut at Genesis, wonder who it is, RVD maybe?

2. Kurt Angle comes out through the Angle-elevator, and he has a microphone. Kurt says he wants to give AJ credit for winning the title and beating Angle last week, he says AJ has earned everything he has. Angle says he gave everything last week, and AJ was the better man, for that one night. Kurt says at Genesis, he’s going to win and get that last big victory he needs, as this bring out the champion. AJ comes out to a huge pop from the crowd, as the whole place is chanting his name. AJ tell Kurt he appreciates Kurt taking the loss like a man, and says if it had been a series of matches they each would have won a few, but at the end AJ would still be the champion. AJ says what Hogan said, the crowd wants to see them go one more time, and he reminds Kurt this is his last shot in 2010 for the title. Kurt says that’s good news, because he only needs one more shot. They shake hands and embrace, as Kurt leaves the ring and AJ holds the title in the ring. Suddenly AJ is attacked going up the ramp by the masked man, who throws him in the ring; it’s going to be Brutus Beefcake!!! The masked man removes the mask, and it’s Tyson Tomko?!? Well, I certainly didn’t see that one coming that was a surprise! We now go to Christy Hemme with “The Band”, Hall, Nash & X-Pac, as Bubba cuts her off and says he’s doing the interviews. Bubba asks Nash, where is Foley, Nash says it’s not going to be greatest hits, but it’s going to be a lot of new material. Hall babbles some useless stuff and back to the ring.

3. Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne v. Awesome Kong & Hamada. As the Beautiful People make their way down the ring, Velvet spots someone and goes running. She embraces Angelina Love who’s sitting at ringside!!! Madison and Velvet embrace Angelina, who looks hot as always, and Lacey basically snubs her. Hamada channels her inner Bubba as she has the title around her neck, that’s funny! I love how they keep showing Angelina at ringside, makes me very happy, as Taz making stiff jokes. We start with Hamada and Velvet, and both women in the ropes, and Hamada pulled down by the hair, and now Velvet mounts and chokes her. Hamada whipped in the corner and a splash/bulldog combo by Velvet for a near fall. Madison tagged in, and works Hamada in the corner and tags Velvet back in. Attempted double team countered, and Kong comes in and whips them both in the corner and a big splash crushes the girls. Kong with an Awesome Bomb on Madison for the win. 2.25/5 was way too quick a match, but just happy to see all four Beautiful People! After the match Velvet and Lacey come in to help Madison up, and Angelina hops the rail and comes in to check on her friends. Angelina grabs Lacey and pulls her down, then spears Velvet Sky down hard. Angelina kicks Lacey in the ribs, and stomps Velvet out of the ring. Angelina follows her out, and whips her in the barricade, Angelina stands over Velvet. Angelina asks Velvet is she’s happy to see her, as she heads up the ramp. Angelina says no one replaces her. We go backstage as AJ Styles comes into Bischoff’s dressing room and asks where Hogan is. Bischoff tells AJ to settle down, and says Hogan is busy and asks AJ what he can do for him. AJ says Tomko attacked him again, and he wants Tomko tonight. Bischoff asks AJ what he wants done about it, AJ demands a match, and Bischoff asks if he’s really willing to risk his title. AJ says he needs revenge now, and Bischoff says he needs a main event so he wants AJ to put the title on the line tonight. AJ agrees and we have a main event for tonight. Back from commercial, as JB is now in Bischoff’s office, as Bischoff is on the phone with someone. Bischoff asks JB what he can do for him, JB asks Bischoff where Foley is, and Bischoff says JB let Foley in the building and it’s his fault what happened. Bischoff says he doesn’t know or care where Foley is, and threatens JB for crossing him last week. Now Beer Money comes in the office, and they say they have a problem with his boys, Hall, Nash & Waltman. Storm says they are the best in the company, which they are, and they want the Outsiders at Genesis. Bischoff grabs Storms beer, and takes a drink, and says he will get back to them about it.

4. Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed v. Team 3D. So I guess the Lethal Legend Challenge gimmick is dead? Well, that’s ok, it sucked. Suddenly as LC make their way to the ring Lashley attacks both men. Lashley hits a spinebuster on Creed then the Dominator, as Krystal looks on. Krystal has a microphone, oh no, not good. Krystal asks if they have Eric’s attention, as she wants her meeting with Hogan and until then Lashley will destroy the entire TNA roster one at a time. Don’t go away mad Lashley Family, just go away. As the Lashleys leave the ringside area, out come Team 3D and Bubba has an axe. Team 3D hit a 3D on Creed and score the pin. DUD not a match, just a lame segment with six people we can do without. Bubba demands the music shut off; can we shut off his mic too? Bubba says last week they were in Japan, and when their match finished and they came back to the dressing room the Japanese Press asks if they know what happened on Impact Monday night. The Japanese Press had to tell them the Nasty Boys showed up and destroyed their locker room. So their own workers didn’t even watch the show? Bubba asks where the hell the Nasty Boys have been for the last decade. Bubba says they couldn’t get in the locker room, now their match is over they are coming for the Nasty Boys. They head up the ramp, and Bubba starts to chop the door down, but not before removing their name plate from the door. They get in and get jumped by Knobbs and Sags, who proceed to beat the hell out of the Dudley Boys, and leave them laying in their own locker room. Knobbs yells out “Welcome to Nastyville!” Any way you slice it, a match between these four is going to suck badly!

5. Sean Morley comes out, with a entrance video that looks just like his old Val Venis video. Nice to see Morley again, the man has tons of talent. Morley does his Val Venis entrance, and says TNA and Sean were made for each other, as he talks about his porn background. Way to give him a new character TNA! Sean says he’s now a producer and director for dramatic films, and says last week coming in TNA everything fell together. Sean does some more sex jokes, and says TNA was missing one crucial element to push them to main stream, as he makes fun of the WWE film division. Sean says his films will not go direct to video, and suddenly Daniels music cuts him off. This could be a very interesting match as both guys are extremely talented. Daniels shakes hands with Sean, and says he’s sorry for interrupting him; he says he wants to welcome Sean to TNA. Daniels says he wants to pitch a screenplay for Sean, and Daniels story is about a sleazebag who gets a beating, as he suddenly nails Sean. Daniels hits the BME on Morley, and yells at the crowd to shut up. Daniels says he doesn’t know how Morley got here, but to get the hell out of his company. Christopher then kicks Morley in the ribs and says he doesn’t want someone like him stinking up his building as he says he’s going to show Morley what he does with scum. Morley suddenly springs up and slugs Daniels, and clotheslines him to the floor, as Daniels retreats up the ramp. We now get a recap of the ODB/Tara feud. Backstage we see Jeff Jarrett coming in the building, with someone in a suit.

6. Matt Morgan & Hernandez v. Beer Money Inc. Have I said I love the scooter cooler, because that thing is the coolest! Hernandez & Storm start out, and Hernandez overpowers Storm but misses a bling charge and Storm jumps over Hernandez and hits a kick. Storm with a running neckbreaker, and makes the tag. Nice double Suplex on Hernandez, but Hernandez makes the tag, and BMI not paying attention get caught with a double shoulderblock. Morgan with a series of back elbows on Roode, followed up with the big splash/side slam combo for a near fall. Roode catches Morgan with a knee lift and tags in Storm. Morgan avoids the double team, and goes for the double chokeslam, countered and a tag to Hernandez, who hits the pounce on Storm, then dives on both members of BMI! That always looks so damn amazing to see. Suddenly Rob Terry attacks Morgan from behind. 3/5 was building up to a good match before the stupid DQ. Morgan saves Hernandez, and fights Terry up the ramp. Out comes Waltman, Nash & Hall, as BMI in the ring. Waltman gets in the ring and double teamed, but the rest come in and BMI getting triple teamed now. Waltman with those kicks in the corner, while Nash & Hall pound down Storm. Security comes in to break it up, but Hall, Nash and Waltman pound them down. Out comes Eric Bischoff, as we go to commercial. We come back, and during the commercial Bischoff told BMI to be careful what you wish for as the next round is on him. Bischoff in the ring with The Band, and says he doesn’t know what to do with them. Hall asks for a raise, and Bischoff says we’ll talk later. Bischoff says he can only think of one thing, as Hall does another drunken joke, The Outsiders will face Beer Money Inc this Sunday at Genesis, as we see Sting in the rafters again.

7. Desmond Wolfe v. Samoa Joe. D’Angelo Dinero is shown at the announce table, with Tenay and Tazz. Well, this would be a great match if it was built up for a PPV, but as a throwaway this might be disappointing. Joe throws Wolfe in the corner and starts out with a series of quick punches and chops, Joe whips him in the opposite corner and hits a splash and big kick. Joe chokes Desmond in the corner, but Desmond able to fight back up, but comes off the ropes and gets nailed with a powerslam. Joe pounds Desmond’s head in the corner, and goes for the rear naked choke, but rammed in the corner. Wolfe charges at Joe in the corner, but gets caught and now Joe back on the offense with the punches. Joe misses a clothesline, and Desmond hits the arm breaker, and now starts to work over Joe in the corner, as the crowd chants “This is wrestling”. Desmond misses the charge and Joe goes up top, but gets caught, and Desmond goes for the Tower of London, but Joe counters into the choke, but Desmond counters into the Tower for the win. 3.25/5 too quick, but still a good match, very impressive counter for the win. Looking forward to the match on the PPV with Wolfe and Dinero. Wolfe has Val put his coat and glasses on him, and then starts to yell at Pope. With 20 minutes left of the show, we see a limo pull up, and it’s the Nature Boy Ric Flair! After commercial we come back to Jarrett, who busts into the office and yells at Hogan. Jeff says he wants to talk about his company and tells Eric to take a seat. Hogan tells Eric to go sit, and Jeff says he’s carried the company for seven years. Jeff says the young guys are worth nothing, and the company is about him and he will not stand for Hogan coming in as Jeff brought his attorney with him. Hogan asks Jeff what kind of character he is, and Jeff says he started the company and Bischoff cuts him off. Bischoff says he’s sick of hearing about Jeff starting the company, as the fact is the Jarrett’s started the company but the company would’ve gone under without Dixie. Eric says Jeff has conned everyone into thinking he has a potion to turn the company around, Bischoff says he and Hogan will turn the company around, not Jeff. Bischoff tells Jeff either get out or get your boots on and compete. Jeff tells his to shut up, and calls Hogan bozo, and tells him to get out from behind that desk. Hogan stands up and says he’s going to kick Jeff’s hillbilly ass, as Jeff retreats out the door. So Hogan is going to be the face and Jeff is going to be the heel? That just seems wrong to me, should be the other way. Back to Mike and Tazz, who run down the card, great Red v. Mystery Opponent for X-Title, I guarantee that will be X-Pac. The ring announcer introduces the Nature Boy Ric Flair, who comes down the aisle to do commentary for the main event.

8. AJ Styles v. Tomko. AJ doesn’t wait for JB to do the intros as he jumps Tomko and starts to pound him in the corner, and Tomko bails out. AJ follows and continues to pound Tomko outside the ring, and not both men in the ring. Tomko in the corner and AJ starts delivering knees, as Kurt Angle suddenly makes his way down to the ring. AJ distracted, and Tomko throws AJ out of the ring, as Kurt shakes hands with Ric Flair, as Tomko pulls AJ back in and slams Styles down hard. AJ starts to fight back with a series of shots to the head, but gets caught running in as Tomko hits a big boot for a near fall as we go to commercial. We come back to AJ rolling up Tomko for a near fall, Tomko starts to choke the champion. Tomko tries to fight his way up, but Tomko lifts him up, AJ slides down the back and hits the Pele for the win? 2.5/5 not a good AJ match, but with Tomko what can you expect. The finish just came out of nowhere, but at least they kept it short. After the match AJ continues to pound on Tomko, Tomko uses his power to take AJ down, but Angle makes the save. Angle then picks up AJ’s World Title, and hands it to him, then offers the hand to AJ, but AJ just walks away. Great, so AJ’s going to do a heel turn now?

Match Recap

1. Generation Me beat Motor City Machine Guns 3.75/5
2. Awesome Kong & Hamada destroyed Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne 2.25/5
3. Team 3D squash Lethal Consequences DUD
4. Morgan & Hernandez beat Beer Money by disqualification 3/5
5. Desmond Wolfe beat Samoa Joe 3.25/5
6. AJ Styles beat Tomko 2.5/5

Not a great episode of Impact coming off the really good three hour episode last week. Everything just seems to be rushed as there are too many people running around now. I really hope that guys like Hall, Waltman, Nasty Boys, etc are just short term, because right now it’s just a mess. I’m worried that TNA is going to fall apart from having too many people, and not enough time. They either need to trim back the roster, or get another show as it’s just too much to digest in two hours. I guess as I said, we’ll just wait and see what happens, but something needs to change soon, or TNA is going to go the way of WCW and ECW sadly. The best part of this week’s show is in the title, Angelina is back!!! I couldn’t be happier to see Angelina!!! I hope the PPV on Sunday is good, I’ll have the recap up either Monday or Tuesday.


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