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Friday Night Smackdown – January 15, 2010

Friday Night Smackdown – January 15, 2010

After two weeks of not being able to determine a number one contender, we come to tonight’s episode of Smackdown. With less than two week to the Royal Rumble, will we find out who will face The Undertaker for the World Title? Will it be Rey Mysterio, or will it be Batista? Or, will my prediction from two weeks ago finally be announced, Undertaker v. Rey v. Batista? I’m guessing it will be the latter; as neither of the one on one match ups conveys a main event feel, mind you neither does the triple threat. Why Smackdown cannot promote someone new to the main event is beyond me? I’d rather see Matt Hardy, John Morrison, hell even R-Truth in the main event over Batista or Rey, but that’s not happening so, let’s just get this show over with.

We open this week’s Smackdown with a recap of the number one contender match from last week. You know, the match where we were basically guaranteed a winner, and we didn’t get a winner. The match ended with both Rey & Batista down as the Undertaker’s music played, but we never saw him. So basically the fear of Undertaker knocked both men down and out, now that’s a finishing move. Strike fear in the foes and not even have to show up for work!! Tonight we’re coming from the home of Mr. Kennedy, Green Bay, Wisconsin, as our main event is, once again, Batista v. Rey in a cage, and once again they say we will have a number one contender tonight. Also we have a message from the Undertaker, let me guess, he’s going to say he’s going to bury his opponent and they will rest in peace?

  1. Chris Jericho v. John Morrison. Chris Jericho comes out with a microphone, as we get a recap of Mike Tyson knocking him out on RAW. Jericho tells the crowd to wipe the smiles off their faces, and he is not a broken man. Jericho says he will not go away, thankful for that as he’s the most entertaining man in the company right now. Jericho calls himself the baddest man on the planet and the face of Smackdown. Jericho announces he is in the Royal Rumble, and he will win the Rumble and go on to Wrestlemania and win the World Title for the sixth time, then he will have the smug look on his face. John Morrison’s music hits, as he does the Bret Hart gimmick of giving out his sunglasses, that’s cool. He really needs to lose the fur coat though, he’s been carting that around since he was with Mercury and Melina. Jericho shoves Morrison, and Morrison slaps him and clotheslines Jericho out of the ring. Morrison climbs the ropes and as he’s about to dive down, Drew McIntyre’s music hits and out comes the IC champ as we go to commercial, nice one minute in. We come back and both men in the ring, as Morrison pounds Jericho in the corner, and Drew sitting at ringside. Morrison connects with a backbreaker/legsweep combo for a near fall. Jericho whipped in the corner, and Morrison goes for a springboard, but Jericho able to push him out of the ring. Jericho slides out of the ring and tosses John back in, and Jericho follows him in with a slingshot splash. Jericho locks in a submission hold, and Morrison fights his way out, but gets caught running in the corner. However Morrison catches Jericho off the top and hits a nice clothesline, then the running kick for a near fall. Morrison gets caught now as Jericho hits a bulldog after a kick to the midsection, but Morrison moves out of the way of the lionsault, and comes back with the Flying Chuck for a near fall. Morrison hits a knee to the stomach of Jericho, but Jericho blocks a kick and goes for the Walls, and Morrison kicks out. Jericho misses the charge in the corner, and Morrison goes for Starship Pain, and Jericho moves, but Morrison lands on his feet. Jericho sweeps the legs out and goes for the Walls again, but Morrison rolls through for a near fall. Morrison gets caught coming off the ropes, and Jericho pancakes him down hard. This has been a great match so far, would love to see a rematch on PPV. Jericho whips John in, but John catches him and goes for the Moonlight Drive, Jericho counters to the Walls of Jericho. Drew rises up and holds the title in front of John, as he tries to get out of the Walls. Morrison crawls to the ropes, and makes them, forcing the break. Morrison distracted by Drew, and turns around right into the Codebreaker for a three count. 4/5 great opening match, very fast paced and exciting. Glad it didn’t end with a disqualification, but would love to see a longer rematch, maybe Wrestlemania? After the bell, Drew gets in the ring and stands over John, and then gets right in his face and steps right over him as he leaves the ring. Good to see the Morrison/Drew feud isn’t over yet, they’ve had some great matches. We now see the cage hanging over the ring, which always looks unnerving, always afraid it’s going to fall one day.
  2. CM Punk & Luke Gallows come out, as we get the recap of last week’s CM Punk Salvation. CM Punk starts out by saying last week he showed the universe it’s possible to be saved, this gimmick is great, and CM Punk is really good on the mic. I’d love to see Edge come back and go after him; Straight Edge v. Rated R Superstar would be cool. I just miss seeing Edge; the shows haven’t been the same without him. Punk says he saved Luke, and he can save someone else tonight, as Luke says it seemed like he could not be saved. Luke says all he needed was Straight Edge and CM Punk to save him from the life he had. Punk says the Royal Rumble will be the first step in salvation, and it will be an accomplishment for society, the Straight Edge Society. The crowd chants “You Suck” and CM Punk says “No what sucks is the people are not smart enough to be saved”.  Punk finds him man to save this week, and Luke helps him over the barricade and escorts him in the ring. CM Punk has a time machine and found Bill Cosby, circa 1970, maybe not. The guy says his name is Trevor, and Punk says don’t be afraid your with friends, meaning Punk & Luke. Punk says the crowd is not his friend as they wanted him to succumb to peer pressure, he asks Trevor if he wants to make a pledge and Trevor says yes. Luke creeps me out; he’s always rubbing other men, what’s up with that? Punk asks Trevor how many drinks he’s had this year and he says he doesn’t know, Punk says he doesn’t want the crowd cheering the mention of alcohol or beer. Punk asks Trevor if he’s ready, as Luke molests him like a priest with a choirboy, and Trevor raises his hand and says he’s ready to accept Straight Edge. Punk asks if he’s ready to prove it, and Trevor says yes as Luke removes his hat. Luke gets down on one knee, looking like he’s going to propose, while begins to shave Trevor. Luke looks way too excited about shaving a man; Luke’s going to be the next Adorable Adrian Adonis! Punk tells Trevor this is the first good decision he’s made, and now he has no more weakness, as they help him up and raise his hands. CM Punk’s flock as increased by another member, the man with the sweatiest armpits!!! Suddenly we get the Great Khali’s music playing, and out comes the Punjabi Giant, along with dancing Matt Hardy!!!! Cool, we’re making up new tag teams again, as we have a fatal four way with the winner facing D-X, or rather jobbing to D-X as the case may be.
  3. CM Punk & Luke Gallows v. Matt Hardy & Great Khali v. Cryme Tyme v. Hart Dynasty. Well this is going to a massive cluster, at least the Hart’s, Punk and Matt can hopefully carry the rest to a watchable match. Smith and Matt start out, and Smith pounds Matt into his corner, and goes for a slam, but Matt slides down and tags in Khali. Khali takes Smith down with one shot, and clotheslines him over the top. Khali follows and Natalya gets in the middle as we go to commercial. We come back to Khali & Gallows, as Khali clotheslines Luke down, hits the big chop, JTG suddenly with a tag and makes a cover for a near fall. Luke back up, with a side slam on JTG and tags Punk in. Punk with a nice armdrag, but JTG back with a clothesline and then a face buster for a near fall, but Luke & Kidd save the match. Khali tosses both men out, but then Smith & Shad toss out Khali, Shad follows, and Matt dives on everyone from the top. Punk goes for GTS, but JTG slides out, and Punk makes a blind tag, and Luke hits a big boot. Gallows hits the twelfth step on JTG for the win. 3/5 not a bad match, but was too short for how many guys were in there. That and what the hell is the reason behind not pushing the Dynasty, seriously. Then again, Punk and Gallows is better than Cryme Tyme winning. Trevor comes in the ring to congratulate his new mentor, and raises both men’s hands. We go backstage to Josh Matthews knocking on Batista’s door, and Batista comes out and says he has nothing to say about Rey. Josh asks Batista if he’s intimidated by Undertaker, and Batista says he’s not intimidated and then threatens Josh as he slams the door closed.
  4. Undertaker comes out to the ring; well this will kill five minutes just for his entrance. Undertaker says the dawning of a new decade brings new hopes and dreams to the superstars, but the darkness of the Undertaker will continue just like it has for the last two decades. Way to show your age Undertaker! He says Batista and Rey felt his presence and were warned, and they only get one warning. Undertaker says it doesn’t matter who wins tonight, as he is hell bent on destruction. Whoever survives the cage, will not survive Undertaker at the Rumble. He then mentions Wrestlemania and the challenge from Shawn Michaels. He makes a mistake saying none asked for a rematch, as he faced Kane at two Wrestlemanias. Undertaker says Shawn almost broke the streak, but failed, and he says he decided he will come to RAW Monday night and give his answer in person. Undertaker says regardless of his decision Shawn will rest in peace.
  5. Mickie James v. Beth Phoenix. Mickie looks smoking hot, as she always does! Beth storms to the ring, and the ref has to get between them. Beth charges, and Mickie goes behind, but gets a back elbow then a headbutt. Beth misses a punch, and Mickie fires back, but Beth blocks a kick, and hammers her in the back of the head. Beth mounts Mickie and hits forearms to the face, then tosses her in the turnbuckle. Beth hits Umaga’s old corner charge move, then pulls Mickie out of the corner hard and gets a near fall. Beth with a chinlock, as Mickie fights out, but gets caught off the ropes in a side slam. Mickie fights her way back up, and hits a nice dropkick, but runs at Beth and gets nailed with a hotshot. Beth hits an Oklahoma Stampede and ties her to the Tree of Woe. Beth pounds Mickie in the corner as the ref keeps pulling her back; finally the ref calls for the bell and disqualifies Beth. 3/5 would’ve been much higher had we had a finish to the match. After the bell, Beth turns around and Michelle and Layla in the ring as Beth just leaves the ring. This leaves Mickie in the ropes with horseface and Scary Spice, who just pound Mickie in the turnbuckle. Horseface and Layla need to really coordinate their moves better, as horseface goes to drop a knee, same time Layla moves Mickie over and horseface hits the mat. Layla holds Mickie as horseface stomps her. Mickie fights back but horseface nails her in the back of the leg, but Mickie keeps fighting back. Horseface hits a knee on Mickie and picks her up, and does her piss poor version of the Styles Clash. They then stand over Mickie, as Layla holds horseface’s arm up. Go away horseface, the only reason you have a title is because you’re doing Undertaker, not because you have any talent.
  6. Kane v. Dolph Ziggler. Before the match we go to Dolph backstage with Josh, as he asks Dolph about his third match with the Big Red Machine. Dolph says he’s gone the distance and almost had him tap out. Dolph says when he wins tonight; he’s going on win the Rumble and then he will headline Wrestlemania. Matt mentions he’s glad to see someone bring back the sleeper hold, and I agree with Matt. Dolph caught and tossed in the corner, but slides out and Kane hits an uppercut and throws in a different corner. Kane pounds the daylights out of Ziggler in the corner, and just continues to beat down Dolph all around the ring. Kane tosses Dolph over his head and just drops him down hard. Dolph tries to fight out, but Kane is relentless. Kane hits the snapmare, and follows with the low dropkick for a near fall. Dolph tries to escape Kane, but Kane grabs him again and slams him, then drops a pair of big elbows, as Dolph tries to run away again. Kane chokes Dolph in the ropes, and continues to beat the daylights out of Ziggler. Kane whips Dolph in the corner, but misses the charge and Ziggler gets the boot up and locks on a sleeperhold. Kane tosses Dolph over the top as we go to commercial. We come back to Dolph pounding on Kane, as we see Kane hit the ring post and steps during the break. Ziggler pummels Kane in the corner, as the ref pulls him back, and Dolph goes right back to work. Dolph hits a nice dropkick, but only a one count, so Dolph goes to the rear chinlock as he tries to wear down the Big Red Machine. Dolph gets shoved back by Kane, and Dolph runs back in but gets caught in the chokeslam, but holds the ropes, and catches Kane with a back elbow. Dolph runs into a big boot, and now Kane with a series of right hands, then whips Dolph in the corner and hits the corner clothesline. He then picks Dolph on his shoulder and hits the powerslam for a near fall, as Kane climbs the ropes. Dolph able to catch Kane on the top rope, and both men fighting for advantage, as Kane headbutts Dolph to the mat. Kane readies for the clothesline, but Dolph rolls out of the ring. Kane follows and rolls Dolph back in the ring, as Kane comes in Dolph kicks him and then dropkicks Kane to the floor. Dolph jumps on the back of Kane and locks in the sleeper on the floor, just like last week. Kane rams Dolph into the ring post to break the sleeper; Kane rolls back in and breaks the count, then hits an uppercut on Dolph. Kane climbs the ropes again, but Dolph avoids the lariat and hits the Fame Asser and almost scores the win. Dolph gets ready to hit the Zig Zag, but Kane catches him for the side slam, but Ziggler slides out. Kane catches Dolph again and hits the chokeslam for the win. 3.75/5 really good match, but Dolph should’ve won this one. Dolph needed the win more than Kane, who’s really done nothing lately. Dolph is one of the future stars of the company, and this win would’ve done wonders for him.
  7. Rey Mysterio v. Batista in the steel cage. I’m so sick of seeing these two go at it now, one hasn’t been entertaining for years and the other has never been. Rey uses his speed to avoid Batista, and quickly tries to escape seconds in, but Batista catches him. Rey misses a cross body and Batista says “Not today”. Batista works Rey over in the corner, and whips him in, Rey dives at Batista but gets caught. Rey slides down the back, and hits a drop toe hold. Rey goes for the 619, but not enough room, as Batista knows it. Rey hits another drop toe hold, and this time runs up the back of Batista and almost escapes. Batista catches him in the powerbomb position and Rey slides down for a sunset flip, Batista picks him up and launches him into the cage. Batista crushes Rey’s head into the cage with his feet, as the crowd chants 619 for some reason. He’s already shown he cannot do it in the cage, but the crowd must not have been paying attention. Batista tosses Rey into the cage, but Rey climbs and almost out, but Batista tries to pull him back down. Rey kicks him off and hits the West Coast Pop; Rey comes off the ropes and eats a big boot. Rey slowly gets up, and Batista goes for a spear, but Rey moves and Batista bounces off the cage. Rey with a series of kicks and drops a leg on Batista, but only gets a one count. Rey climbs the ropes, and gets caught, but able to roll Batista up. Rey off the ropes again, but Batista counters into a wheelbarrow slam, then readies for the spear. Batista hits the spear, cutting Rey in half, and then follows that up with the spinebuster. Batista channels his inner Scott Steiner as he does a series of pushup before posing, as he gives the sign for the Batista Bomb. Rey crawls for the door, and Batista just pulls him back, and picks Rey up, but Rey grabs the cage, and Rey kicks Batista off, and Rey climbs the cage. As Batista goes out the door, Rey kicks the door and drops down for the win. 2.5/5 not a bad match, just seen these two way too many times to care anymore. So Undertaker v. Rey at the Rumble? Of the three title matches, this one is the one I lease care about, but at least it’s not Batista.

Match Recap

  1. Chris Jericho pinned John Morrison 4/5
  2. CM Punk & Luke Gallows beat Matt Hardy & Great Khali & Cryme Tyme & Hart Dynasty 3/5
  3. Mickie James beat Beth Phoenix by disqualification 3/5
  4. Kane beat Dolph Ziggler 3.75/5
  5. Rey Mysterio beat Batista 2.5/5

An Ok episode of Smackdown this week, with two matches that stood out, Jericho/Morrison and Kane/Ziggler were great, the diva match was good, but would’ve been better with a finish and the four corner match was good. The main event is just another in the series of Batista/Rey matches, which I’m tired of seeing, we need new blood in the main event scene. I can’t buy Rey Mysterio as a serious challenge for Undertaker; it’s like putting Hornswoggle against Big Show.


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