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WWE Superstars: An Early Match of the Year contender!
January 16, 2010, 11:04 am
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WWE Superstars – January 14, 2010

After watching two classic Saturday Night’s Main Events, it’s time to go back to the present with this week’s episode of Superstars. Not a clue what matches were taped for Superstars, but let’s get the show started.

1. Primo & Gail Kim v. Chavo Guerrero & Jillian Hall. You know they have nothing for you when you’re in a mixed tag team match on the D-Show. Not a good omen for any of these four people. Although I am happy to see Jillian Hall, she should still be Diva’s champion as far as I’m concerned. Poor Primo from one half of the tag team champions, to mixed tag matches with super jobber Chavo. Chavo & Primo start the match, and Chavo with the armbar, reversed by Primo, countered into a headlock. Primo whipped in, and comes back with a shoulder block; Chavo goes to Jillian for advice. Didn’t help, as Primo back to the headlock, Primo with another shoulder block, back to the armbar. Chavo able to get a cheap shot in, and pummels Primo down in the corner, and as the ref is distracted Jillian gets a kick in on Primo. Primo gets whipped in, and slides under Chavo followed up with a pair of dropkicks. Chavo runs to Jillian, and puts his head between her legs, ok. Chavo makes the tag to Jillian, who charges at Primo who ducks and Gail with a forearm for Jillian. Gail in with a pair of clotheslines, followed up with the Stinger Splash, but misses the charge and Jillian tries to catch Gail. Jillian kicked back, and Gail up top, but gets caught as Jillian tosses her down. Jillian with a wristlock on Gail, and gets a near fall. Jillian with a nice hair toss, and then steps on Kim, before picking her back up and ramming her in the corner. Jillian makes a mistake as she whips Gail in, and Kim holds the ropes. Jillian able to take Gail down, and goes for her elbow drop, but Gail moves, and they men tagged in, Primo quickly with a springboard for a near fall. Both men flying fast and furious now, and Chavo goes for the three amigos, but Primo blocks the third. Chavo comes back with a lariat and goes for a pin, but Gail saves the match. Jillian charges in and tossed out by Kim, and now Chavo corners Kim. As Chavo is distracted Gail hits her finisher on Chavo, and Primo rolls him up for the win. 3.75/5 for a mixed tag this was pretty good. Of course Chavo loses, but what else is new for Chavo, I’m surprised Gail didn’t get to score the winning pin on Chavo.

2. Carlito v. Chris Masters. Not expecting anything interesting from this match, why does Masters have a job? At least we get to see Eve; she looks great as long as she’s not wrestling, much like half the divas in the WWE. Carlito spits his apple at Masters, probably the only offence he’ll get. The bell rings and Chris slams Carlito, and Carlito slides out, Masters follows and Carlito sends his into the ring post. Eve does her best concerned face, as both men back in the ring and Carlito with a submission hold on Chris, who tries to power out. Carlito slams the big man, and drops an elbow for a near fall as Eve cheers on Chris. The announcers are spending so much time talking about Eve and the camera keeps showing her, she might as well be in the match. Back to the ring and Masters with a press slam on Sideshow Carlito. Carlito tosses in the corner, but jumps over a charging Chris and hits the dropkick, but misses the corner dive. Masters locks in the Masterlock on Carlito as Eve is on her feet, Carlito is done. .5/5 other than Eve at ringside this match sucked. This was basically a squash and just a way to get Eve on camera
3. Charlie Haas & Mike Knox v. Jimmy Wang Yang and Slam Master J. Well, nice to see some new tag teams formed, but wish they’d give a reason or a name or something, whatever. At least Knox is on TV, along with the king of underrated wrestlers Charlie Haas. Why is Haas never utilized correctly? We start with Haas & J, as Haas goes for an armdrag, countered and a nice dropkick from Slam. Haas makes a tag, and Knox with the Flying Bear, the knocks Yang to the floor. Knox stomps Slam and tags in Haas, who pounds Slam down, and locks in a nice looking submission hold. Slam Master tries to fight out, and Knox tagged in and drops a big knee for a near fall. Knox with a chinlock, and Slam tries to fight out, but gets pounded back down as Charlie comes back in. Charlie continues to work over Slam Master, as Strikes mentions Snoop Dog which makes me laugh for some reason. Haas makes the mistake and goes after Yang, which gives J the chance to tag, and Yang quickly takes down Haas. Knox comes in and gets hit with double dropkick, sending him to the floor, Slam Master dives on Knox. Yang hits the moonsault from the top rope on Haas for the win! 3.5/5 nice tag match, but I wish Knox/Haas had won instead. What did Charlie do to deserve the Chavo Guerrero style treatment?

4. Christian v. William Regal. So, Jackson had to win a match and a battle royal to get a title shot, but Regal just gets a title shot? That makes no sense whatsoever, what else is new with the WWE crack writers? Jackson comes out with Regal, who stares a hole through the ECW Champion. Regal and Christian lock up, and Christian pushes Regal in the corner, and we get a clean break. Regal with a wrist lock, and Christian rolls through and arm drags Regal down. Regal with a headlock, and Christian powers out, and Regal with a leg sweep and back to the wristlock, but Christian counters out. A nice counter wrestling segment here had to keep up, as they did a flurry of nice maneuvers. Regal drives a knee to the gut of the champ, and whips him in; Christian comes back with a slap, backdrop and a dropkick for a one count. The “Regal Sucks” chants start, and Christian goes for a backslide, Jackson tries to come in, but Christian dropkicks him down and rolls up Regal for a near fall. The ref ejects Ezekiel Jackson from the ringside area as we go to commercial. We come back as both men collide and no one moves, Christian with a snapmare and goes up top, but gets knocked hard to the floor. Christian rolls back in, and Regal stomps and drops elbows on the champion. Regal wraps Christian’s own arms around his neck and drives a knee in the back, as the champ starts to power out, but Regal pokes him in the eyes. Christian set up in the corner and Regal chops the champion down, than sets him on the top rope. Christian fires back and hits a Ricky Steamboat style cross body for a near fall. We now get a slugfest, and Regal gets the knee in and tosses Christian over the top, but Christian on the apron and knock Regal back. Christian hits the missile dropkick and a low clothesline; Christian goes for the diving headbutt and misses. Regal hits the most vicious flipping head and shoulder Suplex for a pair of near falls that was just an ugly move to see. Regal readies for the Knee Trembler, but Christian avoids contact and hits a springboard sunset flip, but Regal counters and holds the ropes for a near fall. The ref catches Regal, and Christian goes for the Killswitch, countered to the Regal Stretch, and Christian fights out. Regal connects with a forearm and goes for a butterfly Suplex, countered to the Killswitch for the win! 4.25/5 Great main event between two of the best in the WWE. Would love to see a one on one match on PPV between these two with about twenty minutes. Great way to end the show.

Match Recap

1. Primo & Gail Kim over Chavo & Jillian 3.75
2. Chris Masters beat Carlito .5/5
3. Charlie Haas & Mike Knox lost to Slam Master J & Jimmy Wang Yang 3.5/5
4. Christian pinned William Regal 4.25/5

Other than the Masters/Carlito match a great show tonight. If they had cut that match and given more time to either tag match this would have been a perfect show. Still a great episode of Superstars, Christian and Regal’s match is must see TV. I like the fact we got to see two tag teams tonight, and maybe we can start building up both teams now. Knox and Haas make an odd team, but it worked with the science of Haas and the power of Knox, reminds me of the Hart Foundation of the 80’s. Slam Master and Yang have a lot of speed and skill and are very similar to Strike Force or the Killer Bees. It sure would be nice to see a resurgence of the tag team division.


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