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WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #2 – October 5, 1985

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #2 – October 5, 1985

I hope you enjoyed my recap of the first episode of SNME; I enjoyed watching a great part of wrestling history. The first episode of SNME was a great show and was very entertaining, and I hope the same for the second episode. Our second episode of SNME takes place about five months after the first episode, as we are slowly making our way to Wrestlemania II. At this point Hulk Hogan is still your World Heavyweight Champion, and Wendi Richter is still the Women’s Champion, but the other titles have changed possession. Tito Santana has regained the Intercontinental Championship from Greg Valentine on July 6th and Sheik & Volkoff dropped the Tag Titles back to Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo on June 17th. However Rotundo & Windham’s title reign has already come to an end as Greg Valentine, coming off his Intercontinental loss, has joined forces with WWF newcomer Brutus Beefcake to form the Dream Team and they won the titles on August 24th. So let’s get to SNME episode 2, from East Rutherford, NJ!

Mene Gene opens the show with the challenger for the World Title, Nikolai Volkoff and his manager, Classy Freddie Blassie. Gene says that Hogan told him after tonight the Soviet flag will never fly in the US again; Nikolai says he will win the title and take it back to Russia. Blassie warns the Americans, that Nikolai always means what he says. We then slide over to Hulk Hogan, wearing a headband that covers one eye almost, when was that fashionable, did I miss something? Hulk call Nikolai a no good Russian and no threat to him, way to bury your opponent before the match Hulk. Hogan says only one flag will wave in his country, the Red, White and Blue. We now go back to Gene with Hillbilly Jim & Uncle Elmer, as we’re getting ready for a wedding tonight. Elmer says he’s a man on a mission of love, which brings out Roddy Piper, who calls Uncle Elmer the launch pad for a mission. Piper gets cut off as we go to our opening video. SNME always had a great opener, as they’d show everyone on the card which is a nice way to hype the card. We now go to Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura, who hype up tonight’s card as we already have Volkoff and Blassie in the ring. Jesse, who has the most legendary 80’s era sunglasses, which looks hilarious, is already ripping the wedding apart.

1. Nikolai Volkoff v. Hulk Hogan. Howard Finkel asks the crowd to please rise for the Soviet National Anthem. The crowd boos the daylights out of the big Russian as he sings his anthem. Once again back to Mene Gene with Hulk Hogan, wait didn’t he already do an interview. Hulk says he can’t stand to see his enemy’s flag in the ring and after tonight only one flag will fly. That’s what he said the first time, so why did he have to repeat himself? Once again no “Real American” as Hulk comes out to the US Anthem and all in white tonight, as we start with a flag waving war. As Hulk is putting his flag away Volkoff jumps the champ and starts to hammer Hulk down and rams Hogan into the turnbuckles. Nikolai rips Hulk’s shirt off, and chokes him with it, then follows up with a big stomp. Hulk able to block the turnbuckle shot, and send Volkoff in, then whips him to the opposite corner and hits a big corner clothesline. Hulk with a series of punches, a whip in and the clothesline again followed by a big elbow drop. Hulk with a headbutt and another whip in and the big boot, sending Nikolai to the timekeeper’s table, whatever happened to that at ringside? Hulk follows and readies to ram the Russian into the steel post, called an iron post by Vince, but Nikolai pushes Hulk shoulder first in. Both men back in and Volkoff stomps Hulk, and hits a sledge from the second rope, that was impressive for Nikolai. Volkoff with a press slam, as we get a really bad look down Hulk’s shorts, not family friendly. Nikolai wastes time before going for the pin and Hulk kicks out, Volkoff continues the onslaught sending Hulk to the corner and stomps him again. Nikolai goes for the piledriver, but Hulk counters out with a backdrop. Volkoff right back on Hogan though as he continues to stomp and slam the Hulkster, but after a kick out from Hulk, the Hulking Up begins! Hulk with the three right hands, but Nikolai reverses a whip in, but misses the charge and Hulk drops the leg for the win. 3/5 not a scientific masterpiece, but the crowd was so into it, it made the match great. After the match Hulk destroys the Russian flag and wipes his boots with it, he then holds the US flag high over his head. That’s how you make a brawling match look great, Hulk always had that ability to get the crowd going. We now go to Mene Gene once again with Hulk Hogan, as Gene asks if Nikolai learned his lesson. Hulk says if Nikolai didn’t get the message, he’ll explain it later as he calls Nikolai “Baby Doll”? That was just creepy. Hulk then hypes the wedding, and mentions Gene will be playing the organ, that sounded wrong too. We now go to Gene with Uncle Elmer, Hillbilly Jim and Cousin Junior, who Gene moves quickly. Elmer says he’s not worried about the match or the wedding, and Junior promises to dance.

2. Jerry Valiant v. Uncle Elmer. Uncle Elmer weighing in at 456 pounds sort of blocks out the camera, as Junior dances like a dork. Now we get a hoe-down before the match. The Hillbillies leave the ring and Valiant charges at Elmer, but Elmer catches him and falls on him for the win. DUD not a match, as Elmer just fell on him and the match was over. Time of the fall was reported at six seconds; well at least it didn’t last long considering who was in it. That was just a comedy spot, and it was funny and well down. We now get to see the match from Wrestlemania between King Kong Bundy and SD Jones, when Bundy set the record that Elmer just broke. Elmer’s record would hold for a long time, I believe Bret Hart broke the record beating the Mountie in about three second, as the bell rang and Bret rolled him up. Back to Gene who congratulates Elmer and asks is he’s going to set another record tonight, too much information. We now see Arnold Schwarzenegger watching in the crowd, as we go back to the ring.

3. The Body Shop with Bobby Heenan. This was another talk show with Jesse Ventura presiding over this one. They had a lot of different show’s like this over the years, Blackjack’s BBQ with Blackjack Mulligan, Roger’s Corner with Buddy Rogers, The Flower Shop with Adrian Adonis, The Snake Pit with Jake Roberts, Brother Love Show with Brother Love, Funeral Parlor with Paul Bearer, Barbershop with Brutus Beefcake, etc. These were always a great way to continue a storyline without a match, and is sorely missing these days, Miz and Morrison were doing one, but it was usually online, and Carlito had the Cabana, but they need to bring this back. Anyways, Jesse welcomes us to the Body Shop and introduces the man he picked as manager of the year, Bobby Heenan. Jesse asks Bobby about Orndorff, who Heenan says he made a star of him and then Orndorff fired him only because he knew Heenan was going to fire him. Heenan says he put a bounty on the head of Orndorff, and increased the bounty from 25,000 to 50,000 dollars and says he would be happy to give the money to Piper tonight. Jesse asks Heenan what he wants to say to Orndorff, Heenan tells Orndorff he needs to retire, as Jesse ends the Body Shop. We now go to Mene Gene with Paul Orndorff, who says Bobby started all this and says Piper is not man enough to get rid of him. Gene says Piper is already spending the money, and Paul says on what more skirts?

4. Paul Orndorff v. Roddy Piper. Orndorff yells into the camera he wants Piper, as we go back to Gene with Piper now. Piper says if he doesn’t get paid from Heenan, he’ll tear Heenan apart too. Piper says he doesn’t need baby oil to look good, and makes fun of Elmer’s wedding. Piper says if Elmer get’s married there could be more Elmer’s in the future and who wants that! No one and I mean no one, cuts a promo like the Hot Rod, the guys nowadays can learn from watching Piper’s old interviews. Orndorff has to be held back by the ref, as Piper gets in the ring, and the brawl begins. Both men slugging it out in the ring, as Piper counters a corner whip with a clothesline and a boot to the head. Piper rams Paul’s head into the mat, but Paul back up and takes Piper down and starts to punch Piper. The ref separates them, but they go right back to punching each other, Piper hits DDT, not called by Vince of course, and then stomps Paul. Piper kicks Paul out of the ring and follows, missing a chair shot, Paul rams Piper into the table and Piper back in. Paul off the top coming in, with a forearm, and follows up with a Suplex, as Jesse says that’s the first move in the match. Piper with the vintage thumb to the eye, and then a knee lift on Orndorff, Piper goes for a bulldog, but pushed off and both men collide in the ring. Piper jumps back on Paul, but misses a big splash as Paul gets the knee’s up. Now it’s Orndorff with a punch, then a flying body press takes both men out of the ring. They start to brawl up the aisle and right underneath the announcers, who were on a podium over the entrance, which is really strange but cool looking. They’re brawling into the back, and Piper makes it to his dressing room and is able to close and lock the door as Orndorff is trying to break the door down as we go to commercial. 4/5 that was a great brawl, better than most of the WWE’s late 90’s main events, very cool for its time.

5. The wedding of Uncle Elmer. Mene Gene is on the keyboard playing the wedding march, as Jesse makes fun of Gene missing notes. Hulk and Andre hold the ropes open for the bride as she makes her way in the ring. Hogan in classic wedding garb with no sleeves, well still better than Andre in his wrestling shorts, bright red for the occasion. Hell, even Capt. Lou Albano is all dressed up for the big day. Jesse says the judge should sentence them both to jail! Uncle Elmer says he does, and Vince asks he does what, to which Jesse says support her. Jesse says imagine her trying to support him! Jesse is just making this hilariously fun, again the announcers need to listen to the way the announcers were back then and take lessons, and this is comedy. Jesse makes fun of the vows, as Elmer says expect instead of respect, as Jesse says the guy can’t read now, he can’t hear. Someone tosses something at the bride and it bounces off her head, Elmer looks visibly pissed off. Jesse asks if the rings go on the finger, or in the nose as Vince is trying not to laugh and keeps chastising Jesse for the jokes. Elmer says he can’t hear the judge, and Jesse cracks, I think he’s going to piss his pants here. Jesse says the bride has to be the greatest liar ever!! Suddenly Elmer points at the aisle, and Jesse starts yelling “I didn’t do anything”, as we see Hot Rod coming out. Piper says there is no room here for romance in wrestling, Piper says he objects. Piper says everyone in the ring stinks, as Hulk and Andre start to move towards Piper and he leaves as we go back to the wedding of the decade! Jesse thanks Roddy for saving this segment. Jesse gets the greatest line in wrestling history as Vince asks what he thinks as Elmer and the bride kiss. Jesse says, “It looks like two carp in the Mississippi River going after the same piece of corn!” I love it; Jesse made this one of the best segments, as he asks for the slop bucket as he’s going to be sick. We now go to the backstage where the reception will be, as we see pigs and chickens wandering around! Now over to Mene Gene with Bobby Heenan, King Kong Bundy and John Studd, as he says you can’t help but be moved by the wedding. Heenan says he’ll tell him later what moved. Bundy says he’s going to put a stop to Andre, and Studd reminds Andre he cut his hair. Heenan says NBC has a big peacock, and tonight you’re going to see a turkey going down!

6. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd v. Andre the Giant & Tony Atlas. We get footage from the show in Toronto where Studd and Bundy double teamed Andre. Poor Tony, he’s fallen so far down, now he’s the second banana to a poor man’s Arsenio Hall, Abraham Washington. At least he’s not still doing the God awful Saba Simba gimmick, which was the most racist gimmick in history. We start with Andre & Bundy, I was always a huge fan of Bundy, no idea why, just always enjoyed his matches. Andre grabs Bundy by the throat and uses his strap to choke Bundy, Andre then squashes Bundy in the corner as the crowd is so loud can barely hear Vince and Jesse. Andre back to the choke and puts him in his corner and uses Tony’s head as a weapon, and tags in Atlas. Bundy whips Tony in and takes him down, but misses the elbow. Atlas with a headbutt, and in comes Studd. Studd takes Atlas down with a shoulderblock, but on the second try Atlas leaps over and hits a headbutt. Atlas goes for a slam, but Studd has the ropes. Atlas whips him in and misses the dropkick, as Studd drops a big elbow. Studd goes over to Andre and gets caught, but Bundy comes in and hits a big splash on Atlas while the ref is distracted. Atlas able to make the tag to Andre, and we have the giants in there, as Studd is backing up. Andre pounds Studd on the ropes, and a big headbutt, then a chop. Andre whips Studd in and a big boot on Studd sends him to the floor. Bundy comes in and attacks Andre from behind, while Studd slams Atlas in the ring post. Bundy with an avalanche on Andre, and Studd with an avalanche as well. Andre tries to fight off both men, but they’re overpowering him, and the champ makes the save. Hulk comes in and pulls Bundy off Andre, as Atlas slowly makes his way back in. 2.5/5 Studd and Bundy bail out, as Andre, Hulk and Atlas in the ring as we go to commercial. We come back to Gene in the ring with Andre, Hulk and Atlas, as Hulk says Atlas and Andre were the winners, which they were. Hulk says he’s going to wait a little while to tell everyone what’s going on, as Vince speculates on how great an Andre & Hogan v. Studd and Bundy match would be. We now go to a pretape with Mene Gene in the field, as Gene is calling himself Jungle Gene. JG says he is searching for the most cunning and elusive creature on the planet, a good match involving Giant Gonzales? Gene makes a Judge Crater joke, which fly over the head of 99.9% of the viewing audience, as he says he talking about George Steele. Gene says he’s been spotted at the Detroit Zoo, and Gene looks through a bush and finds him quickly. We get a recap of the match from the previous show, where George did his face turn and the great electroshock therapy skit from TNT. This turns into a commercial for the Detroit Zoo, as Gene and George go see the sights. Gene asks George what kind of tiger it is, and George says Detroit, they then superimpose a picture of Heenan’s face on a lemur’s body. Gene calls a hippo the strangest animal at the zoo, ok, and George compares it to Bundy. This was cute, and a nice way to show George is now a good guy, as George runs off into the bush.

7. Leaping Lanny Poffo & Tony Garea v. Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine. Let’s see what we have here, the new tag team champions v. a man who’s pretty much done nothing and a former tag champ, can we say squash! We go to Gene, he’s been a busy man tonight, who’s with Brutus, Greg and they’re manager Luscious Johnny V. I never noticed it, but Johnny looks a lot like a chubby version of George’s father on Seinfeld!! Johnny lights his cigar, as Greg says they will face anyone including Mene Gene. We see Greg and Brutus winning the title from Philly in August, as Brutus is using the cigar in the eyes of Barry Windham which is how they won the titles. We go to commercial, and when we come back, the match is about to start. Poffo and Valentine start, and Valentine starts to Hammer Poffo, and hits a pair of snap mares and lock on a headlock. We see Windham and Rotundo watching at ringside, as Valentine continues to dominate Poffo, and tags in Brutus. Poffo kicks Brutus coming in, and throws Brutus before hitting a dropkick. Poffo slams Brutus and hits a moonsault for a near fall!!! Greg saves his partner and now Beefcake drags Poffo to his corner and tags Greg, as they do some double teaming. Valentine works over the Poet Laureate of the WWF, as Beefcake tagged in and Poffo able to make the tag to Garea. Garea with a dropkick, and a flying body press for a near fall. Garea works over the arm, and misses a charge in the corner as Beefcake hits a back elbow and tags in Valentine. Valentine drops an elbow and locks in the figure four leg lock for the win. 3.5/5 nice little tag match, amazing to see a moonsault in 1985 WWF. Poffo jumps in the ring and Brutus disposes of him, and they work over Garea. Vince says it’s time for him and Jesse to head back for the wedding reception now. Jesse tells Vince not to push him, as he’s had enough of this romance. We go to commercial as Gene promises lots of surprises at the reception.

8. The Wedding Reception. We come back to Jesse, Vince, Hulk and Paul Orndorff at a table, as Jesse says he’s writing a poem. Hulk says it was a beautiful wedding and Elmer may go to the top of the WWF. Paul says it was a great wedding, as Jesse is working on his poem. Gene is over at a table with Cousin Junior and Capt. Lou, whose teaching Cousin how to eat at a wedding. Lanny Poffo sitting at a table and looks naked, not a good visual there, as he gives a poem to the couple. Gene looks drunk, as Hillbilly Jim comes over and makes a toast to the happy couple. Gene introduces his surprise guest, Tiny Tim, oh boy this is bad. Tiny Tim, who showed up at the King’s Court with Jerry Lawler in about 94 as well, congratulates the couple and says he has a gift for the couple, as he hands them a ukulele. We now get a hillbilly band playing, while Elmer sings “Walk through This World with me” originally done by George Jones. Jesse says he has something to say, as he comes up to read his poem. It starts out all sweet and nice, but of course it ends with Jesse insulting the whole wedding and calls them all a bunch of hicks. Jesse tries to run away, and falls face first into a cake! Wait, isn’t that how the last episode ended? Vince tells Hulk that at the next SNME, Hogan and Andre will indeed face Bundy and Studd in four weeks from tonight. Vince thanks the fans and we go back to the couple dancing as the credits roll.

Match Recap

1. Hulk Hogan beat Nikolai Volkoff in 5:17 3/5
2. Uncle Elmer crushed Jerry Valiant in 12 seconds DUD
3. Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff was a no contest in 4:01 4/5
4. Andre the Giant and Tony Atlas beat King Kong Bundy and John Studd by disqualification in 4:26 2.5/5
5. The Dream Team beat Tony Garea & Lanny Poffo in 3:30 3.5/5

Another great episode of SNME, as the matches were good and even the wedding was entertaining thanks to Jesse Ventura. The brawl between Piper and Orndorff was classic, and at the time that was a rarity. As was Lanny Poffo’s moonsault, it may have been from the second rope, but for 1985 that was impressive. The World Title match was a good Hogan v. generic bad guy match, as Hogan’s matches back then usually was entertaining, even if they were predictable. The Andre match was good, and I’m a Bundy fan, so I give it extra points, just because I can. All in all a very enjoyable hour of WWF programming!

And now for some of the matches, from Youtube.
Here’s Hogan/Volkoff


Clips from the wedding

Coming up, episode 3, headlined by Andre and Hogan v. Bundy and Studd!


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