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ECW on SyFy – January 12, 2010
January 14, 2010, 11:51 am
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ECW on SyFy – January 12, 2010

Hope you’ve had a chance to check out my first Retro Recap, more of that coming soon. For now though we have tonight’s edition of ECW TV, as we find out who faces Christian at the Royal Rumble with a battle royal. I love battle royals, there just chaotic and fun to watch, so let’s get to it.

We open with the recap of the qualifying matches for tonight’s battle royal. I really hope Jackson or Archer win the battle royal. After the opening theme, Savannah introduces the absolutely beautiful Rosa Mendes, who sashays her way to the ring. Well, better to see her dance, than to see her wrestle!

1. Rosa has the microphone and introduces the man who ended Tommy Dreamer’s career, Zack Ryder. Zack comes out and kisses Rosa before taking the microphone. Zack says tonight is a big night for them both as he mentions his twitter account. Zack says everyone is here to celebrate the new heart and soul of ECW, Zack Ryder, as he says he has the hottest girl in ECW. Isn’t she the only girl in ECW? Zack says he is above the ECW title, as he is ECW! This brings out ECW’s resident superhero, the Hurricane, the man who retired Paul Burchill. So does that make these two the retirers? Even Word hated that joke, ah well, I tried. Hurricane calls Zack, Citizen Whoo Whoo, as he says he is from a galaxy far away. Hurricane steals Jericho’s old line and tells Zack to shut up. Hurricane tells Zack it takes more than one win to be the heart and soul of ECW, and Zack is the rear end of ECW. Rosa grabs the microphone and starts yelling at Hurricane in Spanish to which Hurricane asks if someone can press one for English. This gets the hurricane, hurri-slapped. Hurricane heaves Zack Ryder out of the ring as Rosa runs to help her man backstage.

2. Hurricane v. Zack Ryder. We join the match in progress after the commercial, as Hurricane hip tosses Ryder, and then drops a knee on the arm of Ryder. Ryder goes for a sunset flip, but Hurricane counters and nails Zack in the mid section. Zack whips Hurricane in, and Hurricane attempts to jump over Zack, but Zack stops dead and Hurricane turns around into a kick, and then tossed into the steel ring post. Ryder rushes in the corner with a big boot to the face for a near fall, as Rosa yells at the referee. Ryder segues into a chinlock on the Hurricane, than turns into a neckbreaker for a near fall again. Hurricane getting pummeled by Ryder, who nails a big knee to the face of Hurricane. Hurricane tries to fight back but gets pulled down hard and now Zack chokes Hurricane in the ropes. Zack goes for another neckbreaker, but Hurricane counters and pushes Ryder to the ropes. Ryder comes off the ropes with the Rough Ryder for another near fall, as the crowd boos the Long Islander. Hurricane finally fights his way to his feet, but gets whipped hard into the turnbuckle, and Zack again goes for another cover, but Hurricane kicks out again. Hurricane able to get a neckbreaker on Ryder as Rosa is looking concerned, Zack reverses the corner whip, and Hurricane gets a missile dropkick off the second rope. Hurricane with a Thesz Press, but Ryder with a headbutt to the gut, Ryder caught with a European uppercut. Hurricane climbs to the top rope as Ryder catches him and hits the Zack Attack for the victory. 3.5/5 great match, Ryder improves weekly and Rosa just looks hot with him! A very good opening match, as they hype up the battle royal and go backstage to CM Punk and Luke Gallows. CM Punk says winning the battle royal and regaining the ECW title presents an interesting choice for him. Punk says he’s a three time Straight Edge Champion and this will enable him to start from the ground up. Punk says he can mold ECW in his likeness, and he can make ECW cease to exist. Wonder if this is how they’re going to kill off the ECW brand? SEW maybe, Straight Edge Wrestling???

3. Goldust v. Trent Barreta. Well, Croft’s match last week on Superstars was not great, so let’s see if Trent can do better. They lock up, and Goldust tossed in and hits a pair of shoulderblocks, followed by an armbar. Trent kicks Goldust off and whips him in, but gets nailed crotch first, then the slingshot backbreaker by the Golden One. Trent kicks Goldust again, but Goldy back with the butt bounce and a clothesline over the top rope. Trent slowly back in, but catches Goldust with a nice legdrop knocking Goldust out of the ring. Trent follows with a vicious lariat and stomps Goldy on the floor before throwing him back in. Barreta drops a knee and scores a near fall, Trent locks in a chinlock, but Goldust tries to power out. Trent drops a series of elbows and another near fall, and back to the chinlock, damn was going good, but back to stalling. Goldust fights out and backdrops Trent down, but Goldust slow to get up and Trent catches him with a sledge to the back. Goldust avoids the bulldog with a nice powerslam, and Goldy has the advantage and hits a pair of clotheslines. Goldust with the drop punch, then an atomic drop into an X-Factor type move, very cool looking. Goldust counters the DDT into a Curtain Call, but Trent reverses and gets the corner. The ref tries to pull Goldy off and Trent with a back elbow, followed by the high knee to the jaw for a win. 3.25/5 much better match then Croft’s match last week. Trent’s finisher just looked brutal, and very impressive. We now go backstage to Regal and Jackson, as Regal says Jackson’s abilities are biblical in proportions. Jackson says to all his opponents the end has come. We now see Kane walking backstage, as he heads to the ring for the battle royal.

4. Battle Royal. The entrants in the Battle Royal are CM Punk, Yoshi Tatsu, Evan Bourne, Ezekiel Jackson, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, and Vance Archer & Kane. Savannah introduces the ECW General Manager, the newly engaged Tiffany, who announces this is the final match of the ECW homecoming, and the winner faces Christian at the Royal Rumble. She introduces the ECW Champion, Christian, who will be doing the commentary for this match. Shelton attacks Archer before the match even starts, as Kane has not been introduced yet. Kane comes out, and the match officially starts as Archer is already down on one side of the ring. Everyone charges Kane and Jackson and gets destroyed, as Evan Bourne eliminated seconds in via Kane. Way to job out the most talented kid in the match, idiots. Yoshi and Hardy going at it at one side while Kane has Punk up on the top rope, why get rid of Bourne that early? Jackson and Benjamin in the far corner as Archer almost eliminates Matt Hardy. Kane starts to work over Archer in the corner, while Tatsu and Hardy work over Jackson and Shelton with Punk. We see a quick recap of Bourne’s elimination, way to rub it in. Everyone has just sort of paired off, as Matt is trying to get rid of Jackson, but one punch ends that attempt. Everyone is just changing partners at random, as it’s just brawling right now. Yoshi almost gets rid of CM Punk as we go to commercial. We come back and surprisingly no one was eliminated during the break, I expected to come back to final three at best. Kane and Matt Hardy resuming their feud from many years ago, as Jackson almost eliminates CM Punk now. Archer on the apron and Shelton dives on him, eliminating both of them, as we are down to five. Archer and Shelton continue to fight up the ramp as Tatsu & Hardy going at it, as is Kane and Punk, while Jackson takes a breather. Hardy with a Side Effect on Tatsu, but tries on Jackson and Jackson counters and slams Hardy over the top. Hardy holds the ropes, and Jackson just nails him to get rid of Matt. Our final four, Kane, CM Punk, Ezekiel Jackson & Yoshi Tatsu. Kane misses the blind charge and eats Punk’s knee, but as Punk comes out of the corner Jackson chops him in half, and eliminates Punk. Yoshi goes out via Kane, after an attempted Sliced Bread #2, as we are down to Kane and Jackson, don’t let it be Kane that wins. Jackson over powers Kane, and strikes a double bicep pose. Both men lock up in the ropes, as the crowd is chanting Kane, but Jackson is working over Kane. Jackson scoops up Kane and goes for the slam, but Kane holds the ropes and slides down the back. Kane with a series of uppercuts and picks up Jackson, and Zeke holds the ropes now and fights off Kane. Kane on the ropes, and Jackson runs into a chokeslam, but Jackson fights it off. Jackson charges in, but Kane gets the boot up; Kane climbs the ropes and misses the diving clothesline. Jackson gets up and clotheslines the Big Red Machine over the top rope for the win. 3.5/5 good battle royal as the right guy won, but why, oh why, is Bourne being buried lately? I hope Jackson wins the title at the Rumble. Regal comes out to congratulate his man, as Captain Charisma looks on with his title. I really had a bad feeling Punk was going to win, so I’m happy.

Match Recap

1. Zack Ryder beat Hurricane 3.5/5
2. Trent Barreta over Goldust 3.25/5
3. Ezekiel Jackson won the Battle Royal 3.5/5

This was another solid episode of ECW, as once again a much better show then RAW. ECW just continues to be better than anything WWE produces anymore, and is my favorite show of all WWE shows. I’m looking forward to Christian v. Zeke at the Rumble, more than Orton v. Sheamus. So far the Rumble is looking pretty damn good.


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