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The Week in Review for January 4 – 8, 2010

The Week in Review for January 4 – 8, 2010

This week we had the first Monday Night showdown between WWE and TNA, a battle which TNA won with a much better show. A pretty average at best episode of ECW and Superstars and a very poor episode of Smackdown. Not a great week for the WWE as far as shows went, as for TNA I wish they had followed up Monday with another show on Thursday instead of taking the week off. I’m really curious to see where TNA goes with the Hulk Hogan stuff, much more so then with the Bret Hart stuff on RAW.

Best Matches of the Week

1. AJ Styles v. Kurt Angle from Impact 5/5
2. Hamada & Awesome Kong v. Taylor Wilde & Sarita from Impact 4.5/5
3. Desmond Wolfe v. D’Angelo Dinero from Impact 4/5
4. Kofi Kingston v. Randy Orton from RAW 4/5

Worst Matches of the Week

1. Rey Mysterio v. Batista from Smackdown DUD
2. Beth Phoenix v. Layla from Smackdown DUD
3. Luke Gallows v. Matt Hardy from Smackdown 1/5
4. Sheamus v. Evan Bourne from RAW 1/5
5. Hernandez & Matt Morgan v. Raven & Dr Stevie from Impact 1/5

The show of the week is, obviously, TNA Impact which was simply an amazing TV show. The opening match was not great, but the show picked up as it went along and was must see TV, ala Nitro back in late 96. RAW with Bret was a letdown as he really did nothing of major importance and was probably one of the most useless guest hosts ever.

Monday Night RAW averaged a 2/5 for five matches in two hours. The Bret Hart stuff took way too much time, and the champ’s match was just a squash match. The best match was the main event as Kofi continues to shine, even in a loss. I hope Kofi wins the Rumble, and then faces Sheamus at Wrestlemania.

TNA Monday Impact averaged a 3.5/5 for seven matches in three hours. Three matches were amazing, with the main event being one of the best matches on free TV. The three hours seemed to fly by, and that’s something you can’t say about two hours of RAW.

ECW on SyFy average a 3.25/5 for three matches in an hour. Nothing was truly bad on ECW, but the matches really didn’t stand out. Next week’s battle royal is either going to be great or really bad depending who wins. I would love to see someone new score the win to face Christian, but I can see Punk winning it which would not be bad, but Punk should be champ on Smackdown instead of Undertaker.

WWE Superstars averaged a 3.25/5 for four matches in an hour. The diva match was one of the better diva matches in WWE in a long time, and Knox/Finlay was great but Knox should’ve won. Caylen is better off in tag team, as his match was bad with a very lengthy headlock which dragged the match down.

Friday Night Smackdown averaged a 1/5 for five matches in two hours. One of the worst episodes of
Smackdown ever, as the number one contender story just keeps dragging along. Two DUDs and a 1/5 match just killed the show and CM Punk’s segment just felt boring and not interesting at all. I like Punk but I hope this saving people don’t go long, as it’s killing him.

Not much more to say, other than a lackluster WWE week and a great victory for TNA.
Here’s the AJ/Angle match from Impact

Part 1

Part 2


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