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Friday Night Smackdown: The never ending number one contender feud
January 10, 2010, 10:53 am
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Friday Night Smackdown – January 8, 2010

It’s been an interesting week so far, as we’ve had returns, surprises and some pretty good matches. Let’s see if Smackdown can give us something good this week.

We open with the recap of last week’s waste of time Beat the Clock challenge. Why do an entire show to determine number one contender and by the end of the show throw out the results. Pretty much rendered the entire show as a write off. They could’ve at least had Batista’s match end at the same time as Rey’s and then do the triangle match they want, but instead they drag this out another week. Tonight we get Rey v. Batista with the winner challenging Undertaker at Royal Rumble, boring.

1. Batista comes out and demands they cut his music, and then demands a spotlight and his music back on. Why do they give Dave a microphone, he cuts a worse promo then George Steele. Batista then comes to the ring and talks about being screwed by Teddy Long at the last PPV and last week’s Beat the Clock Match. Batista thanks Vickie for trying to fix things but she’s not the GM, as he demands Teddy come out and explain why he’s being treated unfairly or he’s going to walk out. I’m hoping Teddy doesn’t come out, so then maybe Batista can go away, that would make the show better. Instead of Teddy Long, out comes Rey Mysterio with a microphone, this only gets better. Rey says he can explain why Batista is not champion, because he is blinded by selfishness and greed and now the fans can see it. Rey calls Batista an arrogant crybaby and Batista starts crying about winning last week. Rey says Batista didn’t win, but Rey got payback for two weeks ago when Batista screwed Rey out of his title match. Rey says he’s ready to fight, but Dave is all dressed and maybe he’s scared of Mysterio, of what punching him in the ankles? Seriously it’s hard to take this seriously when Rey’s crotch high on Batista, they might as well have him feud with Khali next. Batista says he can beat Rey any night of the week, and he says he won’t just beat Rey but he’ll make sure he can’t walk out tonight. Rey says he’s going to win and he will walk out number one contender tonight.
2. Kane v. Dolph Ziggler. This is the rematch from last week, which went to a time limit draw, and Dolph hit the Zig Zag after the bell. So Dolph’s now feuded with Khali and now Kane, what’s he the new giant killer. Dolph tries to use his speed, but Kane catches him and hits the uppercut and starts to stomp a mudhole in Ziggler. Kane with a headlock, then into the low dropkick for a two count. Ziggler tries to escape the ring, but Kane catches him and sets him on the top rope, Ziggler fights back and hits a nice missile dropkick on Kane. Ziggler starts to pound the head of Kane, then goes for a neckbreaker, but Kane powers out, Ziggler decides to go for DDT and connects. Ziggler gets a one count, but Kane back up and tosses Ziggler across the ring, Ziggler back on top of Kane, literally with a sleeper. Kane breaks the hold by pushing Ziggler in the corner; Ziggler goes for a tornado DDT but Kane tosses across the ring again. Kane charges in with the clothesline/side slam combo, but Dolph slides out of the side slam only to eat a big boot. Kane throws Dolph in the corner and finally hits the side slam; Kane then goes to the top rope and hits the diving lariat. Kane gives the sign for the chokeslam, but Ziggler fights out and Kane charges in the corner but misses, and Dolph with a Zig Zag, but Kane able to kick out! Ziggler goes back to the sleeper hold on Kane, and takes him down to his knees. Kane able to get back up and both men go to the floor, but Dolph still has the sleeper. Ziggler releases the sleeper at eight and slides back in for the win via countout!! 3.75/5 one of Kane’s best matches in a long time and a nice win for Ziggler. I see a rematch coming up between these two, hope it can be as good as this one. We go backstage to horseface and Layla apologizing to Beth for the kick to the face, as Layla brings out a trough for Mickie. This is just pathetic and needs to end; Beth says they are both unbelievable and that Layla better get serious for their match tonight. Now over to Jericho with the Hart Dynasty, as he mentions the Hart Attack he got nailed with two weeks ago, and says that was a great way to make an impact. Natalya says Chris may be the best, but nothing lasts forever. Smith mentions what happened to Bret and that will not happen to them.
3. R-Truth & Cryme Tyme v. Chris Jericho & Hart Dynasty. I guess with Jericho now on Smackdown and Big Show on RAW that means we’ve seen the end of Jerishow. Truth starts out with Kidd, and they start with a nice sequence, capped off with a dropkick from Truth who tags in JTG. JTG pounds Kidd in the corner and tags Shad who overpowers Kidd, but gets caught with a kick from Kidd. Shad makes a tag and brings in the Truth, but Kidd makes a tag as well to Jericho, who starts pounding Jericho and uses his speed to dazzle Jericho and hits a nice kick for a near fall. Truth whips Jericho in the corner, but Jericho gets a foot up, Jericho runs at Truth and gets kicked out of the ring as we go to commercial. We come back to Shad powering Jericho up and over his head. Shad comes off the ropes, but Smith pulls the ropes and Shad to the floor, which gives Natalya a chance to get a cheap shot. Shad back in and now it’s Jericho with the offense as he kicks Shad to his corner and tags in Kidd who stomps the much bigger man. Kidd tags Jericho back in and holds Shad for Jericho to get a few shots in. Jericho and Shad start to slug it out, and Shad gets the advantage so Jericho hits a nice dropkick to take Shad back down. Kidd comes back in and they continue working over Shad, as Shad tries to come back but gets dropkicked in the knee. Kidd goes after Truth and turns around into a big lariat from Shad, and both men are down and need to make the tag. Shad tags JTG in as Kidd tags in Jericho, JTG with a nice dropkick and hits a spinning neckbreaker and everyone is in the ring now. Jericho gets caught not looking and rolled up for a near fall. JTG goes to the top rope, and Jericho catches in mid air into the Walls of Jericho for the win. 3.75/5 nice six man tag, and the right team won. One of the best Cryme Tyme matches I’ve seen. We go backstage to see CM Punk & the Man Formerly Known as Festus coming to ring.
4. CM Punk & Luke Gallows come to the ring, as Luke is carrying a chair and Punk’s Slammy. CM Punk says last week he made a promise to save someone in every town they visit. Punk calls the crusade real and he’s a man who keeps his promises, and he asks who wants to be saved. Ok, where is the plant in the audience for this stupid thing. There have been so many people who have debuted as the crowd plant, Earthquake, Santino, Mickie James, Steve Blackman, etc. This kid looks like he’s twelve years old and going to pee his pants. CM Punk tells him he has nothing to fear and that there is hope. Punk then tells the kid to sit, as Punk goes to one knee and looks like he’s about propose to the kid. CM Punk says he’s going to save him, and tells him to raise his right hand, than asks him if he’s tired of being the losers in the crowd. The kid answers yes, as Punk asks if he will stop treating his body like a sewer and the kid answers he’ll try. Punk then screams at him, that’s not good enough, Straight Edge is a commitment and needs to stop trying and start doing. This segment just doesn’t seem to want to end, CM Punk really should’ve brought out Brother Love for this, would’ve been ten times better. Punk tells the kid action speaks louder than words, and tells him he needs to do one more thing. Luke then pulls out a shaver as the kid starts to panic, Punk tells him to sit back down and he does. CM Punk tells him his past is over, and it’s time accept the Straight Edge Lifestyle, and kid nods yes. CM Punk then channels his inner Brutus Beefcake and shaves the kid’s head, but didn’t finish the job as he now has a Hulk Hogan horseshoe. CM Punk tells the kid he is now stronger than the rest of the crowd, and then he and Luke take the kids hands and hold his arms high welcome him to the Straight Edge Society. We then get a promo for Apprentice with Maria, which should be funny to see.
5. Luke Gallows v. Matt Hardy. CM Punk’s newest disciple has seemed to disappear during the commercial break. Luke uses his power to take Hardy down quickly and stomps Matt, then whips him in and hits a back elbow, but misses the legdrop. Matt takes the opportunity to work over the leg of Gallows, Luke pushes Matt off and misses a clothesline, and goes for a Suplex, countered to a hotshot and an uppercut takes Matt out of the ring. Luke follows and works the back of Hardy on the floor, both men back in the ring, and Luke with a belly to back Suplex for a near fall. Luke into the double chicken wing/body scissor as he wears down Hardy, but Hardy fights his way out and hits a sunset flip. Luke kicks out and does the mount and punch on Matt, and resumes the beat down on Matt Hardy as Gallows has had control of most of the match. Matt finally gets an advantage with a clothesline then a neck breaker, Matt charges into the corner and Luke kicks off the bulldog, but Matt comes back with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Punk outside looking concerned, Matt climbs the ropes, and Punk distracts Hardy who turns into a big boot. Luke hits the Gallows Pole for the win. 1/5 almost a squash match as Luke had the advantage for about ninety percent of the match. Wonder if Matt being beat was punishment for Jeff going to TNA? We go backstage to Teddy & Maria as Teddy congratulates Maria on being on Apprentice. Vickie comes in and hugs Maria and says she would’ve done Apprentice but she’s too busy. Vickie says Maria reminds her of herself, as Teddy asks when it all went downhill for her. This quickly turns into a commercial for the new WWE figures, as Maria does an advertisement for the figures. Teddy says he can’t wait for Vickie’s figure as it would be the biggest one yet, as Khali and Singh come in and plug the figures. Khali says Vickie’s figure would remind him of the cows back home and then he moos. Ok, we get it; Vince thinks Vickie’s fat, enough of the fat jokes. Speaking of which, that brings us to Layla and Horseface.
6. Beth Phoenix v. Layla. This has to be a quick squash, as Layla is less than one tenth the diva that the Glamazon is. I can’t wait to see Beth destroy horseface and hopefully injure her bad. Why did Melina have to be the one who gets injured, it should have been horseface. Layla begs forgiveness from Beth and Beth kicks her in the stomach and picks her up on her shoulder. Beth spins Layla around and drops her hard, then kicks her out of the ring. Beth challenges horseface to get in the ring, she instead throws Layla back in. Beth picks up Layla, and Layla starts kicking Beth, who just throws her in the corner. Beth misses the charge in and Layla starts kicking and mounts the back of Phoenix. Beth tosses her off and hits the Glam slam for the win. DUD was a squash, which was all it was meant to be. Michelle comes in the ring and gets caught. Beth goes for her and Layla grabs her ankle and horseface kicks her, they start to double team Beth and Mickie comes out and makes the save and looks great doing it. Beth throws Layla into horseface and both tumble out. Beth looks at Mickie and Mickie hits the kick on Beth and stands over her. Have I said Mickie looks freaking hot this week, because she certainly does!!! That was the best part of the show. We go backstage to Drew McIntyre, as we get a recap of last week’s match which Drew won by DQ when he pushed John Morrison into the ref. Drew says he didn’t just defeat John, he proved he’s the better man and he’s undefeated. Drew says he will win the Rumble as John walks in. John makes fun of Drew’s accent and asks if he has anything to say to his face and Drew just stays quiet. John dares him to say something and Drew says nothing, and they get nose to nose. Drew says John needs to accept that Drew is moving on to bigger and better challengers; John says this is boring as one of them needs to lose their temper. John says if you won’t I will, he then slaps Drew and starts to pound on him.
7. Rey Mysterio v. Batista. The winner faces The Undertaker at Royal Rumble, I expect this to be a draw and then we get the three way match at the Rumble. Either way it’s a main event with three guys I don’t care about and all three need to disappear. Why not have Undertaker v. Mike Knox and push the newer younger guy, have Morrison win the Rumble and Morrison v. Knox for Wrestlemania. Would be better then Batista/Undertaker/Rey which has no appeal to me at all. Let’s just get this match over with at least with only eight minutes this should be quick. Rey rolls out to start, and has Batista chase him, and uses his speed to take Batista down. Batista catches him off the ropes and drives Rey in the corner, than whips Rey in the opposite corner. Batista hits a backbreaker and this just looks as stupid as the size difference really makes the match look bad. Batista continues to pound on Rey, but misses a corner charge and Rey goes for the Hurricanrana, but Dave catches him and goes for the powerbomb, countered into the drop toe hold. Rey goes for 619 and Dave slides out, Rey follows and gets slammed into the ring post as we go to commercial. We come back to Rey on the top rope and Dave pounding him, Rey kicks him off and dives down with a frog splash on Batista, and both men are down. As both men are down we see Batista pounding Rey during the commercial break. Rey goes for the springboard and catches him into a spinebuster, which he then does again to Rey. Batista readies for the spear, and just cuts Rey in half as he gives the thumbs down. Batista gets ready for a Batista Bomb as the lights go out, when they come back on Batista is down and holding his face. Rey now starts pounding Batista’s face and hits the low dropkick, then a springboard bulldog. Batista picks up Rey for a powerslam, but Rey counters to DDT, and then kicks him into the ropes. Rey goes for 619 and the lights go out again, they really need to pay their hydro bills, and when they come back on Rey is down and the ref is missing. The lights go off again and the Undertaker’s music plays as we go to black. DUD stupid match, stupid ending and another complete waste of time.
Match Recap
1. Dolph Ziggler beat Kane by countout 3.75/5
2. Chris Jericho & Hart Dynasty beat Cryme Tyme & R-Truth 3.75/5
3. Luke Gallows pinned Matt Hardy 1/5
4. Beth Phoenix crushed Layla DUD
5. Rey Mysterio & Batista went to a no contest DUD
This was just another crappy show from WWE, as we had two DUDs and a main event with no end. So after two weeks of number one contenders guaranteed at the end of each night, we still have no number one contender. Another throwaway show, as nothing exciting or memorable even happened.


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