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WWE Superstars: Not enough tag teams in WWE, so let’s split the ones we have?!?
January 9, 2010, 11:51 am
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WWE Superstars – January 7, 2010

Before we get Superstars started for this week, I just wanted to mention something. I’ve been reading a lot of people’s criticism towards TNA’s show this week, and all of it based on Hulk Hogan and friends showing up. However no one has complained about WWE bring in Bret Hart, who is rumored to be facing Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania. The return of Hall, X-Pac & Nasty Boys is believed to be a short term return, much like Bret Hart, but unlike Bret they won’t be headlining the biggest show of the year. The whole Bret/Vince storyline is just going to tarnish the legacy of Bret Hart in the end, and you know the posters, DVD case, etc will all feature Bret and Vince on the cover, if the rumored match happens. Whereas this year’s Wrestlemania should feature Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, CM Punk and other future stars. The nWo in TNA is rumored to be only short term and way to help get the company for recognition, which is a good thing. As I’ve said before as long as Hulk and friends don’t wind up with titles, there is nothing wrong with using a few legends to bring focus to the company. Hell, even ECW in its infancy used Don Muraco, Jimmy Snuka & Tito Santana as main event guys to build the company, so what’s wrong with using Hall, X-Pac, Venis, etc to build up the company name? That’s the last I’m going to say about TNA, as everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that’s mine. Now let’s get to Superstars for this week, with one of my favorite Divas, Jillian Hall, facing off with Gail Kim.

1. Jillian Hall v. Gail Kim. I love watching Jillian; she just has too much fun with her character. She’s so over the top with her gimmick, it’s hard to hate her. Jillian looking great in red, as she has her headset on and says she has a good feeling tonight. This leads to her singing as only Jillian can do, you can tell she loves her job and just has fun. She so deserves to win this tournament, but I bet she gets eliminated by Kim. Speaking of Gail Kim, bet she wishes she stayed in TNA, at least they knew how to use her, she had such a great feud with Kong and now she’s done nothing since returning to WWE. Gail starts out with a wristlock, which Jillian able to roll out of and locks in a headlock on Kim, then knocks her down with a shoulderblock. Gail back up and slides to the apron, catching Jillian, then hits a nice cross body for a near fall. Gail with a Hurricanrana, but misses the blind charge to the corner and has the back of her head rammed into the post. Jillian follows her outside and rams her back into the ring apron, before throwing Gail back in. Jillian shows her power as she hits a nice looking sidewalk slam for a near fall of her own, followed up with a vicious Irish whip to the corner. Gail gets caught on the second rope as Jillian sweeps her feet from under her and tries for another pin, but Gail has the ropes, Jillian grabs the leg, but Gail rolls her up and scores the win. 3.5/5 the two best divas on RAW had a great match, but this should’ve been the finals as these are the only two who deserve the title. I love the fact they’re doing a tournament, but we have yet to see brackets so no idea who else is in it. I assume Eve, the other Bella, Kelly and Fox maybe. Either way the winner will be whoever wins between Maryse & Gail, which I expect to be Maryse beating Kelly in the finals.
2. Ted DiBiase v. Chris Masters. Speaking of Eve, here she comes with Masters with his new generic rock music. His old music kind of sucked, but at least it fit the gimmick, this just sounds like everyone else’s music now, boring and prefabricated. DiBiase starts out working on the leg of Masters, Masters reverses out and locks in the Masterlock but DiBiase gets the ropes quickly and slides out of the ring. DiBiase slow to get in, but gets Masters down again and locks in a wristlock, Masters easily powers out and goes for the Masterlock again, way to show that moveset Masters! What’s he got one move in his arsenal or what? Chris slams Ted and drops the leg, nice subtlety WWE. DiBiase able to avoid a clothesline and gets Masters down again and drops an elbow. The best part of the match is Eve’s attempt at acting concerned, Elizabeth you’re not. Masters powers up and comes off the ropes, but gets nailed with a big dropkick as DiBiase has the advantage again. Ted with a snap mare, then kicks Chris in the face as DiBiase starts punching Masters, then locks in a half nelson on Masters. Masters counters into a belly to back Suplex to break the hold, but misses a big punch and DiBiase responds with the same move. Both guys slow to get up, but Masters with a pair of clotheslines, DiBiase off the ropes and then gets hit with a powerslam. Chris gives the signal for the Masterlock, but DiBiase counters and goes off the ropes, but Masters gets the move locked in. DiBiase able to throw Masters into the buckle and hits Dream Street for the victory. 3/5 not a bad match, considering it was Masters, DiBiase did a nice job of getting out of the Masterlock for the win.
3. Yoshi Tatsu v. Caylen Croft. Yoshi comes out with Goldust as once again we get two random guys thrown together into a tag team. Yoshi starts with a wristlock, countered to a takedown by Croft who gets caught in a pair of arm drags. Yoshi gets caught running in and gets thrown to the floor as we go to commercial. We come back and Yoshi is rolling up Croft, but Croft back up quick and stomps Tatsu. Croft chokes Tatsu in the ropes and then hits a knee to the back, followed with w a nice snap Suplex for a near fall. Croft with a headlock as Goldust tries to fire up Tatsu, and has it on him for a little too long, as slowly Tatsu tries to power out, but Croft takes him down and drops elbows on him. Croft goes back to the headlock, as this match is getting boring quickly, but the crowd is behind Yoshi, Croft pulls Yoshi down by his hair. Croft misses the knee drop and Yoshi with a pair of chops then the big kicks, followed up with the running knees. Buzzsaw Kick from Tatsu gets a near fall; Croft hits what looked like Dream Street for a near fall. Caylen climbs the ropes and gets caught as Tatsu goes for the top rope Hurricanrana but Croft holds the ropes. Croft with a crossbody, but Yoshi rolls through for a near fall. Croft hits a neckbreaker, but Tatsu still kicks out. Yoshi avoids the Suplex and hits the big kick to the head for the win. 2.5/5 the ending saved the match, as Croft spent too much time with the headlock.
4. Mike Knox v. Finlay. Here’s hoping Knox scores the win here, after the loss last week in a tag match. Knox uses his power to push Finlay in the corner, and then pie faces him, as they circle again. Knox throws Finlay to the mat, but Finlay right back up and goes behind Knox, but a pair of elbows breaks that up. Finlay with an armwringer take down then locks in an armbar, but Knox grabs the ropes. Both men back up and Finlay back to the armbar, but Knox whips him in and hits the big boot as Finlay rolls out of the ring. Mike follows him out, but gets caught with a drop toe hold into the announce table. Finlay goes to whip Knox to the steps, but Knox reverses, however Finlay hits the breaks and spins around into a powerslam on the floor. Knox back in the ring, as the ref counts Finlay out, but Finlay back in at seven and Knox then continues stomping on Finlay, followed up with a big slam for a near fall. Knox works over the back of Finlay in the corner, but turns to the ref and Finlay hits him, Knox shakes it off and hits a side slam. Finlay gets caught in a chinlock from the big man, but Finlay, Finlay catches Knox running in and gets to the top rope, only to get caught and slammed into the turnbuckles. The ref pulls Knox off Finlay in the corner, Knox charges in but Finlay moves and rolls Knox up for a near fall. Finlay with a series of clotheslines then an Earthquake splash for a near fall, Finlay gets Rolling Thunder on Knox for a near fall. Finlay gets Knox up and throws him in, but Knox comes back with the Flying Bear, the crossbody, for another near fall. As the ref checks on Finlay, Knox pulls the turnbuckle pad off; this is going to cost Knox the match I bet. Knox hits the corner splash and goes for Snake Eyes, but Finlay slides down. The ref checks on the turnbuckle and Finlay cracks Knox with the Shillelagh for the win. 3.5/5 good match, but crappy ending. I hate the stupid Shillelagh finish as Finlay’s supposed to be the good guy.

Match Recap
1. Gail Kim over Jillian Hall 3.5/5
2. Ted DiBiase beat Chris Masters 3/5
3. Yoshi Tatsu pinned Caylen Croft 2.5/5
4. Finlay beat Mike Knox 3.5/5

An average episode of Superstars this week, as the divas really brought it this week though. Knox/Finlay was nice brawl, but the middle two matches were kind of boring.


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