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ECW on SyFy: The Final Two for the Homecoming Battle Royal!
January 7, 2010, 1:18 pm
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ECW on SyFy – January 5, 2010

Coming off one of the most amazing nights of wrestling from both WWE and TNA, can ECW continue the momentum? Last night on RAW we saw the return of Bret Hart and what looks to be the start of the Bret Hart/Vince McMahon storyline, which should lead to Wrestlemania along with a very good match between Randy Orton & Kofi Kingston. Tonight’s ECW will continue the road to the Royal Rumble. One other thing, in the TNA recap I said the Angle/Styles match was the best since Eddie/Rey in 97, I admit that was incorrect, there have been other five star matches since, including AJ/Daniels/Joe from 05, Brock/Angle Iron Man match and Benoit/Jericho from one of the Rumbles. The Styles/Angle match was definitely one of the best matches of all time though. So with that out of the way, let’s get to ECW for this week.

Tonight on ECW we have CM Punk v. Mark Henry as we continue the ECW homecoming. I really hope we see someone new get the title shot; we really need some more fresh blood at the top. Smackdown has become something of a lost cause with Undertaker, Batista & Mysterio on top. Tonight ECW comes from Louisville, Kentucky as we start with the ECW World Champion, Christian.

  1. Savannah introduces the Two Time World Champion, Captain Charisma, Christian, as tonight we will have the number one contenders narrowed down to the top eight. Christian comes out to a rousing ovation from the crowd, as he plugs the ECW Homecoming and the Royal Rumble, he barely finishes the sentence when out comes CM Punk & Luke Gallows. Seems like kind of a demotion for CM Punk to go from ECW to Smackdown then back to ECW, why he’s not the top guy on Smackdown is beyond me. Punk cuts off Christian and says no one can say anything more important than what CM Punk has to say. Punk starts to speak and notices Christian has a big smirk on his face and asks Punk what he’s grinning about, and Christian replies that the moment Bret and Shawn hugged was a great moment, but this is a moment he never wanted to see, Punk on ECW. Punk tells Christian to get used to, because Punk says he will regain the title after he wins the homecoming, as the ECW title will be the first one he collect to prove he is better than anyone else. Punk calls himself a natural born leader and says ECW has the best young stars and he will be the shepherd of ECW and the role model to show them how to live. Christian asks if the Straight Edge way means to look like you haven’t showered in two weeks, as Christian goes over the men who qualified so far for the battle royal next week, and mentions that Shelton Benjamin will face Chavo tonight. Christian tells Punk he’s going to get squashed by Mark Henry, and says Punk doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink and doesn’t do drugs and he also won’t be facing Christian at the Rumble.
  2. Shelton Benjamin v. Chavo Guerrero Jr. This should be a great match, but I don’t think Chavo has a chance, when’s the last time Chavo did something of notice. Chavo’s been on a losing streak to Hornswoggle for so long he has next to no credibility. Chavo either needs a new gimmick and music or to go to TNA and restart as WWE has done nothing with him in years. Chavo & Benjamin start out quick exchanging chops in the corner, Shelton whips Chavo in but Chavo moves and hits the three amigos on Benjamin. Shelton blocks the third Suplex, and hits a German for a near fall; Shelton stays on Chavo and locks in the headlock. Shelton whipped in, grabs the ropes and flips Chavo over, but Chavo lands on the apron and hits a low dropkick. Chavo starts to work over Shelton’s leg now, and ties Shelton in the ropes, then hits the springboard on the leg of Benjamin and scores a near fall. Chavo quickly goes back to the leg of Shelton Benjamin, but Shelton powers out and hits the spinning heel kick on Chavo. Both men slow to get up, but Shelton still favoring the injured leg, Shelton catches Chavo and press drops the man down. Shelton goes for the powerbomb, countered by Chavo into a single leg Boston Crab, Shelton rolls through and tosses Chavo away. Chavo comes back with a spinning head scissor takedown, then climbs the ropes, buy Shelton moves and quickly hits Paydirt on Chavo for the win. 3.75/5 excellent opening match, but really didn’t think Chavo had a chance in there. Shelton now makes his way to the battle royal next week.
  3. Zack Ryder and Rosa come out and Rosa looks stunning as usual! Zack says Tommy Dreamer is dead and gone, as Zack says beating Dreamer and retiring him was bigger than winning the title. Zack says he changed the course of the show and ECW is all about one man now, Zack Ryder.
  4. Ezekiel Jackson v. Vladimir Kozlov. This is the third match between these two lately and we really haven’t had a clean finish in any of the matches yet. Should be a classic battle of two powerhouses, as JR would say, it has bowling shoe tendencies. Kozlov arm drags Jackson down, and then takes down the big man with a go behind, and Jackson makes the ropes. Kozlov argues with the ref and eats a big punch, which Kozlov answers back with a big boot taking Jackson outside. Jackson back in and Kozlov start with quick kicks, but Zeke catches the leg and takes Vladimir down. Jackson works the leg in the corner and Kozlov tries to fight out, but Jackson kicks him down. Jackson rams the leg in the ring post and then hits a chop block on Kozlov and continues to work over the leg, Kozlov tries to get up but Jackson stays right on the leg. Kozlov showing more character in this match then the whole time he’s been in WWE, as Jackson is twisting the leg and Kozlov screaming in pain but refusing to give up. Kozlov finally kicks Jackson off and Jackson sent to the outside. As Jackson comes back in Kozlov kicks him and is able to slam Ezekiel, then hits the series of shoulderblocks in the corner. Jackson stomps the leg and sends Kozlov back then hits a vicious lariat on Kozlov. Ezekiel hits a delayed vertical Suplex as Jackson once again has the advantage, and Jackson hits the urunage for the win. 3/5 nice big man match, but with all the work on the leg, Jackson should’ve won by submission. After the bell Jackson and Regal lift up Kozlov and drive him back down, as they stand victorious over Kozlov. We go backstage to Mark Henry getting ready for his match, and Tony Atlas comes in and asks if he can walk to the ring with Henry. Henry looks at Tony and says no, as Tony says he is always here for Mark if he needs him.
  5. CM Punk v. Mark Henry. CM Punk tries to go behind Henry and gets caught and tossed across the ring, CM Punk looks like a bushman with that beard. Punk starts to throw the kicks and Henry catches the leg and tosses Punk over the top rope as he we go to commercial. We come back to CM Punk rolling out of the ring trying to get away from Kool-Aid Man, who follows but Punk hits a drop toe hold and Henry slams into the steps. Henry slow to get back in the ring now and Punk takes the advantage by stomping on Henry, and gets a near fall. CM Punk gets Henry back up and hits a neckbreaker then the mounting punches, as CM Punk not sure how to wear down the much larger Henry. Punk with a leg scissor and begins taunting him, as Luke Gallows paces around the ring, Punk starts hitting Henry with a series of elbows for another near fall. Henry slowly gets to his knees, and Punk starts hitting those stiff kicks to the face, as Henry goes back down again. Punk drives the knees into Henry, but Henry starts Hulking Up, and then hits multiple head butts on Punk, followed up with the avalanche in the corner. The World’s Strongest Man goes for a corner splash, but misses and Punk with the running knee, but counters the bulldog. As the ref is distracted with Punk, who just missed running him over, Luke nails Henry from behind and then Punk hits the high kick for the win. 3/5 not a bad match, considering it was Henry. We now have our elite eight for next week, as CM Punk is joined by Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, Vance Archer, Ezekiel Jackson, Yoshi Tatsu, Shelton Benjamin and Kane. I hope either Jackson or Archer wins, but I assume Punk is going to win. Should be an interesting match next week.

Match Recap

  1. Shelton Benjamin beat Chavo Guerrero 3.75/5
  2. Ezekiel Jackson beat Vladimir Kozlov 3/5
  3. CM Punk pinned Mark Henry 3/5

An average episode of ECW, but next week’s battle royal should be good. There is no Impact this week, which sucks, so next up is Superstars and then Smackdown. Thanks for reading.


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