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Monday Night RAW: RAW is Bret
January 6, 2010, 12:35 pm
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WWE Monday Night RAW – January 4, 2010

Tonight we see the return of Bret Hart to the WWE, in what should be a great night. TNA had their big Monday night show as well, and it was amazing, so let’s see if WWE can come close to that.

We open RAW with the same Bret Hart video from last week’s RAW showing his various title wins, which then segues into the Survivor Series 1997 screw-job. Still amazed it’s been twelve years since that night, time sure does fly. We go live to the arena and Justin Roberts introduces this week’s guest host.

  1. Bret “Hitman” Hart introduced and the crowd explodes as he makes his way to the ring. Bret starts out by saying Hell must have froze over. He says people may wonder why he’s on Raw tonight, he says it’s been twelve years and it’s amazing to be back. Bret says every time he wanted to come back Vince would not let him, he says he’s grateful for having this moment as the fans chant “Welcome Back”. Bret looks genuinely touched by the crowd reaction, as he says this is his chance to say thank you to the fans. He says he owes everything to the fans for never forgetting him. Bret says he’s flooded with so many memories, as mentions being attacked by the King after winning KOTR. He says the first thing he wants to do is bring out Shawn Michaels, and out comes HBK, as it’s been 12 years they’ve both been in the ring together this should be interesting. They begin by staring at each other, and Bret says it’s time to bury the hatchet and call for a truce. Shawn says before Bret gets any closure there is something Shawn wants to say, Shawn says Bret deserved what happened in Montreal. Shawn says Bret disrespected Shawn and the business, as Shawn admits he was involved in the screw-job. The fans chant “You screwed Bret”, as Shawn continues by saying he part of him doesn’t regret it. Shawn says a lot has changed, and he always respected Bret, but felt Bret didn’t respect him. Shawn continues by saying when he thinks of Bret he doesn’t think of Montreal, but of Anaheim and the sixty minute match. Shawn says the two of them redefined the business and everything the business stood for, as he says Bret’s not the only one who’s been carrying it around and is ready to move on. Shawn asks Bret if he’s ready to bury the hatchet, and Bret says Shawn wasn’t easy to be around either and now is a good time to look each other in the eye and say they can be friends. Bret then puts out the hand and asks Shawn to shake his hand, and Shawn shakes Bret’s hand to the amazement of the crowd. Shawn starts to leave the ring, and suddenly turns back to Bret and they hug in the middle of the ring! I’m surprised I figured one would hit the other, as Bret says one more thing he wants to ask as he wants one more person to come on down, Bret asks Vince to come down. Bret stands in the middle of the ring waiting for Vince and he never comes out and we get a rundown of tonight’s matches. We go backstage to Vince McMahon with Josh Matthews, as Josh asks Vince about Bret’s comments. Vince asks what Bret said, and Josh says Bret called him out. Vince says if Bret wants a public discussion they do it on his terms, and he will call Bret out later as we go back to Cole & Lawler at ringside. Michael Cole announces the injury to Melina and the vacating of the Diva title, and the tournament starts tonight.
  2. Maryse v. Brie Bella. Really, Brie Bella was the best they could do for a challenger. This shows why WWE’s female division sucks compared to TNA’s. Maryse had better win quickly, that’s all I have to say. Maryse slaps Brie and then runs for cover, she then looks at Nikki and gets nailed by Brie. Brie knocks Maryse’s head into the buckle and tosses her by the hair. Brie hits a dropkick and Maryse slides out of the ring and gets rammed into the table by Nikki. Brie throws Maryse back in and rolls her up, Brie messes up a move and gets tossed down by Maryse, who the pounds Brie’s head in the mat. As the ref is distracted the Bella’s switch positions, but Maryse hits the French Kiss on Nikki for the win. 2.5/5 average WWE diva match, which means barely watchable.  Maryse makes her way to the next round of the Diva tournament, and as she head up the ramp out comes The Miz! Miz congratulates Maryse on her win and says if she wins he might call her back. Miz then makes his way to the ring for the next match.
  3. MVP v. Jack Swagger v. Mark Henry v. Carlito. The winner of this fatal four way match will face the Miz at a later date. We go to commercial after Swagger’s intro and come back to Carlito & Swagger pounding on MVP, we see Carlito throwing Henry into the post during the commercial. Swagger and Carlito going at it, and Carlito nailed with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Swagger now with a belly to belly Suplex on MVP for a near fall. Swagger with a pair of knees to Carlito and whips him in the corner, then tosses MVP into Carlito and hits a splash on Carlito as Henry comes back in and takes out Swagger. MVP gets tossed over the top by Henry and then Swagger gets clotheslined, Henry head butts Carlito as Henry is taking out all three men. Henry locks in the bear hug on Carlito and Swagger saves Carlito and the match. Swagger up on the shoulders of Henry, but MVP hits the big boot on Henry, and both Swagger & Henry out of the ring. As Swagger comes in, MVP throws Carlito into him and hits the Playmaker on Swagger for the win. 3.5/5 a very impressive fatal four way match, as we now have MVP v. Miz for the US title, which will probably be next week. We go backstage to Jerishow, as Big Show says this is their last chance to win the title, Jericho says he has a plan as he is going to visit the guest host. We come back from commercial to Bret Hart and Chris Jericho, as they shake hands. Jericho says he knows the real Bret Hart and knows he hates Shawn Michaels. Bret asks what his idea is; Jericho says he wants Bret to be the referee tonight and do to Shawn what Shawn did to him in 1997. Bret says he doesn’t want anything to do with Montreal anymore and he wants peace, Jericho asks if this is an act and Bret says it is not. Bret says he meant what he said and Montreal is over and he will not help Jericho tonight. Bret says no one screamed like no one else has screamed in the dungeon and Jericho storms off. Now we get the weekly D-X and Hornswoggle toy ads, whatever, this is just a waste of air time. The only good part is Santino pretending to be Chris Jericho, Santino is pure gold.
  4. D-X v. Jerishow. D-X comes out with Hornswoggle; I was hoping Bret was going to make this a three way with the Hart Dynasty, but guess that’s too much to hope for. I’m not expecting much from this match, with Hornswoggle out there. Big Show starts out with Shawn, and Shawn uses his speed to avoid Show, but eats a headbutt. D-X goes for a double Suplex, but Show counters the move as we go to commercial. We come back to Jericho standing over Triple H, and Show tagged in. Show gets caught by Triple H and hits the face buster on Show, but Show comes back with the sidewalk slam. Big Show walks over top of Triple H, then stands over Triple H before dropping the leg for a near fall. Big Show continues pounding on Triple H and then tags in Chris Jericho, as Jericho mocks Hulk Hogan now. Jericho gets caught coming off the ropes, as Triple H hits the spinebuster, way to show that moveset Hunter. Jericho makes the tag, and Big Show cuts off Triple H from making the tag, than slams the Game down. Show climbs the ropes and misses the Vader Bomb. Triple H crawls his way over to Shawn, and makes the tag and Shawn starts chopping Big Show and hits a forearm. Shawn just unable to knock down the big man, until he dropkicks Show in the knee. Shawn nails Jericho and climbs the ropes, Jericho pulls him down and Horny runs over Show, as Shawn makes the cover but Show kicks out with power. Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music, countered into a chokeslam, and Show gets a near fall, that should’ve been the end of the match. Jericho comes in and goes for the lionsault, but Shawn gets the knees up and tags in Triple H. HHH comes in and pedigrees Jericho for a near fall, as Show makes the save. Show gets hits with a pedigree, but wisely rolls out of the ring. Jericho slides in and pushes HHH into Shawn and rolls HHH up for another near fall. Jericho hits a quick Codebreaker on Triple H, and both men are down. Jericho makes a cover, but Shawn able to save the match, and Horny back in the ring. Horny gets kicked by Jericho, as he turns around he gets set up for pedigree, Jericho counters into the walls, and Shawn hits the Sweet Chin Music for the win. 2.5/5 of course D-X wins, would anyone expect any less. Raw loses its best worker as Jericho goes back to Smackdown. What a stupid move by the WWE, but what else is new. Never expect Shawn or HHH to do what’s good for business, only what’s good for themselves. Triple H says goodbye to Jericho as he is now off of RAW for good. Big Show stands over Jericho and looks down at him as Shawn does the usual D-X spiel. Big Show just walks away from a fallen Chris Jericho as Jericho struggles to get up. Jericho should never have come back to WWE, should’ve gone to TNA when he had a chance as all they do here is humiliate the poor guy. D-X lead the crowd in chanting “na-na-na-na hey-hey goodbye” at Jericho as he walks up the ramp. So who will D-X feud with now, maybe they can bring back the New Age Outlaws, that sounds like something boring and lame, exactly what WWE would do? We go backstage to Vince McMahon’s locker room as Orton knocks on the door and tells Vince he has an offer for him. Vince says what Bret did to him is nothing compared to what Orton has done to his family. Orton says Bret is the one legend he has never laid to rest, and he wants his shot at Bret, Vince asks what’s in it for Orton. Orton responds by saying if he finishes off Bret, he gets number 30 in the Rumble. Vince says he has his own security and tells Orton to stay away from Vince. Orton then runs into Legacy, Cody says Randy has inspired them, as Ted says they will sit ringside tonight for Orton’s match. Cody continues by saying if he doesn’t win tonight, they will kick him out of Legacy. Next week’s guest host, Mike Tyson, yeah that’s going to put asses in the seats.
  5. Sheamus comes out with his World Title, as John Cena is not here tonight, so I don’t know what they plan to do with Sheamus tonight. Sheamus says last week Cena could not beat him, and Cena can make all the excuses he wants but the last image of 09 was Sheamus standing over Cena still champion.  Sheamus’ next title match will be at the Rumble, but will not be against Cena, as he wants a new challenge. Sheamus say Bret may have been best there was, but he is best there is or ever will be. Sheamus challenges anyone to step in the ring, and out comes Evan Bourne, he’s a dead man. Evan grabs the mic, and slides out of the ring, and says the only reason he got the title is because he got an opportunity. Evan says if he gets the same opportunity he can beat Sheamus and he wants the opportunity now. Sheamus responds by making fun of Evan’s size and tells Evan let’s get a ref out here now, and do this match. Sheamus says if Evan beats him tonight, he’ll defend against him at the Rumble.
  6. Evan Bourne v. Sheamus. Evan quickly starts with a series of kicks on Sheamus and hits the flying knees, Evan climbs the ropes. Evan hits Air Bourne and gets a near fall on the champion. Evan climbs back up and gets caught coming down and gets tossed by Sheamus. Sheamus with a club to the back of the head; then drops a series of knees as the monkeys chant Cena. Sheamus then hits the pump kick, than nails Evan with the Razor’s Edge, which really needs a name, for the win. 1/5 other than the opening onslaught this was a squash match. Was really hoping Evan was going to win and have someone new to challenge the champ. Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler mention the passing of Dr Death Steve Williams, which was cool of WWE considering how briefly he was in WWE. Once again we go back to the Survivor Series 97 screw-job, ok enough of this, seriously how many times they have to show this.
  7. Kofi Kingston v. Randy Orton. So I guess this means that we only have one match in the Diva tournament tonight? That and what the hell happened to the Hart Dynasty and Natalya, I thought they were supposed to be on here? Kofi quickly pounds on Orton, but gets nailed by Orton’s boot, Orton with a headlock and powers Kofi down. We get a look at Legacy at ringside, as Kofi whips Randy in and hits the splash in the corner, then gets clothesline out of the ring. Kofi hits a baseball slide on Orton and throws him back in the ring. Orton catches Kofi coming in and goes for the DDT, but Kofi counters into a backdrop as we go to commercial. We come back to Orton with what else, a chinlock, on Kofi Kingston. Orton hits a short arm clothesline on Kingston and then stomps the midsection of Kingston, as Orton has slowed the match down. Randy slams Kofi’s head into the turnbuckle and pounds Kingston in the corner, as the ref pulls Orton back. Orton hits a hotshot on Kingston for a near fall as Kingston will not stay down. Orton back to the chinlock, of course, Kofi fights back and whips Orton to the ropes. Both men collide in the center of the ring as both went for a cross body. Now Kofi has the advantage as he hits a series of chops on Orton, then the side Russian leg sweep. Kofi then nails the Boom Drop and signals for Trouble in Paradise but Orton rolls out, so Kingston dives on top as Legacy suddenly rise up. Kingston rolls Randy in and hits a body press for a near fall, Kingston picks up Orton but gets tossed in the ropes. Kofi counters RKO and hits the SOS for a near fall. Kingston picks up Orton and counters the RKO into a Trouble in Paradise which is blocked. Orton hits the RKO and scores the win. 4/5 great match, and a great way to end RAW this week, but we still have Vince confronting Bret. Very impressive match, but I think Kofi really needed the win.
  8. Vince McMahon comes down to the ring to call out Bret Hart. Vince wishes the crowd a happy New Year and says he has no reason to call out Bret Hart as Bret and Shawn have buried the hatchet. Vince says he wants to thank Bret for being guest host and then mentions next week’s host will be Mike Tyson. Bret Hart makes his way down to the ring, and takes off his jacket. Vince says he knows what Bret is thinking and what people want to see, they want to see Bret apply the sharpshooter. Vince wants Bret to be the better man tonight, and wants to get things off his chest. Vince then says Bret screwed Bret, and Vince won’t forget Bret spitting in his face and punching him backstage. Vince says he won’t forget Bret disrespecting him at the Hall of Fame, and all the comments from Bret over the years. Vince wants to hear what Bret has to say, and he wants Bret to say he’s sorry to Vince. Bret asks for a microphone, and says he can think of a lot of things to say to Vince, but wants to bury the hatchet tonight. Bret says he feels he is halfway there, as he got what he wanted from Shawn, and he just wants closure with Vince. Bret tells Vince he wants it as bad as Bret does. Vince says what he thought he wanted was to kick Bret in the gut, but in the interest of putting this behind this Vince wants it as bad as Bret does. Vince reminisces about Wrestlemania II with Bret in the ring with Andre the Giant; Vince says he knew Bret was the future even back then. Vince tells Bret he gave him the opportunity to be a star, and Bret did it by fighting his way to the top. Vince says he was a father figure to Bret Hart and that’s why Montreal hurt so badly. Vince says he wants to nominate Stu Hart into the Hall of Fame this year, and Bret says he appreciates that and thanks Vince for that.  Vince says he wants to thank Bret for everything he did in the WWE, every moment he gave the crowd, and just for being himself tonight and finally for being the best there is, best there was and best there ever will be. Vince then sticks out a hand, and Bret shakes the hand, and Vince raises Bret’s arms in the air. Vince then kicks Bret Hart in the groin and walks out of the ring as the crowd boos Vince McMahon. Vince looks back from the top of the ramp as Bret is standing up in the ring as the show ends.

Match Recap

  1. Maryse beat Brie Bella 2.5/5
  2. MVP won a fatal four way 3.5/5
  3. D-X beat Jerishow 2.5/5
  4. Sheamus squashed Evan Bourne 1/5
  5. Kofi Kingston pinned by Randy Orton 4/5

Overall, not as good as I expected with Bret Hart, kind of a letdown. That and why not just do a battle royal to put the Diva title on Maryse, you know that’s where it’s going to go anyway. At least the fatal four way match and the main event were good, but five matches in two hours, they should’ve given more time for Maryse or a different match or something. How do you do a tournament and not announce brackets?


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