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TNA Impact: The Monday Night Invasion!

TNA Impact – January 4, 2010

The biggest night in TNA history is finally here, as Hulk Hogan joins the TNA roster tonight. The only announced matches tonight are Hamada & Kong/Wilde & Sarita and ODB/Tara plus the X title in a cage match. As long as the night doesn’t end with Hulk Hogan holding the TNA title, I’ll be happy, so let’s get this show started!
We open the show with the recap from the previous eight years of TNA including Sting, Angle, AJ, Ken Shamrock, etc plus highlights of the Hulk Hogan press conference. Mike Tenay and Tazz open the show, with a sea of red and yellow, as they run down tonight’s card. They then announce the newest backstage interviewer Bubba the Love Sponge, who we see outside the arena talking to fans. The fans are chanting Hogan and lots of people knocking WWE and Vince McMahon, how many of these fans were screened first?

1. Alex Shelly v. Chris Sabin v. Homicide v. Kiyoshi v. Jay Lethal v. Consequences Creed v. Suicide v. Amazing Red. Steel Asylum match for the X Title. We start out with the usual chaos that is SA, Lethal Consequences start out double teaming Sabin. Shelly makes his way up the cage as does Lethal who gets caught by Kiyoshi. Shelly is almost to the top, but Lethal spots him and tries to pull him down, as they fight on the cage. Tazz says so much action hard to follow, and I agree it’s just too fast paced to keep up with. Suicide climbs up but the champ, Red, catches him as they battle it out. Amazing Red hits a Hurricanrana on Sabin from up top; Homicide pulls out the baton and cracks his own partner with it. The match is ruled a no contest and the crowd boos this announcement. 2/5 not a good way to start the show as the fans chant “This is bullshit” and I agree. Homicide makes his way up after the bell and gets taken down as everyone starts climbing up the cage as the bell goes nuts. We get some new music, and it’s the debut of Jeff Hardy as the place erupts!!! Jeff makes his way through the crowd and gets caught by Homicide who jumps Hardy and they brawl up the ramp. Jeff hits a Twist of Fate on Homicide on the ramp. Jeff climbs to the top of the Steel Asylum as the crowd is going crazy; Jeff looks strange with the short hair, but glad to see him in the better company! We come back from commercial as Jeff comes through the entrance to Shannon Moore who’s waiting for him. We go backstage to Kevin Nash who hypes up Hulk Hogan’s debut and says he’s excited for tonight.
2. Tara v. ODB. This is the rematch for the knockout title as ODB jumps Tara before the bell with a big boot. ODB starts chopping Tara but misses the charge in the corner, tries again and caught again, Tara with a lariat from the corner. Tara starts using the kicks to stagger ODB and then slams her hard, followed up by the standing moonsault for a near fall. Tara locks in the tarantula on ODB and then the flipping legdrop for another near fall. Tara gets caught in the corner but counters the TKO and goes for the Widow’s Peak. ODB counters into a quick rollup for the win and regains the title. 3/5 not a great match, seemed very rushed. After the bell Tara nails ODB with the Widow’s Peak and the pulls out Poison and puts it on top of ODB as she holds the belt up. We go backstage to a limo pulling into the Impact Zone and its Ric Flair making his way into the building. The crowd gets explodes again as Flair heads into AJ’s locker room!!!! The show earlier in the day with Christy Hemme outside with fans as Mick Foley is making his way into the building. Christy stops him and tells him he’s barred from the building, Foley says he wants to make a response.
3. Bobby Lashley & Krystal make their way to the ring and Krystal has the mic. Krystal says Lashley is a star not just in wrestling but MMA as well. She says no one matches Bobby in anything, as she makes fun of wrestling fans. The fans are booing the hell out of Krystal, as she yells at them to shut up. Krystal says Bobby wants his immediate release from TNA as they have better things to do and she throws the microphone down and they walk out of the ring. We go backstage to Madison Rayne who leads the camera to a room with Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich. Madison says ratings are everything, and that they are going to make ratings. They play a hand and realize they have no chips, so they’re going to play strip poker and when they lose everyone wins. We go outside to Scott Hall & Sean Waltman trying to get in the building but security won’t let them in. Hall grabs a security guard and starts to choke him as other security pulls them off as we go back to Tenay & Tazz. We see a motorcade pulling up to the arena along with a second limo, as someone gets out of one limo and into another. Suddenly we see Hall & Waltman making their way through the crowd, Hall is looking chunky!
4. Hulk Hogan gets introduced by the ring announcer to a huge ovation, as he makes his way down the ramp to the ring. We see Brooke in the crowd cheering her dad on as Hall & Waltman are applauding the Hulkster. Hulk says tonight they are making history tonight in TNA, he says he’s been in the back all day and plans to make TNA the number one company in the world. Hulk says this is the moment he’s been waiting for, he mentions the familiar faces as Sean & Hall try to get in the ring. Hulk finally notices Sean & Hall and tells security to back off, and tells them to let Hall & Sean in the ring. Hall has the mic and does his usual “Hey yo”, Hulk says if you have something to say, say it now. Scott says it’s time to party, and Hulk cuts him off and says it’s not going to be like that anymore. Sean now has the mic, and says it’s the same place and same people, and they want to party. Hulk responds by saying it’s going to be different this time, Hall asks Hogan if he wants to change the business. Hulk says it’s time to grow up and do the right thing for the business, as Hall bows to Hogan and says he paved the way for himself and Waltman. Hall says things will change with or without Hulk, and out comes Kevin Nash. Nash grabs the mic and says Hulk has a role to play tonight, to which Hulk says this is not a role. Kevin says he’s talked to Hulk for the last six weeks and that’s not the conversation they’ve been having as he asks Hulk when he turned corporate. Hulk responds by saying it’s a different time, as Hall and Waltman start to pull off their jackets. We get new music and out comes Eric Bischoff, who stands beside Hulk and says this brings back memories. Eric says the ring is full of guys who changed the business forever; Eric says he brought the four of them together the first time. Eric continues by saying there has been a communication breakdown, and that everybody has to earn their position in TNA. Nash says he hears him loud and clear and Nash, Hall and Waltman leave the ring. Hulk says in TNA everyone has to earn their spot, as past relationships mean nothing, the game will change now. Eric says they’ve done it before and they will do it again, he doesn’t care who it is, everyone is under the microscope tonight. We see Dixie at ringside, as Eric asks for the format for tonight’s show. So Cal Val brings it over to him, and Eric says this is what they thought they were going to do, then he rips it to pieces and hands Val the new format for tonight. Eric says they will turn this company upside down starting right now, and Hulk says if you can’t talk or wrestle than go up north. Suddenly we see Sting up in the rafters watching Hulk and Eric in the ring.
5. Hamada & Awesome Kong v. Taylor Wilde & Sarita. Mike Tenay mentions that Hamada has beaten both members of the tag champs in separate matches and earned this match. We start with Hamada & Sarita in the ring; neither woman can get an advantage. Sarita hits the arm drag, and Hamada with a leg sweep, Sarita comes back with DDT and tags Wilde. Wide with a top rope arm drag, but gets hit with a knee. We go backstage to see the Motor City Machine Guns laid out in the back. Taylor & Sarita go for a double team on Kong, but countered. Sarita gets hit with the Samoan Drop on Sarita for a near fall. Taylor with a series of dropkicks, finally the double dropkick knocks Kong out of the ring. Taylor & Sarita do the double dive on Kong & Hamada as we go to commercial. We come back to Hamada & Kong working over Wilde in the ring, Hamada with a vicious kick on Wilde and she continues to pound Wilde down. Hamada makes the tag to Awesome Kong who just powers Taylor down as she tries to make the tag. Taylor counters the powerbomb and hits a Codebreaker then she tags in Sarita. Sarita with a spring board dropkick but nailed by Hamada. Sarita counters the double team, but Wilde with a Hurricanrana on Hamada. Kong sits on Sarita for a near fall, as Taylor makes the save. Taylor tossed into the steel post by Hamada, Kong lifts Sarita up top and Hamada with a dropkick/Awesome Bomb combo for the win and titles. 4.5/5 great tag match, sad to see my girls lose the belts, but what a great match. We go back to The Beautiful People in their bras and panties playing poker, and out comes Val Venis to join the game. Val says if you want ratings, let’s go to a whole new level. Back to Foley who’s still trying to get in the Impact Zone as we see the Nasty Boys trying to make their way into the building?
6. Raven & Dr. Stevie v. Matt Morgan & Hernandez. Daffney looks great as usual, just saying is all! Well, this is going to be a quick squash match I assume, winner faces tag champs at Genesis. Raven starts quick with Hernandez and gets knocked down quickly and makes a tag to Stevie. Stevie with a pair of kicks on Matt, but Matt with the Carbon Footprint for the win. 1/5 a quick squash match as I expected. Backstage to D’Angelo with Christy Hemme. Dinero says Hulk wants to see him in the ring, that doesn’t surprise the Pope, but what does is that Hemme hasn’t gone for him yet. Dinero says he will get to the top of the mountain and will take down Desmond Wolfe tonight, as Orlando Jordan suddenly appears and asks if anyone has seen Hulk Hogan. Orlando tells Dinero that he reminds him of himself.
7. Desmond Wolfe v. D’Angelo Dinero. This should be a good match, Dinero is a great athlete and I’m impressed with Desmond. He’s been amazing since he debuted here in TNA. Desmond starts with a go behind and locks in the wrist lock on Dinero. Dinero counters the Irish whip and hits a clothesline, but Wolfe comes back with the hammerlock drop on Dinero. Desmond whips the Pope into the corner shoulder first, and follows up with a big back drop and goes back to the arm of Dinero. Dinero able to get the offense and hits a vertical dropping elbow, but looks to the crowd and gets nailed with arm drop again, but Dinero counters the Tower of London. Dinero hits the uppercut and rolls up Wolfe for the upset win. 4/5 great match, was more than I typed, but could not keep up with it. We go backstage to Jarrett arriving at Impact. We come back from commercial to find Rhino laid out now. Mike & Tazz go over all the big surprises so far tonight and recap the Hulk Hogan segment and my copy freezes at this point, and now I have to find another copy. Well, that took two hours, but I got another copy, so let’s finish the show. This version did it at the exact same spot, but I was able to get it going again, seems an AJ interview.
8. Jeff Jarrett makes his way down the ramp, to a loud ovation from the Impact Zone. The crowd gives Jeff a nice welcome back chant, as Jeff says it feels great being back home in the Impact Zone. Jeff goes over the history of TNA, as he talks about the critics saying TNA wouldn’t last six weeks or six months, but TNA made it to Monday night for the biggest night in TNA history. Jeff talks about giving young guys a chance, like Beer Money, MCMG, Daniels, Joe and AJ Styles. Jeff says anything can and will happen in TNA. Hogan cuts off Jarrett and says that’s enough talking as Hulk says Jarrett may have started the company, but he’s also the one killing it. Hulk says the company has been restricted and he is the new partner of the company, and the young guys will get the push. We go back to Christy Hemme standing by with Daniels, as she mentions Daniels should worry about his future. As Daniels starts to talk, JB cuts off the interview and says Mick is making his way in. We go to Jeff Hardy & Shannon Moore getting ready for a meeting with someone, assumed to be Hogan.
9. Abyss v. Rhino. Well with Rhino being laid out earlier, I guess this what they call bait & switch, as now it’s Abyss v. Samoa Joe. Joe starts out quickly on Abyss, pounding him in the corner, than hits an enziguri. Joe runs into the big boot of Abyss, but quickly rolls out of the ring. Joe grabs a chair and misses Abyss, and Abyss rolls Joe back in the ring. Abyss whips Joe in, but gets caught with a kick, and now Joe hits the running kick, then the senton for a near fall. We see Sting backstage now, as the match continues. Joe comes off the ropes, and Abyss catches him with the chokeslam, but Joe counters. Joe clotheslined and sent in the corner, Abyss splashes him in the corner and hits a side slam for another near fall. Joe in the corner catches Abyss running in and hits the thrust kick for a near fall, then the big forearm and Abyss doesn’t move. Joe climbs to the second rope and dives but gets caught in the chokeslam from Abyss for a near fall, Joe rolls out of the ring. Abyss tries to pull Joe in and the ref pulls him back, Abyss pushes the ref back and Joe hits Abyss in the head with the chair. Joe locks in the Clutch on the monster, and Abyss has no choice but to tap out. 3.75/5 a very physical match, nice brawl. We go backstage to Eric Bischoff & Krystal, as Krystal asks about Lashley’s release. Krystal demands a meeting with Hulk Hogan, and Eric starts laughing and tells her to get a number. Eric tells her to check the attitude at the door; Krystal then threatens Bischoff and says they’re losing the biggest star, yeah right. Backstage again to find Beer Money Inc laid out now. Once again we see the Nasty Boys trying to get in the building, and Bubba gets involved and distracts security so the Nasty Boys can get in. We now go to Kurt Angle backstage readying for his title match with AJ Styles tonight. After the commercial we see Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore being mobbed by three twelve year olds, isn’t that Cena’s fan base? The Nasty Boys are now in the locker room who trash the locker room and call out the Dudley’s who are in Japan.
10. AJ Styles v. Kurt Angle. AJ starts with a headlock as we get dueling chants right away, Angle with a hammerlock reversal, and whips in AJ. AJ comes back with a dropkick and Kurt slides out slide and AJ flies out after Angle. Both men back in the ring and the ref goes down. We get the masked man who attacks AJ, and Angle saves Styles knocking the masked man out of the ring. Security gets rid of the masked man, and Angle hits the running turnbuckle powerbomb on AJ as we go to commercial. We come back, and Angle has the chinlock on AJ, AJ fights out with a series of back elbows, AJ charges in and gets caught. AJ able to come back with a backbreaker on Angle and AJ goes for the springboard forearm but gets caught in a belly to belly Suplex. Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, countered to the discus clothesline for a near fall. AJ readies for the Styles Clash, countered into a slingshot into the rolling German Suplexes. AJ goes for the Pele, countered to the Ankle Lock, but AJ rolls through. AJ hits the Pele and gets a near fall as the crowd is going nuts; the crowd is louder here than during the boring Shawn/Undertaker match at Wrestlemania. AJ misses the running forearm and hits the buckle; Angle hits the Olympic Slam and gets a near fall. AJ comes back with the springboard forearm, but gets caught on the top rope, and Angle hits the top rope arm drag. Angle climbs the ropes and misses the frog splash, as AJ rolls out of the way. AJ hits the Styles Clash for the near fall, as Angle surprisingly kicks out of the Styles Clash. AJ goes for a second Styles Clash but Angle overpowers, but AJ rolls though and Angle goes for the Ankle Lock on Styles. AJ able to counter and gets caught in a flipping German Suplex for another near fall, Angle picks up AJ and whips him in, but gets caught and AJ hits the inverted DDT and Angle kicks out again. AJ slowly climbs the ropes and once again gets caught up top, and Angle climbs up with him. Angle goes for the superplex and hits the top rope Olympic Slam instead and almost wins the title. Angle once again goes for the Ankle Lock, but AJ kicks him off into the buckle and hits the enziguri and AJ hits the Styles Clash again but Angle kicks out again! AJ goes for it for a third time, but Angle locks in the submission on Styles, but Ric Flair suddenly appears at the top of the ramp, Angle releases the hold and runs into the corner. AJ hits a springboard splash and almost scores the win, as Flair watches on. AJ sets Angle for the Styles Clash again, but countered to the Ankle Lock, countered again and another Styles Clash from the champion. AJ sets Angle up and goes for the springboard flip splash and scores the win! 5/5 now that’s a main event for TV, better than anything from WWE in all of 2009. Best match I’ve seen since Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio from Halloween Havoc 97! After the match Angle raised the hand of AJ Styles, and then out comes Hulk Hogan. Hulk says AJ & Angle are the two greatest wrestlers in this business today, and I agree. Hulk says AJ raised the TNA bar to another level, and this will continue as TNA made history tonight. Hulk says his is the greatest rise in history as someone says something to Hogan and he takes off. Foley is backstage and busts in on the strip poker game, Val says he is not intimidated by Foley. Val directs Foley to where Hogan is, and Foley goes in the office and the chair turns around and Eric is sitting in the chair. Eric says Foley’s executive share holder isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and Foley needs to wrestle to keep his spot. Foley says he will never work for Eric Bischoff, and he will give Eric a reason to fire him. He goes to hit Bischoff and is attacked by Nash, Hall and Waltman who beat the crap out of Foley as Hogan looks on.

Match Recap
1. Steel Asylum match goes to no contest 2/5
2. Tara pinned by ODB 3/5
3. Hamada & Awesome Kong beat Taylor Wilde & Sarita 4.5/5
4. Raven & Dr Stevie squashed by Hernandez & Matt Morgan 1/5
5. Desmond Wolfe upset by D’Angelo Dinero 4/5
6. Samoa Joe beat Abyss 3.75/5
7. AJ Styles pinned Kurt Angle 5/5

The show started out rocky, but picked up as it went along. The AJ/Angle match was simply amazing and made the whole show and the night.


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