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TNA Impact: The night the Knockouts kicked ass!
January 4, 2010, 10:14 am
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TNA Impact – January 1, 2010

It’s a new year, a new decade and on Monday it will be a new TNA. Will it be a good thing or the death knell of TNA is yet to be determined? Monday night will be the turning point of TNA, with Hulk Hogan, RVD, and others making their way in. The question is, will they work harmoniously with the current talent, or will we see a remake of WCW with the young talent pushed aside? Being a huge fan of TNA I sincerely hope for the first option, but right now we have to wait and see. Tonight’s TNA is a special four hour episode, with the knockouts and the best matches of 2009. This should be a great show, so let’s get it started with New Year’s Knockout Eve!!! Is it too soon to start a chant for Taylor Wilde?

Tazz & Mike Tenay open the show, and we see the brackets for the tournament. The opening round is Madison Rayne v. Hamada, Velvet Sky v. Roxxi, and Traci Brooks v. ODB & Awesome Kong v. Daffney. Well, it doesn’t look good for Daffney; my predictions are Madison v. Velvet, Kong v. ODB, Kong v. Madison with Kong winning to face Tara. Now my question, where the hell is Taylor Wilde, Sarita, Lacey Von Erich & Alissa Flash? Plus Desmond v. Angle, Styles v. Sting & Joe v. AJ v. Daniels will air tonight as well!

  1. Madison Rayne v. Hamada. We start with the most talented member of The Beautiful People facing off against the very talented Hamada. Amazing, the crowd has already started a Hamada chant! Hey Vince, this is how you book your women, pay attention monkey! Madison with a nice inside roll to start, Madison is very rapidly improving. Hamada with a go behind, into a wrist lock as she works over Rayne’s right arm. Madison with a very nice reversal from the hammerlock, as Madison gets in Hamada’s face and eats a big boot. Hamada elevated to the apron, and grabs the arm and does a cooler version of Undertaker’s Old School. Madison able to counter and chokes down Hamada, Madison whips her in and another boot. Madison able to flip Hamada down poses and goes for a pin, but the pose costs her. Rayne able to hit a nice neckbreaker for a near fall and now Madison starts pounding Hamada’s head into the mat. Hamada catches Madison again with the big boot for the third time, and both are down. Hamada hits another side kick, now Hamada starts chopping the very nice chest of Madison. Madison is down and Hamada goes for the moonsault, but Rayne moves, however Hamada lands on her feet. Madison goes for the DDT, countered with that big spin kick to the face. Hamada hits the Hamada Driver for the big win! 4/5 Amazing match, Hamada is phenomenal and Madison just gets better every week. What a freaking great way to open the show. We go backstage to Christy Hemme with the TNA Knockout Champion, Tara. Tara says she will represent the knockouts with pride, honor and class. Christy asks about the brackets and Tara says she will be confident no matter who she faces on Monday night. Tara says she has a surprise as she will be introducing the top three matches of the year, which they make it sound like it should be a surprise. Mike already ruined the surprise Tara as he went over the three matches already, nice job TNA. We see the recap of Tara winning the title from the PPV.
  2. Traci Brooks v. ODB. No one can fill out a TNA shirt quite like Traci Brooks can, if you haven’t seen the Playboy photos of Traci yet, go find them, she looks amazingly hot! ODB another WWE failure, WWE had her and had no idea what to do with her, so she got released came to TNA and became a star. WWE didn’t like her probably because she didn’t fit their narrow view of a Diva, like Kelly & Rosa; you know a size 0 with a talent level of 0. ODB starts the match quickly by attacking Traci before the bell, spitting the booze in the face of Brooks. She then knocks Traci down and starts to work on Traci’s bad arm. Traci snaps and starts pounding ODB in the corner, but gets hit with a big boot/bulldog combo. ODB goes back to working over the bad arm of Traci, as we see a little too much of ODB’s ass. Traci gets nailed with a shoulder breaker by ODB, and ODB finally taken down as Traci pulls her legs out. Traci goes for the whip to the corner, countered to an arm breaker, ODB gets Traci on her shoulders, but Traci counters and hits a beautiful spear on ODB, as ODB almost falls out of her shirt. Traci starts hitting the chops on ODB’s enormous chest, and pulls her down by the hair. Traci pulls of her shirt, as Tazz points out her big ones, than hits a big lariat for a near fall. Brooks gets rammed into the buckle and ODB charges in and eats an elbow. Traci gets caught up top and pulled down by her bad arm, then picked up and ODB hits the TKO for the win. 3.5/5 a very good match, Traci has so much untapped talent and ODB is just awesome. I got to say, this show has been great, it’s blowing away pretty much every RAW in 2009 and probably all of 2010 too. We go back to Christy with TBP, Christy points out Madison lost. Madison snaps and says she can beat Hamada any day, Christy says not tonight. Velvet points out if Madison won, they’d have to face off and that wouldn’t have happened as Madison lost on purpose. Lacey says Christy is only there because Lauren got fired for attacking her. Christy points out she deserved it, as Lacey says she only had to say four words to management “Unsafe Work Environment”.  Lacey needs to go away, and bring back Angelina Love, hopefully Monday night.
  3. Roxxi v. Velvet Sky. Roxxi looks great, but I miss her long curls, and well Velvet always looks hot, but I want to see Taylor Wilde damn it. Velvet comes out in my favorite color, purple, and looks freaking stunning. Velvet starts out quick ramming Roxxi’s head into the buckle and starts to choke her, Velvet with a Stinger Splash/bulldog combo for a near fall; does everyone do that combo now? Velvet mounts Roxxi and pounds her face, then a nice porno cover for another fall. Sky with an abdominal stretch with a bite, but Roxxi counters out and both girls down. Roxxi starts to make a comeback with a series of forearms, then a nice reverse elbow in the corner, big boot for a near fall. Velvet goes for the DDT, countered into the Voodoo Drop for the win. 3.5/5 very fast paced match, but a little short. Very surprised both of The Beautiful People out in the first round. We go to JB at ringside with Roxxi, who’s in the semifinals now. Roxxi says she’s so happy to get rid of the trash, and says she respects Tara as Lacey comes out from behind and cracks Roxxi with the Ugly Stick. Lacey starts to choke Roxxi with the Stick as the refs able to pull her off, Velvet still down in the ring. Roxxi has to be helped up by the ref, I bet the pull Roxxi out due to injury. We get the recap of the return of Jeff Jarrett. We now go backstage to Tara who introduces the first match of the year, Desmond Wolfe v. Kurt Angle from Turning Point. I’m not recapping the matches from the PPV’s, might do the PPV’s inevitably though.
  4. Daffney v. Awesome Kong. I’m a huge fan of Daffney, but I don’t think she stands a chance in hell in this match. Daffney looking great in purple, although I always love the Zombie Hot, very nice! Daffney slows to get in the ring with the monstrous Awesome Kong, as the chants of “Kong’s gonna kill you” begin. Daffney hits a nice chop block on Kong, but gets powered down and Kong starts to chop Daffney’s chest. Daffney gets tossed across the ring, and now Kong starts to choke Daffney in the corner, than hits a huge elbow on the leg. Kong using her weight to keep Daffney down, Kong works over the knee of Daffney. Kong picks Daffney up on her shoulders, and uses Daffney’s foot to kick Daffney in the head. Nothing like getting your ass kicked by your foot, Daffney tries to get away and Kong stalks her like Michael Myers in Halloween. Kong gets caught coming back in the ring, and now Daffney has a chance for some offense as she stands on top of Kong and tries to pull her out of the corner but gets kicked away. Daffney misses the clothesline and gets nailed with the Implant Buster for the win. 3.5/5 it may have been a squash match, but it was still entertaining to me. Ok, so I’m biased for Daffney, deal with it. Second round is now set, as we have ODB v. Kong and Hamada v. Roxxi. I’m thinking ODB v. Roxxi in a rematch from a couple weeks ago. But then what, don’t really want to see ODB v. Tara again, but Roxxi just returned. Personally I’d like to see Hamada v. Tara for the title, but I think she’s the dark horse in the tournament now. We go to Christy with the gorgeous Taylor Wilde and the stunning Sarita. I just changed my header picture on my blog, but now I think I should’ve left Taylor Wilde up, she’s too freaking hot. Taylor mentions Sarita winning the body building championship, and will defend the title against Hamada and Kong on Monday. Well that spoils the second round as neither one will get to face Tara on Monday if they’re facing the tag champs. That was kind of stupid on TNA’s part having that interview there, should’ve waited till after the second round ends. Now we know that if either Kong or Hamada make it to the finals they’re not winning. Kind of spoiled the whole show for me, damn. We now get a recap of the Final Resolution PPV, which was amazing.
  5. Lorelei & April Hunter v. Taylor Wilde & Sarita. The British Invasion suddenly appears at the top of the ramp, and is making their way to the ring in their wrestling gear. Mike Tenay asks for subtitles for the champions, I agree. Wow, April Hunter, haven’t seen her in a long time, she still looks great though. The show has now been saved, after the previous spoilage as I get to see Taylor in the ring, and I’m as happy as can be now. Not too sure who this Lorelei chick is, must be from the independent scene, she’s not bad looking. Looks kind of like Lacey Von Erich, just hope she can wrestle better. Taylor & Sarita always have such a hot entrance, very sexy to watch. It’s my page and I can be as biased as I want when it comes to Taylor Wilde! Sarita & Lorelei start out with a nice sequence of moves; Sarita gets the advantage and drops an elbow before tagging in Wilde. Wilde with a nice dropkick, and moves away and Lorelei nails April. April comes in and catches Taylor in a spin slam, very nice. April tags Lorelei back in and a nice double team move, as Lorelei gets a near fall on Taylor. April back in and Taylor fights back up and hits a backstabber on Hunter and both ladies make the tag. Sarita works over the arm of Lorelei and avoids a charge from Hunter who hits the floor. Taylor tagged in and a nice double team move as Sarita holds Taylor up for a kick then flips on top of Lorelei for the win. 3.75/5 nice showing from the champions, and Lorelei and April impressed me. I’m just happy to see Taylor, looking forward to their defense on Monday night, should be great. Now we go back to Tara with match number two AJ Styles v. Samoa Joe v. Daniels, from Turning Point. Another amazing match, although their original triangle match was better.
  6. Roxxi v. Hamada. Roxxi comes out with her ribs taped, isn’t that copyrighted by DDP? Seriously how many times did he come out with the ribs taped on Nitro? This should be a great match up, both women are as tough as nails, but I think Roxxi is going to score the upset. Hamada starts out quick working the arm of Roxxi, who counters into an armbar of her own, which is countered into a leg sweep from Hamada. Hamada back to the arm, Roxxi rolls through and arm drags Hamada down, now both ladies circle each other. We get a test of strength, and Hamada is powering Roxxi down and then just drive her straight down, Hamada now moves to the ankle of Roxxi, Roxxi counters and goes for the cross arm breaker, Hamada able to make the ropes. This has been great so far, very impressive. They collide with shoulders and Hamada down, Hamada catches Roxxi with an arm drag and Roxxi responding in kind; both women go for the dropkick and another stalemate. Hamada kicks Roxxi in the injured ribs and locks in the octopus hold on Roxxi, working the injured ribs. Hamada releases the hold and climbs the ropes and hits a foot stomp to the back of Roxxi, Hamada now with a single leg crab as Roxxi is trying to fight back. Hamada pulls Roxxi up and starts to chop her, but Roxxi able to catch Hamada up and slams her, then hits the big boot for a near fall. Roxxi climbs the ropes, but gets caught, Hamada gets pushed back down but comes back with a huge kick and Roxxi is stuck on the top rope. Hamada climbs up with her and hits a top rope Hurricanrana for a near fall, Roxxi showing her intensity. Hamada up top again and a missile dropkick to the ribs, Roxxi  gets picked up on the shoulders, but rolls through and gets a near fall. Hamada with a spin kick and goes for Hamada Driver, countered to another near fall. Roxxi hits the Voodoo Drop, and another near fall as Hamada able to kick out. Roxxi picks Hamada up and gets a sideways rack, then drops her down for yet another near fall. The crowd is just going crazy, this is awesome. Roxxi goes for another Voodoo Drop, and Hamada counters with a series of head butts and rolls her for the victory! 4.5/5 that was one of the best matches with the women I’ve seen in a long time, simply amazing. I’d put that on par with Steamboat/Savage from Wrestlemania 3 for all the great near falls and counters.
  7. ODB v. Awesome Kong. The winner faces Hamada for the title shot Monday, which I assume has to be ODB now since Kong and Hamada are facing Wilde & Sarita Monday. Should be a very brutal match between these two powerhouses of the knockout division. ODB catches Kong on the ramp, and both ladies slugging it out on the ramp. Kong throws ODB back in, and ODB slides back out and gets caught and stomped down, ODB whipped into the steps as Kong continues to work over ODB. ODB finally able to get some offense and rams Kong’s head into the steps. ODB argues with the ref and turns into a vicious chop from Kong, followed by the short arm clothesline ala Jake Roberts. Both knockouts in the ring for the first time, finally, as Kong picks up ODB and slams her down but misses the big splash. ODB rolls her over for a pin attempt, but only gets a two count as we go to commercial. We come back and ODB is on Kong’s back with a sleeper, but Kong just rams her into the corner. ODB gets caught up top, but counters to the head butts to the buckle. ODB tries to knock down Kong with a series of shoulders, but Kong makes it to the corner. ODB hits a Stinger Splash in the corner, as Kong falls to the mat in the corner. ODB hits the Bronco Buster on Kong and tries to pull her into the middle of the ring, but Kong’s size making it hard, ODB gets a near fall. ODB goes for the slam, but Kong falls on top of her for a near fall, and now Kong sets up for the chokeslam, ODB counters but eats a pair of clotheslines. ODB falls in the corner, and Kong hits the butt splash in the corner like the late Umaga used to do. Kong goes for the powerbomb, but ODB slides over her head, Kong charges ODB in the corner but she moves and the ref gets squished. Kong grabs ODB and sets her for the Awesome Bomb, but ODB was able to grab her bottle in the corner, as she goes up she breaks the bottle on Kong’s head for the win. 3.75/5 great brawl, almost a hardcore style match. Would’ve been a four if it had been a clean finish. The finals are now set, Hamada v. ODB, which should be a good match, but the finish has been given away already. We go back to Tara who introduces the final match of the year, AJ Styles v. Sting from Bound for Glory. This was another great match; all three matches were amazing and great picks actually. All three matches were the best matches of the year in my opinion. After the Sting/AJ match they showed Sting’s entire speech, which was cool, I just wish that would’ve been his retirement, but I think he’ll be back.
  8. Hamada v. ODB. This is the finals of the tournament with the winner facing Tara on the big Monday night show. Would love to see Hamada score the upset, but that would mean she’d have two title matches in one night, doubt they’d do it. I really wanted Madison or Daffney to win personally, but it’s been a great tournament so far. Tazz calls it right a clash of styles and lifestyles in this match. ODB mocks Hamada by bowing, than slaps her, Hamada answers back with a series of shots on ODB, than counters a side slam with a Hurricanrana. Hamada hits a tornado DDT for a near fall, and ODB bails out for a breather as Hamada fires up the crowd, not that the crowd here needs to be fired up; they’ve been loud all night long. ODB stalls outside as Hamada is getting angry, ODB finally runs in and gets whipped in the corner; and Hamada just kicks her head off for another hear fall. Hamada with a series of rollups and near falls, she then slams ODB down and heads up top, but ODB sweeps her legs out and Hamada in the Tree of Woe as ODB stomps her as we go to commercial. We come back and ODB with a bear hug on Hamada, who’s fighting her way out, but gets taken down by the hair. ODB stomps the back of Hamada, then hits the fall away slam, but takes too long to make the cover and Hamada kicks out. ODB locks the bearhug back in on Hamada and starts to squeeze, ODB sets her in the corner but misses the charge and eats another lethal kick from Hamada. Both knockouts are down, as the ref starts the count, ODB first one up and Hamada follows as they start exchanging forearms, Hamada with a series of head butts and then chops ODB in the corner. ODB whips her in, Hamada springs to the second buckle and hits a moonsault for a near fall. ODB whipped in and eats another spin kick from Hamada for yet another near fall. Hamada give the sign for the Driver, but gets caught by ODB with a jaw breaker. Suddenly we see Kong coming down the ramp with a table, as ODB is distracted as Kong is setting up a table. ODB turns back to Hamada, as the refs send Kong to the back; Hamada hits the big kick on ODB knocking her to the floor. Hamada does the somersault dive from the apron on ODB who bounces off the cement floor. Hamada points to the table and positions it closer to the ring, as she holds her head, Hamada head butts ODB on the table. Hamada climbs to the top rope and hits the moonsault through the table, but ODB was able to roll out of the way. ODB rolls Hamada back in the ring and hits the TKO for the win. 4.5/5 another amazing match on one of the best damn wrestling show on TV ever. That was a hell of a match, and one of the best tournaments I’ve seen. We come back from commercial with JB in the ring with the new number one contender ODB who will face Tara on Monday. JB says he has an announcement that the title shot will be on Monday; yeah they’ve been saying that all night, not much of an announcement JB. ODB says she will leave with the title on Monday as she says she beat every knockout in TNA. JB says Kong may have something to say about that. ODB respond by telling JB to shut up and that Tara needs to go back where she came from. She makes fun of the pathetic WWE diva division, and I have to agree with her on that. This brings out the champ, Tara, who makes her way to the ring. Tara asks ODB if she was dancing when she kicked ODB’s ass at the PPV, and she says at least she doesn’t look like a truck stop restroom wall! Tara stands tall over ODB and says she came to be the champ, ODB says she’s a crybaby and a bitch. Tara slaps ODB, and the brawl begins as JB bails out of the ring.  Security comes out and pulls Tara and ODB apart as the show comes to an end.

Match Recap

  1. Hamada beat Madison Rayne 4/5
  2. ODB pinned Traci Brooks 3.5/5
  3. Roxxi upset Velvet Sky 3.5/5
  4. Awesome Kong crushed Daffney 3.5/5
  5. Taylor Wilde & Sarita beat April Hunter & Lorelei 3.75/5
  6. Hamada pinned Roxxi 4.5/5
  7. ODB beat Awesome Kong  3.75/5
  8. Hamada pinned by ODB 4.5/5

TNA just proved that a show with only the women can work, as long as the women have talent. This was an amazing show, with every match being great, even though the winner was revealed a little too early. I hope TNA kicks WWE’s ass on Monday and moves to Monday and then they can have a Knockout show on Thursdays. This is how you utilize your female wrestler Vince, watch and take notice. The WWE could do a show like this, if they tried. They have Beth, Jillian, Mickie, Gail, Melina, Katie Lea who could be the stars of the tournament and have Maryse and maybe Alicia Fox, and there’s your eight. Of course if WWE did it, each match would be under 5 minutes with D-X interviews and no focus on the ladies, so the point is pretty much moot. Once again, this was a great show and I say this is the must see show of 2009, it was taped in 2009. Probably the best show I’ve seen this year, bar none.


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