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Friday Night Smackdown: Beat the Clock returns
January 3, 2010, 11:15 am
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Friday Night Smackdown – January 1, 2010

Happy New Year readers, as we roll on through this busy week of wrestling. Tonight’s Smackdown is headlined by the Beat the Clock challenge, with the winner facing Undertaker at the Royal Rumble, plus an appearance from the Great Khali! They now seem to be going the Andre route with Khali as his matches are now considered a special appearance, OK. Should still be interesting, as long as Undertaker’s not facing Batista or Rey at the Rumble, although I have a feeling he’ll face both. I predict both guys win their matches in the same amount of time, and we get a draw leading to a three way match. Let’s see how bad my predictions are.

After seeing the recap from the last two weeks of Smackdown, the idea of a triple threat really looks obvious now. It must feel weird for Grisham to say Happy New Year when this was taped on December 29, 2009. The announcers go over the Beat the Clock and the IC title rematch tonight as we go to the ring.

  1. CM Punk & Luke Gallows come out to the ring. Here’s the man who should win the BTC challenge tonight, no one deserves the title more than Punk does. Of course since he deserves it, it won’t happen. Punk will probably be forced to job to Batista or Rey. Punk has the microphone and sits on the top rope; Punk asks who has made New Year’s resolutions as the crowd boos. Punk makes fun of a fat guy at ringside; Punk says he can save the people in the crowd as he mentions saving Luke. Punk asks the crowd to stand up and people at home to touch the screen as he tries to lead the crowd in a sermon. The crowd refuses to go along with Punk, and he threatens to beat up the entire crowd, well at least he didn’t threaten to stick his tongue down everyone’s throat ala Goldust in 96. CM Punk says next week he will save a soul in the audience, as I assume we’re bringing someone up from developmental to join Punk’s cult. I love this gimmick, he plays it so perfectly. Punk continues by saying he will win BTC and then the win the title and destroy Undertaker.
  2. Matt Hardy v. CM Punk. This is our first BTC match, and I bet Punk gets beaten. Matt comes down the ramp as we go to commercial, we come back to both guys ready in the ring for what should be a good match. Of course in a format like this, the matches will be quick, which is never great, but with these two it should be entertaining. Matt with a couple quick rollups, then goes for a wristlock on Punk, Punk fights out and misses a kick and gets taken down. Hardy with a couple kicks to the ribs, and works Punk in the corner. Matt with a nice front layout Suplex, almost like One Man Gang, Punk able to get a cheap shot, but gets nailed trying a springboard move. Hardy with a side Russian leg sweep, and gets caught in corner, as Punk hits a kick to the back. Punk stomps on Matt and hits a nice looking neckbreaker, ala Rick Rude, minus the hip swivel; Punk locks in a headscissor on Hardy and almost gets the win. Luke Gallows doing what he does best, standing at ringside as Matt misses the bulldog, is everyone doing that move now? CM Punk with a nice belly to back Suplex for a near fall, Punk locks in a chinlock, not a good idea in a match like this. Really need to move quickly in this format and try to score the victory, Matt fights his way out with a belly to back Suplex of his own. Punk caught coming in the corner, and gets hits with a lariat for another near fall. Matt with a corner clothesline/bulldog combo and gets another near fall. Punk pushes Matt back, but Matt with a Side Effect, as Matt goes for Twist of Fate, but Punk gets the ropes. The ref pulls Matt back, and Punk hits the straight kick followed by the Go to Sleep for the pin. 4/5 CM Punk now sets the pace at 7:20, not a good time for Punk. Gallows goes after Matt, but Matt fights back but the numbers game is too much. CM Punk yells out “Its clobbering time” as he channels his inner Thing! That was great even with the BTC format, I doubt Punk’s time will hold up. Batista/Truth, yeah like Truth has a chance in Hell of winning, much like Ziggler against Kane, Rey/Jericho could be good though.
  3. Kane v. Dolph Ziggler. Well this is going to be odd, as Kane has already qualified for the ECW battle royal. If Kane can win this and the battle royal he would have a title match against both the ECW champion and Smackdown title. Not that that is going to happen of course, but Ziggler has any chance here. It’s too bad, Ziggler was getting a nice push, but that disappeared as quickly as he’s just another jobber. So we have 7:20 as the time to beat, and Dolph goes for a single leg, but Kane counters and we get a surprising series of maneuvers from both men. Dolph works over the knee of the big man, but gets caught with a big clothesline for a near fall. Kane hits a delayed vertical Suplex for another near fall, as Kane continues working over Ziggler. Kane hits the low dropkick, which always looks impressive for a big man like Kane. Kane goes for a backdrop, but Ziggler counters into DDT as we see Punk & Gallows watching backstage. We’re under five minutes as Ziggler has a chinlock on Kane, Kane powers out but misses the big elbow drop as Ziggler keeps watching the clock. Dolph with a series of elbow drops on the Big Red Machine for another near fall, but the clock is running out on Dolph, who goes back to the chinlock. Kane whips Dolph in and hits the big boot for a near fall, as Kane hits the corner clothesline/side slam combo for another near fall. Kane picks up Ziggler and hits the running powerslam, ala JYD, and still Dolph kicks out. Kane climbs the ropes, but gets caught by Ziggler as we have ninety seconds left, Dolph knocked down and Kane hits the flying lariat, but Dolph kicks out again. I can’t believe Dolph has held on this long, Dolph counters the Chokeslam and locks in a sleeper on Kane. The clock runs out and we have a draw as CM Punk’s time remains the time to beat. 3.5/5 nice match, very impressive as Dolph held on for the whole time. Really thought Dolph was going to get killed in about 3 minutes, maybe his push is back on? Ziggler hits Zig Zag on Kane after the bell as we see Punk & Gallows celebrate.
  4. The Carolina Panther v. The Great Khali. Yeah, this is a squash match obviously. Shades of ECW back in the day when they did the same with 911 who would squash guys. Panther goes for a football tackle and Khali jut stares at him. Punjabi Plunge and foot on the chest for a three count. DUD maybe 15 seconds long, if that, so whatever.
  5. John Morrison v. Drew McIntyre. This is a rematch from TLC, as that was a great match and one of my favorites of the year so I expect big things for this match. How many promos for RAW do we need, seriously, I know WWE is scared of TNA but c’mon. At least they didn’t start the match during the commercial, I’m surprised. Morrison starts out quick with a takedown on Drew, and then hits a spin heel kick for a near fall. JoMo knocks Drew to the floor, JoMo goes for a dive off the barricade, and lands on his feet, than does a springboard back up and hit a hell of a spin kick, awesome. Back in the ring, and JoMo stuck in the ropes, as Drew works over the leg of Morrison. Drew gets John back in the ring, and works over the knee, as Striker once again says the title has not changed in this building since 1999, let’s see if Matt is right this time. Matt is right as the last time was March 29, 1999 when Goldust won the title from Road Dog. Drew continues to work over the leg of Morrison, trying to counter his high flying maneuvers. Morrison able to fight out with a nice enziguri, as both men slug it out, John uses his speed to take down the champion. Morrison counters to double arm DDT and hits the Flying Chuck for a near fall; Morrison goes for Moonlight Drive countered into a backbreaker by Drew. Drew goes to remove the turnbuckle as the ref checks on Morrison. Both men in the corner as the ref tries to pull of JoMo, but gets pushed away, as the ref’s back is turned Drew pushes John into the ref and the ref disqualifies Morrison! 3.5/5 very different ending, that was unique but the match felt rushed. Should be expected for a TV match though, hopefully a rematch the Rumble. Morrison attacks Drew as he leaves and the zebras come out to try and pull JoMo and Drew apart.
  6. Beth Phoenix v. Mickie James. Great horseface and scary spice at ringside, as they are trying to kiss up to Phoenix now. Can these two just disappear, seriously, Layla is useless and McCool scares small children. Mickie looks great as always, what a perfect diva, can’t wait for her debut album. Ok, horseface is not in the match, keep the damn camera off her. Beth starts out using her power to take down James; Mickie caught on the top but knocks Beth in the corner and hits a top rope Thesz press. Mickie in the ropes and horseface nails Beth in the face accidentally and James scores the win. 1.25/5 way too quick a match. Layla and horseface double team Mickie James and Beth tosses horseface down and pounds her in the corner, maybe a tag match next week. Mickie rips Layla’s shirt off and tosses her out, as Phoenix press slams horseface down and kicks her in the ribs. Beth and Mickie now face to face, as Layla tries to sneak in and gets kicked, Mickie turns to look at Layla and gets nailed with a Glam Slam, well guess not a tag match, maybe a triangle match. Layla & horseface on the floor and Mickie laid out as Beth stands tall over all the divas. Hell I’ll take Beth as champ over horseface any day, at least she has talent.
  7. Chris Jericho v. Rey Mysterio. Punk’s time of 7:20 still holding strong as we get match three of four of the BTC. Jericho starts out pounding on the head of Rey Mysterio, but Rey fights back and goes for a bulldog, but Jericho nails him in the head and tosses Rey out of the ring. We see Punk & Luke still watching backstage as Rey comes back in with a springboard for a near fall, but Jericho uses his power advantage to take Rey down with a belly to back Suplex. Jericho goes for a couple of quick pins, but Rey slides out, and Jericho caught running in the corner. Rey goes for a 619 but gets back dropped hard, and Jericho gets a near fall. Four minutes on the clock, as Jericho with a Cobra Clutch on Rey, Rey tries to fight out, but Jericho pounds him back down. Rey drop toe holds Jericho into the corner and hits a flying head butt from the top rope for a near fall, well that was different. Rey with a springboard crossbody, but gets caught going for 618 as Jericho goes for the Walls, and Rey counters out. Jericho whips Rey in, but Rey up and over, however he gets caught into a spinning backbreaker for a near fall. Jericho gets nailed with a drop toe hold, than goes for 619, but caught and into the Walls of Jericho with a minute left. Rey able to escape and back to 619 positions, Rey hits it, but gets caught going for the springboard and eats a Codebreaker. Jericho with a near fall, Rey rolls up Jericho for the win with one second left, damn. 3.75/5 good TV match, but Jericho should’ve won, Rey is too heavily pushed. So I assume Batista will win in 7:19 as well to set up the three way match.
  8. R-Truth v. Batista. Anyway this goes, the match at the rumble is going to suck. I don’t want to see Taker v. Rey, Taker v. Batista or Taker v. Rey v. Batista, so I don’t care who wins at this point. Should’ve been Taker v. CM Punk, that would’ve been better, but Punk just is not getting the respect he deserves. Batista powers Truth in the corner and begins the beat down, Batista distracted by Mysterio at ringside. Batista misses a blind charge and gets rollup for a one count; Truth hits a legdrop, but gets nailed with a vicious lariat. Batista checks the clocks and hits a Suplex, then goes for a running powerslam but Truth slides out. Truth does his goofy dance and gets nailed hard, as well he should’ve, dumbass. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb, but countered and Batista kicked out of the ring, Truth dives on top of him and both men are outside the ring. Truth rolls Batista back in, but gets nailed coming in and sent into the ring post shoulder first. Batista comes back out and whips Truth into the stairs before sending Truth back in the ring. Batista continues to work over the shoulder, as Matt thanks the crew for the work they do on Smackdown. Always wondered why there are no credits on wrestling shows, used to be back the 80’s, doesn’t the camera, sound, etc people deserve credit? Batista goes for a spear, but Truth counters into DDT for a near fall, that would’ve been funny if Truth won. Truth hits the axe kick for another near fall, with ninety seconds left. Batista caught running the corner twice, and Truth pulls himself up top, very cool looking, but gets nailed coming off the top rope. Batista hits the spear on the Truth, and glares at Mysterio. Batista hits a spinebuster as the clock is running out, Batista Bomb on the Truth, and Rey pulls the ref out and screws Batista over. 3.75/5 stupid ending, but still entertaining, at least Batista is not in the main event. Rey v. Taker at Rumble should be better than anything with Batista, but I don’t like any of the three personally. Would’ve been a nice chance to put over someone new in the main event, but that just doesn’t happen in the WWE. As Rey celebrates, Vickie comes out and puts an arm around Rey and says the rules need to be followed. She says Rey cheated Batista and we don’t have a number one contender, and so the BTC was for nothing, as Rey has to face Batista next week. Whatever, what a waste of two hours that was then.

Match recap

  1. CM Punk over Matt Hardy 4/5
  2. Kane & Dolph Ziggler went to a draw 3.5/5
  3. Great Khali crushed Carolina Panther DUD
  4. Drew McIntyre beat John Morrison by disqualification 3.5/5
  5. Mickie James pinned Beth Phoenix 1.25/5
  6. Chris Jericho pinned by Rey Mysterio 3.75/5
  7. Batista & R-Truth went to a draw 3.75/5

Well the ending basically killed the show and made it seem like a waste of time. The whole Beat the Clock challenge was to determine a number one contender, then at the end they throw out the results. What a stupid thing to do, like doing a Rumble for number one contender, then cancelling out the win. I love how Vince just spits in the face of the fans, and does constant bait and switch. The matches were good, other than Khali & the divas, but the BTC premise was ruined in the end.


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