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WWE Superstars: When creative has no idea for someone, viola random teams!
January 2, 2010, 11:23 am
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WWE Superstars – December 31, 2009

No time to waste this week on intros as I still have this, Smackdown & a 4 hour Impact to watch this weekend. That’s all before we get to the biggest Monday night of wrestling since 2001, as TNA v. WWE live with Hulk Hogan on one show and Bret Hart on the other. As long as TNA doesn’t end Monday with Hogan holding the World title, if that happens I give up on TNA. Let’s get Superstars on the go…

1. Melina v. Alicia Fox. Someone has a Shannon Moore sign, which makes me happy as I liked Shannon. So I believe this would be the match where Melina gets injured, which is too bad as she’s one of the only three on RAW with talent, along with Jillian & Maryse. Both girls lock up and Melina gets Alicia in the corner, and we get a clean break as Alicia goes for Melina who does the Matrix. Alicia with a Northern Lights Suplex for two, and now the roll through and Melina has the advantage as Alicia bails out. Alicia tries to leave and Melina catches her, but gets caught coming back in and gets nailed to the floor. Melina tossed back in and another near fall for Fox, who tosses Melina into the corner and works over her back. Alicia tosses Melina to the mat and goes for a neat looking submission, sort of a cross between the Camel Clutch & Full Nelson. Melina fights back, but Fox pulls her hair and hit a backbreaker as Melina being bent in half, good thing she’s flexible, and if you don’t believe me just ask Batista! Melina sweeps Fox’s legs out from under her and hits a drop toe hold into a double knee to the back. Melina sets Fox in the corner and drops the knee, followed up with a spinning hair toss but Fox kicks out. Melina gets whipped in, but gets the foot up; as Melina runs out she gets caught in a backbreaker. Melina climbs up Fox and hits the flip piledriver for the pinfall! 4/5 one of the best diva matches in a long freaking time. Great match, I’m impressed with Fox, she gets better every week. Now we get the insipid Ask the Divas junk. Just have to say it, Mickie looks amazing in the silver top, yummy!!!! Well that was lame, but at least we got to see Mickie & Katie Lea!

2. Shelton Benjamin v. Vance Archer. The most underrated man in wrestling, along with former partner Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin comes to the ring. He should have won the ECW title from Christian; he deserves a run at the top, or whatever ECW’s title is. Lance Hoyt still undefeated on ECW TV, but I don’t think he should win this one over Shelton. Both men start out with a slugfest, leading to Shelton able to power up Archer on his shoulders with a Samoan Drop, but Archer comes back with a full nelson bomb. Archer chokes Shelton in the robes and drops the leg across his back for a near fall, transitioned into the chinlock, as usual with Archer. Shelton able to get out of the hold with a jawbreaker and Shelton whipped into the corner but springboards off with a nice forearm, as Shelton hits a perfect German Suplex for a near fall. Archer powers Benjamin to the corner and puts him on his shoulder, but Benjamin slides out hits a Stinger Splash but gets caught going for a second one and is tied in the Tree of Woe. Shelton stomps Benjamin in the corner as the ref tries to pull him off, and the ref disqualifies Archer. 1.75/5 was looking like a great match, but what a crappy finish. Archer is not done as he nails Shelton with the reverse DDT after the bell. The match was on its way to being very good, but the ending killed the match. We see Cryme Tyme on their way to the ring as we go to commercial, but first a promo for Raw with Bret Hart this Monday night!

3. Cryme Tyme v. Mike Knox & Charlie Haas. Wow, two more of the most underrated guys in WWE, Haas & Knox. Which can only mean they’re going to lose, have I said I hate Cryme Tyme, they really suck. Shad & Knox start out, and Shad with a headlock and gets whipped in, and nobody moves. Shad slams Knox down, and climbs to the second buckle and hits a flying shoulderblock; back up again in the corner and Haas distracts Shad. Knox hits a nice chop block and tags in Charlie. Haas works over the leg of Shad and locks in a half crab on the big guy, c’mon Shad tap, make my New Year and lose! Shad makes the ropes, and starts to punch Haas, but Hass hits the leg takedown and tags in Knox as they continue working on the knee. Knox pounds the knee of Shad and makes a tag, Charlie misses a charge in the corner and eats a big clothesline, JTG trying to fire up Shad to make the tag, as Haas tags Knox back in, but Shad kicks Knox back and both men make a tag. JTG taking Haas down with a series of flying moves, followed by the Mugshot for a near fall, but Knox drops a leg on JTG. Shad takes Knox out of the ring, but Haas nails Shad, JTG with a clothesline for the win. 2.75/5 not a bad match, considering it was Cryme Tyme, but Knox & Haas should’ve won. Why does CT keep getting a push, seriously? I need to know, do they have pictures of Vince with a goat or something?

4. MVP & Chris Masters v. Carlito & Jack Swagger. Chris Masters has new music, which sounds so generic and lame it fits in with how generic and lame he is. Still can’t understand why he was brought back, he needs to go wherever Eugene disappeared to, just saying is all. Now Carlito needs new music, he’s had the same music since his debut, which was about five years ago. He’s getting into Booker T territory for music longevity. How long did Booker have the same music, pretty much from his debut till he left WWE, so about 14 years or so, insane? With only eight minutes left, this should be a quick match, which may not be a bad thing. MVP & Carlito start as Lawler & Cole are way too focused on Carlito’s hair. MVP using his speed to confuse Carlito as he hits a couple nice moves, but Carlito able to take in Swagger. We get a nice shot of Eve sitting at ringside; she’s the new Elizabeth I guess, which would make Masters Randy Savage, minus the talent. MVP taking down Swagger with a pair of clotheslines and a face breaker, as MVP sets up for the balling elbow and connects. Swagger rolls out, but MVP launches himself over the top rope as we go to commercial, as we get another Bret Hart promo. We return from commercial as Swagger has an armbar on MVP, as we see the double team that took place during the commercial. Carlito tagged in and he pounds on MVP and goes for a cover, but MVP kicks out, so Carlito goes to a wristlock on the former US champ. MVP fights back, but gets caught with nice dropkick from Carlito, who once beat John Cena, and Swagger comes in. Swagger tags a swing at Masters, then drops an elbow on MVP, before locking in the double arm submission hold. MVP makes a dive for Masters but gets caught, Swagger gets nailed and both men make the tag. Masters powers down Carlito and then press slams Carlito as Eve looks on, can’t believe people are cheering this chimp. Carlito in the Masterlock, but Swagger runs in and MVP takes him down, but Carlito hits the Backstabber on Masters for the win! 3.5/5 an impressive match with three great talents, at least they kept Masters’ time in the ring short.

Match Recap

1. Melina pinned Alicia Fox 4/5
2. Shelton Benjamin beat Vance Archer by disqualification 1.75/5
3. Cryme Tyme beat Mike Knox & Charlie Haas 2.75/5
4. Chris Masters & MVP lost to Jack Swagger & Carlito 3.5/5

Not a great episode of Superstars, but still better then RAW was, not that that takes much anymore. The worst match was Shelton/Vance which would’ve been better had we had a finish. The diva match was great, and highly recommended as Melina is so impressive and Fox just keeps improving.


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