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ECW on SyFy: Thanks for the memories Tommy!!!
December 31, 2009, 3:32 pm
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ECW on SyFy – December 29, 2009

Tonight’s ECW is going to be a sad one, as this is reported to be the final show for Tommy Dreamer. If this is true that means there are officially no more ECW originals left, and ECW can finally rest in peace. ECW’s been dead since 2001, and Vince McMahon’s attempt to bastardize the ECW name can finally come to an end, all the show needs is a new name. Also tonight we have Matt Hardy v. Evan Bourne which will be a great match, I hope. Before we begin tonight’s show, I just wanted to mention the passing of Dr Death Steve Williams, the wrestling world has lost another legend, as he passed away yesterday (Wednesday). Its sad how many great wrestlers have died well before their time, and the majority doesn’t even get a mention in a newspaper or CNN or anything else, yet if it was a football, hockey or baseball player it would be the front page of CNN. It’s sad that the wrestling business is constantly being shunned by the rest of the media, wonder how angry hockey fans would be if Wayne Gretzky passed away and no media sites reported on it? Regardless, let’s get to ECW as tonight we have a four hour Impact to watch.

  1. Matt Hardy v. Finlay. We open the show with Savannah introducing the ECW champion, Christian. The winner of the ECW homecoming challenge will be facing the champion at the Royal Rumble, I hope Archer wins it! Savannah looks great this week, as Christian joins Byron & Josh at ringside for commentary on our opening match. Ok, what the hell, they advertised Hardy v. Bourne last week, or I could’ve swore they did, as Finlay comes out. Both men start out jockeying for position, as Matt tries to pull Finlay’s lack of hair, Finlay knocks him down with the shoulderblock. Finlay immediately starts to work over the leg of Matt Hardy, Matt fights out into a headlock, Finlay pushes Matt back in the corner and we get a clean break. Matt whipped into the corner comes out with a back elbow, but caught up top and dropped hard on his knee. Finlay begins working over Matt’s knee, including a slam on the ropes. Matt Hardy slides down the back of Finlay and drops Finlay on his head, as Matt finally on the offense, but Finlay kicks Matt in the leg taking him down again. Finlay continues to work over the knee, but walks into a drop toe hold followed by the Side Effect for a near fall. Matt hits a second Side Effect and Finlay kicks out again. Matt readies for the Twist of Fate, but Finlay counters however he gets caught on the ropes. Matt climbs the ropes and misses the moonsault and Finlay gets a near fall on Hardy. Finlay gets hit with a modified stunner for the win, and Matt is going on to the battle royal. 3/5 nice TV match between two great veterans, very good. Matt v. Christian would be a great match for the Rumble, but I’d still like to see someone new make it to the main event. Coming up tonight is Evan Bourne v. Mike Knox, damn I like both guys. We go backstage to Rosa & Ryder, as Ryder runs into Dreamer as the make fun of Tommy and tell him to retire. Tommy agrees with Ryder and says Ryder is nothing and will find out what Tommy is all about as Tommy promises to leave ECW if he loses tonight. I can see where this is going, sadly, I like Tommy still remember him with the goofy suspenders in ECW back in mid 90’s.
  2. Ezekiel Jackson is introduced to the crowd by Savannah, as Zeke really looks like Ahmed Johnson in the black t-shirt. They show the recap of Jackson/Kozlov from two weeks ago as we see Jackson laughing. Jackson says Kozlov was the weak link in their chain, and their goal was to dominate ECW but Vladimir became a liability. Zeke starts to quote bible verses as Kozlov makes his way to the ring and the brawl begins. Kozlov clotheslines Jackson over the top rope, and Zeke walks away, guess we’ll have that match another night. We go backstage to Tommy getting ready for his match as Christian comes in and says he believes in Tommy. Tommy says everyone knows what ECW means to him, and that he has something to prove. Christian says no matter what happens, Tommy will always be the heart and soul of ECW and if he wins Tommy will get a rematch for the ECW title.
  3. Evan Bourne v. Mike Knox. I would’ve rather seen Bourne/Hardy and Finlay/Knox so Bourne and Knox could win; now I got to see one of my favorites lose. I assume Knox is going to lose tonight, as Knox just doesn’t seem to be getting a push, I’d love to see Knox v. Christian for the title. Mike Knox starts out pounding the much smaller Bourne down to the mat, but Bourne tries to use his kicks and gets caught in the corner. Bourne gets pounded on the top rope, but manages to take Knox to the floor with him. Bourne gets tossed into the barricade by Knox who slides back in the ring as the ref counts. Bourne barely makes it in the ring and Knox continues to pound Evan and hits a short arm clothesline, ala Jake Roberts. Mike Knox locks in the chin lock on the much smaller man as he tries to squeeze the life out of Bourne; Bourne tries to fight back but to no avail. Knox goes for a Suplex, but countered by Bourne who hits the high knee. Bourne comes off the ropes and Knox with the crossbody for a near fall, but Knox missing the kneedrop and gets taken down. Bourne up top but gets caught by Mike Knox, Knox kicked in the head and Bourne hits the Shooting Star Press for the win. 3/5 average TV match, not great, but I like both guys so extra points. We go backstage to Tommy Dreamer being wished luck by Tiffany as Tommy makes his way to the ring.
  4. Tommy Dreamer v. Zack Ryder. Tommy starts with his underrated wrestling skills, showing Zack who’s the boss. Zack pops Tommy in the face and goes to whip him in the corner, but countered as Tommy hits the bulldog. Tommy whips Zack in and catches Ryder on his shoulder for a powerslam as Rosa tries to fire up her man. Tommy hits a nice pump handle Suplex sending Ryder to the floor and Tommy follows. Zack uses Rosa as a shield to get a cheap shot in and sends Dreamer to the ring post as we go to commercial. We come back and Zack has Tommy in an arm bar as Zack works over the arm of the Innovator of Violence. Tommy catches Zack coming off the ropes, but Zack able to counter the counter into an arm breaker for a near fall. Tommy runs into the corner but Zack moves and Tommy hits his shoulder on the ring post. Zack hits a low dropkick, but misses a move in the corner and now Tommy able to get the offense. Tommy drops Zack down and then hits the Sky High, shades of D-Lo Brown for a near fall; Tommy climbs the ropes but gets caught as Zack pounds on Tommy in the corner. Zack goes for a superplex but countered, Zack goes for Zack Attacked countered. We get a series of near falls from both men; I love that sequence, always looks cool. Zack hits the Rough Ryder for another near fall as Rosa is still cheering Zack on. Zack climbs the ropes, but Dreamer catches him and ties him to the Tree of Woe. Tommy with a perfect sliding dropkick in the face of Zack, followed by the DDT for the win, but Zack’s foot under the ropes and the match will continue. Tommy looks pissed as the crowd is booing the ref; Tommy hits a big elbow drop and rams Ryder in the buckle. Tommy goes for a back Suplex, but countered into a pin and Tommy loses! 4/5 great match, but I knew Tommy was going to lose, as ECW loses its final original. Zack Ryder able to be the man who retired Tommy Dreamer! Tommy slowly gets up as the crowd gives him a nice ovation as he gets the mic. Tommy says the first time he was in that building, he was with his father and it was the second time he ever saw a WWF show. Tommy talks about seeing Roddy Piper that night live, doing a Piper’s Pit. Dreamer gives his thanks to the original ECW, as Tommy looks stuck for words. This is a sad moment, as Tommy was a great wrestler and was always a hell of a worker in the worker. Tommy says there are so many people he’s going to miss, as he starts to cry. As much as I like Tommy I hope he doesn’t go to TNA and takes his retirement as he deserves to be home with his girls, besides his wife was hot! Tommy talks about his kids as we see Teresa his daughters at ringside, Teresa still looks stunning! She’s crying as Tommy says goodbye to the fans and that he loves all the fans. Tommy gets the standing ovation he deserves as the fans chant ECW. Tommy takes off his ECW shirt and lays it down in the middle of the ring as he leaves to be with his wife and kids. This has to be one of the best moments in wrestling of 2009, as we see Tommy carry his girls backstage as his music plays one final time. Thanks for the memories Tommy, you were amazing!!!

Match Recap

  1. Matt Hardy over Finlay 3/5
  2. Evan Bourne beat Mike Knox 3/5
  3. Zack Ryder pinned Tommy Dreamer 4/5

Let’s be honest, the Tommy Dreamer segment made the show, and personally that’s my moment of the year. I’m glad WWE gave him the time to say his goodbyes, didn’t think they would bother, so very happy about that. It was nice to see Teresa on camera, as she looks as good as now as 12 years ago in ECW. There is not going to be anything to compare to that moment, so I say this was a great episode of ECW just for the last five minutes.


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