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WWE Smackdown: DX humiliate Canada again, at least it wasn’t in Canada!

WWE Smackdown – December 25, 2009
A Merry Christmas to my readers, as we get our final show of the week. Should be a good show with D-X v. Hart Dynasty, hope I get my wish and they win the titles. Let’s get this week’s Smackdown going.
We open the show with Vickie Guerrero, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, as Teddy Long serves up two glasses of egg nog. Great now Vickie thinks she’s Rachael Ray, as she’s making Christmas dinner, this is dragging on, as Teddy is trying to rush it, thankfully. Teddy says the stuffing looks like dog food, and I have to agree, as she demands the cranberry sauce and Teddy tells her get it yourself. As Vickie turns around Hornswoggle is on the table and grabs the turkey. Great now Hornswoggle is going to be on all three shows too, yuck.
1. R-Truth, Matt Hardy, Finlay & John Morrison v. CM Puke, Luke Gallows, Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler. Can we please turn off Truth’s mic, as Morrison makes his way around the ring one girl almost passes out touching him? Nice way to get everyone a little TV time would’ve been better as an elimination match, but whatever should still be a good match. We start with Finlay & Ziggler, Ziggler whips Finlay in and gets knocked on his rear, and Finlay hits a big slam on Dolph and toys with Ziggler before tagging in R-Truth. Truth with a nice rollup for a near fall, if this was a diva match that would’ve been the end. Ziggler gets a headlock on Truth and tags in Punk, Punk caught with an armdrag and Truth tags in Hardy as the crowd erupts. Hardy pounds Punk down in the corner and hits the corner clothesline followed by the bulldog for a near fall. Matt caught coming off the top, and Punk opens up on Hardy as we go to commercial. We come back to Luke Gallows with a bearhug on Matt Hardy; I like how Striker describes the guys for those new to the show, nice touch from the best commentator in the business. Drew tagged in and takes Matt down for a near fall, Dolph comes in and hits a dropkick, whatever happened to Dolph’s push. Nice line from Striker as Dolph hits the jumping neck snap, like Mr. Perfect used to do, and Striker says “That was perfect”! Dolph pulls Hardy down by the hair and tags in Drew who goes to slam Matt, but Matt slides behind Drew and pulls him down. Both men make the tag as Morrison & Punk both come in, and Morrison clotheslines Punk down but Punk makes the tag to Drew and Morrison gets the better and Ziggler comes in and gets taken down with a running knee and Drew makes the save. Finlay takes Drew down; Punk hits GTS on Finlay, Truth hits the finisher on Punk, Hardy nails Ziggler and Gallows takes out Matt & Truth. Morrison takes out Gallows and hits the flying kick on Ziggler for the win. 4.25/5 Great match, probably going to be match of the week. Eight of the best in the company in a great start to the show, next week Morrison v. McIntyre rematch, should be a hell of a match.
2. Chris Jericho comes out with a microphone, and says the fact that tonight is being called a D-X Christmas is a travesty of justice as he rips apart Teddy Long & D-X. Jericho starts on about the conspiracy against him from the WWE, as he calls himself the victim and that he’s the face of Smackdown and the man of the show. He says the Hart Dynasty have not earned the title match and that him and Big Show were never beaten, this brings out the Hart Dynasty led out by the beautiful as always Natalya. All three come out with a microphone, Jericho says he respects where they came from and who their families are, but he remembers them when they were little punks, which he says they still are. Smith responds by saying they don’t run from problems, they take care of the problems, as Jericho laughs. This brings out D-X, no they’re backstage instead. Triple H says they’re boring everyone, no that’s D-X’s job. Shawn says this is what Smackdown looks like, as Triple H reminds him he’s been here before. D-X then do their usual shilling of their merchandise, as they talk about a gift they have for Jericho, as they show a picture of a tickle me Big Show, they’re about a few years late on that joke. D-X do their stupid fart jokes, as this segment is falling fast, as Shawn calls them the Hart kids, Smith corrects them and gets cut off. Shawn does his usual Canada jokes for the Hart Dynasty; as this segment is just limping along worse than a Hugh Grant film. Jericho turns around into a Hart Attack from the Hart Dynasty as they leave him laid out, as Triple H ruins the moment by making a stupid comment. We go backstage to Mickie James, as Michelle & Layla come in and apologize and give her a gift. Mickie opens the card and it’s a Jenny Craig gift certificate, this is complete bullshit, and disgusting. Seriously someone get McCool a paper bag, because she is just disgusting looking and should not be on a TV, ever. As for Layla, she’s a useless as anyone I’ve ever seen in wrestling. Makes you wonder where McCool’s career would be if she wasn’t doing Undertaker, probably would’ve been released by now.
3. Rey Mysterio v. Undertaker. I can almost picture Rey winning the belt here, and setting up another Rey/Batista match at the Rumble, or Batista interferes here and we get a three way match. Another first time ever matchup given away on free TV, what a waste of something new and exciting. Rey tries to use his speed and gets overpowered right away and tossed to the floor, the placed on the apron as Undertaker misses the legdrop. Rey dives at Undertaker, gets caught but pushes Undertaker into the post then hits another dive as we go to commercial. We come back and Rey kicking at Undertaker’s legs, Undertaker tossed Rey aside and whips him in, Undertaker charges in and Rey moves sending Undertaker to the floor. Rey goes for the seated senton and gets caught and tossed into the barricade. Undertaker bounces Rey’s head off the steps, both men back in the ring and Undertaker pounds Rey down. Undertaker lifts Rey up by the arm, and then just drops him to the mat for a near fall. Undertaker slams Rey down hard and gives the sign for the Last Ride; Rey slides out and hits a springboard shoulderblock, then the springboard legdrop for a near fall. So two moves knock down Undertaker now, guess the age is catching up to him. Rey goes for another springboard and gets a big boot to the face, as Undertaker readies for the Chokeslam; Rey goes up and down, as Batista comes into the ring. 2.75/5 Crappy ending to a very slow match. Batista takes down Undertaker with a spinebuster, but counters the Batista Bomb, Rey goes for 619 but gets caught and Batista spears Undertaker down. Rey then hits 619 on both guys and slides out of the ring. Well, there’s the three I predicted they’d be heading to at the Rumble, boring.
4. Cryme Tyme v. Bryce Andrews & Pat Buck. Oh boy, we get a jobber match with my least favorite tag team. Not even bothering with this garbage, what a waste of time that could be used on people with talent. DUD speaking of waste of time, we go back to Vickie & Teddy’s Christmas dinner, as now she’s making dessert. Hornswoggle comes in again and we get a pie in the face joke, as Horny throws a pie in the face of Vickie and then one in the face of Teddy Long.
5. Mickie James & Maria v. Layla & Beth Phoenix. Michelle McCool on commentary, great, that’s what this show needed, old horseface talking. Mickie looks spectacular as always, and I can’t listen to this bullshit commentary form horseface, so mute. Much better now we don’t have to listen to the useless tit at ringside, she makes me miss Brother Love on commentary. Maria trying to hold back Mickie James, as we start with Maria & Layla as Maria hits a couple of nice dropkicks then a corner splash. Maria chokes Layla in the corner and reverses an armdrag, but gets kicked hard in the face for a near fall. Beth tagged in, and Maria is doomed now, Beth chokes the redheaded bombshell down, and stands over her, before hitting a Banzai Drop for a near fall. Layla tags herself in and Phoenix looks pissed, Layla with a snap mare then a dropkick to the back. Mickie James trying to get her partner back in this and Maria starts to fight back and makes the tag. Mickie with a Thesz Press and pummels Layla down as she stares a hole through old horseface. Mickie ducks Layla’s kick and hits a chick kick for the win. 2.5/5 standard diva tag match, Mickie looked perfect as always, but horseface’s commentary dragged it down. Mickie goes after horseface who hides behind Strike, as Phoenix nails James from behind. Beth whips Mickie into the announce table as the crowd chants you suck at horseface who stands over Mickie.
6. D-X v. Hart Dynasty. Let’s hope Hart Dynasty wins, but I doubt it as D-X doesn’t lose to anyone. I think it’s in their contracts! We start out with Shawn Michaels and Tyson Kidd, as Shawn knocks Tyson down, but Kidd back with an arm drag, but Shawn kicks up and they do the sequence again in reverse. Kidd slingshot into Triple H’s right hand and HHH tagged in, HHH with delayed vertical Suplex, shades of Davey Boy Smith, as Hunter points at Smith. Kidd getting pummeled by the Game as Triple H with a hard whip in the corner, Kidd gets the boot up, but Triple H catches him and goes for the pedigree. Smith clotheslines HHH down as we go to commercial, we come back and Triple H down in the corner as Smith pounds him down and does the delayed vertical Suplex that HHH did to Kidd. Smith pounds on the Game and locks in a chin lock. Triple H nailed in the corner with shoulderblocks, but Triple H fights his way out, Smith with a drop toe hold and tags in Kidd. Triple H hits a clothesline on Kidd, way to sell the beating Hunter McMahon, as Triple H tags in Shawn. Shawn pounds on Kidd, and hits the forearm/nip up combo. Shawn climbs the ropes and Smith tries to catch him but eats a boot. HBK misses the big elbow as Natalya pulls him out; Kidd hits a springboard Blockbuster for a near fall. Kidd tags in Smith, tosses Shawn up and over the turnbuckle. Smith works over Shawn’s back against the ring apron, Smith rolls in the ring, and the ref distracted as Natalya slaps Shawn in the face. Shawn back in the ring and Kidd tagged in as they hit a double team drop toe hold/dropkick combo for a near fall. Kidd with a chin lock to hold Shawn down, Shawn tries to fight back but a nice jumping kick from Kidd for another near fall. Smith makes the tag in, and a double vertical Suplex for another near fall, Smith pounds the face of Shawn and back to the chin lock. Shawn fights back on DH Smith, but Smith with the Saito Suplex, Shawn’s old finisher back in the day! Smith stomps the midsection of Shawn Michaels, and sends him into the corner as Kidd comes in. Kidd tries to hold Shawn back as Shawn is trying to make the tag to HHH, Shawn whips Kidd in and they collide with Kidd falling out of the ring. Kidd springboards into an atomic drop, and both men make the tag as Smith & HHH in the ring. Smith ducks under the lariat but gets caught in a face buster, followed by the spinebuster for a near fall. Kidd runs in and gets hit with the spinebuster. Triple H goes for the pedigree, but Smith picks him up and a Hart attack for a near fall. Shawn makes the save, and Smith goes for the Powerslam, Triple pushes him into Shawn for Sweet Chin Music followed by the pedigree for the win. 3.75/5 Great match, but Hart Dynasty should’ve won to build up the young guys, as D-X is so old and boring I don’t know why these people cheer for him. As the show limps to a lame ending as Hornswoggle comes in with Santa hats for D-X, whatever.
Match Recap
1. R-Truth, Matt Hardy, Finlay & John Morrison beat CM Puke, Luke Gallows, Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler 4.25/5
2. Rey Mysterio beat Undertaker by disqualification 2.75/5
3. Cryme Tyme over Bryce Andrews & Pat Buck DUD
4. Mickie James & Maria beat Layla & Beth Phoenix 2.5/5
5. D-X beat Hart Dynasty 3.75/5
WWE dropped the ball as the Hart’s should’ve won the match, even by disqualification as they really to build up more young guys. D-X just is not funny or entertaining anymore, and the gimmick needs to die, and both guys need to disappear, along with Batista, Taker, and Rey & Cena. These are the most over rated six men in wrestling since the Hulkster.


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