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WWE Superstars: Battle of the Monsters
December 27, 2009, 9:02 am
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WWE Superstars – December 24, 2009

Well, here we are with WWE Superstars on Christmas Eve. It’s nice to see not even Christmas can stop Vince from putting on a show. At least TNA took the week off, which was nice, one less show to watch this week. I’m still looking forward to hopefully seeing the Hart Dynasty win the tag titles, but first let’s get Superstars out of the way.

  1. Ezekiel Jackson v. Vladimir Kozlov. The rematch from last week’s ECW show, as the Ruthless Roundtable is officially broken up and Kozlov becomes the face in this feud? William Regal not here with either man, as Kozlov and Jackson tie up, they wind up in the ropes. Kozlov with a quick kick and an arm drag, Jackson returns fire with a punch. Jackson spears Kozlov out of the ring and they brawl around the announce table, Kozlov with a big boot into the barricade, Kozlov looks back at the ref and gets tossed into the ring post. Both men continue brawling at ringside and the ref counts them both out, and the crowd craps on that result, and I agree. DUD could’ve been a good match, but lasted mere minutes and a stupid end. What a waste of time that was, would’ve rather watched a divas match, at least they look good doing bad matches!
  2. Chavo Guerrero v. Primo. Battle of the jobbers, as neither guy has done much of anything lately. At least they both have lots of abilities, so should be good. Chavo and Primo do some quick mat wrestling, as the announcers just don’t care as they’re talking about Christmas gifts, focus you chimps. Primo with an arm bar on Chavo, Chavo fights out and knocks down Primo, Primo with a nice monkey flip, and has Chavo in the corner, Chavo tries to power out, but gets rolled up for a near fall. Chavo hits a spin kick in the corner and stomps Primo down. Chavo gets a near fall, then grinds his boot into Primo’s face, Chavo locks in an arm bar on Primo, Primo counters out and nits the flying elbow on Chavo, then a series of clotheslines. Primo avoids a clothesline and hits the side Russian Leg Sweep, but gets caught coming off the top rope as Chavo hits a dropkick to the stomach. Chavo does the three amigos, but gets caught during the second one in a rollup, for another near fall. Primo goes for a slam, but Chavo grabs the robes and drops out of the ring behind Primo knocking Primo down. Chavo quickly climbs the ropes and nails Primo with a frog splash for the win. 3/5 Not a bad match, would’ve been better with a little more time, but you take what you get, right? These ask the divas segments just make the divas look like really dimwits, but seriously Santa Clause with the Sleigh Ride Slayer was cute, nice one Eve!
  3. Kane v. Mike Knox. OK, I’m the only one happy about a Mike Knox match, but I still say properly pushed he could be a huge star.  Knox quickly grabs Kane in a headlock, and takes Kane down with a shoulder block, but misses the elbow drop. Kane with an armbar on Knox, Knox fights out of it and goes for a Suplex, buy Kane counters and follows up with the low dropkick. Kane works over the arm of Mike Knox, but Knox able to hit shoulderblocks in the corner, but misses the run in to the corner and eats a big boot as we go to commercial. We come back as Kane clotheslines the big man out of the ring. Both men fighting it out on the floor, déjà vu, but Knox rolled back in and Kane goes for the choke slam, and Knox fights out and hits the big boot knocking Kane to the floor. Knox follows out and rams Kane into the ring apron; Knox climbs the ropes and hits a forearm on Kane as he gets back in the ring. Knox overpowers Kane in the corner, and hits a corner splash then the big splash for a one count. Mike locks in a chin lock on Kane, Kane counters with a belly to back Suplex. Kane comes off the ropes and Knox with a nice dropkick for a man his size, very impressive, Knox back to the chin lock, but comes off the ropes and eats a big boot. Kane with his corner clothesline/side slam combo for a near fall, Kane up top and hits the flying lariat for another near fall. Kane whips Knox in the corner but misses the charge and the cross body for a near fall for Knox, damn. Knox climbs the ropes and gets caught up top by Kane, Kane readies for a chokeslam off the top rope, but knocked down, Knox off the top rope, into the chokeslam and Kane wins. 3.25/5 great big man match, but Knox needed the win as Kane is now 3-0 against Knox. Not the way I wanted it to end, but a good match all around.

Match recap

  1. Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov went to a double countout DUD
  2. Chavo Guerrero over Primo 3/5
  3. Kane pinned Mike Knox 3.25/5

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