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ECW on SyFy: The All American American comes home
December 26, 2009, 9:01 am
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ECW on SyFy – December 22, 2009

A little late this week, due to the holiday, but I finally got time to watch the remainder of this week’s shows. I already have Superstars & Smackdown, both were posted up early on Thursday, but this is the first chance I’ve had to watch anything this week. Coming off a mediocre episode of RAW, which was still better then the last few, tonight we have ECW, and the continuation of the number one contender tournament, so let’s get this show going.

  1. Savannah introduces Jack Swagger to a chorus of boos, guess we’re opening with an interview, what is this RAW lite? Swagger says finally the show is worth watching again, and recaps the tournament rules and prize. Jack says a lot has changed since he left ECW, and lots of new faces, but lots has stayed the same, like Christian, who Swagger calls a chump, and then calls Dreamer fat. We then get a video of Jack Swagger’s best moments, followed by Swagger calling himself the former and future ECW champion. If Jack wins wouldn’t that be a demotion from the RAW brand, back to ECW?
  2. Zack Ryder v. Tommy Dreamer. Zack comes out with the always stunning Rosa Mendes, looking killer hot in her silver dress!! This is supposedly Tommy’s final show with the WWE after 8+ years, not sure how true that rumor is, but after all Tommy’s done in the business he’s earned the right to retire. We start with Zack whipping Tommy in, but then Ryder gets taken down with a shoulderblock and pair of arm drags. Tommy clotheslines Zack to the floor, but gets distracted by Rosa, and Zack on the offense rolling Tommy back in. Zack hits the Rough Rider for a near fall, followed by a face wash, boot to the face in the corner. Ryder caught up top by Dreamer with a superplex as Rosa looks on horrified; both men slow to get up, but Tommy with a nice backdrop then a powerslam for a two count. Zack catches Tommy in the corner, but once again gets caught off the top into a slingshot. Tommy sets Zack for the Tree of Woe followed by the low dropkick and Tommy goes for the DDT but Ryder slides out and hits a hotshot, into the Zack Attack for the win. 3/5 nice TV bout as Dreamer is always solid in the ring and I think Zack is very impressive. He’s much better as a singles wrestler, then as a tag team, but whatever happened to Curt Hawkins?
  3. We now go to Tony Atlas welcoming Abraham Washington, who comes out to a lot of boos. Washington plays his character so well, and I agree with him, he is entertaining; at least it’s not Reo Rogers. Abe says he’s too classy to make a Tiger Woods joke, as he calls Tiger a pimp and says Woods is a big fan. Abe says nothing wrong with playing more than 18 holes, which Tony then explodes in laughter. Abe finally gets around to introducing his guests Trent & Caylen, who come out to their much worse new music. Abe asks if their out of their minds for jumping on the couch. Trent & Caylen say they will be the next big tag team as they make fun of Abe having empty cups. Abe says this is ECW not RAW, and he only brings out drinks for the stars. T&C say by next year they’ll be tag champs, as Tony says he was champ once, and gets cut off and told he’s old. Abe defends Atlas and says no one talks to him like that, Tony says he didn’t know Abe cared, Abe says he doesn’t they’re out of time and Tony needs to close the show, which he does. We go backstage to Tiffany and Jack Swagger, Jack asks how she can still be running the place. She responds by saying it’s easier without him around, as Swagger says without him ECW has nothing. Hurricane then flies into the scene and says his superpowers are limitless, and he can do anything, expect fix Jack’s speech impediment. Swagger says whatever and walks off, as Tiffany laughs.
  4. Vance Archer v. Goldust. Winner of this match joins Ezekiel Jackson & Kane in the number one contender battle royal. I assume Archer will continue his undefeated streak heading into the battle royal. Vance quickly powers Goldust in the corner, Goldust counters with a slap and then the butt bounce. Goldust whipped hard into the corner and Vance gets a near fall, Archer with a big slam then into a chin lock, which Goldust fights out of, but once again gets overpowered. Vance continues to stomp Goldust down and back to a chin lock, c’mon Vance show some semblance of a move set? Vance misses the clothesline but Goldust doesn’t, Goldust with the low uppercut then the bulldog for a near fall. Goldust sets up Vance for Curtain Call countered into the reverse DDT, which really needs a name, for the win. 1/5 not a good match at all, Vance with two chinlocks in a five minute match, was not needed. Vance’s finisher really needs a name though, anyone have any good ideas?
  5. Jack Swagger v. Yoshi Tatsu. Next week is Evan Bourne v. Matt Hardy which should be a great match, I hope. Yoshi Tatsu, the new Funaki, comes out to a nice pop from the crowd. Swagger starts out with some nice amateur moves to keep Yoshi down; Yoshi able to use his quickness to gets the offense. Tatsu with a nice dropkick, and now both men slug it out, Jack powers Yoshi in the corner and hits a series of shoulders to the midsection, followed by the corner clothesline. Swagger locks in a wristlock on Yoshi, as the crowd is solidly behind Yoshi Tatsu, Swagger goes for the gut wrench, but countered as we go to commercial. We come back and Swagger has a submission hold on Yoshi and pounds Yoshi in the back. Jack hits a nice belly to back Suplex for a near fall, and Swagger is getting frustrated as Tatsu keeps kicking out, Swagger hits the urunage on Yoshi then does some pushups. Swagger drops a series of elbows, then the leg drop for another near fall, Swagger back to the wristlock. Jack goes for the belly to back again, but Yoshi slides out, but gets hit hard, Swagger whips Yoshi in and misses the charge. Yoshi now with a series of kicks, and then a bulldog, Yoshi hits the running knee but Jack counters the spin kick into a rollup, counted into a near fall for Tatsu. Tatsu tossed to the apron, but climbs the ropes, and hits a nice spinning wheel kick, and almost wins the match. Jack Swagger hotshots Yoshi into the top rope and rolls him up for a near fall, Swagger hits the reverse lariat and Yoshi kicks out again! Swagger hits an Oklahoma Stampede, shades of Steve Williams, and now goes for the Vader Bomb, and another near fall, Tatsu will not stay down. Swagger picks up Yoshi but eats a buzzsaw kick and then gets pinned, as Yoshi goes to the battle royal! 3.75/5 great match, both guys were on their game and it looked like it was going to go either way. Great way to end the show, as we see the graphic showing Jackson, Kane, Archer & Tatsu in the battle royal and four spots remain.

A mediocre episode of ECW this week, the main event really saved the show, as Archer/Goldust was pretty bad. Zack/Tommy was good and Tatsu/Archer was great.

Match Recap

  1. Zack Ryder over Tommy Dreamer 3/5
  2. Vance Archer over Goldust 1/5
  3. Yoshi Tatsu pinned Jack Swagger 3.75/5

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