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WWE Smackdown: Third Times The Charm

WWE Smackdown: December 18, 2009

I don’t really have a big opening about Smackdown this week, as the only big change after the PPV is Drew McIntyre is the new IC champ, and hopefully this means a push for Morrison to the top. Of course with D-X now tag champs, sadly that means they could wind up on Smackdown dragging the show down. Isn’t it bad enough Smackdown has Undertaker and Batista; do we really need HHH & Shawn Michaels to bury the young guys? Let’s see what Smackdown has to offer us tonight.

Smackdown starts with the recap of the Undertaker/Batista match from TLC, which was a horrible match with a stupid Dusty finish. We don’t get an opening video tonight as we go right to the ring.

  1. Teddy Long is introduced to the crowd here in Laredo, TX to a mixed ovation. Teddy says at the PPV the Undertaker retained his title against Batista, and tonight there will be a new number one contender. Cue Batista who comes out, to the cheers of the crowd, what is this Toronto, let’s cheer the heels? Batista says he’s number one contender, and that Teddy robbed him and is not making it right. Batista gets in the ring and tells Teddy this is his last chance to make it right as no one wants to face him. This brings out Rey Mysterio, who looks like the worlds shortest lumberjack in the flannel shirt, who says he wants to challenge Batista and says you don’t have to be jacked to be a champion. Rey says Batista is nothing but a bully as the crowd is booing Rey, that’s just funny, Rey starts talking in Spanish and the crowd pops? Well, the crowd is livelier then they were at RAW, not that I blame the RAW crowd. Rey challenges Batista for a match tonight, and Batista says he’ll beat him up again. Teddy says tonight they can go one on one and that’ll determine the number one contender. The winner will not just be number one contender, but will face world Champion, The Undertaker, next week on Smackdown.
  2. John Morrison, Matt Hardy & R-Truth v. Drew McIntyre, CM Punk & Luke Gallows. I really hate R-Truth’s stupid entrance song, it’s worse than Wrestlemania 2000 when Godfather came out with Ice-T, I don’t mind his wrestling just his entrance is so bloody annoying. This should be an interesting match, as we get 5 very talented guys and Gallows who’s improving rapidly and is much better than he was as Festus. CM Punk & Hardy start the match, Punk goes for a kick, Matt blocks and pops Punk then tags in Truth.  Nice double team move on CM Punk, but Truth yells to the crowd and gets backed in the corner, tag to Drew. Truth makes a tag to Morrison, who hits the leg sweep then a standing moonsault on Drew as we go to commercial. We come back to John & Punk in the ring; Morrison hits a nice spinning kick to Punk, but gets tossed to apron and Drew nails Morrison to the floor. CM Punk follows John out and bounces Morrison’s head off the apron, then rolls him back in. Punk gets John in the corner, but John tries to fight out, Gallows blind tagged in and John eats a big boot. Luke pounds Morrison down then pulls him up for another big boot. Luke with a headlock on Morrison, who’s trying to make the tag, but Gallows, powers him down. Drew tagged back in, and hits the Jake Roberts Short Arm Clothesline on Morrison, then into an armbar. Morrison hits an armdrag, but Drew back on Morrison, Morrison almost makes the tag, but Drew drags him back and tags in Luke. Luke powers John down and pounds Morrison, before tagging in CM Punk; both men hit a double kick on Morrison. Punk locks in the leg scissor on Morrison then tags Luke back in. Luke with a Rude Awakening neck breaker for a near fall, Gallows hits a backbreaker and tags in Punk who drops the knee on the exposed head of John for another near fall. Punk gives the sign for the GTS, but John fights out and makes the tag to Matt Hardy. Matt opens a can of whoop ass on Punk with a nice bulldog, and hits an elbow off second rope. Matt hits the Side Effect and now everyone is in, Truth out by Drew, Morrison dropkicks Drew out, and Morrison knocked off the top rope. Matt Hardy hit with the Slammy Award in the stomach for the victory. 3.75/5 Nice six man tag, love the usage of the Slammy as a weapon, very reminiscent of Owen Hart. These six are the future of the business, and I hope Morrison gets a push to the top. We go backstage to Maria & Mickie James playing Smackdown, but they’re using a Crap Box 360. The power goes out, and it’s the Glamazon, who tells Mickie this is why she didn’t win the title. Beth tries to encourage Maria to be more ruthless, Maria holds up her Slammy as Beth reminds Maria they have a match tonight. Beth looked different tonight, not sure what, but she looks different, that’s going to bug me now.
  3. Eric Escobar v. Kane. Eric still has a job I see, wondered if he was still around, not that I care. Eric has the mic and says he knows Vickie is angry, but can she blame him for calling National Geographic about her. Eric continues in Spanish, and says there is no punishment worth being with her, which brings out Vickie, who I bet brings out Mike Knox. Vickie says she is sick and tired of the things Eric says about her, I’m sick of this storyline myself, Vickie says he has a gift, and it’s Kane! This should be quick and painless, well not for Eric, as Kane’s going to destroy him. Eric starts out pounding on Kane quickly, but Kane with an uppercut knocking Eric down, then hits the corner clothesline followed by the clothesline out of the ring. Kane rams Eric into the apron and back in, as he stares at Vickie. Kane gets hit with a back elbow then a leaping heel kick, but Kane shakes it off and hits the big boot. The side slam of Kane sets Eric in place for the Chokeslam, up and down, and that’s a match. 1/5 Quick squash, what more can I say. Vickie back in the ring, and laughs at Eric, she sounds like the wicked witch. Eric pulls himself up and grabs the mic, Eric tells Vickie she’s right and will watch what he says. Escobar says he is going to wake up sore, but ready to fight, but she’s going to wake up and still look like that. Vickie wants the mic and he won’t give it to her as he rolls out of the ring while she screams at him, Vickie don’t need a mic with that mouth.
  4. Chris Jericho v. Great Khali. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I like Khali, he amuses me and I think he’s great. So his workrate sucks, big deal, he’s entertainment, like Kamala, Killer Khan or King Kong Bundy, all guys I liked as a kid. Jericho comes out with his Slammy and a mic, he says he was unfairly ejected from RAW as he never lost his rematch against D-X, and he’s right, he says he’s a victim of a Screwjob. Jericho says it’s not over, as he is not going to leave RAW till he wants to leave, as he’s being punished for being the best. Jericho says worst of all, his best friend has been taken from him, Jericho says they won the Slammy and this is the worst moment of his career. Great Khali’s music cuts off Jericho diatribe, as the Punjabi Paramour comes to the ring as Matt makes a great curry joke. The bell rings and Jericho bails out of the ring, Jericho finally back in and works over Khali’s legs, but Khali with a big right hand on Jericho. Jericho nailed in the corner by the giant, as Jericho rolls out of the ring. Jericho hotshots Khali and climbs the ropes, Khali catches him in the Chokeslam, but Jericho fights out. Khali hits the big chop and readies for the Khali Vice. Jericho rolls out of the ring, and waves off the ref and leaves taking the count out loss. 1.5/5 It was what it was, that’s about all I can say about that match. Basically just Khali crushing Jericho before he bails out.
  5. The Hart Dynasty v. Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J. Natalya looks amazing, as she does every week, brings out the most underrated tag team in the business. I hope Hart Dynasty somehow wind up with Bret Hart when he comes back in January. This was a great match on Superstars last week, so I expect this to be a great match tonight. We start with Jesse & Kidd and Jesse with a go behind, reversed by Kidd, Jesse with an arm drag into a wristlock, tags in Yang. Yang continues with the wrist lock, Kidd fights out but gets caught with a Hurricanrana, Kidd clotheslined out and enziguiri on Smith. Jesse & Yang do a double plancha on Hart Dynasty, and Yang throws Kidd back in. Yang stomps Kidd but misses the corner charge, Kidd dropkicks Yang into the buckle. Smith tagged in and a delayed vertical Suplex, like his father Davey Boy used to do, near fall for Smith. David works over the back of Yang and hits a trio of belly to belly Suplexes for a two count. Yang whipped into the corner and Smith hits the shoulders into the back, Yang springs up the rope and hits a tornado DDT, both men are down. Kidd & Jesse tagged in, Jesse ducks under the clothesline and hits a spinning head scissor, followed by a nice bridging Suplex. Kidd on the apron, and Jesse dropkicks him to the floor, Jesse goes to roll him in and Natalya pulls him down and then slams him. As Yang comes over to yell at her, Smith with a baseball slide, Jesse rolled back in and a Hart Attack later Hart Dynasty scores the win. 4/5 Frantic fast paced match, very awesome, just as good as the match on Superstars. These two teams can face each other every week and I’ll love it. Natalya has the mic, and she says revenge is a dish best served cold, after a decade they have the opportunity with D-X. Next week The Hart Dynasty will end D-X’s final run, Smith says unlike their father’s they will not back down. Kidd says this is the new era in the Hart family, and what they couldn’t do, we will do. I hope Hart Dynasty win the belts next week, that would be nice birthday present for me! We go backstage to Beth Phoenix, Layla & Michelle McCool, Michelle says she wants to get rid of Mickie & Maria; she is so ugly, seriously, what is the appeal to Michelle. As Michelle & Layla make fun of Mickie, Beth is getting pissed off, I hope she kicks Michelle ass.
  6. Maria v. Beth Phoenix. Maria’s super push continues, as I assume this will go right up to her appearance on The Apprentice in March. I like Maria, as long as she doesn’t get a title, I got no problem with her getting air time, and she looked great in Playboy by the way! I just can’t decide what it is that looks different about Phoenix. Beth knocks Maria down, and starts laying a beating on her, Maria avoids a charge and jumps off the top rope, but gets caught. Maria tries to fight out, but Beth just drops her down hard, than hits a double sledge. Maria with a quick rollup, then a nice kick, but then thrown back in the corner. Maria on the shoulders, goes for a victory roll, but just tossed off. Beth hits the Glam Slam for the win. 2.75/5 basically a squash match, but still fun to watch. I like Maria, she at least tries, and that’s more than I can say for Kelly, Michelle or Layla.
  7. Rey Mysterio v. Batista. This feud is just getting old; Batista has destroyed Rey twice now, so I assume Rey is due for a win tonight. If so, at least Rey v. Undertaker is new, as opposed to Dave v. Undertaker again. Rey starts out by using his speed to avoid Batista, but gets driven into the turnbuckle. Batista rams Rey into the turnbuckle and chokes out Mysterio, the crowd is chanting for Rey Mysterio, who just went out of the ring. Rey slides in and Batista catches him in the Batista Bomb, but Rey counters and hits a springboard dropkick knocking Rey out of the ring. Rey follows with the seated senton to the floor, Rey slides back in, and misses the baseball slide, Batista rolls Rey back in, but Rey kicks back. Rey goes for an Asai Moonsault, but Dave catches him and slams him into the barricade as we go to commercial. We come back to Batista pounding on Rey in the ring; Rey gets whipped into the turnbuckle hard and rolls back out. Batista follows Rey out of the ring and slams him into the ring post, Batista throws Rey back in and stalks him. Rey bounces off the ropes, but gets caught in a backbreaker by the Animal. So far this match has been mostly just a beating for Rey, other than a couple of brief flurries from Mysterio. That was funny, Rey tries to roll up Batista, and Batista hits a pair of Yokozuna drops on Mysterio!  Mysterio keeps fighting out of the pinfall attempts from Batista, as Batista is just pummeling the hell out of Rey Mysterio. Mysterio finally gets some offense hitting a nice dropkick under the chin of Batista, as Batista tried to come off the ropes. Rey hits the seated Senton, and then the body scissor bulldog for a near fall as the crowd is coming unglued. Rey goes to the apron and hits the springboard legdrop on big Dave and Dave kicks out at the last second, this match has picked up the pace now. Mysterio goes for a kick and gets thrown in the corner, as he comes out he hits DDT on the Animal and again almost wins the match. Rey off the ropes slides under Dave hits the drop toe hold, into the 619, but Batista gets the knees up as Mysterio goes for the springboard drop, giving Batista a near fall. Batista is getting irate and stomps the daylights out of Rey, then hits the Thump Powerslam, shades of the Junkyard Dog! Batista goes for the Batista Bomb, but Rey slides out and gets caught in a Bossman Slam, I love the old school moves! Rey able to grab the ropes and break the pin, Batista goes for a Batista Bomb, but countered to a Hurricanrana knocking Dave to the floor. Batista grabs a chair, and the ref threatens him, so Dave hits a big spear on Rey for the near fall. Batista picks up Rey and gets rolled up for the win; Rey gets the title match next week! 4/5 surprisingly great match, probably their best match of the three.

Match Recap

  1. John Morrison, Matt Hardy & R-Truth lost to Drew McIntyre, CM Punk & Luke Gallows 3.75/5
  2. Kane squashed Eric Escobar 1/5
  3. Great Khali beat Chris Jericho by countout 1.5/5
  4. Hart Dynasty beat Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J 4/5
  5. Maria crushed by Beth Phoenix 2.75/5
  6. Rey Mysterio upset Batista 4/5

A very impressive Smackdown as we had 3 great matches tonight. The main event really impressed me, as I was expecting nothing big and was pleasantly surprised. Nice way to end the week.


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