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The Week in Review for December 14 – 18, 2009

The Week in Review for December 14 – 18, 2009

After a very good PPV, WWE reward us with one of the worst episodes of Monday Night RAW I’ve ever watched. At least after that everything else was a great improvement, including one of the best TV matches I’ve ever seen. So let’s get to the top and bottom of the week.

Top 5 Matches of the Week

  1. Christopher Daniels v. Desmond Wolfe from Impact 4.75/5
  2. Rey Mysterio v. Batista from Smackdown 4/5
  3. Hart Dynasty v. Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J from Smackdown 4/5
  4. MVP v. Jack Swagger from Superstars 4/5
  5. Roxxi v. ODB from Impact 4/5

Worst Matches of the Week

  1. John Cena v. CM Punk from RAW DUD
  2. Randy Orton v. Undertaker from RAW DUD
  3. Jerishow v. D-X from RAW DUD
  4. Team Mickie v. Team Michelle DUD

Overall I think Impact was a very solid show, and my pick for best show of the week. With one of the best TV match ever, a great Knockout match, and a very solid rest of the show, great buildup for this weekend’s PPV. The worst of the week is obviously RAW, enough has been said about the poorest RAW ever, so I’ll stop there.

Overall Ranking

Monday Night RAW averaged a 1.5 for eight matches in three hours. This was less matches then on a two hour show. There was too much crap, and four matches were duds. This RAW was an embarrassment to wrestling and TV in general. I have no idea who the guest host is next week, some baseball player, but I don’t care. Let’s just have a few good matches, please.

ECW averaged a 2.5 for four matches in an hour. There was just too much this week, the opposite of RAW. If we had one less match and remove the AW show, make the three matches longer, would’ve been a better show.

Superstars averaged a 3.5/5 for three matches in an hour. A very solid episode of Superstars, with a great main event and a new tag team I hope stays together. Not a bad show, but the Archer/Dreamer match was not as good as their previous match.

Impact averaged a 3.5/5 for six matches in two hours. Almost all the matches were really good, but the main event kind of killed the show. The Desmond/Daniels match blew away anything else in the last little while and was amazing. The only complaint about TNA I have is too much in two hours, they need to cut back on the number of segments, as it’s too fast moving and just feels rushed. Less backstage stuff and longer matches would work wonders for TNA.

Smackdown averaged a 3/5 for six matches in two hours. A great episode of Smackdown, but could’ve been better without the Escobar/Kane match. The main event impressed me as I was not expecting anything, as I said, and it was solid. It was a very impressive show.

Overall this was a rising week for TV as we went from a horrible show, to an ok show, to three very good shows. Let’s hope Christmas week is good for us wrestling fans, and I hope Hart Dynasty win the tag titles on Smackdown, which airs on my birthday!!!

Here’s the Daniels/Wolfe match I’ve been raving about.

It’s in two parts, due to the length. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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