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WWE Superstars: Battle of the future
December 18, 2009, 5:51 pm
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WWE Superstars – December 17, 2009

Well, after a disastrous episode of Monday Night RAW, and a mediocre episode of ECW, is it too much to ask for a good episode of Superstars this week? Nothing can possibly be worse than that 3 hour waste of time called the Slammy Awards, which was brutally bad TV, which is really sad coming off a very good PPV. It was pathetic because we have a new champion who barely got any TV time this week, and should have been pushed prominently this week. I even said Sheamus should’ve come out during the six man tag and destroyed everyone in there. Anyways, on to tonight’s show, enough complaining about RAW, nothing ever changes anyway. Tonight on Superstars our main event is Jack Swagger v. MVP, which should be an awesome match.

  1. Cryme Tyme v. Mike Knox & Dolph Ziggler. Knox & Ziggler make a very interesting tag team; I might like that, as for Cryme Tyme, whatever. JTG & Dolph start the match, and do some fast paced counters, leading to JTG hitting the flipping elbow move. Dolph back up and takes over JTG with an arm bar and tags in the Mountain Man. Knox pounds the crap out of JTG and clotheslines him down, followed by a tag back to Dolph. Knox holds JTG wide open and Ziggler with a big kick, Dolph hits that jumping neck snap, I love that move. Dolph with a headlock on JTG as Shad gets the crowd pumping and JTG makes the tag. Shad comes in a house of fire, Shad with a very impressive T-Bone Suplex, shades of Tazz, but Knox makes the blind tag and hits the cross body block. I love that move too, but I like Knox so there. We go to commercial and come back to Shad being held down by Dolph who tags Mike back in, Mike hits a big splash on Shad for a near fall. Mike Knox locks in a bearhug on Shad and throws him in the corner, tagging in Ziggler, who hits a nice knee to the face of Shad. Dolph drops a series of elbows in the chest of JTG and makes the cocky tag to Mike Knox. Mike Knox with a chin lock on Shad, who works his way back to his feet and starts to pound on Knox. Shad comes off the ropes and Knox with an amazing dropkick, wow! Knox makes a tag and Ziggler with a jumping elbow drop for a near fall, and then locks the chin lock on Shad. Shad powers up, a little easier this time, and flips Dolph over his head to the mat. Dolph gets caught by a big clothesline from Shad who makes the tag to JTG as Knox tagged in at the same time. JTG pounds on Knox, and hits a dropkick of his own knocking Knox into the corner. Mugshot from JTG and Dolph makes the save, Ziggler wiped out by Shad, who gets taken out by Knox. Knox misses the big boot and gets hit with the Shoutout for the win. 3.75/5 Very impressive tag team match, would’ve liked to see Knox/Ziggler win, but I’m a Knox fan so I’m biased on that. Still a great match for Cryme Tyme.
  2. Vance Archer v. Tommy Dreamer. A rematch from last week’s ECW show, which was a surprisingly good match. Vance starts out quick and powers Dreamer down and stomps on him, but Dreamer with a low drop kick. Dreamer gets caught with a knee lift though and then Vance works over Tommy, locking in a body vice on Tommy. Tommy elbows his way out and goes for the sunset flip, countered into a legdrop for a near fall. Dreamer whipped in and hit with a spinning elbow as Archer continues to pound on the Innovator of Violence. Archer with a bearhug into a belly to belly Suplex for a two count. Tommy able to hit a knee lift and then a series of punches followed by the bulldog on Vance. Dreamer able to hit a quick DDT and goes for the pin, but Vance gets his feet on the ropes. Dreamer goes for the frog splash, but Archer moves and hits the clothesline; Tommy then eats a big boot, as Archer hits the reverse DDT for the win. 2.5/5 Much slower paced match then last weeks, not bad, just sort of there I guess. Drive on through to the next match.
  3. Jack Swagger v. MVP. Been looking forward to this match, I like both these guys and I think Swagger could be the next Kurt Angle. Both men lock up to start, and neither really gets an advantage so they restart circling each other. A second lock up and MVP backs Swagger in the corner, Swagger rushes out and eats a fist from MVP as MVP starts to pummel Swagger. MVP takes his eyes of the opponent and gets a big boot, Swagger moves into a headlock to slow down MVP. MVP whips Swagger into the ropes and hits an armdrag and then a slam for a quick pin attempt. MVP picks up Swagger and nails a snap Suplex, sending Swagger to the corner, but MVP gets caught and Swagger throws MVP in the corner and starts to pound him down. MVP whipped in and jumps over Swagger, but Swagger tosses MVP over the top rope, MVP skins the cat and back in but clothesline to the back of the head knocks MVP over the top as we go to commercial. We come back to MVP working over Swagger’s arm and shoulder as MVP tries to fight back up, Jack with a nice rollup taking MVP back down and stomps his opponent. Swagger continues to work over MVP’s arm and shoulder with a nice hammerlock, MVP tossed into the buckle hard, and then slide out of the ring. MVP’s arm bounced off the ring apron by the ultra athletic Jack Swagger, who continues to work over the arm back in the ring. Swagger locks the hammerlock back in and wears MVP back down, Swagger whips MVP in and hits a vile looking clothesline as MVP is being worn down slowly. Swagger goes for a cover and almost wins, as Swagger getting frustrated. Swagger misses a charge and hits the turnbuckle; MVP hits a clothesline on Jack Swagger then a knee to the face. MVP drops the big elbow on Jack, who rolls out of the ring. Swagger pulls the arm down on MVP and goes for the gut wrench powerbomb, countered by MVP hit by a nice clothesline. Swagger jumps to the second and gets caught by MVP, MVP hit by the big kick followed by the playmaker for the win. 4/5 Great match, nice psychology by Jack Swagger working over the arm, which MVP sold the whole match and even after the win.

Match Recap

  1. Cryme Tyme beat Dolph Ziggler & Mike Knox 3.75/5
  2. Vance Archer over Tommy Dreamer 2.5/5
  3. MVP  pinned Jack Swagger 4/5

Another nice episode of Superstars, not great like last week’s but still a solid show. Archer will probably face Goldust next I assume as he climbs the ECW ladder, unless he’s the surprise winner of the #1 contender tournament, but I doubt it. Ziggler & Knox could make a very good team; I really like the two of them. The main event was gold, a great match from two of the best on RAW.


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I love Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, Its really hardcore. I love to see the battle between batista and undertaker. This is going to be one of the best matches ever. Its going to be hell of a night pay per view

Comment by Annette D

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