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ECW on SyFy: The Big Red Monster Returns

ECW on SyFy – December 15, 2009

After a very long and boring episode of Monday Night RAW it’s going to be nice to have a good show, doesn’t matter what the main event is, anything is better than Orton v. Cena. I’m amazed I had over 100 views on my page on Tuesday, guess everyone wanted to see what happened on TLC and RAW, wish RAW was better but TLC was good. I am curious to see where they go with Christian next, as he beat Shelton Benjamin, and now he needs a new challenger. Let’s get to show and see what ECW has in store for us this week.

We open this week’s ECW with the announcement that Tiffany has invited Kane back to ECW tonight, as we see Kane backstage, who says “I’m back” and then laughs maniacally. We go to our opening video as we’re coming from Laredo, TX. Tonight we get Maria on Abraham Washington Show along with Kane’s appearance.

1. We open with Tiffany in the ring, as she says she is proud of the participants who represented ECW on Sunday night. She then asks for Shelton Benjamin & Christian to come to ring, Shelton comes out limping and holding his ribs, and Christian comes out limping as well as having a black eye where he got stitches. Both men shake Tiffany’s hand and each other’s hand, as the crowd gives them the respect they deserve. Tiffany says the match was awesome, I agree, one of the best matches in WWE. Shelton takes the mic and says he wants to thank the crowd for inspiring them to take the risks they took. Shelton says he didn’t know if he was going to punch Christian or shake his hand, he then says thank you for the greatest match of his career. Shelton tells Christian, let’s do it again, he wants a rematch. As Tiffany says he can get the opportunity, we’re joined by the Ruthless Roundtable. William Regal says enough of this poppycock, as he asks Tiffany what is up with her voice. Regal says there is a larger issue tonight, Kane. Tiffany says she is going to explain, and Regal cuts her off again and asks Tiffany is she’s mental for letting Kane back on ECW. Tiffany says she is introducing a new concept, as several past ECW stars will come in to face the current ECW stars, the winner will face Christian at the Royal Rumble, sounds interesting. Tonight we get two matches, Zack Ryder v. Kane, Zack’s a dead man damn it, and Vladimir Kozlov v. Ezekiel Jackson. Shelton is laughing at this as Regal looks panicked, although Zeke looks pretty excited.

2. Hurricane v. The Ripper. Nice to the Savannah, Angela Fong, doing the ring intros tonight, she looks great! This is annoying as Burchill is such a great athlete, and deserves so much better than this garbage. Burchill starts with a go behind and tries to pull off the mask, Burchill whips in Hurricane and no one budges. Hurricane tossed out of the ring by Ripper, who follows and drops Hurricane on the barricade. Ripper Suplexes Hurricane back in and gets a two count, Paul continues to stomp on Hurricane as we get a look at Katie Lea, now Beautiful Nightmare. Ripper with a clothesline on Hurricane and stomps Hurricane for a near fall. Ripper slams him and climbs the ropes, but Hurricane catches him with a fist and then a nice clothesline. Hurricane whipped in, but catches Ripper with an elbow followed by a Hurricanrana for a near fall. Hurricane sets up for shining wizard, countered to a back breaker for another near fall. Ripper whips Hurricane in and gets a big boot followed by the tornado DDT as Hurricane tries to pull off the mask, and gets it off. Burchill then hit with a shining wizard for a three count. 3.5/5 great match, as both guys put on a great show and I hope this means Burchill moves to Smackdown and maybe gets a push. We now get a RAW rebound, it was bad enough the first time, and no one needs to see it again. From there we go backstage to Paul & Katie Lea with Gregory Helms, as Paul looks like he’s going to cry. Paul then screams and walks away from a smiling, laughing Gregory who’s in a suit, but wearing his Hurricane cape underneath.

3. Tony Atlas welcomes us to the Abraham Washington Show, and brings out the host with the most, Abraham! Abraham thanks the crowd for coming out tonight, as he calls himself the most entertaining man in sports entertainment! Abraham says he wants to report a crime, he says he got robbed and should’ve won breakout star of the year. Abraham says he should’ve won all the award, Tony says he should’ve won Diva of the Year. This brings out Diva of the Year, Maria, who looks great in a silver dress!! Abe says it must have been embarrassing last night when Batista interrupted her award speech; I think Batista should be embarrassed for wearing pink! Maria says as embarrassing as it was, at least she won a Slammy! Maria says Abe didn’t get robbed, as Tony says the show stinks, Maria asks Abe if he’s eying her Slammy. Abe says it’s not a real Slammy, as she can’t press anyone over her head, she says she wasn’t talking to Abe, she was talking to Tony. Tony runs over to hold the Slammy, Abe goes to reach for it, and she pulls it back. Maria says maybe next year you’ll win one, Tony says I doubt it. Abe says he voted for Michelle McCool, probably was forced by Undertaker to vote for her, he says Batista needs to come out and interrupt this show. Abe tells Tony end the show now, as Maria holds her Slammy over her head proudly and dances!!! How can you not like Maria, she just looks so cute?

4. Vladimir Kozlov v. Ezekiel Jackson. Here’s our first match of the ECW Homecoming Qualifiers that Tiffany mentioned in the beginning of the show. Vladimir comes out with William Regal, as Jackson comes out alone, but with a huge smile. Jackson is like the new Ahmed Johnson, but with talent. The bell rings and both men circle each other, Jackson pushes Vladimir back, and Vladimir comes back with a knee lift, Jackson with a series of punches and a trio of slams. Jackson screams at Regal, and gets caught from behind by Kozlov who drops a series of elbows for a two count. Kozlov with the head butts, and goes off the ropes, but Regal grabs the leg? Jackson with the urunage and scores the win. 2.5/5 Quick match, more storyline then match as Regal joins up with Jackson. Jackson leaves and Kozlov gets a hold of Regal, Jackson from behind and they whip Kozlov into the announce table. Regal says there is no one in this country smart enough to take him on, as Kozlov is left down and out. So does this mean Kozlov is the good guy now that just doesn’t sound right to me? We go backstage to Croft & Barreta playing Smackdown v. RAW and beating DX.

5. Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta v. Julio Cruz & Jorge Arias. This is going to be another quick squash for the team of Croft & Barreta, so no need to recap a squash. 1/5 Barreta & Croft score another quick and easy win, and go to Savannah and says they can announce themselves as winners. They announce themselves as next year’s tag team of the year, maybe if they get some real competition and we see what they can do. I do like the finishing move they do, but need to see some real matches with these two. We go backstage to Yoshi & Goldust, as Goldust congratulates Yoshi on his win last night. Yoshi turns around right into Kane and says something in Japanese; Kane asks Goldust what Yoshi said. Goldust stutters and Kane says “They say I’m the freak”. That was funny actually, Kane is entertaining sometimes and Goldust is always funny.

6. Kane v. Zack Ryder. I’m a huge fan of Zack Ryder, but he’s doomed. They announce next week, Yoshi Tatsu v. Jack Swagger, which should be awesome. Zack comes out with Rosa and her amazing swaying hips. With less than five minutes left, this isn’t going to be good. Kane opens up on Zack right away and snap mares him down, followed by the low dropkick for a near fall. Kane whips Zack in, but eats a big boot, Zack off the top but Kane catches him into a big slam. Kane misses the elbow; Zack hits a dropkick of his own, then pounds on Kane. Zack with a headlock, which Kane powers out with a Suplex, and whips Zack in again and hits the clothesline. Zack counters the side slam, but Kane goes for a Chokeslam, Ryder grabs the ropes. Kane tries for a big boot, and Zack moves and Kane crotches himself; Zack wisely works on the leg of Kane. Ryder pounds Kane in the corner, but steps back and Kane catches him, Ryder hits a chop block on Kane and continues the work on the knee. Kane misses a clothesline and Zack with a dropkick to the knee, followed by the Fame-Asser for a near fall. Zack readies for the Rough Rider, Kane counters into a powerbomb, but Zack slides out. Kane hits the Chokeslam for the win on Zack as Rosa looks on in horror. 3/5 surprisingly a good match, at least Zack hit some offense and didn’t just get squished. Would’ve liked to see Zack score the upset, but still a good match.

Match Recap

1. Hurricane pinned the Ripper 3.5/5
2. Ezekiel Jackson pinned Vladimir Kozlov 2.5/5
3. Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta beat Julio Cruz & Jorge Arias 1/5
4. Zack Ryder pinned by Kane 3/5

Not a great episode of ECW but still way better then Monday Night RAW, at least there were no DUDs here. I’m intrigued as to where they are going with this tournament thing and who is going to face Christian at the Rumble. Well tomorrow should be either TNA Impact or Superstars, depending which I find posted online first.


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