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WWE TLC: A Changing of the guard?
December 14, 2009, 2:15 pm
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WWE TLC: December 13, 2009

Well, here we go with my first PPV recap, and it looks like it’s going to be interesting. In my week in review article I posted my predictions, let’s see how bad I do! This PPV looks like the old WCW PPVs, as the lower card matches (ECW, Divas, Kofi/Orton and IC) look great while the main events (World, WWE & Tag) look really bad. I can only hope Jerishow and Sheamus win. I was just working on my first big article for this site, which is comparing WWF 80’s to current product, and was mention how there is too many PPVs. This is proof right here, as we are only 3 weeks from the last PPV, which really doesn’t give us much buildup for the show. They need to give at least 6 week to build PPVs, and they need to cut back from the 12 down to at least 8 to make the PPVs seems important. Right now, they just feel like another show, and having a three hour RAW tonight, right after a three hour PPV just feels like overkill. I have no idea when I’ll get a chance to watch tonight’s RAW, but I actually look forward only for Dennis Miller. Anyway, time to focus on the PPV itself, so let’s get this bad boy underway!

I like how they’re going to have all these hardcore matches tonight, but no blood. That didn’t work very well with the Hell in the Cell matches, can’t see it working well in the TLC or Chair matches. We open with another generic rock song playing during the opening video, I hate the music they use on these PPVs, makes me miss the old 80’s Wrestlemania theme, more commonly known as the Linda McMahon theme! Michael Cole welcomes us to San Antonio, Texas for the 1st ever TLC PPV, wonder if he’ll say “vintage” soon! I still can’t believe he said “vintage Bragging Rights” at the first Bragging Rights PPV, he’s such a tool.

1. Christian v. Shelton Benjamin. Way to open the PPV with the best match of the night, well at least this will wake the crowd and get them fired up. Are those actually ladders and chairs hanging over the entrance way? That makes me nervous, like when they have the cage over the ring. Oh crap, Cole is doing the whole PPV along with Lawler and Striker. This is going to be a long night, Striker is the only I can tolerate of these three. At least he tries to put the match over, without saying stupid stuff like Cole or stupid jokes like Lawler. I think they should get Styles to come out and do the PPVs with Striker that would be great. We open with both men in the corner, and a clean break. The coveted ECW title, really Matt? Christian with a leap frog then a nice drop kick, and Christian then whips Shelton the corner and Shelton springboard into a forearm. Shelton goes for the ladder and Christian holds him back, Christian goes for the Unprettier and it’s blocked. Shelton goes for a ladder and Christian catches him from behind, now Christian has the big ladder, which falls and hits the steps. Christian whipped into the barricade and now Shelton grabs a ladder and starts to pull it in, but Christian with a springboard body block, very cool. Christian gets the ladder in the ring and sets it up; Christian starts the climb but Shelton from behind. Christian goes for a monkey flip, and Shelton lands on his feet and goes for the ladder. Christian throws Benjamin out and picks up the ladder, but Shelton sweeps his feet out and the ladder lands on Christian, who is busted open!!! Well, that’ll get him in a lot of trouble! Doctors come running out and stop the match to fix the cut, what a load of crap that is as the crowd turns on the match. Shelton has to just stand there and wait, which just killed the match dead now. The crowd starts the chant “We want blood” and I agree. This PPV just hit the wall already, not cool. Shelton on top of the ladder at ringside and Christian follows, Shelton pushes him off and hits a Swanton Bomb on Christian, very cool. Wonder how many times the doctors are going to have to run out, love the announcers saying it’s Texas Athletic Commission making that decision, bullcrap! Shelton sets the ladder between the announce table and the ring apron, and then gets whipped in and slides under. Shelton goes to slingshot Christian in, but Christian kicks Shelton into another ladder. Both men in the ring with a pair of ladders, Christian with one set up in the corner and Shelton whipped in, but reversed. Christian with a face full of ladder, Shelton sets Christian behind the ladder and goes for the splash but Christian throws the ladder at Shelton. Christian climbs the ladder and Benjamin knocks the ladder over and hits the whip kick on Captain Charisma. Shelton slams Christian’s face into a ladder and kicks him while he’s down. Not a bad match so far, other than the lame stoppage for blood, what is this NWA 80’s? Shelton at the top of the ladder and Christian catches him with a reverse DDT from the top of the ladder; both men are down as we get the Wile E. Coyote camera! Christian slowly makes him way up the ladder as Shelton climbs the ropes, Christian catches him and goes to ram the ladder into Shelton who catches it and jumps to the ladder and almost has the belt. Christian pushes the ladder and Shelton stands on the top rope and the top of the ladder for a huge clothesline. Striker says this is awesome, and I agree. Christian outside the ring and Shelton sets the ladder back up, and starts the climb, looks to far over though; Christian makes it back in time, now both guys up there. Shelton with a vicious powerslam off the ladder, which looked amazing! Christian setting up a ladder in the corner but caught by Shelton with a big splash into the ladder, Shelton climbs up and has the belt. Shelton is hanging by the title as Christian is trying to get him down. Christian sets up the ladder and knocks Shelton down, Christian hangs from the title now. Shelton pulls him down and a powerbomb into a ladder in the corner. The champ is down and hurting! Shelton starts to pound on Christian, and now both men climb opposite sides of the ladder, Shelton goes for a sunset flip off the top, but Christian counters into a Hurricanrana into the post on Shelton, awesome looking move. Both men on the apron, as Shelton attempts to German Suplex the man on the ladder. Christian hits the kick and knocks Shelton on the ladder, then climbs the top rope. Christian splashes Shelton through the ladder and the crowd erupts!!! Christian crawls up the ladder slowly and Shelton is motionless at ringside, Christian is able to pull the title down for the win. 4.5/5 Great match would’ve been a 5 if not for the ridiculous stoppage due to blood, which was a load of crap. One of the best opening matches on PPV, right up there with Lyger/Pillman or Owen/Bret! Great way to start the PPV! Shelton still down outside after the huge splash from Christian. After that exciting match we now get a recap of D-X/Jerishow feud, I assume while they clean up the ladder around the ring.

2. Drew McIntyre v. John Morrison. This should be another great match as Morrison is one of the best right now in WWE and Drew is impressive with one of the coolest finishers. John Morrison comes out to an impressive pop, I didn’t think they’d be able to make him a face, but they did a heck of a job. That promo on Smackdown with these two was the highlight of the week; I just hope the match lives up to it! Twenty years since the last IC title change in Texas, so says Matt Striker. So I want and double checked that and he’s way off, the title changed hands on April 5, 2009 at Wrestlemania when Rey beat JBL, and before that it changed hands four other times between 2002 and 2006. I’m disappointed in Matt making such a dumb mistake; he should’ve checked his facts on something that sounded that impressive. I know Wrestlemania really sucked, but sadly it actually did take place Matt! Anyway, let’s get to the match, as McIntyre powers John into the corner and we get a clean break. Morrison with a wristlock reversed by McIntyre with an uppercut and into an arm bar with Drew. Drew whips John in, but gets caught by an arm drag and John on the offense. John slides through the ropes and hits a perfect springboard Hurricanrana for a two count. Drew slows the pace by sliding out of the ring; John comes out after him and gets tossed head first into the ring post. Drew rolls the champ back in and gets a near fall, Drew rams the head into the buckle and stars to stomp a mudhole on Morrison. Drew with a short-arm clothesline, shades of Jake Roberts, and locks in a crossface as he slows down Morrison here. Morrison starts to make a comeback and Drew hits a corner clothesline followed by a snap Suplex, ala Dynamite Kid for another two count. Morrison catches Drew with a kick, but eats a big boot to the face for another pair of near falls; Morrison is just getting pummeled tonight. Drew locks in another nice submission on Morrison and stretches the arm of Morrison. Drew whips John in and goes for the tilt-a-whirl slam, but Morrison able to hit a nice spinning DDT on the challenger. Morrison hits a clothesline and goes up top and hits the missile dropkick for a near fall. McIntyre clips the knee of John, the hits a vile reverse Alabama Jam on the champion, thought it was over after that. That was an amazing looking maneuver; John pulled up and hits a dropkick knocking McIntyre out of the ring. Both men are brawling out of the ring, and Morrison rolls Drew back in. Drew hits the ring post and John hits Starship Pain, but Drew gets a foot outside the ring. John stomps Drew in the corner, John’s belt pulled off. The ref gets rid of the belt, and Drew pokes John in the eye, and hits the Scot Drop for the win! 4/5 Excellent match between the two future stars of the WWE. I hope this means John is going to get pushed to the world title next. After a promo for RAW we go backstage with Drew McIntyre and Vince McMahon. Josh Matthews asks for a word with Vince, and Vince says to interview the new champ. Josh asks Drew if he’s surprised he won, Drew says no, he knew he’d win. Suddenly Sheamus comes out and says Drew won’t be the only newcomer to win gold tonight.

3. Mickie James v. Michelle McCool. Mickie looks awesome tonight, as always! I give this match five minutes or less. Michelle McCool annoys the hell out of me, she steals AJ Styles finisher and his entrance, and she has less than 1/10th the talent of AJ. Never want to see anyone injured in wrestling, but in her case I make an exception. The bell rings, and Michelle runs away from the much more talented diva. Both women lock up and roll out of the ring, then both roll back in, Mickie forces McCool to the corner and the pulls the legs out and rolls her up for a near fall. Mickie with a series of near falls, Mickie goes for a sunset flip and McCool pushes her to the corner. Michelle does a snap mare and a couple knees to the back for another pinfall attempt. Michelle pounds Mickie’s face in the mat, Mickie tries to fight her way back up. I wish the announcers would stop kissing Michelle’s butt, just because they’re afraid Undertaker might come after them. Mickie finally gets the offense but gets caught in a backbreaker. Michelle argues with the ref and gets rolled up for a near fall. McCool tosses Mickie out of the ring and tosses her into the barricade. Michelle rolls back in the ring, as we get a close up of McCool, which is not a nice view! Michelle back out and misses a knee to the head. Mickie with a Thesz Press of the floor and rolls her back in and hits another Thesz Press for a near fall. Mickie with a nice duck under and a trio of clotheslines on the champion. Mickie whipped in and lands on the apron, as she goes up top, Layla pushes her off. Mickie spin kicks Layla and rolls up McCool for another near fall. McCool hits a kick for the win that was a crappy ending to the match. 2.5/5 all credit goes to Mickie James for carrying the overrated McCool to a watchable match. From here we go to the recap for the Sheamus/Cena match, I hope Sheamus wins and we get rid of Cena for a while. If Sheamus wins does Goldust get a title match, after all he beat Sheamus in ECW!

4. Sheamus v. John Cena. John Cena comes out to a mixed reaction, as Cole says the crowd is on their feet. Sure, but are they hanging from the rafters? Did the SRO signs go up early? Just thought I’d throw out a few Gorilla Monsoon quotes for fun, while half the crowd is booing Cena. Cole says last time a WWE Champ was from outside US was Yokozuna, which is wrong of course. Edge is a former champ and he’s Canadian, as is Chris Jericho, unless we suddenly became part of the US overnight. That’s what we’ll call a Vintage Cole Stupidity moment!!! John Cena starts out quick and pounds Sheamus in the corner and hits a bulldog, then back to the corner. Sheamus comes out with an elbow and a clothesline, followed by a vertical Suplex, as Cole mention for the third time no pinfalls. Sheamus goes out of the ring and starts to get a table but Cena throws Sheamus into the announce table multiple times. Cena tosses Sheamus into the barricade and Sheamus battle back, and Cena bounced off the ring post. Let’s see if Cena gets busted open, if they bring out the doctors again! Cena whips Sheamus into the steel stairs and now Cena looks for a table, Cena sets the table and picks up the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus on the table as John Cena climbs up to the top rope, but Sheamus slides off the table and make Cena chase him. Sheamus outsmarts the champion, and begins to pound on the back of John Cena. Cena on the ring apron right over the table as Sheamus is trying to push Cena on the table, Cena weebles and wobbles, but makes his back in the ring. Cena goes for the FU from the ring to the table but Sheamus slides off and pops Cena. Sheamus continues to work over the back of John Cena, and rams his head into the stairs, Sheamus stands over Cena. Cena able to counter a punch and rams Sheamus into the steps now, Cena sets Sheamus for the FU again, but Sheamus slides out and goes for a powerbomb through the table and Cena counters again. Sheamus Suplexed on the ramp, and both men are down and holding their backs. Cena makes his way back to ringside and grabs the table; Cena brings the table to Sheamus and tries to smash him with it. Sheamus rolls away and they fight into the crowd, Sheamus clotheslined over the barricade back to ringside. The crowd starts a “Let’s go Sheamus” chant as Cena is setting up a table, as Cena rolls back in Sheamus hits the Irish Curse pump kick. Sheamus rolls outside and grabs a table now, Sheamus sets it up in the corner much like he did on Monday Night Raw. Sheamus picks up Cena and sets him the bearhug, but Cena rolls through, and hits a pair of shoulderblocks. Cena with that poor looking belly to back he can’t do, and sets up for the fist drop. Sheamus slow to get up, but as he does he throws the table over the top rope. Cena hits the FU, but no table, so the match continues. With Sheamus down, Cena climbs out and grabs a table, as Cena slides in and sets the table up, Sheamus is still down. As the crowd boos Cena as he picks up the challenger and sets him in the corner. Cena readies Sheamus on the top rope, and sets him for the top rope FU. Sheamus fights back and pushes the champ down; both men slug it out and now both up top. Cena sets Sheamus for a superplex; Sheamus pushes Cena off the top and right through the table for the win! 3.75/5 A shocking ending to the match as Sheamus scores a huge win and is the new champion! Not a bad match, but the ending was kind of anti-climatic. I can see Cena getting the title back probably tonight on RAW or at the Rumble. It’s nice to see someone new with the title, would love to see him get a nice long title reign, but I doubt it. We go to the ring to see Cena getting up and looking at the table remnants, as they show some kid who looks like he’s going to cry! We now get a promo for the Tribute to the Troops show next Saturday on NBC, from the spoilers I saw looked like a crappy show. We come back to Cole, Lawler and Striker as Cole calls it the biggest upset in history, as we get another recap. We now get the recap of Undertaker/Batista, so you’re telling me the tag match is the main event? Must be nice to be Shawn and Hunter running the show, why that’s the main event and not Cena/Sheamus is beyond me.

5. Batista v. Undertaker. This is going to be a bad match as Batista just plain sucks, and Undertaker has become a shell of himself. Both guys really need to retire and call it a career; well at least I have Kofi/Orton to still look forward too. I still find it odd to have both title matches in the middle of the show, just seems wrong. Let’s see, a chair match with no blood, but yet there are disqualifications. The bell rings and Batista goes for a chair early, but Undertaker counters. Batista in the corner as Undertaker pounds on him, Undertaker continues to stomp on Dave and then whips him in the corner. Undertaker runs in and Batista with an elbow followed by a clothesline. Both men back outside, and Batista goes for a chair again and Undertaker tosses him to the corner. Undertaker grabs a chair and Batista counters and rams Undertaker into the post. Batista works over the back on the ring apron as Undertaker throws a chair into the ring. Batista tossed into the time keeper’s area as Undertaker tossing chairs in the ring, as Batista goes to get up Undertaker goes for a big boot and Batista moves. Batista now using the chair on Undertaker to choke him down. Undertaker ducks out of the way of a chairshot and Batista hits the ring post, Batista rolled in the ring and Undertaker hits the legdrop, cueing Michael Cole to say “vintage Undertaker”. Undertaker goes for Old School, but Batista counters and hits a superplex on the dead man for a near fall. Batista grabs a chair and sets up Undertaker for Batista Bomb, which is countered to a backdrop. Both men up and slug it out now; Batista whips Undertaker in and hits a spinebuster for a two count. Batista picks up a chair and wedges it in the corner, that may come back to haunt him, as Batista pounds Undertaker in the ropes and misses a clothesline, but Undertaker hits the flying clothesline. Undertaker goes for Old School, and it connects, Undertaker follows with Snake Eyes, but Batista counters the boot with a spear for another near fall. Batista sets the chair up and hits the spinebuster on Undertaker on the chair, as he Batista’s up! Batista goes to grab Undertaker, but Undertaker with Hell’s Gate, Batista is able to make the ropes for the break though. Batista rolls out the ring and grabs a chair, as Undertaker goes to grab Batista he gets a chair to the head. Batista comes in and goes for a spear and hits the chair in the corner, as I predicted. Undertaker readies for the Chokeslam on the Animal, which leads to a near fall. Undertaker now gives the sign for the Tombstone, but Batista counters and pushes him into the corner. Undertaker almost nails the ref, and Batista hits a low blow and then a chairshot to the face for the pin. 3/5 Not a bad match, considering who was in it. As Batista takes the belt and starts to leave, out comes Teddy Long. Teddy says chairs are legal, but low blows are not and this match will continue. Batista runs in with a chair and Undertaker with a big boot, hits Batista with the chair, followed by the Tombstone for the win. Make that a 2.5/5 for the stupid Dusty finish, I hate that crap. The match wasn’t half bad, but that stupid finish killed it for me. I assume we’re going to have to have another rematch between these two. We now get a cool little Royal Rumble promo, I love the Royal Rumble, and so I actually am looking forward to that show. I hope Kofi wins the Rumble, so we can get Kofi/Sheamus for the main event of Wrestlemania, but that’ll probably never happen. We go to the recap of the Kofi/Orton feud; this is going to be a good match.

6. Randy Orton v. Kofi Kingston. Randy Orton starts out with a headlock, which Kofi fights out of, putting Randy in a head scissors. Kofi moves to the wristlock, which Randy reverses, Kofi flips out of it. Randy pushes Kofi in the corner and starts to pound Kofi down, as the ref pulls Randy out of the corner. Kofi tries to fight back; put gets caught in a flipping power slam for a two count. Orton back to the headlock, Kofi starts to fight back in the corner, and does that cool jump to the second rope. Orton goes for the powerbomb, Kofi to a sunset flip for a near fall. Orton rolls out of the ring, Kofi goes for a top rope cross body, but Orton hits a nice dropkick and Kofi is hurting. Orton Suplexes Kofi on the barricade and then dumps Kofi back to ringside. Both men back in the ring and a near fall for the Legend Killer, as Orton stands over Kofi now. Orton with a series of stomps to Kofi’s midsection, and works over the ribs of Kingston. Orton has a huge advantage at this point and drops Kofi rib first on the top rope, then the big kneedrop to the face. Kofi slow to get up, and gets punched back down by Orton. Kofi uses the ropes to get up, and once again taken down, Kofi pulls himself up and then connects with the SOS on Orton!! Orton rolls out of the ring, and Kofi follows with a missile dive on Randy, Kofi rolls him back in and climbs the ropes. Kofi with a nice crossbody, shades of Ricky Steamboat, for a near fall. Kofi follows up with a series of chops, then springboard clothesline. Orton hits the backbreaker out of nowhere and both men are down, Orton now has the advantage again. Orton readies for the RKO and Kofi hits a perfect drop kick, then the boom drop. Kofi goes for the Trouble in Paradise and connects nicely on Randy, Randy grabs the rope to break the count as the match was almost over. Orton rolls out of the ring, and Kofi follows. Orton like dead weight as Kofi gets him back in the ring, as Kofi starts to get in the ring Orton springs up and hits the vicious DDT on Kingston. Randy goes for the punt kick, but Kofi able to block with his arm. Orton grabs Kofi and hits an armbreaker on the injured arm of Kingston, Orton sets up for the RKO, Kofi counters with Trouble in Paradise which misses, Orton hits RKO for the win. 4.25/5 Great match, Kofi impresses everytime I see him and Orton is just amazing. He plays a snake so well, and the RKO can just hit from nowhere. Wonder if this is the end of Kingston’s push, if so that’s a shame because Kingston is a great young talent. We see Batista backstage yelling at Teddy Long, saying he was robbed tonight and he tells Teddy make it right or next time Batista swings the chair it’ll be at Teddy’s head.

7. D-X v. Jerishow. Wow, seven weeks between PPV’s as the Rumble’s not till 31st of January. They actually have time to build some stories. The match starts with all four men slugging it out as Show and Hunter outside the ring. Triple H whipped into the barricade, familiar move tonight. Big show follows in and HHH moves and Show into the crowd, as Shawn and Jericho slug it out in the ring. Triple H grabs a table and sets it up and the timekeeper area, but turns around right into Big Show as they brawl up the ramp. In the ring Shawn is stomping on Jericho and now they’re outside the ring. Show & HHH brawling at the top of the ramp as Jericho sets up a table at ringside. Shawn Michaels and Jericho back in the ring, as Shawn gets caught in the Walls of Jericho, Shawn able to counter out. Shawn hits a big slam and climbs the ropes, Shawn goes for the big elbow, but Jericho gets his knees up. Shawn rolls out of the ring, and Jericho goes to grab the ladder, meanwhile Big Show thrown into the big screen. Jericho runs up the ramp to help Show and gets caught. Triple H goes for the Pedigree and Jericho counters, as all four men brawl at the top of the ramp. Show holds HHH up as Jericho goes to hit him with a chair, Shawn makes the save, but Big Show pummels Shawn down. Big Show the only man standing at this point as the crowd cheers for D-X. Jerishow make their way to the ring as Show grabs the ladder and passes it to Chris in the ring, but D-X break it up. We now have HHH and Jericho in the ring, while Shawn & Show outside the ring. Triple H has the ladder and nails Jericho in the ribs, while Shawn comes in the ring. Both members of D-X working over Chris Jericho now, as Show slowly gets up, D-X Suplex the ladder on Jericho. D-X baseball slides the ladder into the face of Big Show knocking him back down as Jericho out of the ring. D-X set up the ladder and Shawn starts the climb, Big Show in and throws Shawn down and pummels the daylights out of HHH. Jericho back in sends Shawn to the floor, and now they Jerishow double team Triple H. Jericho bulldogs Triple H into the ladder as Big Show has a big smile, Big Show sets a ladder into the corner. Shawn tries to get back in and knocked back down to the floor by Jericho. Jericho whips HHH into the ladder and then Show slams HHH on the ladder as they lock his legs in the ladder. Shawn able to get in the ring and gets tossed right into the Game, that was a cool spot. Show pounds HHH while tied in the ladder, Jerishow with a big advantage. Jericho goes to whip HHH into the ladder and HHH reverses, Jericho to the floor, Big Show misses a splash in the corner. Triple H hits the facebuster and swings the ladder at Show then throws it on top of Jericho. Hunter turns around into the Chokeslam, countered to the DDT as “Vintage” Michaels with the elbow. Shawn sets up for Sweet Chin Music, Jericho ducks and hits Codebreaker. Jericho turns around into a spinebuster from the Game, who then gets hits with a Big Show spear. Show only man in the ring at this point, as he looks up at the titles. Big Show sets up the ladder, slowly climbing the ladder as Triple H slides in with a chairshot to the back of Show. Show just punches the chair in the big nose of the Game, almost knocks the nose though the other side of HHH. Show up the ladder, but D-X knocks the ladder down, and Triple H hits a Pedigree. Shawn Michaels sets up a ladder and climbs the ladder as Jericho in and sends Michaels crashing to the floor. Jericho now climbs the ladder and Triple H nails Jericho, both men on the ladder, Triple H powerbombs Jericho from the ladder. Now its Triple H’s turn to climb the ladder but Big Show back in and a Chokeslam on the Game from the ladder. Big Show now destroys the ladder, great, now this match can never end! Big Show throws the ladder out and starts to pound on Hunter in the corner, meanwhile Jericho finds another ladder under the ring and slides it in. Michaels sets up a chair, but Jerishow pins D-X in the ladder and Jericho smashes the chair on the ladder, and then squeezes the ladder closed on the both. Big Show breaks the ladder in half and throws the Game out and punches Shawn in the stomach. Show chokeslams Shawn on HHH through the table. Jericho climbs on the shoulders of Big Show they make their way to the titles, as D-X slide back in. Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music sending Jericho to the floor, hitting his face on the table. D-X uses the ladder part to knock Show out of the ring. Triple H holds the ladder piece as Shawn climbs up, and Shawn detaches the titles and wins. Damn! 4/5 Excellent match, but didn’t want D-X to win, as now they’re going to ruin Smackdown and Jericho is now going to be gone from RAW. Although maybe this will keep them from the World Title picture, I hope.

Match Recap

1. Christian beat Shelton Benjamin 4.5/5
2. Drew McIntyre pinned John Morrison 4/5
3. Michelle McCool pinned Mickie James 2.5/5
4. Sheamus beat John Cena 3.75/5
5. Undertaker beat Batista 2.5/5
6. Randy Orton pinned Kofi Kingston 4.25/5
7. D-X beat Jerishow 4/5

That was actually a pretty good PPV other then the Undertaker match, but I didn’t expect anything from that. I’d give the PPV an A- for a grade, as it was great to see Sheamus win his first title, and the opening two matches were amazing. Four matches that are a 4/5 or better out of seven is pretty good, and Sheamus/Cena was almost a four, if the ending was a little better. The worst match was a tie between the divas and Undertaker. Gee irony as Mr. & Mrs. Undertaker have the worst matches, I just don’t think McCool is worthy of having a title, she is worse than Candice Michelle or Sable. Christian and Shelton just made the opening match amazing. Great show and I can only hope RAW is a good show too.
Oh, and for those who care, as far as my predictions went, I got 4-3, which is about normal. I would’ve been 5-2 if they didn’t do the stupid Dusty finish in the Undertaker match.


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