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WWE Friday Night Smackdown: CM Punk the choice of a new Generation!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown – December 11, 2009

After an amazing episode of Superstars yesterday I really don’t think anything will top that, unless Smackdown has a really good main event going into the PPV. With the PPV coming up, I assume it’s just going to be two hours of hype.

We open the show with the recap of Batista attacking Undertaker two weeks ago and last week. Well with Batista destroying Undertaker two weeks in a row, I assume he’s going to get destroyed at the PPV. From there we go to the annoying new opening song, which I still hate, just saying is all. The best announce team in WWE Todd & Matt welcome us to Smackdown as our main event is Batista v. Rey Mysterio in a street fight. Speaking of the devil, here he comes.

  1. Batista comes out to the ring; oh boy no one can cut a promo like Dave <sarcasm>. He has the mic, not a good sign as he says he has something to get off his chest. He says he did not ask for the match with Rey tonight, he says Rey demanded the street fight. Batista continues by saying Rey doesn’t belong in the same ring with him, he continues by saying since he decided he wanted the title back people have been booing him. His response is he doesn’t care, well that makes two of us, was he talking about his matches or being booed? Because as far as his matches go, I don’t care! Batista keeps on rambling about not needing anyone, c’mon Dave; people who need people are the luckiest people!! Ok, Dave shut up now, let someone with talent have some camera time, at least Orton’s matches are watchable, as opposed to the next Kevin Nash here. Oh man, the camera zoomed in on his face, and he looks so freaking old, almost as bad as Taker. That is going to be a disaster of a match, speaking of which Dave starts to talk about Taker, as I am rapidly losing interest in this blah, blah crap. Batista says beating Undertaker is a formality, and everyone better get used to seeing him as World Champion. Well, that was ten minutes I’ll never get back again.
  2. CM Punk & Luke Gallows v. Matt Hardy & R-Truth. CM Punk has the mic, at least he can cut a promo, learn a lesson Dave. Punk says pay attention; I think he’s talking to Batista there! Cheap plug for Jeff Hardy’s DVD, I haven’t watched it yet, but it looks pretty good. Should get a chance to watch it after the holidays. Punk says parents are buying the DVD for kids for Christmas, not good parenting according to Punk. Punk says kids will think they can fly after watching the DVD, and probably think they can do the impossible, but in reality after watching the DVD all you will be is a good for nothing junkie! Punk then steps on the DVD, then has Gallows stomp on it, as we get the introduction of Truth & Hardy, Hardy has a bag full of Hardy DVDs. Punk screaming at the crowd not to take the DVD as Matt’s handing it out to fans, that’s hilarious! CM Punk is just amazing on the mic and knows exactly how to fire up the crowd.  Punk tells the crowd to sell the DVD on E-Bay and tells Truth and Hardy their peddling drugs. Punk takes a microphone to the head from Truth sending him to the floor; Gallows and the ref go to check on Punk. The match finally starts with Gallows & Truth, Gallows gets Truth in the corner and tags in Punk who whips Truth in and gets caught with a pair of clotheslines, and a third takes him to floor as we go to commercial. We come back and Punk being double teamed, Matt with a near fall. Truth in and gets caught and Suplexed on the ropes, as Gallows tagged in. Gallows pounds on Truth in the corner and tags Punk back in. Punk and Truth slug it out, but Truth caught in a powerslam from Punk for a near fall. Punk blows a kiss at Matt, whatever that meant! Punk with an arm bar and crossface, tagging in Gallows who locks the Truth in the bearhug. Gallows rams Truth into the turnbuckle and brings in the Straight Edge Superstar, who hits a belly to back Suplex and goes to the apron. Punk with a springboard but gets a dropkick to the stomach from Truth who makes the tag to Matt Hardy. Matt comes in a house of fire on Punk laying a beating on CM Punk. Matt hits the big legdrop and Gallows for the save, Truth with a dropkick taking out the former Festus. Punk throws Truth out of the ring. Matt goes for Twist of Fate, countered to Go to Sleep countered, Matt throws Punk into Gallows who makes the blind tag, Matt hits Twist of Fate on Punk. Gallows comes in and connects with the big boot followed by the Twelfth Step for the pin. 3.75/5 Excellent opening match, very fast paced and great series of moves at the end. The former Festus is very good in his new character, much better than the Festus character. CM Punk could be a reverse version of Raven, with his own flock, which would be cool. But I’m sure they’d lose interest in an idea like that very quickly. After the commercial we go backstage to Vickie Guerrero with Eric Escobar and they are fighting in Spanish as Teddy Long asks what he said. Eric says people thought she was his mom, Vickie says Eric needs to go to the ring and face Chris Jericho now. Vickie starts screaming as Teddy Long is trying not to laugh. We now see Kane running into the Mountain Man Mike Knox. Knox says they’re the same, monsters no one understands. Knox says he enjoyed the match and wants a rematch, Kane says they are nothing alike and there is only one monster. Kane agrees that tonight there will be a rematch; Knox says you will be a broken monster, but Knox will ride in the ambulance with him. Kane starts to choke Knox who says choking can cause enjoyment over the body, ok creepy!
  3. Eric Escobar v. Chris Jericho. I really don’t see anything in Escobar, just doesn’t look like he’s going to be a big star, just saying is all. Jericho is a legend and deserving future Hall of Famer and always puts on a great match, no matter who he’s with. Eric starts out pounding on Chris and hits a jumping side kick, followed by a clothesline. Jericho counters a blind charge into the corner, but Eric hits the Sky High on Jericho for a near fall. Jericho clotheslined over the top rope, as Vickie comes out and tells Eric she’s here to apologize as there is an addition detail to the match, it’s a handicap match as Jericho’s partner, and Big Show comes out. Great, another damn handicap match, this is ridiculous. What is this our third one this week, enough people, can we please come up with a new idea? As far as the match goes, I give up on it at this point.  Jericho wins with the Walls of Jericho, whatever. 2/5 was going good, and did not need the handicap crap, sick of handicap matches and don’t want to see any more of those, ever again. After the match Jericho has the mic, and guarantees the demise of D-X and the D-X army, as TLC is about wiping D-X off the planet forever. I for one would be happy to see that happen, but I doubt it will happen, can’t see D-X lose on PPV to Jerishow. Big Show says when D-X is in the hospital trying to find the will to walk, he wants them to remember their faces as the ones who end D-X.
  4. Drew McIntyre comes out with the mic, and says why is it that Vince proclaimed him the future and Drew’s not on the cover of the new magazine. Drew says John Morrison is on the cover not him, and Drew beat John last week. We get a recap of last week’s amazing match between them, which I posted in my week in review. McIntyre asks why the crowd cheers for Morrison, because he’s American, because he does a fancy flip, because he’s champion? Drew says not for long as the crowd chants USA, Drew says John Morrison beating his is as fictitious as the Loch Ness Monster. We then hear bag pipes playing; please don’t be Roddy Piper, for the love of God, no. Thankfully, it’s not Piper, its John “Braveheart” Morrison, dressed as Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart, very funny looking. Morrison with a bad Scottish accent says not to disrespect Mel Gibson. Drew says he looks ridiculous and it better be a joke, Morrison says Drew’s a joke and no one can understand a thing he says. Drew tells John this joking around is going to get him hurt and he needs to take Drew seriously. John says he didn’t know this was going to be a serious episode with Drew saying he’s the chosen one, John asks if he calls himself the chosen one because he has his head up Mr. McMahon’s ass. Drew tells John to drop the sword; John makes fun of Drew hanging with the legends kissing their asses. Morrison says Drew will never take his title, and Drew snaps and demands John stop making fun of him and his culture. This is funny, and I can’t wait for their match on the PPV, should be the highlight. Drew tells John to drop the sword and fight like a man. Morrison puts the sword down and asks why Drew thinks he runs the place just cause Vince gave him an endorsement. The slugfest begins and Drew runs into the crowd to get away from Morrison.
  5. Mike Knox v. Kane. As JR would say, this will be a slobberknocker!  We get a battle between the two monsters of Friday nights; at least it’s not a Khali match! Knox is looking like the lost brother of ZZ Top with that massive beard! Knox starts the match pounding on the Big Red Machine, Kane counters with a big boot and Knox rolls out of the ring. Kane goes to pull Knox in and gets clotheslined on the ropes, Knox back in and hits a big boot. Mike has Kane in the corner and continues to pound Kane down, Knox with a shoulderblock in the corner followed by the big splash. Kane gets the knees up as Knox goes for a splash, Kane with the low dropkick on Knox and gets a near fall. Kane throws Knox in and follows with a clothesline then the backbreaker. Kane up top and misses the flying clothesline, Knox with a huge crossbody and almost wins the match. Knox goes for the neckbreaker, but Kane counters into the Big Red Chokeslam for the win. 2/5 Almost a squash match, I think Knox should’ve won to continue the feud, I think Knox could be a big star, just saying is all.
  6. Mickie James & Maria v. Layla & Michelle McCool. Mickie James is looking as hot as ever, and it sure is nice to see Maria back, she was greatly missed! Look forward to seeing Maria on Apprentice next month. Michelle McCool is just way to overrated, she’s horrible in the ring, and bowling shoe ugly, she only gets a push because she’s with Undertaker. I really hope Mickie gets the title at the PPV, and maybe get rid of McCool for a while.  We start with Maria & McCool, as Maria kicks the daylights out of Michelle. Michelle no selling the moves and hits a backbreaker on the red head, then cheapshots James. McCool goes for the backbreaker but gets countered to a Hurricanrana, Mickie tagged in and McCool runs out tagging in Layla. Mickie with a nice Thesz Press, Layla runs into McCool and Mickie pins Layla. 2.5/5 All credit goes to Layla, Maria and Mickie; Michelle did next to nothing in there. Not a good match, after last week’s great women’s match.
  7. Rey Mysterio v. Batista. I thought Rey was leaving for knee surgery; guess Vince doesn’t want him to take time off. Way to ride the guys to death McMahon, Rey hasn’t been as good in the ring in a long time though, all the knee injuries have made him very boring. Watch some of his old matches from Mexico, ECW and WCW; he was amazing back then, now it’s just drop toe hold, to the 619, which is just lame. Rey Mysterio tries to use his quickness but gets caught right away with a clothesline and gets tossed around like a ragdoll. Batista hits a huge kick to the chest of Mysterio, Rey using kicks to try and get some space, but gets caught coming off the ropes with another clothesline. Batista nails Rey in the back with another kick and slams Mysterio down hard, Batista puts Rey on his shoulder but Rey slides down. Rey sets Batista for 619 but Dave out of the way, Rey uses his quickness to knock Dave down as we go to commercial. We come back to Batista stretching Rey on the ring post, we see Rey going into the steps during the break. Batista whips Rey with the camera cable and rams Rey’s head into the table. Batista slams Rey face first on the table and throws Mysterio back in the ring. Batista uses a chin lock on Rey, than continues to pound Mysterio down. Mysterio had a brief flurry of moves before the commercial, but it’s basically been a squash match. Batista goes out of the ring and grabs a chair, sets it in the middle of the ring. Batista attempts a Batista Bomb, Rey fights out and drop toe hold on the chair by Rey. Rey with a springboard senton and sets up Dave for the 619, and gets a near fall. Rey grabs the chair and hits Dave in the chest and head with chair, but gets caught with a spear. Batista picks up Rey and hits a spinebuster; Batista cracks Rey in the head with the chair for the win. 3/5 other then a pair of flurries from Rey it was all Batista as Rey got destroyed. It was what it was meant to be, a chance for Batista to show his power. After the match Batista puts Rey’s head in the chair and climbs to the second rope as the gong clangs and the lights go out. Where Rey was, Undertaker now is and The Undertaker pounds the crap out of Dave in the corner. Undertaker grabs the chair and Batista bails out of the ring, as Batista crawls up the ramp, Undertaker’s music hits.

Match Recap

  1. CM Punk & Luke Gallows over Matt Hardy & R-Truth 3.75/5
  2. Chris Jericho & Big Show over Eric Escobar 2/5
  3. Mike Knox pinned by Kane 2/5
  4. Mickie James & Maria over Layla & Michelle McCool 2.5/5
  5. Batista pinned Rey Mysterio 3/5

This was not as good as last week’s episode of Smackdown, between the handicap match and the battle of the monsters, really brought the show down. I like Mike Knox, and I think used right he could be a big star, like Batista and Big Show, but more of a mad genius sort of gimmick. I think Mike could pull that off. The show was still way better then RAW this week, but could still use some improvements.


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