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The Week in Review for December 7 – 11, 2009
December 13, 2009, 4:03 pm
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The Week in Review for December 7 – 11, 2009

Well, this has been a pretty lackluster week for wrestling I must say. Out of five shows, only two were good, one was alright and two were downright abysmal. So let’s just this week over with, as there’s a PPV to get to.

Top 5 Matches of the Week.

  1. Dolph Ziggler v. Finlay from Superstars 4.25/5
  2. Hart Dynasty v. Jimmy Yang Wang & Slam Master J 4/5
  3. MVP v. Jack Swagger from Superstars 4/5
  4. Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu & Christian v. Ruthless Roundtable from ECW 4/5
  5. CM Punk & Luke Gallows v. Matt Hardy & R-Truth from Smackdown 3.75/5 <TIE>
  6. Kofi Kingston v. Randy Orton from Raw 3.75/5 <TIE>

The Worst Matches of the Week.

  1. Lacey Von Erich v. Velvet Sky from Impact DUD
  2. Eric Young v. Hamada from Impact 1/5
  3. Hornswoggle & Eve v. Jillian Hall & Chavo Guerrero from RAW 1/5

Overall, the best show of the week for the second week is Superstars which had 3 great matches with two 4’s and 4.25. Some people may think I overrated the Hart Dynasty match, but I loved the match up, loved the finishing move of Tyson Kidd, and I’m huge fan of all five in the match. It pains me to but Impact in worst matches for two matches, but this week’s episode was awful and really had nothing to save it.

Overall Ranking

  1. Monday Night Raw averaged a 2.5 for seven matches over two hours; almost double the matches of last week abomination. There were some pretty good matches this week, other than the mixed tag. Not a bad episode, but I’m looking forward to this week, as I’m a huge fan of Dennis Miller, so hopefully this week’s should be fun to watch.
  2. ECW averaged a 3/5 for 3 matches in an hour. A great main event with 4 huge talents, and two possible future stars. Vance actually had a good match with Tommy and I can see Vince pushing him hard and the tag match once again did a good job showcasing the new guys of Barreta & Croft. A good episode of ECW as usual, it’s going to be a shame if and when they kill the brand.
  3. Superstars averaged an impressive 4/5 for 3 matches in an hour. Excellent show with not a single bad match on the show this week. This week was must see TV, if you haven’t seen it yet, go find it and watch these three matches.
  4. Impact averaged a dismal 2/5 for 7 matches in two hours. The same number of matches of RAW, but the quality of the matches was just embarrassingly bad. I don’t know what they were thinking with the booking of this week’s show. It was almost like they wanted to see how it could get and still have viewers. A major disappointment of a show, I hope they can do better next week, with the PPV next Sunday.
  5. Smackdown averaged 2.75/5 for 5 matches in two hours. Not a bad show, just too much Batista this week, with a promo, recaps and a match was a bit of overkill. The Morrison/McIntyre segment was funny though and that maybe the big match of the PPV. CM Punk is gold on the mic as always, and I love the gimmick, I’d like to see the Straight Edge Superstar v. The Rated R Superstar, when Edge returns.

Overall, not a great week, but Superstars was miles ahead in terms of quality for this week. I can’t wait for the Slammy Awards on Monday, should be a good show.

I wasn’t able to find either the Hart Dynasty match or the Finlay/Ziggler, but here’s the MVP v. Jack Swagger match.

And for an added bonus, here’s the John Morrison/Drew McIntyre face off from Smackdown as well.

Finally, here are my predictions for tonight’s PPV:
1. Sheamus over Cena for the title
2. Batista over Undertaker for the other title
3. DX beat Jerishow for the tag title
4. Christian over Shelton Benjamin
5. Drew McIntyre beats John Morrison for the title
6. Kofi Kingston over Randy Orton
7. Mickie James beats Michelle McCool for the title
All in all, should be a good PPV, looking forward to matches 4-7, not interested in the top three matches. PPV recap should be posted sometime Monday.


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