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WWE Superstars: The Show Where Talent Lives!
December 12, 2009, 11:08 am
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WWE Superstars – December 10, 2009

Well, so far it’s been a pretty lackluster week for good wrestling. ECW has had the best show so far, but it helps that it’s only an hour long. So hopefully Superstars, being only an hour long can be good. I love the opening showing Cena, Taker, Edge and D-X, yet I don’t think they’ve even had a match on here. Nice truth in advertising WWE, why not throw in Hogan, Sting and Flair why you’re at it. Our main event tonight is MVP v. the rapidly losing Jack Swagger, should be a good match. Let’s get to the ring!

  1. Dolph Ziggler v. Finlay. I like Ziggler, it sucks his push has been killed, thanks a lot Rey Mysterio you overrated shell of a wrestler. Of course I liked Ziggler better when he had Maria. Finlay was a great wrestler, but the Hornswoggle crap killed his career and made him a joke. He really needs to do a heel turn and go back to being the badass he was. Finlay and Ziggler lock up and try to get advantage, this turns to a slugfest which Finlay gets the advantage on.  The announcers care so much they’ve already started talking about Sheamus and Cena, way to focus on the talent in the ring. Ziggler takes Finlay down and locks in a headlock crossface, Finlay counters to a near fall and Ziggler back to the headlock. Finlay fights out and locks the arm bar, Ziggler makes it to the ropes and Finlay breaks then right into a half nelson. Great amateur style match, very unique. Finlay opens up with a couple clotheslines and a pair of European Uppercuts for another near fall. Finlay hits the buckle and rolls outside, Ziggler goes for the baseball slide and Finlay catches him in the ring apron and starts to pound on Dolph. Dolph rolled back in and as Finlay tries to get in he gets caught and eats the steel post. Dolph gets Finlay back in and works over the arm of the Irishman. Ziggler whips Finlay in the corner and rushes in and both men butt heads as we go to commercial. We come back and Dolph is still working over Finlay’s arm, Finlay trying to fight out with a handful of Ziggler’s hair. Ziggler with a Curt Hennig style jumping neck breaker, love that move always looks cool. Ziggler goes to the second rope and gets a face full of Irish boot; Finlay hits a lifting backdrop then the Earthquake splash for a two count. Finlay rushes into the corner gets caught and Dolph on second rope, Finlay with a leg sweep for another near fall. Finlay misses the charge to the corner and gets caught with the Zig Zag for the victory. 4.25/5 Excellent match, great psychology for Ziggler working on the arm. Would’ve been higher had Ziggler won via an arm submission, but an awesome match, and so far best match of the week. A great battle between the young up and comer and legendary future Hall of Famer. We go backstage to MVP interview, MVP’s voice sounds rough tonight, must have a cold or something. MVP says he and Swagger don’t like each other and he needs an umbrella when he’s around Swagger, making fun of his lisp.
  2. Hart Dynasty v. Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J. Natalya looking great as always as she brings out the best tag team in the WWE right now, not that that says much with the tag team division sucking so badly. Jimmy Yang still has a job, that surprises me, and Jesse is such a great wrestler it’s a shame he’s wasted on a stupid gimmick. We start with Tyson and Jesse, Jesse takes down the Canadian star and tags in Yang who hits a sunset flip. Yang works over the arm and tags Jesse back in, who whips in Kidd and hits a nice arm drag and a low dropkick. Yang back in and gets caught by Kidd, Yang fights back with a series of kicks knocking Kidd out of the ring. Yang follows him out and rolls him back in, Natalya from behind pulls Yang down and slams Jimmy!! I love it that was awesome to see her slam Yang, why she’s not in the title hunt is beyond me. Kidd tags in Smith who throws Yang in and slams Yang. Smith with a headlock, Yang tries to fight back and Smith powers him down with a pair of belly to belly Suplexes. Smith tags in Kidd and they go for the Rocket Launcher, but Yang gets the knees up and tags in Jesse who starts pounding on Kidd and hits a Hurricanrana and a neck breaker for a near fall. Smith in to save and Yang takes him out and hits a plancha on Smith. Kidd counters Jesse’s Suplex into the flipping Stunner for the win. 4/5 Excellent tag team match, so much better than I anticipated. I expected a squash match, but was a good competitive match. Natalya’s slam was worth a point just because it was so unexpected, and Kidd has one of the coolest finishers I’ve ever seen.
  3. MVP v. Jack Swagger. Jack Swagger has the mic and says he is held to a higher standard, unlike MVP, kids can look to him as role model. Swagger says he doesn’t go to the club or popping bottles or came from the street, Swagger says he lives and breathes greatness. He continues by saying he doesn’t need a catchphrase or bling. Great they’re emphasizing the lisp now, didn’t they do stuff like this with Matt Morgan stuttering and how well did that go, does the WWE ever learn from their stupidity? Swagger starts with a go behind and pushed MVP away and hides in the corner. Sign in the crowd “Swagger & Ziggler deserve respect”, I whole heartedly agree on that. Swagger with a headlock on MVP, MVP hulks up and whips Swagger in, but gets a shoulder for his troubles. Swagger off the ropes and gets arm dragged twice, MVP goes for an uppercut and Swagger rolls out. Swagger back in and applies a wrist lock knocking MVP to one knee, MVP fights back up and arm drags Swagger twice, following up with a couple punches. MVP with a flying lariat on Swagger and sets up for the elbow drop, Swagger wisely rolls out and MVP flys out on top of Jack with a plancha as we go to break. We come back with MVP hitting a float over Suplex for one, MVP locks in an arm bar on Swagger. Jack Swagger able to punch his way out and whips MVP to the corner, MVP tries to over and Swagger catches him on the shoulder and hits a Steve Williams style Oklahoma Stampede. Swagger with a double butterfly on MVP, trying for a submission, this would’ve been a good way for the opening match to end, would’ve made the arm work look good. Swagger releases the hold and comes off the ropes, but MVP catches and throws Jack over his head. We get a slugfest as MVP has an advantage, MVP with a back drop and a pair of clotheslines followed by a knee to the face. MVP goes for the balling elbow and connects this time. MVP goes for the Playmaker, Swagger has the ropes, MVP rolls Swagger for a pair of two counts. Swagger whips MVP to the buckles and hits a Vader bomb for a near fall. Swagger goes for a neck breaker, but MVP holds the ropes and hits the big boot for another near fall, thought that was the end. Swagger pulls himself up in the corner, MVP goes for the Stinger Splash and MVP tosses him up and into the ring post. Swagger follows up with the gut wrench powerbomb for the win. 4/5 Awesome match, great counters and an upset finish. Two of the best talents in a great match tonight. What an awesome ending to a great episode!

Match Recap

  1. Dolph Ziggler pinned Finlay 4.25/5
  2. Hart Dynasty beat Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J 4/5
  3. MVP upset by Jack Swagger 4/5

That was an awesome episode of Superstars, and right now the best show of the week. All three matches were phenomenal contests and the most enjoyable matches so far this week, and that may include tomorrow’s PPV. If you didn’t see this week’s Superstars, I highly recommend you find it, or at least look for the matches on Youtube.


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