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ECW on SyFy: Six Man Chaos
December 10, 2009, 11:23 am
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ECW on SyFy: December 8, 2009

After another lackluster episode of RAW I’m looking forward to this week’s ECW.  I don’t even know what the matches are, but ECW never fails to entertain. I just read the match listings for this week’s TNA Impact and wow does it ever look bad. This may not be a good week for TNA Impact, but for now let’s focus on the soon to be extinct ECW.

  1. We open the show with Josh Matthews in the ring talking about the Christian and Shelton ladder match in 5 days. Suddenly Vladimir Kozlov’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Kozlov grabs the mic and calls out Ezekiel Jackson, and Jackson comes down the aisle. Both men start slugging it out and Regal comes out to break it up. Regal struggling to keep his team together as he is on his knees begging them to not fight it out, when suddenly Shelton’s music hits. Shelton asks Regal what he’s doing, and starts a chant of “Let Them Fight”, William Regal responds by saying this has nothing to do with Shelton and there are three of them and one of him, which brings out Captain Charisma and Yoshi Tatsu. I smell a six man tag tonight, good thing this happened or we wouldn’t have a main event tonight. Kozlov says something in Russian and Christian responds with “That’s what she said”. Shelton throws out the challenge for the six man tag and Regal says none of you have any authority, which of course brings out Tiffany who says she has authority. She offers a choice; either a six man tag or Kozlov & Jackson can fight each other. Regal responds that tonight will be a six man tag; Jackson grabs the mic and says he wants Kozlov tonight, which leaves Kozlov who decides he wants the six man match. Thus giving us the six man tag main event tonight, should be a good match.
  2. Vance Archer v. Tommy Dreamer. We’re finally going to see Lance Hoyt in a real match tonight, let’s hope he does better then Braden Walker, he’s been here longer! Tommy with a go behind, Archer with an elbow, followed by the shoulder block. Vance misses and elbow but backs Tommy in the corner.  Tommy able to counter a backdrop but gets caught in a full nelson bomb, Archer with a near fall. Vance chokes Tommy in the corner by placing a knee in the back of the head of Tommy, impressive looking. Vance whips Tommy in the corner and then stands on Dreamer’s head. Dreamer tries for a back slide and gets hit with a short arm clothesline; Archer then hits a nice vertical Suplex. Tommy tries to fight back and gets a nice elbow and a flying clothesline, followed up with a neck breaker and a cross body for a two count. Tommy on the ropes and Archer runs at him and misses, tumbling to the floor, Tommy follows up with a baseball slide and the running somersault off the apron. Archer rolled back in and Dreamer to the top rope, but gets caught by Vance who goes for a superplex, but Archer knocked down and Tommy hits a frog splash for a near fall. Dreamer readies for the DDT, but Archer counters with the big boot. Archer then hits the reverse DDT for the win. 3/5 Impressive actually, Tommy helped pull a good match out of Archer. Very good opening match and I have to admit, I’m slowly being impressed by Vance. We get a recap of the masked Burchill attacking Hurricane last week. Paul and Katie backstage in masks with Tiffany. Burchill says he is the Ripper and never lost to the Hurricane. Gregory Helms comes in and Tiffany says great, the Justice League is here. Tiffany says Ripper can earn his contract by beating Hurricane. Now over to Rosa & Ryder who are arguing who’s sweeter. Zack introduces Dreamer as a dinosaur, he says he used to be a fan of Dreamer and his time is over. Zack says he wants to be the guy who ends Dreamer’s career and then walks away.
  3. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft v. Mark Franks & Danny Vaughn. No recap needed as this is obviously a squash match for the two newcomers. 2.5/5 quick and easy victory for the team of Barreta & Croft.
  4. Christian, Yoshi Tatsu & Shelton Benjamin v. The Ruthless Roundtable. This should be a good match, four talents and two powerhouses. We start with Christian and Jackson, Christian with a go behind and Jackson powers Christian to the corner. Christian uses his quickness to avoid the big man, but Jackson catches him and slams Christian down twice and then makes the tag to Regal who comes in and gets backslide. Christian tags in Yoshi who then tags in Shelton. Quick series of tag with Christian’s team as they hold Regal in the corner.  Regal finally gets some offense and tags in the big Russian, Christian then brings in Tatsu. Yoshi with a series of kicks on Kozlov and then tags in Benjamin. Benjamin gets lifted on the shoulder of Kozlov, but slides down and hits the spin kick. Kozlov powers Shelton to the corner and throws Benjamin over the top as we go to commercial. We come back and Regal has Benjamin in the Stretch, Shelton fights out but gets taken down as Jackson tagged in. Jackson with a big clothesline in the corner for a near fall, Jackson continues to pound Shelton down and tags in Regal. Regal drops the knee on Shelton, and brings in the Moscow Mauler who kicks Shelton in the ribs. Kozlov with the head butts followed by the belly to belly Suplex. Kozlov with a reverse bear hug as Benjamin fighting his way out, but gets powered into the corner. Shelton gets the knee up on the charging Kozlov, but Kozlov continues to pound on Benjamin. Shelton tries to crawl his way to his corner while Kozlov still squeezing Benjamin, Kozlov goes to a chin lock as Shelton fights his way up. Benjamin with a nice forearm from the top rope, but Vladimir able to get a hold of Benjamin again and tags in Regal who continues the pounding on Shelton. Shelton makes the tag, but the ref did not see it and Shelton back in the Roundtable’s corner. Jackson continues to make Benjamin play the Ricky Morton role in this match, as Shelton really needs a tag. Regal goes for a clothesline but Shelton counters and tags in Tatsu as Regal tags in Jackson. Yoshi with the buzzsaw kicks on Ezekiel but goes after Kozlov and gets clotheslined. Jackson goes for the tag and Kozlov drops down and walks away. Jackson goes after his and knocks Kozlov down. Regal tries to slow down Jackson and Jackson counted out. 4/5 excellent main event, great match between six excellent athletes.  Shelton flies over the top rope on Regal and Jackson after the bell. Christian & Yoshi grab a ladder and Christian sets it up in the ring. Christian climbs the ladder and Benjamin springboards off the top rope to the ladder and both men at the top of the ladder as the show fades out. That is going to be a great match.

Match recap

  1. Vance Archer over Tommy Dreamer 3/5
  2. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft beat Mark Franks & Danny Vaughn 2.5/5
  3. Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu & Christian beat Ruthless Roundtable 4/5

Yet another great show from ECW, three good matches on tonight’s show. Nothing else to say, but very enjoyable episode.


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