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Monday Night RAW: Well at least it was better then last week.
December 9, 2009, 2:29 pm
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Monday Night RAW: December 7, 2009

Well, I’m a little late with this one as I got a virus and had to fix the computer which took all day yesterday. Finally got everything up and running, so let’s hope this week’s RAW is better than last weeks, although I don’t think it’s possible to be as bad as last weeks.

Tonight’s RAW guest host is Mark Cubin; I think he owns a sports team, not sure. Way to get D List celebrities Vince! Who’s next Torrie Spelling, maybe Joan Rivers, seriously this guest host thing is crap. They should’ve just had former wrestler as hosts, which would’ve been mildly entertaining at least. Oh boy, six nights from another lackluster PPV, and tonight Miz v. Henry, that doesn’t sound promising. Jericho v. D-X as well, that’s might be good, Jericho can usual bring it.

  1. Mark Cubin is introduced to the crowd, way to dress for the occasion. He looks like David Flair and for a billionaire he dresses like a bum. Cubin goes for the cheap pop asking for Maverick fans, and says tonight he’s going to get crazy at ringside. He continues by saying tonight we get a showdown between Sheamus and John Cena, way to stay partial there Cubin. Well, if he’s endorsing Cena, I assume he’s going to cheap shot him. Cubin then says let’s get this show underway and brings out John Cena.
  2. John Cena v. Carlito. Looks funny with both guys in Orange tonight, as we show Cubin at ringside with the Bella Twins. Carlito starts by pounding Cena down in the corner, then a stiff kick to the head and a nice knee lift. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment and Carlito reverses to a drop kick. Cena on the offense with the shoulder block and that stupid lift and turn move, Cena signals for a fist drop and Sheamus’ music stars as he comes down the ramp. Cubin goes up the ramp to stop Sheamus and brings out security. As Cena is distracted Carlito nails him from behind and then goes for the backstabber but Cena catches him in the Attitude Adjustment for the win.  2.25/5 match was going well till the Sheamus interference, then it just went to a quick end, Carlito deserves better than this.
  3. Randy Orton & Legacy come down the ramp as we get the recap of last week’s beat down on Kingston. Orton starts by saying he applauds Mark for showing authority tonight and says the Championship Showdown with Cena and Sheamus will end in chaos. Orton says he doesn’t care who wins, because of what Cubin is about to do for him. Orton says the ban will be lifted tonight and that he will be the number one contender for the title no matter who wins. DiBiase has the mic and says rich people have pride but shouldn’t be stupid as we see what happened the last time Orton and Cubin were in the same building when Orton hit the RKO on Cubin. Cubin says you will not fight the winner of the table match and Orton got lucky last week with Kofi because the refs don’t have the guts to stop the match. Cubin continues by saying he respects Orton as a competitor and says Orton will face Kingston tonight, but Cubin will be the ref. Rhodes responds by saying Orton can and will hurt Cubin and calls Cubin all talk. Cody continues by making fun of Cubin’s team for losing the playoffs and challenges Cubin to get in the ring tonight. Cubin responds by saying let’s take this up in June after the Mavericks win the NBA finals, way to back down Cubin. Cubin then introduces Legacy’s opponents tonight.
  4. Legacy v. Evan Bourne & Primo. This should be a good match, as four impressive young talents in one match. We go to commercial as B&P come out, we come back to Primo getting double teamed by Legacy and DiBiase gets a two count. DiBiase hits a nice dropkick on Primo as we get a promo for the Slammy Awards at the bottom of the screen which is next week. Primo hits a backdrop and tries to make the tag but Rhodes cuts him off; both men collide head to head and try to make a tag. Both men make the tag and Evan knocks Ted down and gets caught up top. DiBiase knocked back and Bourne hits the double knee. DiBiase nails Evan and hits Dream Street for the win. 3/5 nice tag match, a like the team of Bourne and Primo, at least it gives them both something to do. Nothing to complain about for this match really, might be the best of the night. After the match we see Cubin talking to the ring announcer who says Legacy is now to be ejected from the arena. Now a recap of Sheamus destroying Jamie Noble from about 6 weeks ago, good way to show off the destructiveness of Shamus.
  5. Maryse v. Gail Kim We come back from commercials to see Kelly Kelli in the ring as she introduces the divas. Poor Gail, what a waste of her talents as she is the jobber of the Divas which sucks after the great matches she had in TNA with Awesome Kong. Maryse starts out by slapping Gail who responds with a spear. Gail whips Maryse in and she holds the ropes, Maryse goes for a kick and is blocked. Gail keeps the speed up as she pounds on Maryse, Maryse with a slap and then she tries to run and eats the ring apron, followed by a turnbuckle. Gail goes up top and Maryse pulls the legs out and scores the pin with her feet on the ropes. 2.75/5 basically just Gail dominating till Maryse hits a sweep and uses the ropes, probably about two minutes long. Why the divas don’t get more time for their matches is beyond me, like they can’t afford to give them 7 or 8 minutes for a match? After the match Maryse goes out to Kelly and grabs the mic, Maryse says close but not really, Kelly forgot one thing that she is the next champ and demands Kelly to say it. Kelly pushes her and Maryse starts to pound on Kelly as Melina comes out to make the save. We go backstage to DX decorating a Christmas tree and shill their merchandise. I love the fact there is a huge poster of Hulk Hogan behind them, as Shawn starts playing on the X-Box. Triple H gives Shawn a present, which he opens to reveal Hornswoggle. This crap is never going to end, well time to hit fast forward now, enough of this garbage. Next Sheamus moment is the knockout kick for the King that was hilarious.
  6. Kofi Kingston v. Randy Orton. We see Cubin already in the ring as the referee as Orton is introduced. Are we ever going to just get the actual one on one match with these two instead of all the extra crap? Kofi starts by pounding Orton in corner and clothesline’s Orton over the top rope. Kofi does a nice dive through the ropes onto Orton and rolls Randy back in the ring. Orton springs up with a nice clothesline and Kofi is down. Orton begins his slow methodical beat down on Kingston as Cubin watches intently. Orton slams Kofi down and follows with the big knee drop, into a headlock. Damn, the match was going well till this rest hold, at least it was brief. Randy with a kick to the ribs and back to the headlock, Kofi fights his way out and gets in the corner. Cubin pulls him back and Kofi spring back in the corner again, followed by the side Russian leg sweep. Kofi hits the Boom Drop and readies for Trouble in Paradise which misses and Orton with the backbreaker, I love that move always looks so freaking painful. Orton glares at Cubin and begins to stalk Kofi and goes for the RKO, which is then reversed into a backslide for a quick count. 3.75/5 good match but the headlock dragged it down and the finish really put a bad mark on it. I just want to see a good one on one match with these two, no guest refs, no Legacy, just a match. Cubin announces the rematch at TLC; let’s hope it’s a good match. We now get another Sheamus clip; they’re really pushing him hard tonight, the battle royal from two weeks ago. I really would like to see Sheamus win the title; I think we really need some fresh blood on top.
  7. Mark Henry v. The Miz. I really hate to say it, but I think Henry’s going to win the title. Henry’s been here fourteen years and he’s just as bad as he was in his rookie year. I really like The Miz; he’s got that certain something that could make a main guy one day. He’s got the talent and the ability to cut a promo, he may be better off in TNA though. Miz starts quick with headlock and Henry tosses him away. Henry hits a head butt and Miz goes for a sunset flip. Mark Henry almost sits on Miz, but Miz got out of the way and hits a kick to the face. Miz smartly holds Henry down and pounds on the big man. Henry once again overpowers The Miz and just squishes the champion. Miz hits a dropkick to the back knocking Henry out of the ring, Miz follows up with a dropkick into the back of Henry who hits the steps. Henry catches Miz and chokes him down and rolls in the ring, Miz off the top and gets caught. Mark goes for the slam and it’s reversed into the DDT for the win. 2.5/5 that was a quick and unexpected win, glad Miz won but not a good match, but what can you expect from Henry. We see Chris Masters with Mark Cubin as we come back from commercial.
  8. Hornswoggle & Eve Torres v. Chavo Guerrero & Jillian Hall. What a waste of time and a waste of two great talents, Jillian & Chavo. Jillian should be feuding with Melina and Maryse and Chavo should be used better. This is going to be horrible and of course Horny is going to win, yuck. Not wasting my time recapping this garbage, unless something interesting happens, say hello to fast forward. Eve scores the pin after a nice senton drop on Jillian. 1/5 only good parts were Jillian looking great in purple and the senton from Eve, otherwise a complete waste of time. After the match Chavo grabs a hold of Hornswoggle, guess we know why Masters was at ringside with Cubin, as Eve is screaming at Chavo. Chavo throws Hornswoggle down and Eve stands in front of Chavo protecting Horny, Chavo gets in her face and Chris Masters then slides in the ring, so now he’s a good guy? Chavo pushes Masters back, and then Chris Masters starts doing that stupid pec dance, guess that’s his way of Hulking Up, as he puts the Masterlock on Chavo. Masters helps Eve out of the ring as Hornswoggle follows what a complete waste in every way possible. More of Sheamus as we see Sheamus’ interview from last week and the beat down on Santino.
  9. Chris Jericho v. D-X. Jericho comes out with a microphone and as we see a sea of “Jericho Sucks” signs behind him. Jericho says he doesn’t suck, because he is the 2008 Superstar of the year and next week he’ll be the Superstar of the year again. Jericho says he is bigger than Raw or Smackdown and he goes wherever he wants. Chris says D-X will be embarrassed and banished, and to never underestimate Chris Jericho. We start with Jericho and Shawn as Jericho gets caught in the corner and double teamed; Shawn beats Jericho to the mat and runs him into HHH’s boot. More double teaming and a tag as Triple H whips Jericho into Shawn’s boot and another tag. D-X doing quick tags as Jericho is getting destroyed, what is the point to a handicap match anyway? Jericho throws the ref into HHH as Big Shows comes out and picks up Shawn by the ears. Show pounds Shawn in the corner as Triple H nails Show with a chair and Show hits the chair into the Game. Shawn with the drop toe hold on Show and grabs a ladder but Jericho baseball slides the ladder into Shawn. Someone should check on the ref, he may be dead! Show swings the ladder into both members of D-X and pins them both in the ladder and Jericho pounds the ladder with a chair, cool visual. Jericho rolls outside and grabs the belt and yells at DX they will never win these belts as Jericho climbs the ladder with the titles and Show stands in front. 2.25/5 match never really got going, about 2 minutes in and ref bump and then just another beat down.
  10. Mark Cubin in the ring for the Championship Showdown as Mark brings out Sheamus & Cena. Not the way I want a show to end with a debate, where’s Scott Steiner when we need him. I want a debate between Steiner and Sid, which would be comedy gold. Cubin asks Sheamus why he thinks he’s going to win, stupid question. I’m not going to transcribe the whole thing as this is just going to drag on. Sheamus says he’s undefeated and it took Cena three years to win a title and Cena’s response is no comment, yeah whatever. I have to say I have a hard time understanding Sheamus, the accent is just hard to decipher. Sheamus says John never faced anyone like him, as Cena looks angry, or is that constipated? The crowd chants Cena and Cena once again says no comment, and the monkeys in the crowd cheer. For what, he keeps saying the same thing over and over again, just like his matches. Cena finally says he has a question, as he mention he’s been in the WWE for seven years, seems like so much longer. Cena goes over all the people he beat from Shawn Michaels to K-Fed. Cena’s doing a long drawn out history lesson now; as he talks about all his injuries and that he’s never given up. Cena tells Sheamus back up what you say or become a footnote. Sheamus knocks the table over and Cena responds by doing the same, Sheamus then nails Cubin, distracting Cena who gets nailed with the big boot, which the camera almost missed. Sheamus starts throwing the furniture around as we get the replay, Sheamus grabs a table and sets it up in the corner as Cena starts to get up and eats another big kick. Now Cubin slowly pulls himself up and Sheamus looks at him and they go nose to nose, and Cubin sends Sheamus down with a big shove, way to make the number one contender look good. Sheamus gets up and stares at Cubin, and hits a big knee to the stomach of Mark Cubin. Sheamus grabs the guest host and drives him through the table! The boos of the crowd are just raining down on Sheamus, who proclaims himself the new champion. Suddenly the Mavericks start to hop the barrier and Sheamus leaves the ring. Cena slowly gets up and Sheamus is at the top of the ramp as we fade out for this week.

Match Recap

  1. John Cena squashed Carlito 2.5/5
  2. Legacy over Primo & Evan 3/5
  3. Maryse beat Gail Kim 2.75/5
  4. Kofi Kinston pinned Randy Orton 3.75/5
  5. Miz beat Mark Henry 2.5/5
  6. Hornswoggle & Eve beat Jillian Hall & Chavo Guerrero 1/5
  7. Chris Jericho v. D-X No Contest 2.25/5

Well a much better show then last week, at least we had 7 matches, even if one was a joke. Two matches were not bad, but still a lot of junk and useless crap. I know it’s the show before a PPV but still, can’t we have some good matches? Why didn’t Melina wrestle? Ah well, at least I have ECW to look forward too.


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