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Smackdown – December 4, 2009

Smackdown – December 4, 2009

We finally reach the end of this week’s shows. So far we’ve had 3 good shows and 1 really bad one, which was RAW. I hope Smackdown end’s this week on a high note. Before I start the Smackdown recap, I would like to offer condolences to the family of Eddie Fatu. The man formerly known as Umaga passed away yesterday, Friday, due to a heart attack. I wrote the Superstars report on Friday just as I finished typing it up I heard he was in critical condition in the hospital. Last night I came home and read that he died in the hospital at only 36 years old. It’s sad the long list of wrestlers who have passed away at such a young age, sometimes make you wonder why we still watch when we keep losing stars so soon. From Road Warrior Hawk to Brian Pillman to Eddie Guerrero to Chris Benoit, each passing is such a sad tragedy and lost just a loss to our great sport but their respective families. It is so sad knowing that Umaga’s final match was with the same man who also was in Eddie Guerrero’s final match, Ken Anderson, also known as Mr. Kennedy. Today’s Smackdown recap is dedicated to the memory of Eddie Fatu, RIP Umaga.

Let’s get to the show, as we open with a recap from last Friday Night of Undertaker’s match with Jericho. I still say the first match between these two should’ve been held off till Rumble with Jericho cheating to win and then the rematch at Mania for Undertaker to win then a third and final match around Summerslam. That would’ve been a great feud and great money for the WWE, typical rush job by WWE as Vince doesn’t like to do a slow build anymore. Tonight we get Undertaker calling out Batista as we go to the ring.

1. CM Punk v. R-Truth. CM Punk comes out with Luke Gallows, the man formerly known as Festus. I love the straight edged savior nickname, that’s gold. We get another recap of the Truth and Punk feud as Punk makes his way to the ring. I really don’t R-Truth’s entrance; I have to agree with Striker, what happened to real lyrics. We start with Truth dancing as CM punk runs in and then he gets caught, Truth dances again and now he gets caught. Punk gets Truth in the corner and starts to pound Truth down. Truth counters into a jumping side kick as Truth slows the match down with an arm lock. CM Punk fights out and flips Truth down and hits a kick to back of the Truth, Punk hits a head butt and goes for a Suplex. Truth counters out but then eats a back elbow as Luke looks on. Truth rolls out of the ring and gets pushed into the ring post as we go to commercial. We come back with Punk locking Truth in an arm bar; Punk continues to work over the arm of the Truth. Truth tries to fight back and CM Punk hits an arm breaker for a two count, Punk continues to work the arm of the Truth with a key lock. CM Punk yells out “I can save everybody” as he goes for a Suplex, Truth counters and starts to get some offense. Truth hits a deep arm drag and doubles over Punk with a kick. Truth goes for the ax kick and Luke hooks the leg and pulls Truth out for the disqualification. 3.75/5 was a very good match; love the psychology of working over the arm the whole match. Punk is one of the best in WWE right now and knows how to garner a lot of heat. Luke throws Truth into the barrier and throws him in the ring. Luke tosses Truth into the buckle and holds Truth in place for Punk to hit the running knee. Punk throws Truth to Gallows who then hits the two handed chokeslam on Truth, as Punk & Luke stand over Truth.

2. Kane v. Mike Knox. I smell a main event anywhere in the world here, well maybe in some small town high school gymnasium. Seriously, what have they even done with Knox? Then again what have the really done with Kane in the last decade? Neither guy has really been pushed for so long, although I do see something in Knox. I think the big mountain man brawler type character would work well if they could just give him some sort of story line. Kane starts with a headlock as Knox pushed Kane to the ropes and Kane hits the shoulder block. Kane with nice low dropkick on the big man, very cool looking for a guy Kane’s size. Kane whips Knox to the corner and gets caught with a back elbow, Knox hits a cross body for a two count. Knox works over the body of the Big Red Monster; Knox throws Kane in the corner and follows with a shoulder block. Knox locks in a body scissor on Kane and once again gets Kane in the corner, this time missing the shoulder. Kane follows up with a big boot and a pair of clotheslines then the big side slam, shades of Dino Bravo! Kane climbs the ropes for the diving lariat, which he then hits, Kane signals for the chokeslam. Mike Knox counters out and goes for the big boot but gets caught and choke slammed for the pin. 1.5/5 a pretty good big man match, would’ve liked to see Knox score the win, but Kane wins for no real reason. Not like they are planning a big thing for Kane. We go backstage to Jerishow who are facing Cryme Tyme tonight. Jericho says in 10 days they are going to end DX forever in a TLC match. Jericho says picture Big Show wielding a chair and hitting DX, at best you have a concussion, at worst you’re going to the hospital. Jericho then talks about Shawn’s bad back going through a table or Triple H seeing Jericho dive down on him with a big elbow. I guess Big Show is just a mute tonight as Jericho keeps droning on and on about what they are going to do. Jericho says their team will stand victorious and DX will be no more as Big Show stares at his fist and throws a punch at the camera.

3. Mickie James v. Beth Phoenix v. Natalya. Michelle McCool and Layla at ringside in those disgusting shirts, I think this storyline is disgusting. Vince McMahon should be ashamed for doing a storyline about someone’s weight; there is no need for that at all. Mickie comes out looking beautiful in blue, I don’t see a weight problem on her, and she looks spectacular as always. I look forward to Mickie having a successful music career and getting out this company as they no respect for her anyway. Wow Natalya is in this match, this should be amazing with the only divas in the WWE with any talent, other than Jillian Hall. The rest of the divas are nothing more than eye candy, except for McCool who I just don’t see as anything. She is so unappealing looking and very poor in ring. The bell rings and the divas circle each other looking for an opening, Beth nails Natalya to start and pushes Mickie to corner, Mickie counters and hits a hurricanrana on Natalya, Mickie flipped over the top and elbowed off the apron. Beth gets in Natalya’s face and pushes her, Natalya pushes back and locks in a headlock, both divas collide and none moves. As Mickie slides back in and then get thrown back out by the Glamazon. Beth and Nat hit a double clothesline as we go to commercial. We come back to Natalya with a knee in the back of Mickie. Natalya moves to a sleeper as Beth pounds Natalya off Mickie. Natalya fights back and goes for Mickie who hits a neck breaker for a two count. Beth goes for a sling shot Suplex, Mickie counters but gets rolled up. Beth has Mickie on her shoulder and Natalya dropkicks Mickie in the back making Mickie fall on Beth for a near fall. Natalya gets hit with a low drop kick, but Natalya with a spinning clothesline on James and then into the Sharpshooter, Natalya grabs Beth and hits the Glam Slam, Mickie off the ropes with a vicious dropkick knocking Beth out of the ring. Mickie grabs the quick pin for the victory and McCool is going to have to face Mickie. 4.25/5 One of the best women’s matches in the WWE since Trish left, quick paced and amazing. Josh Matthews in the ring with Mickie who says she feels on top of the world. Mickie has her sights set on McCool and I look forward to McCool getting her sleazy ass kicked. Mickie says after all the hurt and twisted she’s done, Mickie is going to shut her mouth permanently, once she removes Layla from her but t. Mickie pushes Michelle backwards over the chair and nails Layla. The numbers game catches up to Mickie though as McCool and Layla start pounding on Mickie and out comes the fiery redhead Maria to the rescue. Maria fresh from the Apprentice and we have two of my favorite divas in WWE in the ring together. I assume this means a tag match next week with Mickie and Maria versus McCool and Layla? We go backstage to Batista who says Mysterio doesn’t deserve a match with him. Teddy says he gets the rematch next week in a street fight, Batista says fine, he has no problem beating Rey again. Batista says Undertaker is undermining Teddy’s authority. Teddy says after last week his hands are tied.

4. John Morrison v. Drew McIntyre (non-title). This should be an amazing match between two very impressive young athletes. I’m a huge fan of Morrison and McIntyre impresses me, so this is going to be great. Drew has a microphone and says Morrison the IC title has gone straight to his head, since he requested this match. Drew stands tall over John, Drew turns away and John with a big slap as the bell rings. John with a leg takedown on Drew and a standing shooting star press. Drew kicks the leg of John and stomps on the Guru of Greatness. Drew whips John in and gets caught with a kick, John ducks out of the way and hits a Pele kick on Drew for a near fall. John flipped to the apron and then ran head first to the steel post and bounces of the barricade. Both guys outside the ring. Drew throws the IC champ in the ring and gets a near fall, Drew follows up throwing John in the corner and pounds him again. Drew whips John in and hits a back elbow for a near fall, then right into a submission hold. Drew locks on an arm bar with a cross face, John tries to fight his way out of the hold but gets whipped to the corner. John tries to go up and over and gets a knee to stomach as we go to commercial. We come back with John flipping Drew over and then he turns around to a clothesline from Drew. John tries to fight back and Drew hits two quick head butts then locks the arms of John. John hits a pair of kicks to get hold of the hold, but gets knocked back down. Drew goes to pick up John and gets kicked in the head; John starts to fight back and knows the Scotsman down. John nails a spin wheel kick on Drew for the near fall. John off the ropes and hits the big running knee. John goes for the springboard kick and Drew kicks his feet out from under him. Drew almost scores the win after that great defensive move. Drew hits a short arm clothesline and whips John in, John slides under and gets hit with a tilt a whirl slam. Drew gets caught by the champion with a series of punches followed by a dropkick to the corner. John starts to go up top and Drew rolls to the apron, Drew follows that with a hot shot but John still hits the springboard kick knocking Drew to the floor. Drew has his head under the ring as John comes out after him, John goes to pull him out from under the ring and Drew holds the ring and pulls John into the steel ring support. Drew throws John back in the ring and follows in and hits the double arm DDT for the pin. 4.5/5 Amazing match, would’ve gone 5 if it was a title match. This was a great match and showcases two of the best in the company. This and Mickie’s win have made the show great already, can end here and I’d be happy.

5. We come back to commercial to Vickie Guerrero in the ring, who screams “Excuse Me” as the crowd boos her. This woman can generate heat so easily, she talks about being humiliated by Eric Escobar, and she says he will face consequences. She calls herself beautiful and powerful, yeah I don’t think so Vickie. She demands Eric come to the ring and apologize and beg for forgiveness if he wants to keep his job. Eric comes out with a big smile, probably glad he doesn’t have to pretend Vickie’s hot! Eric tells Vickie he’s very sorry for ever meeting her and that he wasted his time with her. He continues that he is sorry he had to see her in negligee; Vickie screams she is done with him. She says she should fire him, but that is too easy and he is going to pay as he is in a handicap match with Hart Dynasty.

6. Eric Escobar v. Hart Dynasty. The Hart Dynasty sadly comes out without Natalya, dropping my interest in this match. Eric starts with Kidd and powers Tyson to the corner and hits a nice dropkick. Eric continues pounding on Tyson but gets distracted and dropkicked as Kid makes the tag. Smith comes in and starts pounding Eric down, Eric rammed into Kidd’s boot and Kidd back in. Eric catches Kidd coming in and hits a Sky High for a near fall. Smith back in and Eric hits Edge’s old finished the Downward Spiral for a near fall on Smith. Smith runs Eric into the corner and hits a belly to back Suplex as Vickie looks on. Smith tags in Kidd who hits the Hart Attack for the victory. 3/5 ok for what it was, Kidd and Smith always look good out there and Eric is slowly improving but handicap matches are pointless to me. If the tag team doesn’t win they look pathetic so they really only go one way. Tyson goes outside and helps Vickie in the ring, as Smith holds Eric up for Vickie to slap Escobar in the face. Smith follows up with a kick to the stomach and the three leave as Eric is holding his stomach in the ring. We go backstage to Punk & Luke Gallows. Luke says his previous existence wasn’t his fault as the people he loved were no better than a street pusher who forced him in to a comatose state. Luke says thankfully someone came and saved him, Punk says no one will ever take advantage of him again. Punk says all people have to do is accept change; Luke says he was lost and now he’s found and hopes everyone else can adopt the straight edge lifestyle.

7. Cryme Tyme v. Jerishow. I have no interest in this match; I can’t stand Cryme Tyme, like they have a chance in here with Jerishow. This should be a quick squash match, so let’s get it over with. Jericho starts with JTG and starts working JTG in the corner and whips him in, JTG catches Jericho in a quick rollup and then a leaping neck breaker. Jericho rolls outside and gets caught with a baseball slide, JTG throws Jericho back in and hits a leg drop off the second rope. JTG distracted by Big Show gets chopped blocked by Y2J; Jericho connects with a belly to back Suplex and hits a dropkick on JTG followed by a sleeper hold. Jericho off the ropes and JTG with a spinning neck breaker, both men are down and both make the tag. Shad runs in and Big Show with one punch for a three count. 2/5 was bearable with Jericho and JTG, but the finish was just lame, I know it was to put over Show’s big punch, but it just made Cryme Tyme look worse than ever.

8. Undertaker comes out and we have eight minutes left, which could’ve been given to the divas match instead. As Undertaker comes out Batista attacks him from behind with a chair and Batista is pounding Undertaker down. Batista throws Undertaker into the steps and continues to use the chair. Batista rolls Undertaker in and hits a vicious chair shot to the skull of the Dead Man. Batista puts the chair in the middle of the ring and hits a spine buster on the chair. Batista stands over Undertaker with the title and screams at Undertaker. Batista then hits Undertaker with his own title belt right in the face.

Match Recap

1. CM Punk lost by disqualification to R-Truth 3.75
2. Kane beat Mike Knox 1.5/5
3. Mickie James beat Bath Phoenix & Natalya 4.25/5
4. Drew McIntyre beat John Morrison 4.5/5
5. Hart Dynasty beat Eric Escobar 3/5
6. Jerishow beat Cryme Tyme 2/5

Well, six matches and two were over a four and one almost made a four. That’s pretty impressive for WWE, show was worth it just to see Mickie James’ match and Drew v. John match. Mickie is always the best reason to watch, I don’t care what anyone says about her, she’s my favorite in the WWE and tied with Taylor Wilde for my favorite in the business right now. Drew and John but on a clinic this week and easily had match of the week. Coming up next is my recap of this week with my picks for the top five matches, bottom three matches, show of the week and the overall stats for the week. I hope you like that, tell me what you think of this new feature starting this week. Should be up in about an hour.


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RIP – Eddie Fatu, 36, nephew of the Wild Samoans & cousin of The Rock. In wrestling, he was the Samoan Bulldozer. Too bad he’s yet another pro wrestler who took too many steroids. He was so big it took 2 heart attacks to pin him!

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