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WWF Superstars: Stand Back There’s Another Masked Man Coming!!!
December 5, 2009, 10:00 am
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WWF Superstars – December 3, 2009

After a great episode of Impact let’s see if tonight’s Superstars can compare. Tonight’s main event is Matt Hardy v. Dolph Ziggler, and on with the show.

After the opening video, Michael Cole welcomes us to Superstars, ten days from TLC. We go right to the ring for our opening contest.

  1. Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes v. Evan Bourne & Primo. Well, we start with Legacy v. Duane Gill & Barry Hardy 2009 edition. Yeah, like E&P have a chance in this match. Primo & Cody start the match, Cody with an arm bar and pulls down Primo. Primo with a headlock to counter, how did Evan Bourne fall this far, this fast. Primo makes the tag to Bourne, Bourne takes a knee to the guy and Cody tags in Ted. Bourne with a hurricanrana followed by a dropkick, Primo tagged in and dropkick to the back of Ted for a one count. Primo whips Ted in the corner and eats a knee, then clothesline to the back of the head. Ted makes a tag, and Legacy double team Primo in the corner. Another quick tag from Ted and Cody in with a side Russian Leg Sweep for a near fall. Cody holds Primo as Ted nails Primo; Ted pounds Primo down and whips him in. Primo flips over and makes a tag to Evan. Evan quickens the pace and Cody low bridges Evan over the top to the floor as we go to commercial. We come back to Ted with a headlock on Bourne; Bourne fights back and gets clotheslined out his boots. Ted slows the pace with a half nelson to hold the quicker man down; Ted tags in Cody who stomps Bourne. Cody drops the knee on the face of Bourne for a near fall, Evan trying to fight back and Cody with a quick go behind to a Bob Backlund classic, Crossface Chicken Wing! Evan forces Cody to buckles and Cody misses the dive, Evan almost makes the tag, but Cody stops that and tags DiBiase in. Cody with a cheap shot as DiBiase distracts the ref, and another neat fall. Legacy working like a well oiled machine here tonight, keeping Bourne and working him down slowly, but Bourne is very resilient. Legacy must’ve tagged at least 15 times here and E&P maybe 3-5 times. Bourne hits a shocking elbow to the jaw, as Primo is begging for a tag and Bourne makes it as Ted makes a tag at the same time. Primo in and taking Cody to task, a great set of dropkicks, cross body and Evan with a beautiful dive on DiBiase, but Cody from behind with Cross Rhodes for the win.  3.75/5 great tag team match, quick paced with some impressive moves from E&P.
  2. Hurricane v. Zack Ryder. This should be a good match as Hurricane always deliver and Zack is one my favorites. Zack comes out with Rosa who looks great in her little black dress; Rosa is rapidly becoming one of my favorites, as long as she doesn’t wrestle. Hurricane backed in the corner and Zack with a clean break, along with a WWW! Hurricane with a headlock, Zack pushes him to corner and Hurricane moves. Hurricane with an arm drag, Zack knees Hurricane in the stomach and hits a vertical Suplex, but misses the elbow. Hurricane with the big leg drop and back to the damn headlock. Zack hits a Ruff Ryder out of the corner and now stomps a mud hole in the Hurricane. The Hurricane being downgraded to a tropical storm, or maybe a depression! Rosa looks on happy with her man’s efforts, and looks good doing it. Hurricane tries to fight back and to no avail, Zack misses the bulldog and gets clotheslined. Hurricane with a Thesz press on the Long Island native. Zack caught coming in and Hurricane with a running clothesline.  Hurricane gets caught up top and Ryder goes for a superplex, Hurricane pushes him off and hits the cross body. Hurricane follows that up with a shining wizard which knocks Ryder out of the ring. Out of nowhere comes a masked man who jackhammers the Emerald Super Hero. Gee I wonder who that is. Is Dusty booking again, as we got a new Yellow Dog? Shades of Pillman v. Windham from 91 and Rhodes v. Windham. Hurricane wins via disqualification, 3/5 would’ve been higher had we had a clean ending and less headlocks.
  3. Matt Hardy v. Dolph Ziggler. Well it’s the former golden boy, Ziggler, boy he fell fast too, thanks to Rey Mysterio. Hardy starts with the arm bar and gets back to the corner, Ziggler takes a cheap shot over the shoulder of the ref and then slides out of the ring. Ziggler tries to come back in and Matt goes for the Suplex back in, Ziggler counters and pounds on Hardy. Matt hits a big clothesline over the top rope, taking out Ziggler and then a baseball slide as Dolph bounces off the barrier. Matt pounds Ziggler’s head in the ring apron and rolls him back in. Matt drops an elbow from the second rope and readies for a twist of fate. Ziggler wisely slides away and hides in the corner; Matt catches Dolph and sit out power bombs Ziggler from the corner. Dolph rolls out as we go to commercial, we come back and Dolph has Matt in a headlock. Matt caught coming in the corner, but catches Dolph on the top rope. Matt tries for the superplex, Dolph fights off and gets to the apron then sweeps Matt’s legs out from under him for a near fall. Dolph chokes Matt on the ropes; Matt tries to make the comeback and gets rushed into the corner by Ziggler. Ziggler risks disqualification pounding Matt in the corner, Matt slammed hard and the Dolph drops five big elbows on Hardy. Dolph continues the offense by locking in a body scissor and headlock as the crowd chants for Hardy. Matt fights out and now they slug it out. Matt hits a pair of clotheslines and then a neck breaker for a near fall. Matt goes to the second turnbuckle for the elbow drop and gets caught with a big boot. Ziggler hits the X-Factor with another near fall, Dolph goes for fireman’s carry, Matt counters to Twist of Fate, counter to the Zig Zag, countered to the backslide and Dolph scores a huge upset. 4/5 great match between two very talented athletes, very impressive.

Match recap

  1. Legacy beat Evan Bourne & Primo 3.75/5
  2. Hurricane beat Zack Ryder by disqualification 3/5
  3. Dolph Ziggler upset Matt Hardy 4/5

This was another very good episode of Superstars tonight, not a bad match in the bunch. These supposed C and D shows are so much better then RAW. Looking forward to watching Smackdown, Diva-Dirt is giving the episode rave reviews. That’ll be posted up probably tomorrow. Oh, and for I what I said at the start about this comparing to Impact, I think this week’s Superstars was almost as good as Impact.

On an unrelated note, I heard that former WWE star Umaga suffered a massive heart attack Thursday night. I always liked the Umaga character and I hope he gets better soon. I would love to see Umaga in WWE or TNA one day.


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