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TNA Impact: Nash’s got a Secret

TNA Impact: December 3, 2009

Surprisingly this morning I was able to find Superstars, Impact and Smackdown all at the same time. At least I don’t have to wait to watch them this week. Glad to have my Impact so quickly this week, always a show to look forward to, although I do miss Angelina Love on the show. Hopefully she comes back soon; Lacey just isn’t cutting it with the team. Regardless, let’s get on with the show this week.

We open this week’s episode with the recap of Hulk Hogan’s press conference and Mick Foley’s investigation from last week. From there to the opening theme as Mike and Tazz announce Dixie Carter will be on the show here tonight.

  1. Desmond Wolfe opens the show inside the six sides of steel. I love that “Mr. Mangled”, for some reason it just some appropriate for Kurt. Desmond says yes he tapped out, but he’s no dummy as he steals a Roddy Piper quote about changing the questions. He says Kurt didn’t beat him, he’s says he’s beating Angle and last week he read him like a book as screwed Kurt out of the tournament last week. Desmond continues by saying he is going to end Angle. Three Degrees of Pain match for the PPV will be two out of three falls, the match order will be pin, submission and final fall, if needed will be the cage. Desmond tells Mr. Mangled to come down there and he’ll show him what he means. This brings out the Olympic Gold Medalist. Kurt says I’ve learned one thing from you already and that is to always be prepared, as Kurt is in his gear while Desmond is in a suit. Kurt then heads down the ramp and the cage door is locked, why not go over it Kurt? As if on cue, that’s what Angle does, and away they go. Kurt knocks Desmond down, and Desmond puts on the brass knuckles, one punch later and Angle is down. Desmond then picks up Kurt and rams him into the cage twice before putting on his sunglasses. The crowd is chanting “You’re a Wanker”, I love TNA crowds. Desmond pulls out the key, opens the door and leaves Angle down and out as Desmond once again out smarts the Olympian. We go backstage to Foley and JB talking about Hogan and Dixie, Angle bursts in and demands Desmond tonight. Foley says he’ll book the match, as long as he tells all he knows about Hulk and Dixie, Angle says get over it and don’t be so jealous of Hogan.
  2. Doug Williams v. Alex Shelly. Have I said how much I don’t like the British Invasion? I just don’t see the talent in these three, especially Big Rob. The Machine Guns on the other hand, they kick seven layers of ass, especially Shelly. This kid is just awesome; I still remember when he was Baby Bear with Goldilocks. We start with the ref kicking Rob & Brutus to the backstage along with Chris Sabin. As Sabin argues with the ref Brutus cheap shots him. Shelly starts with a spring board enziguri followed a suicide dive outside. Shelly off the top with a cross body for a two count, Shelly whips in the Williams who counters into the Gory Special, then drives Shelly into the buckle. Williams with a dropkick to the back and begins the ground and pound offense on Shelly. Williams hit a low kick to the hamstring, but misses the knee to the buckle. Shelly starts with his series of stiff kicks to Williams, and almost scores the pin. Shelly with dragon sleeper, but Sliced Bread countered by Williams. Doug to the top and hits the back elbow, Shelly in the corner and eats a big knee, a close count there. Great match so far, both guys working hard. Shelly hits a back kick, Williams went for a rolling German, Shelly reversed into superkick and hits Sliced Bread for the win. 4.5/5 Amazing opening match, I admit I just gained respect for Williams. We go backstage to Suicide and Pope, Pope announces the 8 man for Final Resolution of Team 3D, Rhino & Jesse v. Pope, Hernandez & Morgan with their pick of the forth man. Pope asks Suicide to join; Suicide says you need to earn my trust. Pope gives Suicide an autographed piece of the table from their match about a month ago. Back to Foley with D-Lo Brown, what the hell is Brown doing there. Wasn’t he in WWE back in the summer? D-Lo says how great Hulk is, and that Hulk is coming in to help. Foley snaps and makes fun of D-Lo’s neck bobble thing.
  3. Homicide v. Suicide. I hate the Suicide gimmick, it’s a waste of Kaz’s talent and I wish this would end, although he is talented but then again it is Kaz so. Homicide is just cool, of course every time I see him I miss seeing Shelly Martinez being there. We start with a series of headlocks, not sure why but ok. Homicide with a flying spinning elbow to Suicide’s face, then whips him to the buckle. Homicide with the mount and punk followed by a choke. Homicide hits the short arm clothesline for the near fall, and then to a nerve/rest hold. Homicide hits a Michinoku Driver for the three, but Homicide pulls the masked man up and starts to pull the mask. Suicide counters and clothesline and spin kick. Suicide goes for the bulldog, which gets countered to the Cutter for a near fall. Homicide misses the back elbow and Suicide goes behind, hits a dropkick and almost wins, with a dropkick? Suicide setting up Homicide for the Suicide Solution, countered to the Gringo Killer, countered to a back slide for three as Suicide wins. 3.75/5 Another great match as both put on a great match with nice surprise win. Homicide attacks after the bell and pulls the mask, as Pope comes out for the save. Pope offers the hand to Suicide, and Suicide stalls. Backstage to the Beautiful People who look great as always, especially Madison. They run into Daniels who wants an audition with the girls, and they disappear with him. Now to Trash Talking with ODB and her guest Tara, opponents at Final Resolution. Tara says the match is going to be great, ODB cuts her off and mention WWE. ODB says we been here for seven years building this division and Tara thinks she can come in and be a knockout?  Tara says she broke a two year contract to come here, and wants to be remembered not as in that stupid sumo outfit, or training those Barbie Dolls. ODB apologizes, then slaps her and starts the beat the crap out of ODB as Tara is crying. ODB calls her a has-been and to get off her set.
  4. Jesse O’Neal v. Pope D’Angelo Dinero. Tazz say’s Jesse’s video with heartbeat gave him flashbacks. Jesse looks so stupid with the Mohawk. WWE really dropped the ball with Dinero, this guy is so great in the ring and could’ve been huge, but WWE has no idea what to do with new guys. Just watch with the Sheamus push, I bet it leads to Sheamus winning the title, just to drop it to HHH at the Rumble. Anyway to the match, as Jesse starts with an arm bar, Pope takes down Jesse and flips over to the apron. Jesse hit’s a shoulder to the ribs of Pope knocking to the floor. O’Neal rolls Pope in the ring and starts to kick Pope in the ribs, Dinero slow to get up but starts to make a comeback only to get caught in the corner with a clothesline. Jesse chokes Pope on the ropes, following that up with shoulder breaker, Papa Shango’s old finisher! Jesse gets a two count, Jesse misses a blind charge to corner, Pope with an uppercut followed by the knees to the back for the win. 3/5 Not a bad match considering Jesse’s a rookie, but he got a lot of offense and is improving rapidly. This kid could be a huge star someday. Pope gets nailed from behind after the bell, and gets speared by Jesse as the lights go out and Suicide makes the save. Suicide puts the hand out and Pope shakes the hand, and we have our fourth man on the team. Here comes Team 3D and Rhino as Hernandez & Morgan run to the ring and we go to commercial with stare down between the teams.
  5. Eric Young & Kevin Nash v. Beer Money Inc. Interesting looking team with Nash & Young, at least with Nash doing tag matches should make his matches watchable. I love that cooler scooter, that thing is awesome, I want one for Christmas! Storm starts out by spitting the beer on Nash & Young; Nash looks so old with the grey hair. We start with Young & Storm, who knew Storm would be the success of AMW, and what the hell happened to Harris anyway, thought he was coming back? Nice series of double team moves by BMI on Young, Roode now the legal man as he starts to pound on EY. Roode with a big spine buster and almost wins the match before Nash gets in. EY with an eye rake and then the tag to Nash, Storm runs in and attacks Nash as chaos ensues. Roode outside gets nailed by EY who’s the legal man again, with no tag. Now Nash back in and Nash with the knees in the corner on Roode. Vintage Kevin Nash!! Nash continues with the back elbow in the corner and then a tag to EY as Tenay compared EY to Shawn Michaels. I like EY, I even met him years ago, but he’s a long way from the HBK. EY almost wins with a roll up, then brings the big man back in. Roode with a boot to Nash, as Roode tries to fight back and Nash whips him in. Roode moves and Nash hits the buckle, Roode makes the diving tag as James Storm comes in and lays the beating on both men. Storm knocks Nash down and hits the backstabber on EY, Nash makes the save. Nash eats a big boot from Roode followed by the Blockbuster, I love that move. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm on EY and EY kicks out, meanwhile Roode eats the ring post. Storm ready for sweet chin music, Nash grabs the leg and EY with a low blow followed by the leaping piledriver. EY scores a huge pinfall on James Storm for the win for his team. 3.75/5 I hate to give a Nash match such a good score, but that was a great match. OK, so I’m biased toward three of the guys, but still a great match and I enjoyed every minute of it, even Nash’s participation. Foley comes out and says it’s time to take care of business. Foley says Nash knows why Hulk is coming and who Hulk is bringing with him. Foley says I could threaten your job but instead I’m coming to as a guy who’s known you for eighteen years. Foleys says why is Hogan is coming, Nash says first instead of buying stock in TNA get a haircut and suit cause you’re going to need a new job. Foley says I demand answers, Nash says you’re paranoid and for Mick to call Hogan. Nash says he has the number, but can’t give it to him. Nash calls Hulk Hogan the boss, and says Hulk doesn’t like bullies and says the band may be coming back together. Great another run by the NWO, just what no one wants to see?
  6. Bobby Lashley comes out with Kristal for another great promo. Just kidding, Lashley cuts about as good a promo as Kamala or Andre the Giant. Lashley says he has nothing to say to Steiner, then what you doing out there? Kristal says she’ll do the talking and calls Steiner sick and twisted. Kristal says she’s never been harassed by anyone at MMA shows, but things are different here. She says when she barks, Lashley bites. Steiner v. Lashley at Final Resolution should be a great match, as long as neither guy shows up. We go backstage to Daniels, who says he asked for something and got it. Daniels says to celebrate he’s dedicating his match tonight with Abyss to AJ Styles. Daniels makes fun of Lauren sticking up for Abyss, says they deserve each other. I assume we’re closing the show with Dixie’s interview?
  7. Daniels v. Abyss. AJ Styles comes out to one gigantic pop from the crowd, this guy is so freaking popular it’s amazing. Another ball dropped by the WWE as they had him and no use for him. AJ is the true future of this business and is the most deserving world champion in the business right now. AJ says for Sting to call him as he’s lost on friend this year, doesn’t want to lose another. Daniels comes out as AJ goes off headset, well that a waste for him coming out. Guess they just needed AJ to get some face time. We see AJ at beside the announce table watching the match as the bell rings. Daniels pats Abyss on the head and does the Abyss clap, I love that clap it’s so hilarious. Daniels tries to lift Abyss and no dice, Daniels grabs the arms and Abyss just squeezes Daniels hand. Daniels with a side headlock, and Abyss throws him off, Daniels bails out and gets the monster to chase him. Daniels rolls in, Abyss follows and hits a big boot, press slam and corner splash. Daniels lifted into Shock Treatment, Daniels slides out, and Abyss goes for the choke slam as the cameras show backstage. The Beautiful People have Lauren in the bathroom, as Abyss is distracted Daniels with a low blow and rollup for the win. 2.75/5 that could’ve been so much better, made Daniels look like he could not win without help makes the challenger look weak. Daniels challenges AJ to come in the ring, AJ makes his way to the ring and gets nailed from behind by the mystery man.  The mystery man sure looked like Samoa Joe by the body shape; I assume TNA doesn’t even know who it’s going to be. We come back from commercial to the recap of matches for Final Resolution PPV coming up. Looks like a great show with Daniels/Styles and Angle/Wolfe are going to tear the house down.
  8. We finally go to the Dixie Carter interview with Mike Tenay. Mike mentions the speech from Dixie a couple weeks ago. Dixie says it’s her duty to focus and motivate the roster and she wants to make sure everyone is going the right direction. She says it needed be documented for prosperity. Mike asks about Sting, Dixie says she has no answers about Sting right now and she wants him to make a decision. Dixie is then asked about Jeff Jarrett, Dixie says there is a personal situation with Jeff, and it made things uncomfortable and Jeff is on leave and that’s all she can say. Mike then asks about Hulk Hogan and asks how the negotiations started. She says she head Hulk talk about TNA so she called Hulk and two days later he came to her house and they talked for hours and they both knew it was time. Mike asks about the partnership with Hogan, she says he brings so much to the company and who better to bring the company worldwide recognition. Dixie says Hulk’s role in TNA is he’ll be working with her about how to make the company number one. Mike asks where TNA will be in 10 years, she responds by saying she know the roster is united and with Hulk Hogan she won’t recreate history but will make history. Very soon people will see how serious they are about taking TNA to the next level. We then go back to Mick Foley with Desmond Wolfe; Desmond says he’s a huge Foley fan. Foley tells Wolfe he’s going to be a star for years to come. Wolfe asks if he just has to ask Foley for something and he gets it, Foley says no, he has plans for Angle. Foley says he still has stroke, which reminds him of someone who he then calls. Foley tells the person he called he needs to be there next week, the person on the phone says he can screw off and TNA. Jeff Jarrett says Mick can take the company and shove it.
  9. Hamada v. Sarita. Finally the knockouts get a match, thought we we’re not going to see them. Yummy, Sarita, my second favorite in the company after Taylor, she looks amazing. Should be a great matchup between two awesome talents. Hamada starts with an arm drag and Sarita reverses, Hamada with an arm drag back and both connect with a dropkick. Hamada with a couple chops and head butts but Hamada misses the enziguri and Sarita with a hurricanrana, but Hamada comes back with a nice spin kick for two. Sarita is down and Hamada to the top rope, Hamada with a missile dropkick, knocking Sarita down and Hamada with a near fall. Hamada sets Sarita for the Michinoku Driver, countered into a near fall for Sarita. Sarita with a float over DDT for another near fall. Sarita with a rolling ankle lock, very cool looking move. Hamada reverses into a roll up. Hamada with a spinning enziguri and another vile kick to the back of the head. Hamada picks her up for the driver and hits it for the win. 3.75/5 Would’ve been an easy 4 or higher had it gone longer. I would love to see these two given more time as this was an amazing match with some great moves. Now Hamada needs a tag partner to challenge for the belts, maybe Alissa Flash. That would make an awesome match at the PPV if they can give them about 15-20 minutes, wishful thinking probably. Hamada has now beaten both of the tag champs in two consecutive weeks. We go backstage to AJ Styles who’s angry about being attacked by the masked man. AJ says he will get revenge on the masked man and it’ll be the last time he does anything.
  10. Kurt Angle v. Desmond Wolfe Raven & Stevie Richards. Kurt Angle comes out expecting a match, but out comes Mick Foley. Foley says he’s had a tough couple weeks and said people can say whatever they want about him. Mick says he’s not jealous of anyone, and says Angle could’ve had his match if he told him everything about Hogan. Mick says you didn’t and now Angle will have a handicap match against Stevie and Raven. Daffney comes out with her team looking Zombie Hot as usual, love the little hats she wears, suits her so much. Well four minutes left, so this’ll be quick. R&R start out double teaming Angle and pound Kurt down; Raven hits a knee lift and chokes Kurt out as he rolls out. R&R hit a double leg sweep to the barricade for a near fall. Mike Tenay says JB is on his earpiece, and mention JB said the TNA cameras will be following Mick to Jarrett’s house. Back to the match as Angle hits a double clothesline on R&R as Daffney screams at her team to get up. Angle with a pair of German Suplexes on Raven & Richards. Richards clotheslined out of the ring, Angle turns around to a clothesline from Raven as Stevie goes up the ramp right into Abyss who Black Hole Slammed Stevie on the Ramp. Angle locks in the ankle lock and Raven taps. 2.75/5 way too quick a match and Angle should not have beaten two guys, even if it is Raven & Richards. Desmond Wolfe appears behind Angle and drives Angle to the mat and stands over Kurt Angle again as we fade out.

Match Recap

  1. Alex Shelly over Doug Williams 4.5/5
  2. Jesse O’Neal pinned by the Pope D’Angelo Dinero 3/5
  3. EY & Kevin Nash over Beer Money Inc 3.75/5
  4. Daniels over Abyss 2.75/5
  5. Hamada over Sarita 3.75/5
  6. Kurt Angle beat Raven & Richards 2.75/5

This was overall another excellent show from TNA with some great buildup for the Final Resolution PPV coming up next weekend. I would’ve like more from the knockouts, but Hamada and Sarita tore the house down tonight with an excellent match. Let’s hope we get some more knockout matches announced for the PPV, hopefully Taylor & Sarita v. Hamada & Flash. ODB & Tara should be an interesting match. Whatever happened to Awesome Kong though, she ran over everyone after destroying Saied and now we don’t see her? The only bad matches this week were because they were too quick. If Daniels and Abyss had more time, it would’ve broken the 3 and the main event just couldn’t be saved. Richards is never been main event and never will be, and Raven is just too broken down. He’s like Rey Mysterio, was great 10-15 years ago, but just to go away. Jesse O’Neil is rapidly improving and I think he could be huge star someday, not soon, but in a few years.


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