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ECW on Syfy: Regal’s Roundtable collapses, again.
December 3, 2009, 12:35 pm
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ECW on Syfy – December 1, 2009
Welcome to my second ECW recap. Two weeks ago on ECW we saw Hurricane defeat one of my favorites, Paul Burchill, sending Burchill out of ECW. I am not happy about losing the Burchills; I think Katie is one of the most underused Divas in WWE along with Natalya. Paul is one of the best wrestlers in the company along with Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin and Jack Swagger and none of those four seem to be poised to get anywhere, albeit we do have Shelton v. Christian coming up at the PPV. So, online rumors are saying WWE wants to kill ECW; well ECW has truly been dead since 2001. WWE’s bastardized version of ECW is only ECW in name, but does not have the heart or soul of the original. I am curious to see what WWE is planning to do with the show, as Vince still wants a Tuesday show. Last week saw the end of Regal’s Roundtable, or did it? We’ll have to wait and see as ECW is about to begin.
We open with the great opening theme and video, Shelton & Christian v. Vladimir & Ezekiel for the main event, well, that should be odd.
1. Tony Atlas welcomes us to The Abraham Washington Show with our guests Zack Ryder & the always stunning Rosa Mendes. This should be interesting to say the least; Zack is impressive on the microphone. Abraham Washington, the poor man’s Rock, ask Tony how his Thanksgiving was. Tony begins rambling, as only Tony can do while Abe tries to stop him, to the loud boos of the crowd. Tony asks Abe about his holiday, Abe says everyone wanted his autograph. Tony starts his legendary laugh, which just makes the show. Abe starts knocking Virginia, isn’t that where Atlas is from? Abe starts with the lame ass redneck jokes, which Atlas continues to laugh at. Abe asks Tony, where you from, Tony answers “Virginia” to a loud pop. Abe then welcomes his guest for this evening, Rosa looking very hot in black and red, yummy! Abe asks what is the story of Zack and Rosa, Zack says he wrote a poem. Zack tested and Ryder approved, that was legendary, Zack spills out his heart to Mendes. Rosa responds by saying she has a poem for him too, this isn’t just too funny. Zack pulls a Tom Cruise and jumps on the couch, a little outdated, but hilarious. Abe says that’s a wrap, the show is over. Abe & Tony leave to Zack still jumping on couch. We get a recap of last week’s roundtable collapse, so what are the odds of either Zeke or Vladimir being in the main event one day? Regal backstage with Zeke and apologizes to Jackson, Zeke says his temper got the best of him and he’s sorry, but he won’t apologize to Kozlov. Regal has to get in between his two charges; I guess the Round Table has been repaired. Darn, I was looking forward to Jackson v. Kozlov!

2. William Regal v. Goldust. I just watched a watch between this two from old WCW 90s, kind of funny to see it now, some 16 years later. Goldust was such an innovative character back in 95, what a heat getter he was. The whole Razor/Goldust feud was amazing for its time. Should be a good match, as Regal is out there with both member of the Round Table. Goldust starts with Regal in the corner and pounds Regal before hitting a nice vertical Suplex. Regal rolls out side and staggers into a Goldust punch, Goldust throws Regal back in and continues the offense. Goldust sets up Regal for Shattered Dreams, Regal begs off as Jackson gets up on the apron, distracted the golden one for Regal to get the advantage. Regal beating on Goldust like a government mule, and then to a rest hold. At least it didn’t last long; Goldust goes for sunset flip and eats a pair of knees to the back of the head from Regal. Goldust powers out of Regal’s rest hold and hits some offense, Regal whips Goldust in and Kozlov goes to hook the leg and Jackson pulls him back. Kozlov and Jackson argue outside distracting Regal who gets rolled up and Goldust wins. 3.25/5 excellent little match, even the rest holds weren’t bad. Looks like dissention in the troops still, as both guys continue to blame the other. We go backstage to Tiffany with the Burchills, Tiffany says you lost and you both are gone. Katie tries to interject and Tiffany says there is nothing I can do. As they leave two new guys come in, one mentions Paul as a pirate, ok, he’s my new favorite guy for bring that up. They keep cutting of Tiffany as they say they’re going to make Tiffany look like a genius!

3. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft v. Tyler Hilton & Bobby Shields. Ok, so that’s who the two guys were backstage with Tiffany, well new blood is always nice; even if they have the worst sounding music I’ve ever heard. Never heard of any of these four guys, so no idea what to expect here. We start with Hilton & Barreta, with Trent getting the cheap advantage. Trent makes the tag to C2, who’s got Hilton down and pounds on him before another quick tag. Trent hits a nice jumping knee drop to the head of Tyler. Hilton hasn’t got a single move in yet, as Croft misses a blind charge and Hilton makes the tag. As Shields does about as well and gets pummeled and quickly pinned. 2.5/5 it was a squash match to debut two new kids, what more could we expect. Some nice moves and a really cool double team from B&C. These kids remind me of Mercury & Nitro, hope they have a career like Nitro not like Mercury. Savannah backstage with Vance Archer, as we get clips of his run of jobber matches. Vance says he’s not like most superstars, he says he’s destined to be on top. Well, he’s big, muscular and slow moving, so he’s probably right. Says Vance is the one you need to worry about, picture it Vance v. Undertaker at Mania, just kidding, I hope. We get the Smackdown recap, I guess since RAW sucked so bad why remind us of that. Maybe it was all a nightmare and that RAW never happened, oh it did, I recapped it.

4. Christian & Shelton Benjamin v. Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson. This is a Vince Russo classic idea, two guys who hate each other as tag partners. Cool, Hurricane v. Zack on Superstars that should be an excellent match. I look forward to Superstars so much, at least there’s no garbage on there with GM, guest hosts, etc. Just some good solid matches with the midcard guys who deserve the airtime. Jackson and Christian start the match with Jackson easily overpowering the Canadian star. Christian relies on his speed to get behind the big guy; Christian comes off the ropes and gets nailed. Christian moves out of the way and Jackson to the floor, back in and a huge slam from Jackson. Christian makes the tag, and Benjamin whipped in, counter and off the top catching Kozlov. The distracting costs Shelton as he hits the floor hard. Commercial break, we come back to Jackson with a reverse bear hug on Benjamin. Christian fights out and makes the tag, Christian enters with a cross body for two. Jackson presses Christian who slides out and nails Kozlov. Christian gets caught though and then slammed twice. Kozlov wants in and Jackson obliges. Kozlov chokes Christian in the corner, Kozlov caught running in but then just tosses Capt. Charisma across the ring. Kozlov tags in Jackson who continues the beat down on Christian, Christian tries to fight back and just gets knocked down with ease. Christian outside the ring and gets posted by Regal, Jackson comes over and drags Christian to his feet and rolls him in. Kozlov makes the tag in, and works over the shoulder and arm of Christian. For a World Champion, Christian is getting massacred tonight. Christian finally hits some offense with a nice tornado DDT, Shelton anxious to get in. As Kozlov goes for the Jackson drops down and leaves, Kozlov turns around to a fresh Benjamin who hits a big splash and Paydirt for the win. 4/5 Great match with a nice mix of styles, Christian and Benjamin’s high risk v. Roundtable’s ground and pound offense. I really enjoyed the match and just making me more excited for the Christian v. Benjamin match at TLC.

Match Recap

1. William Regal pinned by Goldust 3.25/5
2. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft beat Tyler Hilton & Bobby Shields 2.5/5
3. Christian & Shelton Benjamin over Ruthless Roundtable 4/5

Yet another great show from ECW after a pathetically sad RAW. ECW improves by leaps and bounds each week and it seems a shame to kill the brand, but hopefully whatever they put on continues to have great matches like we get here. Is it just me or is Tiffany just improving on her abilities each week too, she doesn’t get much camera time, but I don’t think the GM/host should. The show should be about the in ring action, which is what ECW and Superstars does, even the Abe Washington show is usually funny and Tony Atlas is so over top that he makes it enjoyable. Well, I’m working on my first non recap column and I think it’s going to be a good one. Stay tuned true believers as hopefully tomorrow I should be able to get Superstars.


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