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WWE Superstars: The Truth about Ziggler
November 28, 2009, 10:52 am
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Superstars: November 26, 2009

This brings my first week of blogs to an end; I hope anyone who has read them has enjoyed them. The final show for this week is WWE Superstars. Should be a good show, the main event is Dolph Ziggler v. R-Truth. I love the fact that Superstars doesn’t start with a recap, just right the opener and then we begin, nice. No twenty minute interviews, no garbage just matches. One of the reason, this is my other favorite WWE show along with ECW. Let’s get this show under way.

1. The Miz v. Santino Marella. Is there anyone in the WWE more hilarious then Santino, seriously the man is comedy gold. I really don’t get the internet hate for Miz, yes he is brash but he’s supposed to be. Unlike some people, Cena, he improves constantly and each match is just better than the last with him. I hated him when he debuted too, but now he’s one of my top five favorites in WWE. The crowd heavily behind Santino and his legendary unibrow. Miz starts out with an arm bar to head lock take over, Santino almost pins Miz from headlock. Miz off the ropes with a shoulder block. Santino gets up and shoves Miz to the ropes and applies a head lock, Miz pushes Santino to the ropes and misses two clotheslines and Santino with a pair of arm drags. Miz with a big boot and starts to pound on Santino, Miz with a kick to the side of the skull for a two count. Yes, Michael Cole a Thanksgiving Superstars, is it vintage yet? Miz whips Santino chest first to the buckle, follows that with a clothesline. Santino gets his face mashed into the mat and Miz continues with a choke in the corner. The crowd starts a Santino chant, inspiring Santino to attempt a comeback. Miz snaps off a quick neck breaker, that was “Awesome”! Santino getting beaten like a red headed stepchild. Miz with the killer cool corner clothesline but then follows it by attempting a top tope move. Santino catches Miz and starts throwing punches, follows it with the belly to back. Santino fired up and gets ready to release the cobra. Santino turns around to a big boot and Skull Crushing Finale for the win. 3.5/5 great opening match between one of the future stars and a great comedic wrestler. Very fun and entertaining match and nice way to open the show. Got to love the Ask the Divas, what a pointless waste of their talent. Why is Beth not wrestling, but Eve sure looked good!

2. Vladimir Kozlov v. Goldust. Well by the time this match is done Goldust will be gold splatter. The Moscow Mauler is going to tear the veteran apart in this match. Goldust was such a cool gimmick when he debut 14 years ago, now he’s just a jobber to the stars. Vladimir pushes Goldust to the corner, Goldust with a slap and a head lock. It’s headlock night tonight on Superstars! Vladimir with a shoulder block but then misses the clothesline and goes over the top rope. Goldust follows and gets a knee to the gut. Vladimir goes for the shoulder to the post and Goldust counters. Commercial break and we come back to Goldust with an arm bar in the ring. Vladimir whips Goldust to the corner, Goldust with a knee to the face and goes up top. Goldust gets caught with the big head butt to the stomach and rolls outside. Vladimir follows and throws Goldust in the ring. Goldust with a series of punches which does nothing. Vladimir with the clutch and head butt, like Al Snow used to do, followed by the belly to belly for the near fall. Kozlov working over the back now and takes Goldust down and follows with a reverse bear hug. Goldust stomps the feet to break and hits the seated uppercut. Goldust hits a flying clothesline and a bulldog. Goldust has the surprising advantage till he whips Vladimir in. Vladimir with a cross body but gets caught and slammed for a near fall for Goldust. Goldust goes for an elbow and eats a knee to the rib. Vladimir hits the spine buster for the win. 3.25/5 Great match actually, better than I expected as Goldust hit a lot of offense and looked good. Post match Regal hits the knee trembler on Goldust and Regal and Kozlov stand over the fallen Golden One.

3. R-Truth v. Dolph Ziggler. Dolph has been on such a losing streak lately, whose corn flakes did he piss in? Seriously from top contender to the IC title to first eliminated at Survivor Series. This guy can’t catch a break, and Truth is now being pushed to the moon, so I’m pretty confident on the outcome of this match. Truth starts with his goofy looking wiggle dance thing, looks like he’s having a spasm! We start with Dolph with an arm bar to a, what else, a headlock. Truth pushes him to the ropes and Dolph slides out. Dolph back in, and Truth goes to grab him and Dolph in the ropes. Truth gets caught with a quick hit, then back to the arm bar. Truth back on the advantage with a huge right hand, and Ziggler slides out. Dolph back in and Truth starts pounding on him again. Dolph gets some space and kicks Truth, followed by a few hits to the end. Ziggler whips Truth in and pounds him in the corner. Truth whipped in again and Ziggler rushes and gets caught. Ziggler outside again, but Truth refuses to wait this time and dives over the top rope with a plancha. Commercial break, we come back to R-Truth with an arm bar on Ziggler. Ziggler fights out but gets caught again; Truth misses the flying spinning elbow and rolls out. Truth struggles to get up; Ziggler follows outside and slams Truths head to the mat. Both men back in the ring, Ziggler with a headlock. Truth elbows his way out, but Ziggler pulls him back down by the hair. Ziggler slams Truth down and drops a series of elbows on the chest of the Truth, followed by the leaping elbow. Truth powers out of the pin and Ziggler with the mount and punches, Truth is trying to get back in the match. Ziggler locks on a body scissor and headlock combination, followed by a series of punches to the head. Ziggler goes for the neck breaker, but Truth with a backslide for two. Truth hits a pair of clotheslines and big arm drag as Truth has an advantage. Truth with a Suplex/stunner combination move, very cool looking for a near fall. Truth pulls Ziggler up, and Ziggler with a X-Factor move for a near fall of his own. Truth in the corner, Ziggler dives in, misses, kick to the gut and axe kick from Truth and almost scores the win. Ziggler showing his resilience by kicking out of that, Ziggler with an inside crade, both guys get a close fall. Ziggler goes for the axe kick and misses, Truth hits the Lie Detector for the win. 4/5 great match, both guys did a great job and lots of great moves. I don’t know what happened to Ziggler’s push, he’s still a better athlete then most of the main eventers.

Match Recap

1. Miz over Santino Marella 3.5/5
2. Goldust pinned by Vladimir Kozlov 3.25/5
3. Dolph Ziggler lost to R-Truth 4/5

Overall another great show from the WWE, three excellent matches. Sad to see the WWE streak is going to end at 5 good shows with the weeks RAW. I really can’t see RAW being a good show with the time they will probably waste on “Little People’s Court”, that’s going to drag down anything good they do. Well my first week is done, and I hope you enjoyed reading my recaps. Be back Tuesday with the RAW Recap.


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