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TNA Impact: Thanksgiving Invitational Tournament
November 28, 2009, 9:58 am
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TNA Impact – November 26, 2009

I was finally able to find this week’s edition of TNA Impact. I don’t know why TNA gets such a bad rap on the internet from people. I think TNA has the best show of all of them, better talent, better stories and better PPVs. This week’s TNA is to feature a tournament, I believe, I don’t check spoilers so it’s always a surprise to me, and I like it that way, makes the shows more enjoyable.

TNA opens with the recap of AJ and Daniels, Hogan, Team 3D, etc. Jesse Neal looks hilarious with the Mohawk; at first I thought Spike Dudley had Thanksgiving dinner early. Cue the opening theme and then Don West and Tazz. Ok, I’m in the minority but I miss Don West, he just had that special something for TNA, Tazz is ok, but West and Tenay were a good team. Tournament brackets are shown, and one match looks like a squash to me, Wolfe v. Suicide. The other 3 should be very good matches, hopefully Abyss, The Pope & Homicide win, then finals of Wolfe and Pope with Wolfe taking it, I’m probably wrong though, my prediction skills always suck.

1. Bobby Lashley v. Abyss. Interesting little info thing they show when the guy comes out, I don’t remember seeing that last week. Abyss has the coolest music, I still remember Jimmy Yang coming out to it. Fourteen years pro for Abyss, seriously, holy crap? Lashley starts out quick, Abyss with a vicious clothesline. Seems odd seeing two faces in the ring at the same time, but at least it’s not Scott Steiner! Abyss catching Lashley with a bear hug, one of the lamest looking moves in wrestling. I mean sure it hurts if you squeeze someone, but it just looks so gay, like they’re hugging each other! Lashley powers out, drop toe hold, was I the only one waiting for a 619? Lashley with a huge spine buster, which was impressive, clothesline over the top, Abyss pulls Bobby out, and Krystal takes an elbow from Abyss accidentally. Guess she shouldn’t have been out there, what’s the reason for her being there. Both men in the ring, Abyss distracted, hit with the big spear and Lashley with a dragon sleeper, Abyss taps. Damn, not the start I wanted. 2.5/5 a little too quick of a match, but at least we had no interference.

2. Backstage with Pirate Mick Foley and JB. Mick asking why Hulk was hired so secretly. Mick looks funny with the eye patch; all he needs is a pirate. JB trying to explain to Mick about all the radio shows Hulk was on. Mick says it stinks, and says Nash said Hulk is not coming alone. Please don’t let it be Scott “Last Call” Hall, that’s all they need. Foley says he’s going to talk to Kurt Angle.

3. Suicide v. Desmond Wolfe. OK, this gimmick needs to end, this is worse than Curry Man, just take the damn mask off Kaz. Desmond pushes Suicide down and stomps on the hand, then does it again. Crowd chants “You tapped out” at Wolfe, as he hits a belly to belly on the masked man. Suicide with a flip move to reverse the arm bar, Desmond gets back on the arm. I like the strategy, very reminiscent of the Andersons. Desmond nails Suicide in the corner and gets a two count. Desmond with a modified Cobra Clutch, then releases it, spins Suicide around, shoulder block and back to the Clutch. Mike and Tazz mention Homicide knows who Suicide is, then just reveal it. Suicide with springboard elbow, dropkick, rolling firemans carries and slingshot leg drop for a two count. Desmond powers Suicide down, sets him on the top rope, Suicide counters and hits a dropkick. Desmond sets Suicide on the top and hits a botched Tower of London. 2/5 the botched finish killed it. No replay shown, so obviously that was botched badly.

4. D’Angelo Dinero v. Kurt Angle. D’Angelo is such an amazing talent, what a mistake by WWE to get rid of him. Always cool the way Kurt comes up out of the floor. Can’t believe it’s been ten years since his debut at Survivor Series 99, seems like just yesterday. Angle starts with a headlock to shoulder block, D’Angelo with an arm drag to an arm bar. Another arm drag, who does he think he is Ricky Steamboat? D’Angelo with an arm bar, Kurt counters out, Dinero hits the flying shoulder block for a two count. Kurt catches Dinero with the belly to belly overhead, Dinero struggles up. Angle with the vertical Suplex for another two, Angle to a chin lock. Angle pounds down the Pope, Pope with an elbow and a series of clotheslines, Angle slides underneath and hits the triple German. Dinero counters the third though and hits one of his own and then the leg sweep clothesline, for a very close two count. Pope does his slide out of the ring to the crowd, and then sets Angle for the springboard elbow. That always looks so cool when he hits it. Sets him up for the DDD, Angle counters into an ankle lock, Dinero kicks out but hit with the Angle slam for the win. 4/5 Excellent match for a TV match, Angle offers the hand to Pope and helps him up. Classy move from Kurt Angle, very cool.

5. Kurt Angle backstage with Mick Foley. Kurt tells Mick the Mafia is no more, thankfully. Mick asks about Hulk coming in. Angle says to make the company better; Mick says what to take my job? Angle says I’m on board for this, and reminds Mick he better be on board. Angle brushes Mick off to get ready for his next round match.

6. Homicide v. Robert Roode. Two of my favorite guys in the company, hard to pick a winner here. Wow, 12 years pro for Roode, which is just surprising he’s been a pro longer then Angle! Homicide sneak attacks Roode before the bell. Homicide whips in Roode who comes back with the clothesline; Homicide rolls out of the ring and drags Roode out. Homicide gets the advantage and rolls Roode back in the ring. Homicide with a corner clothesline, Roode tosses hard to the other corner as Homicide poses. Homicide hits a series of knees to the back and locks in the Asiatic Spike, ala Ernie Ladd! Just as I type it, Tazz says it! Homicide with a jumping elbow to the face of Robert for a two count. Homicide goes for the Cutter; Roode reverses into tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Roode finally gets the advantage, hit with the knee though. Homicide can’t get Roode up for the Gringo Killer, but can’t do it, Roode tries for the fisherman Suplex, can’t hit it. Homicide runs in and hit with a spine buster for the surprise three count. 4/5 that was another great match, great work from two talented athletes. Homicide goes after the producer with a chair; Tenay and Tazz get in the middle. Homicide throwing a chair around as we go to commercial. We come back to a music video for some reason. Singer looks like former backstage announcer Goldilocks, is it? Sounds a lot like Hole, L7, Veruca Salt and all the other female grunge bands of the 80’s.

7. Knockout Battle Royal. You got to love the TNA Knockouts, so many beautiful and talented woman in TNA. Here comes my favorite Taylor Wilde along with Sarita. The two best looking women in TNA! Looks like ten knockouts in the battle royal; only one missing is Kong, as ODB is the referee for the match. Wonder why no Kong in the match for a number one contender. Zombie hot Daffney first one eliminated by Hamada only seconds in. Traci deposited on the apron by Alissa Flash, as the slug it out. Taylor and Sarita push Flash on the apron and double dropkick both ladies out. Commercial break, we come back and Lacey out during the break by Tara. Sarita out by the Beautiful People, Hamada and Taylor both go out together, damn. We’re down to Velvet, Madison and Tara. Gee, wonder who’s going to win now? Tara flips Madison to the apron and Velvet accidentally knocks Madison down to the ground. Tara catches Velvet in mid springboard with a big kick knocking Velvet out. Tara wins the battle royal and has her hand raised by ODB. There’s our Knockout match at the next PPV. 3.5/5 not a bad battle royal, typical for the woman as they don’t get a lot of time. Would’ve been better had Taylor won the match. Yeah, I’m not recapping the Hulk Hogan promo. Mick Foley backstage with Scott Steiner who’s yelling at a wardrobe person to make more Main Event Mafia clothes. Mick tells Scott that Kurt said the Mafia is dead, and then asks Scott about Hulk. Scott says name the smartest person you know, Mick is bleeped and Scott says times that by 10. Foley then asks Scott who Hulk is coming with and Scott doesn’t know. Mick continues his travels and finds Nash and Eric Young. Nash asks if he has the money he owes him, Mick says no and goes over his finances. Mick asks about Hulk again and Nash gives one name, Virgil! Nash says no, just kidding, it’s Disciple, just kidding again. Foley asks about Hall, and Nash says make sense. Mick says the company is going in the wrong direction. Nash says if Knobbs come in he quits, can’t blame him on that. Nash says as soon as he knows something he’ll tell Foley

8. Desmond Wolfe v. Lashley. Well this is a problem, which new guy is going to job to face Angle in the finals, it’s a given Roode is not beating Angle. Am I the only one who thinks Lashley is over rated and really doesn’t need to be there, Abyss got screwed? Lashley with a quick full nelson, ok, whatever there. Lashley has such a limited ability it’s pathetic to watch. Desmond goes to the arm and Lashley reverses. This is going to be a much slower match then Desmond’s first round match. Lashley with a wrist lock, not a wrist watch, Desmond gets Lashley to the ropes and hits an elbow to the face after Lashley breaks. Desmond with the Cobra Clutch move again, this is looking like a lame UFC match with all these submissions. Lashley reverses back to the wrist lock; Desmond reverses that and chokes Lashley in the corner. Desmond goes for the elbow in the corner, Lashley moves, and spear and stomach breaker from Bobby. Full nelson slam from Lashley, Lashley goes for a Suplex and Desmond snaps the arm. Desmond goes for the Tower of London, Lashley reverses to dragon sleeper, and Desmond has the ropes. Desmond snaps Lashley on the ropes and does the arm bar in the ropes. Desmond refuses to release the hold and Desmond get’s disqualified. 1/5 that was a crappy finish to a slow boring match, it was worse than a Viscera match! Lauren backstage with Lashley and Krystal, Krystal grabs the microphone sparing us listening to Lashley talk.

9. Robert Roode v. Kurt Angle. Well, unless Desmond screws Angle over we get Angle and Lashley in the finals. Either way I think Lashley is sadly going to win this tournament, not what I wanted to see. From the three guys left, I’d like to see Roode win, he’s been in TNA longest and deserves a couple big wins like this. Angle starts with a headlock followed by a shoulder block. Roode answers with a shoulder block of his own. Angle gets Roode in the corner and lays a couple shots on him; Roode gets a few shots back, but then gets caught with a boot to the face. Roode with a slam and splash for a near fall. Roode chops Angle in the corner and hits the “Curt Henning” jumping neck snap, which just makes me miss Mr. Perfect. Roode tossed out, Kurt follows and slams Roode’s head into the steps, both men in the ring now. Angle with a snap Suplex and locks in a reverse gut wrench. Angle with the overhead belly to belly and only gets two, surprisingly. Angle locks in the body scissors, as Roode escapes Angle to the headlock. Robert able to get out of, Roode catches Angle running into the corner and hits a blockbuster from the top rope. I love that move, both guys are down. Roode able to hit a flying forearm like Tito Santana for another close count. Angle slides into the ankle lock, Roode out and spine buster same way he beat Homicide earlier, but only a two count. Roode tries for the Suplex; Angle reverses to the German Suplex. Kurt Angle goes for the Angle slam, but Roode avoids hit, runs at Angle and hits the buckle, Angle Slam and Roode kicks out. Desmond comes out and Kurt takes off after Desmond, Angle not paying attention and gets counted out and Roode goes to finals to job to Lashley. 3.75/5 another great match tonight and glad to see Roode score the win, would’ve rather been a clean pin, but we’ll take what we get. Speaking of what we get, another freaking music video, what is TNA now sponsored by MTV? What a waste of time these videos are, could’ve given this time to the knockouts.

10. The champ is here, as AJ Styles is introduced to a huge ovation as always. Here’s a real world champion who deserves to be on top, as opposed to the WWE champions. AJ starts to talk and Daniels music hits. Daniels comes out and makes fun of AJ’s friendship with Sting. Daniels says he’s been a better friend to AJ then AJ was to him. He asks AJ where was his friend when he lost his job for 16 months, when he was playing Curry Man! AJ tries to explain and Daniels cuts him off. Daniels says he had to chance to win the title last month and AJ stabbed him in the back. Fans chant “Shut Up” at Daniels and he yells at the crowd saying you know he’s right. Daniels says he’s the better wrestler the AJ is and that’s why AJ was his friend, because he didn’t want him as an enemy. Daniels says the friendship was an anchor and now they are enemies and Daniels says AJ can tell his wife and kid’s Uncle Chris is sorry. AJ says his family will find out what Uncle Chris is all about and Daniels will find out what AJ is all about. This is going to be an easy match of the year, can’t wait to see it. Lauren backstage with Robert Roode and James Storm. Roode says he has respect for Lashley, but he’s going out there for not only himself but his partner as well. Roode tells Lashley to bring his best; because in a few minutes he’s going to find out it pays to be Roode!

11. Robert Roode v. Bobby Lashley. Well, I really don’t see Lashley jobbing to Roode here, so I’ll be really surprised if Robert can pull this off. Lashley uses his power to get Roode in the corner and we get a clean break. Lashley powers Roode down and goes for the dragon sleeper, Roode quickly to the ropes. Lashley hits a shoulder block and then looks confused, Lashley leapfrogs Roode and hits back elbow. Lashley drops an elbow and tries for the pin, but Roode kicks out. Roode tries to go over Lashley and gets caught, Roode slides out and hits Lashley with the arm breaker thing that Desmond did earlier. Commercial break and we come back to Lashley powering back to the advantage as Roode had the advantage during the commercial. Roode works the arm in the corner right in front of Krystal. Roode with a Fujiwara Arm Bar on Lashley, Lashley just barely able to get the ropes. Roode continues to pound on the big man, Roode makes the mistake of coming off the ropes as Lashley hits a full nelson slam. Lashley with a series of clotheslines and a one hand spine buster for a two count. Lashley puts Roode on the shoulder but Roode slides out and hits an arm breaker and almost scores the win. Lashley with a backdrop on Roode, Roode gets up and moves out of the way of the spear. Roode hits the fisherman Suplex and Lashley kicks out, damn. Roode to the second rope and misses the blockbuster and Lashley with a spear and the win. Crap, now we get Lashley v. AJ for the belt, I don’t want to see that. 3.5/5 Roode able to carry Lashley to a good match, but the wrong guy won. TNA wasted money on Lashley as I don’t think he’s the guy to be facing the champ. Never liked him in WWE and don’t like him in TNA.

Match Recap
1. Abyss lost to Lashley 2.5/5
2. Desmond Wolfe over Suicide 2/5
3. D’Angelo Dinero pinned by Kurt Angle 4/5
4. Homicide lost to Robert Roode 4/5
5. Knockout Battle Royal won by Tara 3.5/5
6. Desmond Wolfe disqualified against Lashley 1/5
7. Robert Roode beat Kurt Angle by count out 3.75/5
8. Lashley pinned Robert Roode 3.5/5

All in all a great show from TNA other than one match. The Angle/Dinero and Homicide/Roode matches made up for that. Five out of eight match got 3.5 or better, so to me that’s a great episode. I got Superstars finally, so that’s coming up next, either later today or tomorrow.


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I think TNA gets a lot of crap because they have stretches of crap, and it takes a while for people to get over it. It’s like, 6 months ago it was nothing but boring crap with the Main Event Mafia, and while that isn’t the case so much now, that’s the taste that people still have in their mouth. But with Bound for Glory, and…ah, crap. What was that PPV they just had? Turning Point, that’s it…yeah. With those 2 they’ve come along way, and their TV shows are improving. When Hulk gets back from hanging with Crocodile Dundee, let’s hope he doesn’t take them 10 steps back.

Also, just a suggestion for your website, I think you should try and include a few more column orientated type pieces. Like some lists, or a “what I think about” sort of deal. Because it’s your original opinions and voice that bring people to the page, folks can get recaps anywhere. Know what I mean? Just a suggestion though. Doin great so far, keep it up.

– Caliber

Comment by Caliber Winfield

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the feedback, and I actually am working on my first column, comparing the WWF 80’s to the current product and why I think the 80’s was better. Thanks for reading and I hope you keep enjoying my recaps. 🙂

Comment by nala310

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