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WWE Friday Night Smackdown: CM Punk + Festus = Gold
November 27, 2009, 2:05 pm
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WWE Friday Night Smackdown – November 27, 2009

Alright, this is strange but I can’t find Superstars or Impact, yet I found tonight’s Smackdown. Guess I’m going to do Smackdown first and the other two on the weekend. After three great shows in a row, can WWE keep the momentum going or will Smackdown be the speed bump of the week? Let’s watch and find out.

We start with a recap of Sunday night’s Survivor Series followed by one of my least favorites opening theme songs ever. I miss when they had good opening themes, of course they also had the same music for pay-per-view every year and that was better. Let’s not even get me started on ring music. Nowadays everyone has the same sounding generic ‘alternative’ rock theme and it sucks. The old theme songs were so much better, all you needed to hear was the first couple notes and you knew who was coming.

  1. Anyway, back to the show, we open with one half of the tag champions, and your wrestler of the year, Chris Jericho out for his weekly insult the crowd-a-thon. Chris starts with the hype for the TLC pay-per-view, stupid name for a PPV, but whatever. I can’t believe another PPV only three weeks after the last one, this is why there is so little buildup for these matches, and they have no time to build up storylines. I wish they’d cut back to 6 or even 8 PPV’s a year, 12+ is too many. Chris says there has only been 8 TLC matches in history, really? I thought there was less than that actually. There must’ve been some lame ones only on RAW. Crowd chanting “you suck” and Jericho saying no, that’s hilarious. I love his interaction with the crowd, like Sunday at PPV when someone in the crowd told him go back to Toronto and he yelled back I’m from Winnipeg you idiot. This man puts on some of the best promos in this company and never seems to get any respect. Jericho demanding to be the number one contender to the world title, and I have to agree with him. Here comes Theodore Long to rebut what Jericho said. Teddy says he’ll give Jericho what he wants, and Jericho gets all smug, a little too soon for that Chris. Teddy continues by saying tonight Chris Jericho will face Undertaker in a non-title match. Nice, they’ve never faced before and now they’ve faced each other twice in less than a month, why the first meeting between them was not on PPV is beyond me.
  2. Cryme Tyme v. Hart Dynasty. Well nice to see the only two real tag teams get some TV time. Does Natalya get better looking every week or what? Good thing she didn’t get her looks from her dad! Someone tell me why Hart Dynasty is not the champs, makes no sense to me. These two are so talented. We start with JTG and Tyson Kidd, and JTG gets the early lead. Kidd with a low dropkick and a tag to the power man. I just don’t see why Cryme Tyme got rehired, they have Mark Henry syndrome, and they stick around but never improve. WWE really needs more real tag times, maybe the Briscoes? Briscoes versus Hart Dynasty would kick seven layers of ass. JTG has unable to make the tag, thus keeping the match watchable. JTG is the better of the two, but that’s like saying I’d rather drink gasoline over urine, know what I mean? Well, so much for that here comes Shad and the quality plummets. Shad gets distracted and DH hits what looked like Kurt Angle’s Olympic Slam for the win. Not a bad match, nice to see Natalya of course, and at least Shad was kept out of the ring for the majority. 3.25/5
  3. We go backstage to Teddy Long who’s with John Morrison, John requests a match with Miz, Sheamus or Drew. Vickie sticks her nose in the conversation and says she wants Eric Escobar to face John Morrison for tonight. Teddy says Eric has not earned it; I have to agree as the man has been lame so far. Vickie threatens to call Vince, so Teddy gives in. Crap, I hate to say but I have a feeling JoMo is going to lose the belt to this scrub.
  4. CM Punk v. Matt Hardy. CM Punk comes out with a paper bag and some big guy. Recap of last week with Punk and Truth, can’t believe they want Truth to be a main event guy. I don’t think that’s going to work very well, Truth just doesn’t strike me as the guy to main event PPVs. CM Punk has the microphone and once again does a great promo of preaching the evils to people. I’d love to see Punk bring out Brother Love one time for his preaching, that would be great. CM Punk introduces his friend Luke Gallows? Holy crap! That’s freaking Festus, OK this is good, now we’re finding out Festus was a druggie who has been saved by Punk, awesome. What’s Punk going to do next, bring out Jake Roberts! Punk says a new drug will be available on December 1st; he reaches in the bag and pulls out the Jeff Hardy DVD, legend….wait for it…dary! Punk buries Jeff Hardy as the crowd chants Hardy. Matt has had enough of Punk’s insults and comes out to defend his brother’s honor. Matt has a microphone too and calls Punk a cult leader. Festus gets out the ring as the bell rings, and Festus stays normal! As the match starts, we get a commercial break, nicely timed WWE. Come back from commercial and Punk has the advantage working over Matt’s arm. Punk goes for a springboard move and gets hit with the Side Effect, cool counter from Matt as Matt takes the advantage. Luke “Festus” Gallows grabs Matt from behind for the disqualification, Gallows with a hot shot and the starts pounding on Matt. Gallows holds Matt up and Punk with a vicious spin kick, Gallows holds him in the corner for Punk to hit the knee to the face. Punk says it’s not over till I say it’s over. Gallows locks an odd looking submission hold then drops Hardy down. Why is no one coming out to save Hardy? I was waiting for Truth to save, that never makes sense to me. 1.5/5 match was too quick but the pre and post match stuff was gold.
  5. We get a recap of the disgusting humiliation of Mickie James from last week. That was the worst thing I’ve ever seen, there was no reason for that at all. I wish she’d just leave and go to TNA where she would be used properly. We get a Mickie interview and she looks amazing as always. Mickie says she’s not going anywhere and she worked hard to get where she is. She should’ve never been moved from Raw to Smackdown, Mickie’s the most talented diva in WWE.
  6. Batista v. Kane. Well this is going to be a bad match looking at who’s in it, and this is for number one contender. Seems like a lose-lose situation for the fans ordering the PPV. Undertaker vs. Kane for the millionth time or Undertaker vs. Batista again. Neither match seems appealing to me, no matter what they do. The match starts as expected, a brawl, Kane has the advantage in the start. Batista rakes the eyes to get the advantage and powers Kane into the corner with a series of shoulder blocks.  Batista uses a rest hold, happens when you have such little stamina. Crowd pretty much dead for this match up, what’s that tell you Vince? I’m sure Kane would be the one to get blamed for that, it can’t be Batista, who does a couple moves and back to the chin lock, yawn.  All we need now is special guest referee Great Khali, and the match will officially enter a new level of suck. Kane goes for the choke slam and Dave grabs the ropes, kick to knee and attempted Batista Bomb fails. Kane goes for the bomb and Batista counters, Batista works over Kane’s knee. Batista with the advantage as we go to commercial, we come back to Batista with a single leg crab. Kane makes the comeback with a series of clotheslines in the corner while limping, hits a big boot for a two count. Kane misses the clothesline from the top rope, Batista with a spear, for a two count. Crowd finally wakes up as Kane hits a backbreaker and gets yet another two count. Kane climbs up top and hits the clothesline this time, Kane readies for the choke slam. Batista blocks and does his Ultimate Warrior impersonation, followed by an attempt at Batista Bomb, Kane reversed and hits the choke slam, Batista lucky to get a foot on the rope. Batista rolls out of the ring; Kane goes after him and gets caught. Kane reverses an Irish whip over the barrier. Batista hits Kane with a chair behind the barricade, ref didn’t see it and Batista wins by count out. 2.5/5 Match picked up at the end but the stuff at the beginning was abysmal. Smart finish with Batista getting away with cheating to win. Batista vs. Undertaker at TLC sounds like a crappy match to me. Thank God for Christian vs. Shelton, that’s going to save the show.
  7. Eric Escobar v. John Morrison. Vickie Guerrero comes out to do her catch phrase, who knew “Excuse Me” would become a catch phrase? Vickie introduces Eric Escobar, I think Drew should’ve got this match instead, Eric has not impressed me so far, and at least Drew has been impressive. Cue the music and wind machine as the IC champ, John Morrison, is introduced. This man is the future of the business, but a DVD set is just way too soon. Eric starts with his power advantage pushing John to the corner; Morrison pushes Eric to the ropes and hits a perfect dropkick. Morrison hits an amazing Asai Moonsault to the floor and lands on his feet, is there anything this man can’t do. Vickie grabs John’s arm to distract him, Eric with a baseball slide and then works over John’s back. Eric goes for the pin and John kicks out, OK, I admit it, I’m impressed so far. Escobar continues to work over the back; John hits a high kick to get the advantage back. Morrison caught in the corner and Eric goes for the charge, Morrison moves, hits the kick followed by Starship Pain, Morrison wins and keeps the belt. Whew, glad for that, way too soon for Morrison to drop the title, especially to Escobar. 3.75/5 A very good match, John carried Eric to a very impressive outing. After the match Vickie is in the ring and she doesn’t look happy. Eric tries to explain, and Vickie starts screaming at him, we can hear her loud and clear with no microphone, what a set of lungs! She then slaps Eric in the face and leaves, guess the honeymoon is over! Maybe that’ll be the last we see of both of them, but I doubt it.  We come back from commercial and Vickie is still yelling at Eric, Eric starts insulting Vickie now. Eric says we are done and walks away as Vickie is still seething.
  8. Chris Jericho v. Undertaker. Before either man is introduced out comes Batista, still in his gear. He takes a seat and refuses to talk. The match starts with Undertaker powering down Jericho and throws him into the turnbuckle. Jericho taking an early beating, as Undertaker goes for Old School, Jericho kicks Undertaker and Jericho gets clotheslined over the top rope. Commercial break, we come back and Undertaker still has the advantage, is this just going to be a squash match or what? Undertaker drops the leg from the ring apron and glares at Batista, who has yet to say anything. Batista gets up and Undertaker turns to look at him, neither man makes a move. Undertaker comes back in the ring and gets hit with the triangle dropkick. Jericho finally getting some offense on Undertaker, and gets him back in the ring. Jericho hits a missile dropkick from the second rope for a two count. Jericho locks in a rest hold, as silent Batista continues to look on. Undertaker starts to make a comeback and Jericho hits a dropkick for another attempted pin. Jericho locks in a sleeper hold, like anyone submits to that anymore, what does Jericho think he is Brutus Beefcake? Undertaker counters out with a belly to back Suplex. Undertaker with a series of punches to the head, followed by a splash in the corner, snake eyes, big boot, leg drop. Great now Undertaker thinks he’s Hulk Hogan? Undertaker gets Jericho in the shoulders, Jericho slides down, hits a bulldog and lionsault. Undertaker no sells, hits a choke slam then goes for the tombstone. Batista slides in with a chop block, knocking the dead man down. Batista goes outside for a chair as Jericho hits the code breaker. Batista back in with the chair and lays a beating on Undertaker. Undertaker pummeled down by The Animal who stands over Undertaker’s fallen body. 4/5 Very impressive match, would’ve been higher had we had a finish. At least Jericho got some offense in and didn’t look all Barry Horowitz like as it started to look like.

Match Recap:

  1. Hart Dynasty over Cryme Tyme 3.25/5
  2. Matt Hardy over CM Punk 1.5/5
  3. Batista over Kane 2.5/5
  4. John Morrison over Eric Escobar 3.75/5
  5. Undertaker over Chris Jericho 4/5

Overall not a bad show could’ve been a little better had Matt and Punk had more time and scrap the Batista v. Kane match.  I’ll be back once I find Impact and Superstars, thanks for reading.


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