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WWE ECW on SyFy: Regal’s Roundtable collapses!
November 25, 2009, 9:39 am
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WWE ECW on SYFY November 24, 2009

Well, here we go with my first ECW recap. The show affectionately referred to as the D-Show. I personally find ECW to be the more exciting show, after all they do have the better talent base, Christian, Shelton Benjamin, William Regal, and Vance Archer…well maybe not Vance but at least there is no D-X, Batista or Undertaker to ruin the show. With this show I’m going to start using my own star ratings, I rate matches based on how much I like the guys/girls involved, crown reaction and if it can keep my interest. Curious who they have to replace Lauren as the ring announcer, to bad she left I was just starting to like her. On with the show as they say.

ECW still has the better opening theme song, I don’t care for either Smackdown or RAW’s new songs. Abraham Washington Show with Matt Hardy is the main event, really? Cool, we open with one of my favorites Zack Ryder and the always hot Rosa Mendes. So, Tony Chimel is doing the ring announcing for ECW, at least it’s not the Bella Twins. Recap time as they cover one of the better feuds right now Shelton Benjamin, the most underrated man in wrestling, and Zack. Which obviously brings out Shelton Benjamin, this should be a great match.

  1. Shelton Benjamin v. Zack Ryder. Shelton really starting out strong here, as Rosa is sitting ringside. You have to love Shelton pulling Zack in front of Rosa to pound on him, but that costs Shelton as Zack now has an advantage. Shelton counters an Irish whip with one of the best belly to belly suplexes since the days of Magnum T.A. If Shelton wins, he’s the number one contender, well better than Regal v. Christian again. Come back from commercial and Zach has the advantage thanks to Rosa’s distraction. I love when the announcers talk about Twitter, that’s great. Zack gets a two count of a second rope splash, so far a great match. Damn, Zach slows it down with a leg scissor; at least it was only for about 30 seconds. Zack goes up top, gives the LI sign, and hits a nice Superfly Splash, but once again only a two count. Impressed with the crowd getting into the match. Shelton does his own version of Hulking up, and hits the corner splash, followed by a picture perfect German Suplex for two. Shelton hits the Paydirt for the finish, much to the dismay of Rosa. Shelton is now the number one contender that should be a great match. **** stars, was a great match between two of the most underrated stars in the WWE right now. Christian’s music hits, and out comes the champion.
  2. Christian in the ring after the commercial, Shelton is still there as well. Christian hypes up the PPV in 3 weeks, TLC. Can ECW actually get on the PPV for once, just as I type it Christian says the ECW title has been overlooked? No really! Christian challenges Shelton to a ladder match now that is going to be awesome. Much better then Sheamus v. John Cena in a table match. Christian says they’re going to steal the show, and Shelton agrees as do I.
  3. Vance Archer v. Alex Reynolds. Alright vintage 80’s squash match! Vance quickly just powers the kid down and is laying a beating on him. Vance hits a rest hold only in minute in; the man has stamina like Scott Steiner. I still say Vance should’ve come out dressed as Robin Hood with bow and arrow and merry men. Vance with a flip over reverse DDT and the win. Well that was quick and painless at least and it gave Archer another chance to show what he has, not a lot. * star, what more can you give a squash that included a rest hold? I still look forward to seeing Archer in there with a name.
  4. Time for the man with the greatest laugh in wrestling Tony Atlas, who introduces Abraham Washington or Abe as he called him. Tony is the true star of these segments; he just looks like he’s having so much fun. You got to love all the shrill shrieks for the mention of Twilight! Well, that was a long way to go to get to a really lame joke. The crowd pops, as always, for Matt Hardy, the better half of the Hardy team. Abraham Washington mentions he wishes Matt was Jeff, Matt says I wish you were Conan, Tony agrees! Matt is on here to hype up he’s on some show called Scare Tactics, not a clue what that is, but whatever. Oh, well here comes the clip, well that looked stupid, about as lame as Punk’d. Abraham says nothing scares him as Tony sneaks up behind him and now Abraham needs a Laundromat. That may have been the best part of the skit; sadly Matt says the same thing. Sometimes I swear I should be booking this stuff. Abraham says we’re out of time and leaves, Matt shows Tony how to do the Version One.
  5. Yoshi Tatsu v. William Regal. William Regal comes out with Ezekiel and Vladimir. Should be an interesting match between the young up and comer and the veteran. Both men exchange European Uppercuts, with Yoshi getting the advantage, kicking Regal to the corner. Regal reverses an Irish whip with a vicious clothesline. Vladimir pushes Yoshi off the ropes; Yoshi hits the roundhouse kick and scores the upset victory! Yoshi gets out the ring quickly as the Roundtable enter the ring. Regal gets up slowly as Ezekiel and Vladimir stand over him. Regal gets in the face of Ezekiel and Vladimir, big mistake. Vladimir blames Ezekiel, who pushes Kozlov’s hand down and hits the uranague. Regal tries to calm down Jackson, who’s not having any of that. Regal turns away from the big man, who just calmly steps over Kozlov, and hits an uranague on Regal now. I guess we can call that Jackson’s face turn now? Great does this mean Jackson v. Kozlov next week; I don’t want to see that? As for the match itself, **½ stars, was a little too quick but what we got was good. The end superseded the match itself though.

All in all not a bad show tonight. Zack and Shelton just tore up the show and nothing else was going to compare but the stuff involving Matt and Tony was hilarious. I’m looking forward to Shelton and Christian at The TLC PPV coming up, that is going to be a great match.


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